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Anerchiad i'r 'Tri' ar eu rhyddhad o garchar

Anerchiad, Awst 1937, gan y Parch. D. Llewelyn Jones, ar ran Rhanbarth Sir Drefaldwyn o Blaid Genedlaethol Cymru, yn gyflwynedig i Saunders Lewis, Lewis Valentine a D. J. Williams ar eu rhyddhad o'r carchar yn sgil llosgi'r Ysgol Fomio ym Mhenyberth (f. 15). = An address, August 1937, by the Rev. D. Llewelyn Jones, on behalf of the Montgomeryshire Region of Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru, to Saunders Lewis, Lewis Valentine and D. J. Williams on their release from prison following the burning of the bombing school at Penyberth (f. 15).
Ceir nodiadau ar fynwentydd ac ysbrydion yn ardal Borth, sir Aberteifi, ar f. 15 verso. = There are notes on cemeteries and ghosts in Borth, Cardiganshire, on f. 15 verso.

Jones, D. Llewelyn (David Llewelyn), 1898-1973

David Jones letter

An autograph letter, 27 May 1961, from the artist and poet David Jones, Harrow on the Hill, to Geoffrey Robinson, general editor at publishers Barrie & Rockliff, thanking him for the page proofs for his foreword (on pp. vii-ix) to R. W. Barber, Arthur of Albion: An Introduction to the Arthurian Literature and Legends of England (London: Barrie & Rockliff, 1961), and suggesting a very few minor emendations.

Jones, David, 1895-1974

David Jones letter

A letter, 26 October 1969, from the artist and poet David Jones, Harrow, to Ann Sidgwick of the Ganymed Press, London, giving permission to transfer the reproduction rights in Ganymed Press's facsimile of Jones's watercolour 'The Chapel in the Park' to a potential buyer (f. 6). Sidgwick's draft reply, 29 October 1969, is also included (f. 7).
The letter is written in reply to Sidgwick's of 29 September 1969 (now NLW, David Jones (Artist and Writer) Papers CT4/13, ff. 29-32).

Jones, David, 1895-1974

Edward Lhuyd letter to the Bishop of Bangor

An autograph letter, 9 June 1698, from Edward Lhuyd, Pembroke, to [Humphrey Humphreys], Bishop of Bangor, relating to Lhuyd's ongoing tour of South Wales, describing the difficulties faced in corresponding, his fossil collecting and his research into Welsh manuscripts (f. 1).
Also included is an engraved portrait of Lhuyd, 1796 (f. 2).

Lhuyd, Edward, 1660-1709

Felicia Hemans: The American Forest Girl

An autograph manuscript copy, [1822x1828] (watermark 1822), of the poem 'The American Forest Girl' by F[elicia] H[emans], first published in her Records of Woman: With Other Poems (Edinburgh; London, 1828), pp. 131-135.
The manuscript is headed 'Records of Woman - No. 6'; the poem however appears fourteenth in the volume.

Hemans, Mrs., 1793-1835

Jack Jones letter

A [?draft] letter to the press, [1963], from the author and playwright Jack Jones, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, responding to a letter criticizing his review of a book on the theatre.
The letter is written on the reverse of The Sunday Times calendar for Ju[ne] 1963.

Jones, Jack, 1884-1970.

John Cowper Powys letters

Three letters, September-October 1954, from John Cowper Powys, Corwen, to Mr [Henry] Evans Jones, [of Edward Jones & Son, solicitors], relating to his and Phyllis Playter's purchase of 1 Waterloo, Bethania, Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963

Ladies of Llangollen letters

Two letters, one dated 19 November 1819, from Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, the Ladies of Llangollen, [?in the hand of Sarah Ponsonby], to Mrs [?Anne] Hurt Sitwell, staying at Gwersyllt Park, Wrexham, arranging to meet.

Ponsonby, Sarah, 1755-1831

Letter from America

A letter, [?1880s], from David L. Williams, of Brisbin, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, to Mr William Edwards and family, [?of Brynamman], mainly describing his recent return to Pennsylvania, by ship from Liverpool to New York, following a visit to Wales.

Williams, David L., of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

Letter relating to Cardiganshire lead mining

A letter, 22 November 1763, from Thomas Allcocks, at Garreg [or Carreg] lead mine, in the vicinity of Talybont, Cardiganshire, to an unidentified recipient, giving news relating to lead and other mineral mining in the area.

Allcocks, Thomas.

Llythyr chwaer R. Williams Parry

Llythyr, 2 Ebrill 1958, oddi wrth Mrs H. Reece Pritchard [sef Annie Pritchard, née Parry], Bangor Uchaf, at [y Parch. W. Llewelyn Jones], yn trafod bywyd cynnar ei brawd, y bardd R. Williams Parry. = A letter, 2 April 1958, from Mrs H. Reece Pritchard [i.e. Annie Pritchard, née Parry], Upper Bangor, to [the Rev. W. Llewelyn Jones], discussing the early life of her brother, the poet R. Williams Parry.

Pritchard, H. Reece, Mrs, 1885-1977.

Llythyr o Awstralia

Llythyr, 19 Mawrth 1863, oddi wrth [William Williams], glowr wedi ymfudo i Awstralia, mae'n debyg yng nghyffiniau Newcastle, New South Wales, i'w fam, [Nansen Williams], a'i frawd yn Tir Hên, [Brynaman] (f. 17). = A letter, 19 March 1863, from [William Williams], an emigrant coalminer in Australia, apparently in the vicinity of Newcastle, New South Wales, to his mother, [Nansen Williams], and brother at Tir Hên, [Brynamman] (f. 17).
Cynhwysir hefyd adysgrif o'r llythyr, [20 gan., trydydd ¼], sydd ychydig yn fwy cyflawn (ff. 18-19). = Also included is a transcript of the letter, [20 cent., third ¼], which is somewhat more complete (ff. 18-19).

Williams, William, of New South Wales.

Margiad Evans: The Thunderstorm

Autograph copy, [1956], of Margiad Evans's poem 'The Thunderstorm', dated 1954 but said to have been written while a patient at the [Kent and Sussex] Hospital, Tunbridge Wells, two years earlier. The poem is apparently unpublished.

Evans, Margiad, 1909-1958.

Miscellaneous letters and papers

  • NLW MS 23980F.
  • File
  • 1698-1969

A collection of miscellaneous letters and papers, 1698-1969, purchased or received by donation from various sources by the National Library of Wales during the period September 2004-April 2013 and boxed as one volume.

Papurau Eileen Beasley

Papurau, 1955-1962, fu'n eiddo i Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, ac sy'n ymwneud â'r ymgyrch ganddi hi a'i gŵr Trefor am yr hawl i gael ffurflenni treth oddi wrth Gyngor Dosbarth Gwledig Llanelli yn y Gymraeg. = Papers, 1955-1962, of Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, relating to her and her husband Trefor's campaign for the right to have rate demand notices from Llanelly Rural District Council sent in Welsh.
Mae'r papurau yn cynnwys llythyr at y Beasleys oddi wrth GDG Llanelli, 24 Medi 1955 (f. 27), a llythyr oddi wrth Mrs Beasley at y Cyngor, 9 Tachwedd 1955 (f. 28); copi carbon o lythyr, [?1955], oddi wrth Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Llydaw], at GDG Llanelli (f. 29); dwy ffurflen 'Notice of Distress' a gyflwynwyd i'r Beasleys mewn perthynas ag eiddo a atafaelwyd gan y Cyngor, Mawrth 1956, Ionawr 1958 (ff. 30-31); a dau lythyr at Eileen Beasley, Rhagfyr 1961, Ionawr 1962, oddi wrth Saunders Lewis, ynglŷn â'i ymchwil ar gyfer ei ddarlith radio 'Tynged yr Iaith', lle bu'n trafod eu hymgyrch (gw. Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (Llundain, [1962]), tt. 27-28) (ff. 32-33). = The papers include letters to the Beasleys from Llanelly RDC, 24 September 1955 (f. 27), and from Mrs Beasley to the Council, 9 November 1955 (f. 28); a carbon copy letter, [?1955], from Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Brittany], to Llanelly RDC, (f. 29); two Notices of Distress issued to the Beasleys, relating to property seized by the Council, March 1956, January 1958 (ff. 30-31); and two letters to Eileen Beasley, December 1961, January 1962, from Saunders Lewis, concerning his research for his radio lecture 'Tynged yr Iaith', in which he discussed their campaign (see Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (London, [1962]), pp. 27-28) (ff. 32-33).

Beasley, Eileen.

Robert Williams, Rhydycroesau, letter

A letter, 29 January 1833, from the Rev. Robert Williams, Aberconwy (later of Rhydycroesau), to Davies Gilbert, former President of the Royal Society, discussing the Cornish language. The writer includes a transcript of the first page of his manuscript Cornish dictionary, later to be published as Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum (London, 1865).
A reference to the posting of this letter on 4 February appears in Williams's diary, now Cwrtmawr MS 330B; a portion of the dictionary in Williams's hand, partly dated 1835, is now Cwrtmawr MS 399C; and a printed prospectus for the dictionary, 1838, is now NLW MS 21881C, ff. 89-90.

Williams, Robert, 1810-1881.

Thomas Telford letter

An autograph letter, 20 July 1816 (watermark 1814), from Thomas Telford, Bangor, to the agent for the inn at Bangor Ferry, informing him of the proposed new stretch of road from Bangor to the Ferry, to pass through the inn's property, and asking him to inform the Bishop of Bangor, the property being Church land.

Telford, Thomas, 1757-1834

Viscount Palmerston letters from Wales

Four autograph letters, July-October 1804, from Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, to his mother, Mary, written mainly on a tour of Wales, in the company of his friend Laurence Sulivan, describing their journey and places visited.
The letters were sent from Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, 18 July (f. 11), Bala, Merionethshire, 28 [recte 27] July (f. 12), and Shrewsbury, 1 August (f.13); with a final letter from St John's College, Cambridge, 26 October 1804 (f. 14). There are references to Sir Francis Burdett, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and William Wilberforce (f. 12 verso), and an eyewitness account of the Ladies of Llangollen (f. 13 verso); the partly constructed Pontcysyllte aqueduct is also described (f. 13 verso).

Palmerston, Henry John Temple, Viscount, 1784-1865

William Owen Pughe letter to the Rev. Hugh Davies

A letter, 4 August 1819, from William Owen Pughe, London, to the Rev. Hugh Davies, Beaumaris, relating to Coll Gwynfa (London, 1819), Pughe's recently published translation of Milton's Paradise Lost.
Pughe quotes extracts of letters in praise of Coll Gwynfa from John Humphreys Parry (f. 23) and William Probert (f. 23 recto-verso). He also discusses the search for the so-called 'Welsh Indians' and includes a sketch of a Native-American pipe (f. 23 verso).

Pughe, W. Owen (William Owen), 1759-1835