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Alun Lewis letters

Twenty-eight letters written by Alun Lewis to Brenda Chamberlain, published, but not all in their entirety, by Brenda Chamberlain in Alun Lewis and the Making of the Caseg Broadsheets (London, 1970) (ff. 1-50). The editing of this volume was careless. Apart from minor inaccuracies and omissions, there is confusion of matter from different letters, indication of omitted matter where no omission exists and vice versa. Omitted matter amounts to about a quarter of the total. It may be classified thus: comment on Brenda Chamberlain's work mostly her poetry; trivial business concerning the broadsheets, trivial (not uninteresting) details about Alun Lewis's life; comment on Gweno. A number of omissions in the last category are of some significance; one in the letter of 3 Oct. 1943 deplorably obfuscates the meaning: '... the deep happiness of body and brain [that Gweno brought with her when at last she came to me]'. Also included are letters to Brenda Chamberlain from Vernon Watkins, 1942 (f. 51; Appendix II in the above volume), Gweno Lewis, 1944 (ff. 52-53), and John Rolph, 1956 (f. 54).

Lewis, Alun, 1915-1944

Brenda Chamberlain, 'The water-castle',

Notebook containing a draft of the novel 'The Water-Castle' (London 1964), based on a journal kept 23 Dec. 1952-2 Feb. 1953. This draft was apparently written in the spring of 1953 (see inside front cover). Changes were later made in this volume; others were made before publication. The volume ends with the journal entry for 31 Jan. (corresponding to p. 140 of the published work). 174 Ff. Annotated catalogues of shows of Brenda Chamberlain's paintings and drawings at Gimpel Fils, 1950 and 1952, which accompanied this volume have been transferred to the Brenda Chamberlain Papers (in NLW). Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 49.

Bryn Griffiths,

Ff. 1-73, Drafts of thirteen poems published in 'Scars' (London, 1969), including sixteen successive drafts of 'Aberfan'; two other fragmentary poems;. Ff. 74-75, 'A trip to Crymmych' prose recollection of childhood;. Ff. 76-83, Typescript draft of 'Ianto the Undertaker', a radio play;. Ff. 84-109, Typescript draft with autograph additions and corrections of 'Dream and Voyage', a radio play;. Ff. 110-160, Typescript and autograph draft of a radio play based on the writer's involvement in the 1960 seamen's strike;. Ff. 161-166, Review of 'Agenda': special David Jones number. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 163.

Cymdeithas Cymru Newydd,

Cymdeithas Cymru Newydd was conceived by Davies Aberpennar (Pennar Davies) in 1939. It miscarried with the coming of the War. It was to have been a society to bring together Welsh writers, both those writing in Welsh and those writing in English. The present file comprises papers and notes of Davies Aberpennar relating to the society (items 1-7), newspaper cuttings (items 55-76) and letters written to Davies Aberpennar, mostly in response to solicitations for support from those listed below (number of letters in brackets). Aneirin ap Talfan (Davies] (3). Idris Davies. Walter Dowding. H. L. R. Edwards. Thomas Charles Edwards. Ken Etheridge. George Ewart Evans (2). Gwynfor Evans (2). Nigel Heseltine (3). Emyr Humphreys. Dafydd Jenkins. Glyn Jones. Victor Jones. Dai Marcs. Geraint Dyfnallt Owen. T. O. Phillips. R. C. Richards. Keidrych Rhys (11). Dylan Thomas (4). Henry Treece. I. W. Vernon Watkins (2). Alun Llywelyn-Williams (3). Waldo Williams. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 17.

'Dock leaves',

Letters written to Raymond Garlick as editor of the magazine 'Dock Leaves' (later 'The Anglo-Welsh Review'), with a few contributions, as below (number of letters in brackets). Ff. 1-5, David Bell (5) 1950-1958;. Ff. 6-14, H. Idris Bell (9), 1951-1954;. Ff. 15-16, Idris Davies (2). 1951;. Fo. 17, Mrs E. A. Davies (mother of Idris) (1), 1954;. Fo. 18, Thomas Jones, CH (1), 1952;. Fo. 19, W. J. Gruffydd (1), n.d. (when he was MP);. Ff. 20-21, T. H. Jones (1 typescript poem 'Rhiannon'), 1960. Fo. 22, David Mathew (1), 1959. Ff. 23-26, Henry Treece (4) .1950-4. Ff. 27-29, Vernon Watkins (3), 1951-4. Ff. 30-52, Huw Menai (9, 14 autograph poems), 1950-4. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 35.

Glyn Jones, 'The Island of Apples'

Draft of Glyn Jones's novel, The Island of Apples (London, 1965), with considerable evidence of the author's changes and rearrangement. Probably the last draft before typing. Loose leaves filed on string with final pagination running 1-436.

Gwyn Thomas,

A notebook described in a recent label on the cover in the author's hand: 'Short Novels. Jan-June 1941. The Alone to the Alone'. Pp. 1-36, Untitled novel. 36-111, Another untitled novel. 111-131, 'Flute'. 131-160, 'The alone to the alone' (pub. London, 1947). The MS contains somewhat less than half the published novel; the latter shows some changes. The author writes an extraordinarily compressed page, seldom correcting even a word. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 5.

Harri Webb, 'The green desert',

Typescript of the collection of poems 'The Green Desert' (Llandysul, 1969). The typescript includes a short blurb and a four-line poem 'The Conference' not used in the volume (ff. 4 & 23). 66 Ff. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 56.

Harri Webb, 'The green desert',

Autograph and a few typescript drafts of poems collected in 'The Green Desert' (Llandysul, 1969), all but seven of the poems in the volume being represented; most of these drafts are virtually fair copies of the poems as printed, ff. 1-77. Also autograph drafts of nine uncollected poems and translations, ff. 78-90. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 40.

Herbert Williams

Ff. 1-22, Drafts and worksheets for 8 poems collected in 'The Dinosaurs' (Cardiff, 1966);. Ff. 23-44, Drafts and worksheets of 14 poems collected in 'The Trophy' (Llandybie, 1967), and two unidentified fragments;. Ff. 45-67, Typescript of 'A lethal kind of love', a play for voices broadcast by the BBC (pub. Ruthin, 1968). Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 33.

Idris Davies poems,

Some two hundred poems, mostly fair copies, very few in more than one version, two in Welsh, only one noted in his published collections. A relatively small number are dated; these dates run from 1930 to 1951. The poems all originally on loose sheets of paper are bound in a very rough chronological order. 287 Ff. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 1.

Davies, Idris

Idris Davies prose,

Prose works, originally on loose sheets of paper or in exercise books, as follows:. Ff. 1-2, autobiographical notes:. Ff. 3-6, Poetry, a speech delivered in a competition at Loughborough College, 1931:. Ff. 7-10, 'The yet unquiet front' (incomplete), an account of a mine disaster;. Ff. 11-16, 'A letter from the Rhondda', addressed to [?Tom] Buchanan, 1944;. Ff. 17-30, 'A great Welsh poet', an appreciation of Robert Williams Parry;. Ff. 31-42, 'The poetry of W. B. Yeats', 1946;. Ff. 43-51, 'A schoolboy during the Great War' (incomplete);. Ff. 52-73, Diary, 22 Feb.-16 April 1930;. Ff. 74-99, Diary, 1 Jan.-22 Feb. 1948;. Ff. 100-126, exercise book containing a few draft poems and what appear to be two works for radio, 'Home sweet home' and 'Beyond the black tips'. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 2.

Jack Jones autobiography and notes,

A large notebook containing: an autobiographical note, 1962 (inside top cover); 'Chapter Fourteen' of a work of autobiography, pages numbered 295-322, [1953] (ff. 1-28); reversing book, the beginnings of two novels, 'Mog Malvolio' (inside lower cover and f. 91v and 'Suburban Sonata' (ff. 92v and 93v) and the first draft of 'Entertainment in my time', pages numbered 14-89, 1964 (ff. 53v-91). 93 Ff. See also NLW, Jack Jones MSS for related material. Formerly Welsh Arts Council MS 3.

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