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Llywarch Reynolds Manuscripts
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Adysgrifau o Lyfr Coch Hergest

A transcript of 'Ystoria Charlys' or 'Hu Gadarn' and of a fragment of 'Ystorya de Carolo Magno' [Charlemagne, 742-814] from the 'Red Book of Hergest'; letters; and press cuttings.

Barddoniaeth Gwalchmai

Transcripts of portions of British Museum Additional MSS 14869 and 14877, containing some of the poems of Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai'), an English translation (awarded a prize at the Caernarvon eisteddfod, 1880) of twelve poems by him, and an index to 'Gwalchmai''s poems, all in the autograph of Reynolds; and letters from D. Rhys, Caernarvon, 1880, and Thomas Powel, 1882.


Transcripts by Llywarch Reynolds of poems by Rhisiart ap Rhys, Lewis Morganwg (Llywelyn ap Rhisiart), Dafydd Benwyn, Hywel Swrdwal, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Guto'r Glyn, Sion Mowddwy and Dafydd ab Edmwnd.

Detholiadau o Lyfr Llandaf

An interleaved copy of pp. 363-84 of J. G. Evans and J. Rhys: The Text of the Book of Llan Dâv ... (Oxford, 1893), containing an English translation and a transcript by Llywarch Reynolds of portions of the original text in Latin and Welsh, together with three letters to Reynolds from Egerton G[renville] B[agot] Phillimore.

Deunydd yn ymwneud â Sion Cent

Material relating to Sion Cent, including two essays submitted for competition at an eisteddfod at Merthyr Tydfil; poems by Sion Tudur; and 'Pryddest ar Losgiad y Llythyr-long yr Amazon'.

Deunydd yn ymwneud â theulu Plas Iolyn, Sir Ddinbych

Two volumes containing material relating to the Price or Prys family of Plas Iolyn, Denbighshire, with transcripts of the poems of Thomas Prys collected by Reynolds with a view to publication; letters to Reynolds; transcripts of pedigrees of Denbighshire families; etc.

Prys, Thomas, 1564?-1634

Deunydd yn ymwneud â'r Eisteddfod

Material in the hands of Jonathan Reynolds and Llywarch Reynolds relating to eisteddfodau, including a draft of an essay written for the Caernarvon eisteddfod, 1887, entitled 'Cronicl Eisteddfodawl ...', and extracts from a prize essay of T[homas] E[van] Watkins ('Ynyr Gwent') entitled 'Hanes yr Eisteddfodau o'u Cychwyniad cyntefig hyd yn bresenol', 1868.

Letters to Jonathan Reynolds

Nearly two hundred autograph letters, 1855-1891, relating mainly to Welsh literary matters, and especially to Glamorgan, 1855-1899, to Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed') from contemporary Welsh poets and authors; miscellaneous poems; printed broadsides; press cuttings; etc.


About one hundred and fifty letters, 1840-1902, from David Howell ('Llawdden') to Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed') and to his son, Llywarch Reynolds; and a letter, 1866, from Thomas Gwallter Price ('Cuhelyn'), Sacramento City, to David Howell.

'Llyvyr hir Llywarch Reynolds',

Welsh poetry in the hand of Llywelyn Sion, Llangewydd. Also included are a few autograph letters to Llywarch Reynolds and an index to the contents of the volume.

Llywelyn Siôn and others.

Llywarch Reynolds Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [1600] x [1916]

A collection which includes correspondence; transcripts of manuscripts and of poetry; biographical material relating to historical Welsh figures; copies of material relating to the manors of Machen and Abercarn; and a translation by Reynolds of Act III, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Also included are translations from German literature by Elsa Irene Reynolds and a volume of letters to Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed').

Reynolds, Llywarch, 1842-1916


A copy, prepared for the press with an index and an introduction by Llywarch Reynolds, of NLW MS 961C, which contains the original manuscript of Madog: An Essay on the Discovery of America by Thomas Stephens.

The manors of Machen and Abercarn

A copy by Edward George, 1827, of a survey of the manor of Machen (NLW MS 984C i), with a transcript by Reynolds (NLW MS 984C ii). Also included are a hand-drawn map of the manor of Abercarn, a copy of David Davies, Copy of the Survey of the Lordship of Abercarne (Pontypool, 1849) and a letter, 1907, from W. E. A. Axon (NLW MS 984C iii).

George, Edward

Translations from German literature,

Translations, mainly by Elsa Irene Reynolds, of parts of Heinrich Zimmer, Nennius Vindicatus: Uber Enstehung, Geschichte und Quellen der Historia Brittonum (Berlin, 1893), Albert Schulz, Nennius und Gildas (Berlin, 1844) and Gottfrieds von Monmouth Historia Regum Britanniae (Halle, 1854), Ferdinand Walter, Das alte Wales ... (Bonn, 1859) and H. Zimmer, Sprache und Literatur der Kelten im Allgemeinen (Berlin & Leipzig, 1909), and of articles by Kuno Meyer and Ludwig Christian Stern in Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie, III, IV, VII; an address by Alfred Nutt; articles on Dafydd ap Gwilym; press cuttings, etc.