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Wyn, Sion, 1786-1859
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Letters of David Williams, Castell Deudraeth,

A volume of seventy-three holograph letters of David Williams ('Dewi Heli'; 1799-1869), Castell Deudraeth, Penrhyndeudraeth. They comprise: (A) Thirty-six letters from Bronhaulog [parish of Ceidio, Caernarvonshire], Llanfyllin, Pwllheli, etc. to John Thomas ['Sion Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1816-46 (books read by the writer and the addressee; critical observations on poetry mutually exchanged by the writer and the addressee; an opinion on contemporary English poets; the writer's illness; the writer's opinion of 'Mr Williams Werne' and of 'witty Preachers'; references to Welsh books and periodicals, e.g. Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru, Seren Gomer, etc.; the suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act; observations on the dictionary of [William] Owen [-Pughe] and an appreciation of his works; the writer's love of music and of musical instruments, with special references to the flute; an appreciation of [David Thomas] 'Dafydd Ddu [Eryri]'; the writer's study of globes; French books from Plashen for the writer; the writer's desire to improve his mastery of Welsh; an opinion on the administering of the Sacrament to the addressee; numerous references to the addressee's health; a report of the Lleyn-Eifionydd Bible Society written by the writer; an appreciation of Miss Higginbottom, 'a female literary character' well known to the addressee, and the writer's meeting with her; copies of the compositions of 'Pedrog Penfoul alias T. Williams' [i.e. Thomas Williams ('Twm Pedrog'), see Cwrtmawr MS 559 p. 214]; critical observations on Richard Edwards [recte Richard Robert Jones], 'commonly called Dic Aberdaron'; references to the writer's schooling at Chester; the writer's removal to his brother at Llanfyllin and his impressions of the 'literary advantages' of the town; urges the addressee to publish some of his writings; competitions at the Brecon eisteddfod (1822); a request on behalf of 'a literary female character' in Liverpool for manuscript entries by the addressee, David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'] and R[ober]t Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'] in a volume of 'Scrapiana'; reflections on the writer's electioneering activities; the writer's marriage (1842) and his change of residence and offices; a gift of a sovereign to the addressee from charities distributed by Lady Parry, Madryn; an opinion on 'the old woman's will'; the writer's estate agency and the payment of the addressee's rent; etc.); (B) Thirty seven letters from Pwllheli, Bron Eryri (afterwards Castell Deudraeth), etc. to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog, 1830-60 (an opinion on a notice to quit on 'the person with whom you lodge'; the completion of a lease by the writer for the addressee; an offer to the addressee of the post of Relieving Officer; the addressee's application for the post of master of Troedyrallt Free School, Pwllheli; an offer to the addressee of the management of the writer's office in Pwllheli; the rent required for a property in Llangybi; offers to secure employment for the recipient's son in a solicitor's office; the writer's retirement; the writer's reason for changing the name of his residence from Bron Eryri to Castell Deudraeth; the writer's fortune and his purchase of property; the writer's 'contemptible opinion' of the proposed Llangollen eisteddfod (1858); the compilation of the Saethon pedigree with the assistance of materials from the addressee; a request for information on the antiquities of Ardudwy; writer considers 'that the age of Eisteddfodau, for all useful purposes, is gone by' and that this age is 'the age of Progress and scientific discoveries ... One Railway is worth ten thousand Eisteddfodau', the Welsh translation by the addressee of a speech by the writer; criticism of 'Ab Ithel' for his attack on addressee; the writer's opinion that 'literary and social service meetings' are gaining in popularity as a form of modern eisteddfodau, 'in lieu of the antiquated tomfoolery advocated by Ab Ithel'; pressure on the writer to contest the [Merioneth] county parliamentary seat; the addressee's 'domestic bereavements'; materials collected by the writer towards a history of Merioneth; the proclamation of Porthmadog eisteddfod; etc.).

Llythyrau llenorion, cyf. IV,

Miscellaneous holograph letters written by the following: Richard Davies, Llanystyndwy [sic] to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1827 (sending the money due from Mr Kyffin), G[riffith] Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Braich talog to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], Pen yr allt, Deneio, near Pwllheli, 1815 (1), (the help he had expected from his cousin, Hugh Griffith, in obtaining subscribers' names for his book), and to Owen Williams ['Owain Gwyrfai'] Tu ucha'r ffordd, Waunfawr, Llanbeblig, 1829 and 1832 (2), (the intention of John Jones (son of old John (?) Llysdyn), who had lost his sight, to print a small collection of hymns, the coming Eisteddfod, etc.), B[enjamin] Jones, [P(rif) A(rwyddfardd) Môn], Caergybi to the Reverend John Jones, Baptist Minister, Pwllheli, 1824 (sending sixty of the little elegies, answers to [David Owen] 'Brutus' in Seren Gomer, Baptist affairs), Robert Owen, Glanllynau and Derwin to John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1807 and 1809 (2) (religious matters, points of grammar or parsing), N. Roberts, Llundan [sic] to his parents (John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], Pen r Alld, Pwllheli), 1804, with an appended note from R. Griffith (items of news, mention of Mr T. Jones, Mr Charles and Jno. Evans, New Inn), Ellis Owen, Cefn y Maesydd to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1822 (etymology, sermon notes), J. M. Thomas, Nevin to the same, 1823 (books and Seren Gomer), John Pughe ('Ioan ap Huw Feddyg'), Aberdovey to Ebanezer [sic] Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog fawr yn Arfon, 1844 and 1850 (2) (mention, among other things, of Sir Edward Denny, S. P. Tregelles, 'Meddygon Myddfeu' and Griffith Anwyl), D[avid] Elias, Pentraeth to [?Ebenezer Thomas, Eben Fardd'], [18]47 (acknowledging the addressee's kindness in permitting them to include his elegy in the biography of the writer's brother), W. Rees ['Gwilym Hiraethog'], Liverpool to [?Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd')], 1852 (outlining a possible new monthly publication to be called 'Yr Arch' and inviting the addressee to take charge of one or two sections, and criticizing the editor of Y Traethodydd for his attitude to the Welsh poets); a collection of thirty-five letters written by J. Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion], 1822-42 and undated, thirty-two addressed to E. Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], two to William Thomas, Llangybi [step-brother of 'Eben Fardd'] and one to the editor of Y Dysgedydd (draft) (main subject being the writer's health; one letter, 1837, refers to a stay at Tre Madoc and Tu hwnt i'r bwlch); Peter Williams, Shelton Colliery & Iron Works, near Newcastle, Staffordshire to Mr Thomas, [?Eben Fardd], 1849, (would be grateful for the addressee's opinion concerning the composition of 'Cenhadwr' on the subject 'Ocean Monarch' at the Aberffraw eisteddfod); letters to 'Eben Fardd' from H. Longueville Jones, Beaumaris, [18]49 (Archaeologia Cambrensis), Th. Cambria Jones, Saint Asaph, undated (a request for the addressee's verses on receiving a copy of Sermons in Sonnets), and William Evans, Sarney, Derwen, [18]54 (mention of the writer's nephew; verses of farewell to the Muse); J[oseph] Charles Edwards ['Iorwerth Ddu o Von'], London to an unnamed correspondent, 1850 and undated (3) (mention of eisteddfod competitions and of having inserted the addressee's name amongst his list of subscribers); letters to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') from Thomas Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil, 1852 (2) (wishing to know the position of Rhyd Rheon, Cefn Clydno and Bryn Aryen), Jno. Thomas, Liverpool, 1855 (Y Gwerinwr) and L. W. Lewis ('Ll[ew] Llwyfo'), Liverpool and Pensarn, near Amlwch, [18]55 and undated (2) (requesting advice after seeing two attacks on 'Llewelyn Parri' and the adjudication, and wishing to have the addressee's opinion of the 'pryddest' he submitted to the Merthyr eisteddfod under the pseudonym 'Cristion'); Richard Jones ['Gwyndaf Eryri'], Erw, Llanwyndaf to the printer of Seren Gomer, undated (a point of grammar); Lewis Edwards ('Llywelyn Twrog'), Portmadoc to an unnamed correspondent, 1855 (wishing to know what is meant by 'Lleucu Llwyd'); William Rees, Llandovery to Owen Williams, ['Owen Gwyrfai'] 1849 (2) (Welsh manuscripts in the possession of the addressee); H. W. Hughes ['Arwystl'], Liverpool to E. Thomas ('Eben Fardd') 1855-6 (arrangements with regard to adjudicating a series of 'englynion' at a Baptist Sunday School eisteddfod); Robert Hughes ('Robyn Wyn'), Bangor to [?'Eben Fardd'], 1861 (would like to have 'Y Wraig o Samaria' before the end of the week); letters to Eben Fardd from William Roberts, New York, [18]58 (sending a draft for £10 from Mary Williams to her father, William Williams, Pen-y-sarn uchaf, Llanfihengal Pennant, building a new chapel, the state of the cause), E. Humphreys, Llangollen, [18]58 (4) (the chair prize), W. Jones, Jersey, [18]58, (sympathy on the death of the addressee's daughter, the [Llangollen] eisteddfod), and D. T. Williams ['Tydfylyn'], Merthyr, 1850 (thanking the addressee for his kind comment on the writer's success in the Eisteddfod); and David Williams, Pwllheli to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1834 (promising to lay the addressee's letter before Mr Jones Parry, reference to 'the gay Lothario' and an illegitimate child). There are also several loose items as follows: 'Penillion i Sarah Jones ac Ann Williams o'r Chwilog yn Eifionydd' by Robt Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), Llanarmon, 1829; a copy in the autograph of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of a letter from J. Gwenogvryn Evans, Tremvan, Llanbedrog to Myrddin Fardd, [19]13 (Dinlleu); S. Baring Gould, Lew Trenchard to an unnamed correspondent [?Myrddin Fardd], 1903 (Excavations at Tre'r Caeri); J. Rhys, Oxford to Myrddin [Fardd], 1903 (the reading of a word on a stone, etc.); D. Silvan Evans, Llangïan to Owen Jones ('Mannoethwy') 1861 (2) (Y Gwyliedydd, etc.); W. Rowlands ['Gwilym Lleyn'], Machynlleth to Owen Jones ('Manoethwy') 1861 (reference to a society, guidance to the addressee with regard to almanacs, etc. connected with the Llanfair district); letters to Myrddin Fardd from [Owen Humphrey Davies] 'Eos Llechid', Llanberis, 1880 (ordering a copy of the essay on Llên Gwerin [when it appears], the burial-place of Robin Ddu o Von), and Robert Griffith, Greenheys, Manchester, 1904 (has just finished his work on 'Hanes yr Anterliwdiau'); [Richard Parry] 'Gwalchmai', Llandudno to G. Lewis, secretary (is inclined to agree to come to the eisteddfod at Pen-y-groes on Easter Saturday); and a translation into Welsh of a letter (see Cwrtmawr MS 413) from D. Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'] to [the Reverend Thomas Parry, Bangor] 1839 (the writer's health). Some of the letters have been published in Adgof Uwch Anghof.

Barddoniaeth 'Dewi Wyn O Eifion', etc.

Poetical compositions by David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), including 'Cywydd am Fawredd [Jeh[ofa], 'Cywydd Cenfigen a chelwy[dd]', 'Englynion i Robert Davis o Nantglyn', 'Englyn i'r Llyfr A gasglwyd gan yr Unrhyw Robert Dav[ ]', 'Dau Benill ir unrhyw', 'Yr unrhyw Lyfr a Elwid Cnewyllyn Mewn gwisg I ba un y Canwyd fel y Canlyn', '[C]arol plygain yn dangos (?)C[rist yn] D[d]uw ag yn ddyn ...', 'Cerdd yn datgan rhan o gyffes pechadur ...], 'Carol plygain yn dangos mawr gariad crist Tu ag at Ddynion ...', 'Englyn i Dduw', 'Cywydd y Farn', 'Cerdd a gymerwyd allan o'r II Corinth pen V adn 10 ...', ['Awdl ar ryfeddol allu Duw'], 'Englyn i roi ar fedd ...', 'Dau englyn ynghylch Elfan y Bardd', 'Hymn ... yn dangos crist y Siampl i Ddyn', 'Hymn ... yn Dangos bodlondeb y Duwiol', 'Cerdd yn Annog i beidio a phechu ag i Droi yn ol At ras', 'Englyn I'r Iesu', 'Carol plygain yn dangos crist yn Trechu r Llygredd ...', 'Awdl ynghylch ysbrydol gariad', 'Englyn i ofyn maidd', 'Englynion mewn Perthynas i dd[ioddefaint] Ein Iachawdwr', and verses 'Tros Wilym Huw ... 1803'; verses entitled 'Midnight Thoughts' by D. W.; three holograph letters from D. Owen, Pwllhely and Gaerwen, one to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog (an eisteddfod to be held at Tref Madoc, 20 September 1811), and two to Ebenezer Thomas, ['Eben Fardd'], Schoolmaster, Llanarmon, undated (D. Williams has indicated to John Nichols that he does not mean to finish the translation); holograph lines beginning 'Ow mrawd bach mawr yw dy boen ...' (cf. Cywydd y Bardd i'w anwyl frawd); englynion by [Hugh Evans] 'Hywel Eryri', composed after the death of 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'; part of a letter from Morris Williams ('Nicander') to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') [13 October 1858]; press-cuttings relating to 'Dewi Wyn'; transcripts by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of some of the foregoing compositions by 'Dewi Wyn' and of some from other sources; and a number of loose items, including a holograph letter from D. Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen to the Reverend Thomas Parry, Bangor, 1839, together with a transcript (cf. Cwrtmawr MS 412), a letter from Ellis Anwyl Owen to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1841 (the date of baptism of David Owen ('Dewi Wyn'), and a request to the addressee with regard to the date of death of '- Parry Bach Solicitor'), a copy of Yr Araith Satanaidd ar Eglwysi Sefydledig a Degymau (Caernarfon: Josiah Thomas Jones, 1835), and a translation into Welsh by R. Ivor Parry of the will of David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 13 June 1837.

Letters to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'),

A volume containing about one hundred and ninety-three letters (numbered, with one or two exceptions), almost all to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), from the following correspondents: Ellis Owen, Cefn y meusydd, 1841-62 (14) (literary matters, 'englynion', etc., mention of the death of [Evan Evans] 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd', acknowledging sympathy, health matters), E. Richards, Pwllheli, 1841 (1) (whether the addressee wishes to have the fixtures in the [?school]house), John Jones, Tremadoc, [18]41 and 1854 (2) (the addressee's intention of composing an elegy on the death of [John] Elias - hoping he can overlook the action of the Anglesey brethren, arranging to go through some of the Arfon churches holding 'seiadau'), Rob[ert] Thomas, Llangybi (Plasdu), 1846 and 1853 (2) (sending essays for adjudication and 'englynion' for comment and emendation (enclosures wanting)), S. Thomas, Plas du, undated (1) (acknowledging a poem), E. M. Ll. Mostyn, Mostyn, 1852 (1) (returning thanks for congratulations on his re-election), L. J. Parry, Madryn, 1840 (1) (he will immediately communicate the addressee's wishes (about the school) to Mr Mostyn), T. Love D. Jones Parry, -----, undated (1) (thanking him for the pedigree, the writer's essay went off on Monday), Lady Jones Parry, Madryn Park, 1847 (1) (sending a book her eldest son desired her to forward), E[liza A. E.] Gwynne, afterwards Roche, Tuhwntyrbwlch (Tuhwntirbwlch), Port Madoc, Bath and Tregunter, 1850-56 (11) (re proclaiming the Madoc Eisteddfod, she has undertaken the task of collecting her father's papers, family matters, Welsh literary and musical activities, mention of Walter Savage Landor), H. Hunter Hughes, Pwllheli, 1851 (1) (information sought by Mr Lloyd Edwards concerning the Nanhoron family), John Jones, Ynysgain, Criccieth, 1858-63 (6) (reference to the resolution passed at Pwllheli respecting the public sports at Holyhead, condolence, pulpit supplies, (?) Pwllheli chapel, Mr Ellis Owen has at last stayed in the Society at Brynmelyn, the addressee's health), John Wynne, Carnarvon, 1861 (2) (thanking the addressee for the lines referring to writer's book, genealogical matters), Rob[ert] Hughes ('Robyn Wyn o Eifion'), [?Llangybi] and Bangor, 1843 and 1852-63 (34, including one to 'Ellin') (poetry, mention of preparations for the Queen's visit, condolence, an invitation to adjudicate, how the writer has not received a prize promised by Lady Jones Parry, Madryn, the state of religion in Bangor, he has received a letter from Mr Gee, Denbigh, asking how much Eben Fardd wants for his poetical works, reference to 'Pwyllgor y Darlun', etc.), Robert Hughes, Conwy, 1852 (1, numbered 47) (a request for a lecture by Eben Fardd on 'Darllenyddiaeth'), R[obert] Edwards, Pwllheli, 1850-51 (6)'(Addysg [Chambers i'r Bobl], difficulties in the way of paying the money he owes Eben Fardd), Edward Roberts, Bala, [18]54 (1) (his progress at Bala College), John Jones ('Ioan Grych'), Tanygrisiau, 1854-57 (3) (acknowledging kindness received, 'eisteddfodau', he now owns his shop), Edward Davies, Bala. [18]55 (1) (he is now at Bala, stanzas of verse), Edward Davies [?same as previous correspondent of same name?], Braich y dinas, [18]55 (1) (it is almost five weeks since he left the addressee - he hopes to return to the school when the weather gets warmer, mention of Eben Fardd's essay in Y Drysorfa), T[homas] Jones ('Taliesin o Eifion'), Llangollen, [18]55 (2) and Pant, [18]67 (1, written to his cousin) (a few weeks ago he saw a suggestion in the Bangor paper that the addressee intends to publish a volume of his complete works, sending 'englynion' on the new church (St Seiriol) at Holyhead and a 'hir-a-thoddaid' for comment, a request for one or two 'englynion' on the occasion of his forthcoming marriage, re marketable commodities, more 'englynion'), Rob[er]t Griffith ('Patrobas'), Nevin, 1858 and 1861 (3, one undated), (wishing to know whether some verses he has composed to Captain Jones Parry, Madryn, for giving land on which to erect a British School [at Nevin], are worthy to be delivered at a meeting, and asking the addressee to compose one or two to add to them if possible, sending a book for review in Yr Herald Cymraeg (enclosures wanting), Tho[ma]s Jones, woodman, Llangybi, [18]58 (1) (enquiring whether the addressee has any material on the early history of Capelhelyg), Owen Jones, Jun[io]r, Plasgwyn, 1859 (1) (the relationship between the writer's father and the addressee, W[illia]m Jones, Portmadoc, 1859-61 (6) (re publishing the works of the writer's uncle, J. Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, with a memoir, etc., condolence), Edward Roberts, Pensyflog, Tremadoc, 1858 and 1861 (2) (a request for a letter of greeting to Cymdeithas Llenyddol [sic] Eifionydd, of which the addressee is a corresponding member, declining an honour or an invitation), Richard Roberts ['Bardd Treflys'], Ty mawr, [18]59-62 (1), (accepting an invitation to adjudicate reading at Clynnog, Mr [Ellis] Owen, Cefn y meusydd has come to the 'seiat', 'englynion [beddargraff]', is glad to hear that the addressee did not mind although the chair was awarded to another at Caernarfon), William Owen, Timber merchant, Portmadoc, undated [1861] (1) (sympathy - his own loss), Griffith Hughes, Glanrhyd, undated (1861) (1) (sympathy), G. T. Picton Jones, Yoke House, [Abererch], 1860 (1) (Ben Edwards has furnished him with the enclosed - thanking the addressee for his interest (enclosure wanting)), John Roberts, Ysgoldy Pencaenewydd, 1860 (1) (expressing thanks for a pedigree or pedigrees - whether the addressee was asked for permission before it appeared in Y Brython), Henry Parry, Tir Bach, Four Crosses, 1862 (4) (apologising for having to be absent from school for so long - the enjoyment he had with the addressee in the weeks that have gone by, [some months later] he has commenced work as schoolmaster at (?) Pencaenewydd, hoping the addressee's health continues to improve, mention of Robert William, Ty'n-y-gors, the writer's health, etc.), R[obert] I[saac] Jones ('Alltud Eifion'), Tremadog, [18]61-2 (2) (re material for Y Brython, with mention of Dr Tregelles, etc.) [Joseph Charles Edwards] 'Iorwerth Ddu o Von', Pwllheli, undated (1) (a message for young Parry of Madryn if the addressee is at all acquainted with him, the writer's preaching engagements at Pwllheli and Llanor [sic]), J[ohn] Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1827-59 and undated (71) (wishing to know the addressee's present intention re learning the shoemaker's business, was much pleased with the binding, mention of D[avid] O[wen] and the addressee's tr[anslatio]n, sending a trifle as some small acknowledgement of the trouble given in transcribing the memoir, Mr S. Roberts of Drefnewydd or Llanbrynmair, the writer's health, his loss by the death of Mrs Dickinson, Mr W. of Llanrug and Dr Hughes, a stay of over three weeks at Tre Madoc, mention of Dr Pugh(e), further reference to the memoir, [Chambers's] Information for the People, another visit to Tre Madoc, mention of Mr Ross, the portrait painter, Mrs Gwynne [afterwards Mrs Roche], an application for some pecuniary aid from a society in London, reference to the death of Mr W[illiams] of Tuhwntirbwlch, commenting on various poems, is sad to think that their friend R. Hughes is moving from the Llangybi district, Mr Jones Parry's munificent grant, the death of Mrs Hughes, the wife of the late Dr Hughes, a request from Ellis O. Ellis for 'englynion' for the Gallery of Portraits in Liverpool, sympathy, references to the Llangollen Eisteddfod, 1858, etc., etc.), and Richard Jones, Bodfean, 1862 (1) (pulpit vacancies).

Llythyrau llenorion Llŷn ac Eifionydd,

A volume containing twenty-eight holograph letters written by the following correspondents: T[homas] W[illiams] ('Pedrog') ['Twm Pedrog'], [HMS] Amethyst, 1800-01, to his parents (On. W. Llanbedrog, Pwllheli (1), and to [John Roberts] John Lleyn, Bardd, Pwllheli (2) ('cywyddau' and an 'awdl', etc.); Humphrey Parry to John Thomas ['Sion Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog near Llanystymdwy, 1808 (1) (mention of Y Greal, Eurgrawn Caer'narfon, and the need in Wales for a proper Grammar); John Jones, Secretary, and Joseph Jones, Treasurer, Amlwch to an unnamed person, 1825 (1) (the Goronwy Owen appeal); Evan Richards, Bryneinion [?Brynengan, Llanystumdwy] to John Thomas ['Sion Wyn o Eifion'] Chwilog, 1815 (1) (religious observations); P[eter] J[ones] ('Pedr Fardd'), Llynlleifiad to Ebenezer Thomas, Bardd, 1827 (1) (englynion 'I'r Cadeirfardd Mr Ebenezer Thomas o Langybi'); John Williams, Pandy bach [Tanybwlch postmark], to Richard Jones, Bard, Baptist Street [?Caernarfon], 1836 (1) (the compositions submitted for adjudication); Thomas Roberts (Llwynrhudol), Llundain to Owen Williams, Waun Vaur [sic], Green Street, Carnarvon, 1836 (1), (the non-arrival of a trunk); Owen Jones 'Owain ab Ioan Glan Dwfr Eifion', Felin uchaf to Richard Jones, Melinydd, Llanbedr, 1828 (1) (an 'englyn'); Morris Williams ['Nicander'], Bangor and Amlwch, 1840-51 (6), all probably addressed to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], although it is only in one that the addressee is named (suggestions with regard to lodgings, etc. at Bangor, literary matters including references to adjudicating at the Aberffraw eisteddfod, reminiscences, Urdd Beirdd Eifion, etc.); Hugh [Derfel] Hughes (Llandderfel), at Ffestiniog and Llangollen, to Ebenezer Thomas, Bardd, Clynog fawr, 1844 (3), (some impressions of his travels [selling his book], Eben Fardd's review in Y Drysorfa, etc.); John Williams, Tuhwntirbwlch, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], undated (watermark 1837) (1) (reference to the writer's present affliction); Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1842-4 (7) (bookbinding, the addressee's memoir of Dewi [Wyn], acknowledging 'englynion' (on the birth of James Ebenezer Thomas), references to Dr Pughe, mention of Eben Fardd's appointment to the Pwllheli Free School, etc.); and David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen to an unnamed correspondent, undated (1) (the improvements at Gaerwen, his wish that the addressee and Sir Thomas Mostyn would grant him a lease, mention of the lease of the meeting-house [?Capel y Beirdd]).

Trysorfa yr Awen ...,

A volume written almost entirely in the autograph of John Roberts ('Siôn Lleyn'; 1749-1817) containing poetry largely of his own composition, with some items by other poets. The volume is in two sections and there is a list of contents at the beginning covering pp. 1-145 in the first section. The wording on the title-page is 'Trysorfa yr Awen sef Casgliad o Ganiadau, Sion Lleyn, 1787,' but some of the items are of later date. The other poets represented are David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu o'r Eryri'), Robert Prich[ar]d (Robert Prichiard Sion,'Robin'r Aber'), T[h]om[a]s Edward[s] Nant, D. Edward, Lewis Morys, John Hughes ('pandy bach pentre ucha yn Lleyn'), Richard Powel, Evan Owens, Glan-yllynnay (Llanystumdwy), MrEfan Efans ('Bardd hir') [Ieuan Brydydd Hir], Evan Rich[ar]d (Bryncroes), [David Jones] Dafydd Sion Pierce ('Dafydd Brydydd hir'), Dafydd ap Sion, Owen Griffith, Hugh Lloed [sic] Cynfal, Goronwy Owen(s) ('Goronwy Ddu o Fôn'), Edmund Prys and Griffith Philip. One or two items (p. 2 in the first section and pp. 142-5 at the end of the volume) appear to be in the autograph of John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'). One 'cywydd' in the volume (p. 118 in the first section) is headed 'Annerch Ieuan Bryncroes i Sion Lleyn wedi dyfod i ymweled a mi i Chappel Rhyd-y-Clafrdy pryd yr oeddwn yno yn cadw ysgol y fln 1791 y mis Medi' . The volume contains some notes in the autograph of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), press cuttings and also a copy (printed) of Marwnad, neu Goffadwriaeth y Brawd Robert Roberts, o Sir Gaernarfon : yr hwn a ymadawodd â'r Byd hwn Tachwedd 28, 1802. Yn llawn 40 mlwydd Oed : wedi bod yn pregethu'r Efengyl 15 mlynedd. 8 pp. (Caernarfon : Argraphwyd gan T. Roberts, n.d.) by S. Lleyn. On p. 4 in the second section are 'Trioedd y Crinwas neu'r Cybydd'.

Poetry, etc.

A composite volume from the collection of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') written in several hands of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and comprising ten main sections: (I) The first section (pp. 1-121 and some unnumbered items) contains poetry by Tomas Edwards Nant, S[ion] Owen, [David Owen] 'Dewi Wyn Eifion' [sic] and (mainly) Robert Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'), some possibly in his autograph. Other items include a list of books ('Catalek of all ye books that I Have'), some accounts headed 'Cost Capel garn talwyd' and 'heb Daly am Capel garn', observations entitled 'Lwybr Dyn neu Ysdyriaethau ar bedair rhan oes Dyn' by Robert Williams, a letter, 1845, from Ellis Owen, Cefn y Meusydd, to Mr Robert Williams, Bard, Bettws fawr, Llanystumdwy, containing verses by Robert ab Gwilym Ddu entitled 'Pererindod o'r Aipht i Ganaan; and a list of poems by ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu']. There are also some press cuttings and other additions by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'). (Ii) A memoir of David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion') by and in the autograph of John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'). (Iii) Miscellaneous items including 'Pymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd', poetry by Huw Llwyd Cynfal, Dafydd ap Sion and y Parchedig Mr Goronwy Owen o Fôn, and draft of a letter from 'Dyngarydd' [?David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion') ] to Mr Gomer' [? for Seren Gomer ], and 'A Memorandum Book' in the autograph of John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion') containing notes on natural history, etc. in English transcribed from various printed sources. (Iv) Notes in Welsh in the autograph of John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion') on theological subjects including extracts from 'Patrick's Places' i.e. the work of Patrick Hamilton, followed by short accounts of Phoenicia, Palestine, Assyria, Babylon, etc. (V) An incomplete poem entitled 'Carol Plygain am Bwrcas Crist tros eu [sic] Ddyweddi ...... (Vi) Two items in the autograph of John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion') entitled 'Cyfrifiad byr am amryw o enwau neu Sectau a ymddangosasant yn y byd' (? incomplete) and 'Ateb i rai holiadau, mewn Llythyr oddi wrth yr Ysgrifennydd at ei ewythr John Roberts', which last item includes observations by Michael Roberts on one of the questions. (Vii) This section consists of sixteen pages and one loose folio. The first fourteen pages are in the autograph of William Elias, c. 1731-44, and contain poetry by Evan ap Llywelyn Vychan (beginning wanting), D. Parry, William Elias, J. Rhydderch, Owen Griffiths and D[afydd] N[anmor]. The next two pages contain verses in English by Gr: Lloyd and the loose folio contains 'englynion', one by Moris ap Evan ap Dafydd ['Morus Dwyfech']. A note at the foot of p. 9 reads 'Oed ein harglwydd, pan dorwyd, y ffordd y mynydd Bwlch Derwin gynta, 1739, y rhan isa, ai gorphen: Mehefin 18: 1740: Wm Ellias, a Griffith Davidd o fodychen, overseers', and there is a recipe for making ink on p. 10. (Viii) 'Englynion' by Edward Charles and a number of Welsh hymns (author's name not given). (Ix) This section is in the autograph of John Roberts [?'Siôn Lleyn'], 1767, and contains poetry by Roger Thomley, Michel Prichiard, Sion Thomas Bod-edern, Gwen Arthur, William Elias, Owen Griffith, John Philip, John Roberts, Hugh Roberts, Thomas Jones, Rich[ar]d Parry niwbwrch, ? W. Ell... and John Rogar [sic]. (X) Veterinary and other recipes, mainly in Welsh.

Letters of Major Nanney, etc.

A volume containing 113 items of correspondence, etc., the details of which are as follows: a note by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') on the Reverend P. Constable Ellis; a letter from E. G. Salisbury, Chester to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1883 (Adgof Uwch Anghof - mention of 'Piser Hir'); a review by the Reverend J. Davies ('Isfryn'), Rheithordy Llanarmon, [19]09, of Llên Gwerin Sir Gaernarfon; letters, probably all to 'Myrddin Fardd', from H. W. Lloyd, London, 1886 (thanking him for the kind trouble he has taken about 'Robin Ddu's poem), Fred[eric]k. G. Wynn, Glynllivon, (?)1900 (volumes for binding), Owain [Jones ('Manoethwy')], London, 1865 (the dedication of churches in Eifionydd - see below for other letters from 'Manoethwy'), D. R. Daniel, London, 1909 (Llên Gwerin Sir Gaernarfon), J. G[wenogvryn] E[vans], Llanbedrog, 1909 (similar), and S. E. Daniel, Clapham, undated (acknowledging the gift of a book); O. J. E[llis] Nanney, Gwynfryn to John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1821-9 and undated (24) (various subjects, e.g. reference to the death of the writer's sister, health matters, etc. - see Adgof Uwch Anghof, pp. 187-191); W[illia]m W. E. Wynne, Peniarth to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1878-9 (12) (missing tombstones, genealogical matters, etc. - see Adgof Uwch Anghof, pp. 343-351); 'Catalogue of Sale at Gwynfryn Hall, near Llanystumdwy', 9 November 1872 (printed); J. W. Prichard, Plas y brain to Mr David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion') at Gaerwen, care of Mr Owen Owens, Grocer, Pwllheli, 1822 (reference to the publication in Seren Gomer of the little 'cywydd' he composed as an elegy on Gwen, his wife, a report that the bards of Arfon are to hold a meeting to compose an elegy on [David Thomas] Dafydd Ddu Eryri, P[aul] Panton of Plasgwyn has died intestate), Love Jones Parry ('Elffin ap Gwyddno'), Madryn to [ ], [18]69 (apologising for keeping the book for so long), Owen Evans to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1871 (re antiquarian papers at Broom Hall), E. G. Salisbury, Chester to [ ] 1859 (Y Drysorfa Hynafiaethol), [Reverend] John Evans, Llanllechid Rectory to John Jones, 1878 (the Reverend Edward Nanney, a carved tombstone near the communion table in Abererch church), [Reverend] W. Wynn Williams, 'Ieungaf.', Menaifron [Anglesey, postal address] Caernarvon, to [ ], 1865 (a genealogical query from a gentleman from Dublin), R. Palmer Williams, Dublin, to [ ], 1862 (a query similar to that contained in the previous letter), E. G. Salisbury, Chester to [ ],1859 (his inability to undertake what the addressee names), J. Williams Ellis, Glasfryn to [ ], [18]69 (the return of a manuscript from Mr Jones Parry), J[ohn] J[ones] ('Tegid'), Nevern, near Cardigan to [ ], 1845 (re obtaining a Madam Bevan Welsh Circulating School - see Adgof Uwch Anghof, p. 167, where it is stated that the letter is to [Robert Parry] 'Robyn Ddu Eryri'), [Reverend] John Owen, Llanengan [and Lampeter] to Myrddin Fardd, [18]81 (2), (arrangements for a visit, books from Mr Peter's library), E. Breese, in London to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1881 (he will be very glad to put Mrs Peters' books in his sale and catalogue if she wishes), [William Jones] ('Gwrgant'), Greenwich to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1878 (replying to a query about 'Llwynrhudol'), Catherine Anne Griffith, Bodegroes to John Thomas, Chwilog, 1832 (good news concerning her aunt, reference to the women committed to Pwllheli jail for stealing), 'englynion' by Ellis Owen [Cefn-y-mesydd] 'I Arfon', W. M. Evans, Caerfyrddin, to [ ], [18]55 (part I [of the addressee's work] is now out of the press, whether Mrs Williams would print a book by the addressee, mention of Hanes Prydain Fawr [by John Emlyn Jones]), John Thomas ('Pencerdd Gwalia'), London to [ ], 1866 (soliciting the honour of the addressee's name as a subscriber to his new work, The Bride of Neath Valley), Ebenezer Thomas, Clynnog to John Thomas, Chwilog, [18]49 (the addressee's ill-health, his own troubles with the recent Eisteddfod), Tho[ma]s Jones, painter, Llangollen [i.e. 'Taliesin o Eifion'] to [ ], undated (2) (asking for a description of the coat of arms of Owen Gwynedd, etc.), 'Awdl i M. W. P. (B. B. Al. A. f.) o waith T[hos.] W[m.] P[edrog] pan a oedd ar y Môr yn Ll. E. F.'r Amethyst, Ionawr 1800' followed by a letter, 1804, from T. W. Pedrog to his wife, 'Began Bach', D. Wynn Williams, Bangor, Secretary of the Bangor Royal Eisteddfod, 1874, to the Reverend Mr Edwards, Llanystymdwy, 1874 (whether the addressee knows of any person in his parish who sent a wooden carving of a horse to their exhibition), verses (in Welsh) entitled 'Oh! No we never mention her' [?translated] by 'Robt. Parry neu Robyn Ddu Eryri', Ynys Garmon, Awst, 1829, addressed to Mr J. Thomas, Bard, Chwilog; letters to John Thomas, Chwilog from Dav[id] Williams, Pwllheli, 1826 (sending two books), Ebenezer Thomas, Clynnog, 1829 (the addressee's niece, he will make up the books as soon and as neat as he can), Edw[ard] Davies, undated (his readiness to help), and D[avi]d Williams, Plastanyrallt [identical with Dav[id] Williams, Pwllheli], 1823 (acknowledging condolence on the death of his father); D. Williams ('Alaw Goch'), Miskin, Pontypridd to [ ], 1862 (his pleasure at meeting the addressee in Caernarfon); David Williams, Pwllheli to John Thomas, Chwilog (addressed once as John Meilir Thomas), 1821-8 (4) (the addressee's health, a probable donation of £3 to him by the (Eisteddfod) Committee, reference to the addressee's 'awdl', mention of Mr Jackson, Mr W[illia]ms of Llanrhug and Mrs Williams of Towyn, the carriage), D. Williams, Pwllheli, also to John Thomas, Chwilog, 1827 (replying to the addressee's enquiries about Mr D. Williams), J[ane] Pierce, Liverpool to [ ], [18]71 (W[illia]m Elias and his descendants), Robert Jones, Rotherhithe to ['Myrddin Fardd'], [18]77 (replying to a query concerning Tho[ma]s Roberts [Llwyn'rhudol] and [Robert Owen] 'Eryron Gwyllt Walia'), Reverend R[obert] Williams, Culmington Rectory to [ ], 1880-1 (2) (his inability to find the addressee's manuscript), [James James] 'Iago Emlyn', Clifton, Bristol to Mr J. M. Jones, 1877 (reminding him of the writer's wish to have one or two newspapers giving a full account of the Caer-yn-Arfon Eisteddfod), Lewis Jerman, Llanllyfni to [ ], undated (the family of Griffiths of Ywmwlch [sic]), a poem entitled 'Fall of Jerusalem', with explanatory notes, by Frederick W. Pilkington, followed by a note to 'John' containing a message for Morris), Jon[athan] Jones, Caernarvon to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1879 (2) (returning a pedigree of [Ellis Wynne] (enclosure wanting) and requesting a copy of a gravestone inscription (Ymmwlch [sic] family), H. P. Manley, North Wales Training College, Carnarvon to Owen Jones, 1857 (replying to a letter), Owen (Owain) Jones ('Manoethwy'), Llanfair and London to his brother ['Myrddin Fardd'], 1860 and 1863-5 (8) (chiefly literary matters, some words of advice), Elen Richards, Llanerful to [ ], 1863 (she has failed to find the book about the Welshpool Eisteddfod, the death of Robert Evans), R[obert] P[rys] Morris, Talyllyn Cottage, Talyllyn to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1869 (3) (the genealogy of Edmwnd Prys), an unsigned letter to an unnamed lady, 1863 (a proposal of marriage?), R[obert] Prys Morris to Mr J. Jones, 1869 (2) (Dr J. Williams, Talarfor has promised to pay for a copy of the pedigree on vellum, he (R. P. M.) is searching for information about the notabilities of the district, asking him to inform the author of Enwogion Meirion that Dr Owen died at the Cottage where he (R. P. M.) lives and not at Dolydd Cau), R[obert] Jones, bookseller, Bethesda to [ ], 1875 (re books), [William John Roberts] 'Gwilym Cowlyd', Trefriw to [ ], 1861 (his gratitude to the addressee, mention of Geirionydd, suggesting 'Cwymp Llewelyn' as subject for the chair poem at the Caer yn Arfon Eisteddfod), R. I. Jones ('Alltud Eifion'), Tremadoc to ['Myrddin Fardd'], 1859 (re copies of Y Brython sent in error to the addressee and Mr W[illia]m Jones, Pig Street, two 'englynion'), Owen Davies ('Y Bardd llechog'), Tydweiliog to [?'Myrddin Fardd'], 1859 ('englynion' to 'T[w]m Pedrog', etc.), Jane Pierce, Rhyl to [ ], undated, (enquiring about the family of William Elias (d. 1787), her Liverpool address), [Thomas Jones] 'Taliesin o Eifion' to 'Myrddin Fardd', undated ('englynion' to addressee's book), R. Lloyd Humphreys, Estate Office, Baron Hill, Beaumaris to [ ], 1865 (a query concerning Bodfan, Llandwrog), and John Ceiriog Hughes, Caersws to Owen Williams, Waunfawr, 1872 (his wish to obtain a complete copy of Y Drysorfa Genedlaethol [? error for Y Drysorfa Hynafiaethol]). Pasted inside the front cover is an obituary notice of O. J. Ellis Nanney, Gwynfryn. An index to the correspondents has been placed with the volume.

Barddoniaeth, llythyrau, etc.

A volume compiled by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), containing 'cywyddau', 'awdlau', and free-metre poetry, partly holograph, by Row[land] Vaughan, John Rhydderch, William Ffylip, Rice Jones (1767), Sion Tudur, Willm. Cynwal, Richd. Davies 'Esgob Mynwy' [sic], Robt. Gruffydd ab Ieuan, Hugh Llyn, Elis ab Rhys ab Edward, Willm. Llyn, [John Davies] 'Y Bardd Glas', Robt. Dafydd ('Bardd Nantglyn'), Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd') (1821), Edward Charles (1798), 'Iorwerth ab Einion' (1817) (Meddyg Cyrn y ?Bwch), David Humphreys (1819), John Owen, 'Mab Evan Huw' (Harlech, 1834), Rowlant Jones, R. Jones (Penrhiw dwrch), and 'Meurig ab Cybi o Eifion' (Bangor) [i.e. Morris Williams, 'Nicander']; case in the hand of Thomas Pennant, Downing, of John Jones, son of Roger Jones of the parish of Bodvari against the commanding officer of the militia for extortion arising from the balloting of complainant for service, together with a holograph letter from T. Pennant, Downing, to William Middleton, Temple, London, 1781, and opinions of R. P. Arden and Willm. Walton both of Lincolns Inn, 1781; holograph letters from Thomas Roberts, Llwynrhudol, from London to John Roberts ['Sion Lleyn'], Pen yr Allt, Pwllheli, etc., 1801-5 and undated (3) (printed in [John Jones] 'Myrddin Fardd: 'Adgof Uwch Anghof' ..., Pen y Groes, 1883, pp. 81-2, 84-7), P[eter] B[ailey] Williams, Pantafon, Llanrug to R[ichard] Jones ['Gwyndaf Eryri'], 1823 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 178-82), [Robert Jones] 'Tecwyn Meirion', L[iver]pool to David Lloyd, shoemaker, Llanystumdwy, 1833 (the shipment of coal to Cricieth and a complaint against the trading methods of Capt. Thomas of Chester and William Davies) (together with an 'englyn' and a stanza in English entitled 'Cymru Annwyl'), Robert Roberts, Pentre Lygen, to John Roberts ('Siôn Lleyn'], schoolmaster, Bodean, 1790 (personal, requesting news of the Association at Pwllheli, also requesting two shuttles ('dwy wenol') the one for linen and the other for cloth) (endorsed is a copy of a letter relating to the writer's elegy ('cywydd marwnad') to 'Robin Ddu' and the writer's appointment to be corresponding member ('aelod gohebol') of the Gwyneddigion), Evan Evans ['Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'], Chester to John Jones, printer, Trefriw, 1818 (Mr Parry's views on a publication, comments on the subjects of the Cambrian Society, the writer's work of translating, the recipient's 'englynion', a reference to 'Nwython' in a Bangor paper, the delivery of verses and essays at the Vicarage, Carmarthen), Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], Llanarmon; to Richard Jones ('Welsh Bard alias Gwyndaf Eryri'), Carnarvon, 1826 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 209-10), and from Clynnog to John Thomas, 'Bard' ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1827 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 211-14), Daf. Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] Waunfawr, etc., to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1789-1806 (3) ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 12-14, 18, 30-4) (the second letter, dated 1796 from Amlwch, contains a poem entitled 'Tragwyddoldeb'), Robt. Davies ['Bardd Nantglyn'] to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1808 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 94), Wm. Williams (1738-1817), Llandegai, to David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], 1806 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 92-4, where William Williams is incorrectly identified as 'Gwilym Peris'), Robt. Jones ['Tecwyn Meirion'], Dutton St [Liverpool] to Richard Jones ('Gwyndaf Eryri'), 1833 (requests the sight of copies of Y Gwyliedydd containing the adjudication of Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'] on the 'awdlau'), John Jones ['Ivon'], Aberystwyth to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1843 (a request for poetry for publication in a proposed periodical entitled Y Cwmwl), [Thomas Lloyd Jones] 'Gwenffrwd', Dinbych to Robert Lloyd Morris, Holywell, [18]30 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', pp. 226-8), Richard Jones ('Gwyndaf Eryri'), Caernarfon, to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen, Llanystyndwy, 1831 ('Adgof Uwch Anghof', p. 117), John Pughe ['Ioan ab Hu Feddyg'], Barmouth to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1841 (a list of subscribers to the recipient's [Caniadau], the success of the [Plymouth Brethren]), O[wen] Williams ['Owen Gwyrfai'], Waunfawr, to Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], Betwsfawr, Eifionydd, 1830 (the request of 'Gytyn Peris' for an explanation on a Welsh proverb, the progress of the 'Geirlyfr' and its sale to the printer at Llanfaircaereinion), Evan Williams, Penyberth, Llanbedrog, to David Lloyd, shoemaker, Llanysdumdwy, (his concept of the muse, request for a copy of the 'englynion' addressed to the Dolbenmaen Society and for the rules of the society, etc.), [Reverend William Robert Davies, Dowlais] to Wm. Jones, draper, Rhoslan, undated (2) (a song by 'Brutus', news of ministers of religion, the Baptist cause at Garn and Capel y Beirdd, the progress of the Latter-Day Saints at Dowlais, local petitions against Sir James Graham's Bill and the Corn Laws), and Hugh Elias, Florence House, San Francisco, to [John Jones, 'Myrddin Fardd'], 1878 (the pedigree of the family of William Elias, Plas y Glyn); draft rules of 'Cymdeithas Gymroaidd Pwllheli', together with holograph copies of addresses to the Society by Evan Roberts, Robert Thomas, M[orris] W[illiams] 'Nicander', etc.; a letter from [Richard Jones, 'Gwyndaf Eryri'] to 'Mr. Gomer' [editor of Seren Gomer] complaining of injustices received at recent eisteddfodau; English verses entitled 'St David's Day, 1843. The following song was written for the Manchester Cymreigyddion Society ... and sung by the writer to the Harp, and for which he was awarded the Prize' by 'Garmon'; and a note on the pedigree of the families of Gwynn (Wynn) of Maesne[u]add; Glyncywarch, etc., with panegyric verses. Added to 'Pennillion i annerch Cymdeithas y Cymraegyddion yn 'Llundain. Y dôn yw blodau'r dyffryn' by Edward Charles is the following postscript, - 'Gresyn na fyddai beirdd Cymry yn 'r oes hon yn canu ar yr hên Geingciau cymreig fel y pennillion hyn: mae'nt hwyth[a]u yn barddoni y rhan fynycha, a'r ryw Geingciau seisnig, yr hyn sydd hollol anghyttun a pheroriaeth y Cymro'. On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of correspondents in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), with additions in the hand of J. H. Davies.

Llythyrau llenorion,

A collection of holograph letters and miscellaneous literary documents. The correspondents include Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'] to [the Reverend] T. Richards, 'Schools', Berriew, 1824 (the publication of Powysion), John Blackwell ['Alun'], Broncoed, near Mold, to [the Reverend] Thomas Richards, Llangyniew, 1827 (the death of the writer's father, a curacy for the writer), Robert Vaughan, Salop, to 'Honest' John Thomas Rees, [16]74 (the arrest of the recipient's brother Oliv[er] for debt) (mounted on a prospectus of Gwaith Barddonawl Thomas Gwynedd, 1822), Daf[ydd] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], Bettws St Garmon, etc. to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], Pen yr allt, Dyneio, Pwllheli, 1803-7 (3) (elegies to Goronwy Owen, the works of 'Gutyn Peris', the readiness of 'Dafydd Ionawr' to reconciliate, the return of an essay, references to 'Padarn' and 'Peblig', to Y Greal, and to Jonathan Hughes, the writer's health, the publication of Yr Eurgrawn, the writer's return from Pwllheli) (with verses endorsed), John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'] to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Mrs [ ] Edwards, etc., 1815 and undated (8) (comments on lines 'Ar Ddyffryn Ffestiniog', the loan of books, etc., the writer's health, poetry by the writer, the writer's debt to Mrs Edwards) (drafts and / or copies), John and Catharine Evans, London, to their father John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1810-16 (3) (the death of the writers' mother, advising their brother not to seek employment in London, the death of their brother Nathaniel and cousin Eleanor, the writers' health) (one letter endorsed 'Llythyr Galarus Cathrin ar ol ei Mam'), 'E. E. E. Er. T' [i.e. Ebenezer Thomas, 'Eben Fardd'] to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], undated (the writer's low spirits), William Ellis Jones ['Cawrdaf'] 'Argraphydd a Llunuedydd', Dolgelley, etc., to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1817-20 (2) (Wrexham eisteddfod (1820), personal, the writer's departure from home), P[eter] B[ailey] Williams, Pantafon, Llanrug, to R[ichard] Jones ['Gwyndaf Eryri'], 1823 (the form of inscription on the tomb of 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), J[oshua] M[organ] Thomas, Nevyn, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1822 (2) (poetry by the writer, including an elegy to uncle Joshua Thomas, the loan of books to the recipient, a controversy on baptism, publications in Seren Gomer, a letter from [J. R.] Jones of Ramoth, encloses Village Sermons by R[obert] Robinson of Cambridge and portraits, a request for an English translation of an elegy by the writer), John Roberts [the elder], Llanbrynmair, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1815 (the recipient's affliction, the death of Mrs Ellis, 'a little revival amongst us'), Dav[i]d Williams, Pwllhely [aft. of Castell Deudraeth], etc., to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1816-19 (4) (personal, the writer's reading, the recipient's promotion, poetry by the writer, dreams, the recipient's knowledge of languages), David Ellis, Pwllheli, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1814 (a copy of a paper made for 'Siôn Lleyn', the loan of books), Thos. Roberts, Carnarvon, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1811 (a tender for printing), Iafan Llwyd, Bristol, to cousin John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1823 (the preaching of Dr Robert Hawker of Plymouth, family news, the death of the recipient's mother), [Rev.] David Ellis, Ty newydd [Cricieth], to David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], 'Schoolmaster', at Pentraeth, 1794 (personal, the price of William Owen [Pughe]'s Geirlyfr, the poetry of 'Iolo Morganwg', the writer's search for books), Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Braichtalog, Llandegai, to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1814 (request for contribution to writer's proposed book Ffrwyth Awen) and to Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], Betwsfawr, Llanystumdwy, 1817, 1828 (libellous englynion by 'Nwython y Nithiwr' to the writer's book, an elegy by the writer to a daughter of Lewis Morris), M. Davies, Gwynfryn and Penlan, Pwllheli, etc., to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1814-21 (11) (the writer's religious experiences, the texts of the 'Llanhengen' meeting, thanks for verses by the recipient, the loan of books to the recipient, the ministry of Penlan Church, the Baptists at Pwllheli, Bible meetings at Pwllheli, news of ministers of religion and others), Dafydd Saunders 'alias D. glan Taf, doe glan Teifi', Merthyr Tydfil, to 'Du ar Gwyn' [i.e. Robert Williams, 'Robert ap Gwilym Ddu', and David Owen, 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1823 (poetry by the writer and by the recipients) (endorsed are englynion entitled 'Annerchiad ir Du ar Gwyn o Eifion') and to Robert Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'), 1835 (condolence, poetry by the writer), Morgan Davies, Nannau, to Rob[ert] Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu], 1826 (poetry by the writer, references to the recipient's wife and to her father), W[illia]m Edwards ['Gwilym Padarn'], Llanberis, to Daniel Evans ['Daniel Ddu o Geredigion'], Maesnewydd, near Lampeter, 1830 (a request to allow John Jones, Llanrwst, to publish the recipient's Gwinllan y Bardd) and to John Jones ['Pyll Glan Conwy'], printer, Llanrwst, 1830 and undated (2) (material for publication by the recipient, payments to the recipient), I. W. Owen, English Bridge Place, Shrewsbury, to [Robert] Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], 1834 (Miss Williams's health and an invitation to Shrewsbury, references to Jane Wynne and the Tudors, comments on sectarianism in Wales), John Evans ('I. D. Ffraid'), Llansantffraid [Glan Conwy], to John Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1835 (2) (the purchase of publications, poetry for Yr Athraw), W[illia]m Roos, Carnarvon, to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1836 (portraits, etc. by the writer of Christmas [Evans], 'Dewi Wyn', J. W. Thomas ('Arfonwyson') and Wm. Jones ('Gwrgant')), W[illia]m Williams ['Caledfryn'], Caernarvon, to J[ohn] Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1839 (subscribers to the writer's A Treatise ... on Welsh Poetry) (written on a blank page of a prospectus of the work), H[ugh] Jones [printer], Llanrwst, to John Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1839 (the authorship of an almanac published by the writer), O[wen] W[illiams], Caernarvon and Waunfawr, to J[ohn] Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1839 (2) (a book carrier's terms, the health of Dafydd Owen ['Dewi Wyn'] and the publication of his poetry, the publication of the writer's Drysorfa [Hynafiaethol], [Rev.] R. Phillips, Bettws, Abergele, to ['Eben Fardd'], 1843 (the publication of a collection by the writer of hymns), Thos. Edwards, Chester, etc., to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1841-9 (a work by 'Dewi Wyn' in English, 'Talhaearn's second letter), A[ndrew] J[ones] Brereton ['Andreas o Fôn], Mold, to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), [18]51 (enclosing Mold eisteddfod proceedings), [letter written on behalf of] Griffith Griffiths, Henllys Fawr, near Aberffraw, to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), [18]54 (a request for an elegy), Ellis Owen, Cefn y Meusydd, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1815? (a tribute to the recipient's friendship, the writer's reading, the success of Field Marshal W[ellington], the death of the Rev Mr [Thomas] Robinson of Leicester), Richard Jones, Erwystyffylau [Llanwnda] ['Gwyndaf Eryri'] ('enw o Fardd') to [Griffith Williams, 'Gutyn Peris'], 1815 (the publication of the recipient's Ffrwyth Awen, the writer's letter in defence of the poets) (endorsed are Englynion I Anerch Ffrwyth Awen'), J. Evans, Cardiff, to D. Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], c. 1838 (requesting the recipient to correct an enclosed 'awdl'), and Sam[ue]l Evans, Carmarthen, to W[illia]m Jones, Rhoslan, near Pwllhely, 1851 (2) (the success of Seren Cymru). Several of the letters have been printed in 'Adgof uwch Anghof'. Among the miscellaneous documents are printed minutes of a committee held at the Bull's Head, Llangefni, 18 November 1825, to discuss the erection of a monument in the cathedral church of Bangor and a tablet in the parish church of Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf in memory of the late Reverend Goronwy Owen, A.M. (directed to Mr David Owen, Geirwen, Pwllheli); 'Carol Plygain ar Falldod Dolgelleu', 1813, by 'W. D.'; holograph poetry by J[ohn] Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1813, including 'Lines on Friendship. Composed by an afflicted hand', 'Lines composed by an humble hand on his Library; which is made up, almost entirely, of books given him by Mrs Hughes, her sister Mrs E. Nanney, Miss Williams, &c.', 'on Longing', and 'Lines on New Year's Day'; verses entitled 'Love and Friendship' (endorsed 'Ann Will[i]ams'); and holograph observations by Samuel Roberts ['S. R.'], Llanbryn Mair, on Edward Roberts ('Iorwerth Glan Aled'): Palestina (1851); etc. On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of scribes ('Rhestr o enwau ysgrifenwyr y Llythyrau sydd yn y Llyfr hwn') in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), with additions by J. H. Davies.

Llythyrau llenorion,

A collection of holograph letters and a few transcripts of letters and literary documents. The correspondents include John Williams, Ynys y Towyn and Tuhwntirbwlch [Portmadoc] to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1815-48 (18) (personal, observations on friendship, etc., the death of the recipient's father, the extension of the writer's business and the establishment of a benefit club, claims on the writer's liberality, the destruction of corn by the weather, references to mutual friends, the recipient's reading, the health of the recipient's nephew, improvements at 'our little Salem' (Congregational meeting-house], the recipient's 'domestic concerns', attachment to Mr [William] Ambrose ['Emrys'], the death of Mrs [Henrietta] Nanney, the writer's life story, the need for education facilities, news of the writer's family and of friends, etc.), Willm. Jones to J. Thomas, Chwilog, undated (observations on a book, the state of the country), O[wen] J[ones] E[llis] Nanney, Gwynfryn, to John Thomas, Chwilog, 1826-30 (3) (thanks for eggs, the payment of a legacy to the recipient), Robt. Jones ['Tecwyn Meirion'], Liverpool, to David Lloyd, shoe maker, Llanystundwy, 1833 (an order for coal), [the Reverend] W[illiam] Robert Davies (Will Robert Dafydd), Eglwyserw [sic], Dowlais, Pendarran, etc. to William Jones, smith (afterwards draper), Rhoslan, Llanysdymdwy,1835-49 (37), and to John Evans, draper, Victoria House, Cricierth [sic], 1849, (condolence, the baptism of the recipient, enclosing a [Western Baptist] Association Letter, greetings to the writer's family and friends and requests for news, a proposal to establish a [Baptist] Academy at Haverfordwest, baptisms of Dissenting ministers, the writer's health, emigration to America, observations on the total abstinence movement, marriages in Nonconformist chapels, the publication and circulation of Y Cenhadydd Cymreig, the writer's relations with Ebenezer and Penybryn Baptist Churches in Pembrokeshire, Chartist riots, observations on life in Merthyr Tydvil and Dowlais, unfavourable comments on Sandemanians and [Calvinistic] Methodists, the imprisonment of Dafydd [David] Jones [Baptist historian] of Carmarthen, a reply to a request for financial help, an invitation to the writer to Utica, the cost of Caersalem (Dowlais) Baptist meeting-house, numerous references to David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), the writer's new house at Pendarran, the slander of Enock Williams [Baptist minister at Garn Dolbenmaen], Church rate disturbance at Merthyr, cholera deaths, etc.), Saml. Evans, Carmarthen, to William Jones, Rhoslan, 1854 (the circulation of Seren Cymru), and to J[ohn] Edwards ['Meiriadog'], 1851 (the publication of Seren Cymru, a promise of support for Yr Hyfforddwr, a criticism of Seren Gomer), Robt. Jones, druggist, Pwllheli, to [ ], 1857 (personal, the writer's reading), M[orris] Williams ['Nicander'], Bangor, to [Ebenezer Thomas, 'Eben Fardd'], 1840 (Welsh metrical translations of the Psalms, with a translation of Psalm 49 enclosed), Lady [Elizabeth] Jones Parry, Madryn Park to Eb[eneze]r Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1841 (a request for shells from Clynog shore), J. Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1842 (the publication of a memoir of 'Dewi [Wyn o Eifion'], i.e. Blodau Arfon), H[umphrey] Gwalchmai, Oswestry, to E. Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], [18]43 (the recipient's duties and remuneration as poetry editor of Yr Athraw), Ellis Owen, Cefnymeusydd, to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1843-59 (4) (the pedigree of Erasmus Lloyd, appointments held by the writer, contributions to Y Traethodydd, a memorial to (David Owen) 'Dafydd y Garreg Wen', the writer's kinship with Eifionydd poets), and to Richd. Roberts ['Bardd Treflys'] (of Tymawr), at Liverpool, 1844 (the recipient's education and employment, the weather, food prices), R[obert] I[saac] Jones ['Alltud Eifion'], Tremadoc, to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), [18]45 (the sale of Allwedd ddirgel y nefoedd [translated from Thomas Brooks]), Thomas Roberts (Llwynrhudol) London, to Owen Williams ['Owain Gwyrfai'], Caernarvon, 1840 (the sale of the writer's translation from [Benjamin] Franklin, i.e. Y Ffordd i Gaffael Cyfoeth neu Rhisiart Druan),Owen Jones, Felin Uchaf, to Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], Bettws Fawr [Llanystumdwy], 1831 (thanks for an englyn, information about Dafydd Morys of Penmorfa) (endorsed are rules ('Dull Trefniad') of Llanysdymdwy Welsh Society, 1823), [the Reverend] Thos. Lewis, Pontymeistr, Newport, Mon., to [ ], 1878 (an appreciation of Titus Lewis), [the Reverend] E[van] Evans, London, to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1819 (a letter by Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'] in Seren Gomer, comments on the award at Denbigh eisteddfod and the writer's request to see the winning awdl by [Edward Hughes] 'Y Dryw') (?identity of the recipient confused with David Owen, 'Brutus'), [D. Silvan Evans] Llanwrin, to [John Jones] 'Myrddin [Fardd'], 1882 (comments on the recipient's volume, i.e. ? Adgof uwch Anghof) (incomplete), W. M. Hughes, Bangor, to E. Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), 1853-6 (3) (preparations for Bangor eisteddfod, a portrait of recipient), and John A. Jones ('Athan Fardd'), Swansea, to [John] Jones ['Myrddin Fardd'], 1889 (second hand books on sale by the writer). The transcripts, partly in the hand of 'Myrddin Fardd', include letters from D[avid] Thomas 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri' to [John Roberts 'Sion Lleyn'] (original in Cwrt Mawr 74), and to [David Owen 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], [Morris Williams] 'Nicander' to [Ebenezer Thomas] 'Eben Fardd' (2, originals in Cwrt Mawr 478), and Dan[iel] Davies, London, to David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] (original in Cwrt Mawr 861 (File 6)). The miscellaneous documents include copies of 'Cywydd Annerch Yr Awen, neu fyfyrdod wrth Afon Dwyfach 1802' by 'Robert ab Gwilym Ddu', with annotations, and 'Cynghanedd i'r Saer a foddiasai'r Bardd. Hydref 1819' by 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'; 'Voice of Nature, contained in the compendium of an Octave'; 'englynion' entitled 'Golygfa nosawl ar weithiau haiarn Merthyr mewn deuddeg Englyn gyda chymeriad cyrch' by [the Reverend] D[avid] Saunders ['Dafydd Glan Teifi'] (endorsed 'Anrheg i Feirdd Eifion gan D. Saunders'); 'Englynion Galanasdra' by ?'Dab Deudraeth'; a 'cywydd' entitled 'Ateb Anerch Dewi Fardd' by 'Pedr Du', with an imperfect letter to David Evans, Llanrwst; verses entitled 'Mawlgan i Mr. Griffith Jones, Blaenycwm, a Chiper Syr Watcyn' by [Rowland Walter] 'Ionoron Glan Dwyryd' (endorsed 'Mr. Evan Jones, Goat Inn, Llanuwchllyn'); verses entitled 'Cyngor John Jones Caeronw I David Thos. I Briodi' and 'Ateb ir Gân flaenorol', with a memorial inscription and a translation by David Tho[ma]s; etc. On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of scribes ('Rhestr o enwau Ysgrifenwyr mwyaf nodedig y llyfr hwn' in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), with one addition by J. H. Davies.

Llythyrau llenorion,

Holograph letters addressed to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'). The writers include David Williams, Dinorwic, [18]42 (a request by 'Tegidon' to publish a review of the recipient's Caniadau, a request for verses on Temperance), John Jones ['Ivon'], Aberystwyth, 1845 (a request for the recipient's patronage and contributions to a proposed monthly periodical), Samuel Roberts ['S. R.'], Llanbrynmair, 1855 (an adjudication on 'Ffug-hanesion') (together with a testimonial, 1848, by Samuel Roberts and John Roberts in support of the recipient's 'Addysg Chambers i'r Bobl'), John Griffith, 'Gohebydd', Swansea, undated (a payment of 10/6); Wm. Ambrose ['Emrys'], Portmadoc, etc., 1849-60 (15) (press controversy arising from the Aberffraw eisteddfod award, co-adjudications by the writer and the recipient, condolence), Thos. Edwards, Harlech, [18]49 (the recipient's press controversy with 'Talhaiarn'), David Roberts, Liverpool, 1849-59 (2) (controversy with 'Talhaiarn', an invitation to the recipient), Wm. Williams ['Caledfryn'], Llanrwst, 1851 (7) (co-adjudications by the writer and the recipient), Richd. Parry ('Gwalchmai'), Festiniog, Conway, and Llandudno, 1851-61 (7) (praise for the recipient's pryddest on 'Yr Atgyfodiad' and a criticism of the poem of Mr Evans [i.e. 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'], co-adjudications by the writer and the recipient, condolence), W. Griffith, Talysarn, [1859] (requesting the recipient's opinion of the writer's son), John Griffith, Tanybwlch, [18]57 (thanks for a letter), Benj. J. Owens, Liverpool, 1862 (4) (an invitation to write an address on the occasion of the presentation of a testimonial to 'Gwilym Hiraethog'), Hugh Pugh, Mostyn, (18]62 (an address to 'Gwilym Hiraethog'), Daniel Richards, Llanelly, 1853-62 (2) (Caernarfon eisteddfod, a suggestion for the publication of the recipient's words, the recipient's friends and enemies, the distribution of a portrait of the recipient, enclosing a letter from [William Owen John] 'Eryr Glan Taf'), Robert Williams, Clynnog Vicarage, 1851-9 (4) (the writer's proposed 'Record of Clynnog Vawr', British and Foreign Bible Society meetings at Clynnog), William Evans, Derwen, 1852 (an appreciation of the recipient, the writer's poetry), D[avid] Williams, Llandwrog Rectory, 1860 (2) (an account of a tea meeting at Llandwrog), J. A. Bennett (to John Thomas ['Sion Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog), undated (2) (requesting tracts for delivery by Mrs Binns to Dublin, the writer's visit to Liverpool and Chester, the delivery of the recipient's newspapers), H[ugh] Beaver Davies ('Cuhelyn'), Llanerchymedd, 1850-1 (6) (greetings in verse, the writer's poetry, eisteddfodau at Llangefni, Rhuddlan, Tremadoc), Thomas Gwallter Price, ('Cuhelyn') Beaufort, Hereford, New York, etc., 1855-6 (4) (requesting the recipient's observations on enclosed 'englynion' the London eisteddfod, an 'awdl' by 'Ioan Emlyn', unfavourable comments on 'Eryr Glan Taf' and [Evan Davies] 'Ieuan Myfyr', the writer's emigration to America), Evan Jones ('Ieuan Gwynedd'), Cardiff, etc., 1850-1 (11) (adjudications on the writer's poetry, pryddestau by the writer and the recipient on 'Yr Atgyfodiad', the writer's public observations on the recipient as a critic, eisteddfodau at Cardiff, Liverpool, and Tremadog, the writer's health, a suggestion for the publication of the recipient's works, observations on the rules of Welsh metrics, an invitation to the writer to be co-editor of Y Diwygiwr, an attack on 'Ieuan Myfyr') (one letter is written on the blank spaces of a prospectus of Yr Adolygydd, 1851), William Williams ('Gwilym Ddu Arfon'), Llanerchymedd, 1851 (awards at Merthyr Tydfil and Rhuddlan eisteddfodau), Lewis Edwards ('Llywelyn Twrog'), Maentwrog, etc. [18]52-5 (2) (requesting an adjudication on compositions for Maentwrog Literary Society, requesting observations on a 'Pryddest'), D. P. Evans, Ffos y ffin, Aberaeron, 1851 (2) (the recipient's observations on the writer's poetry, the publication of the writer's works), David Davies ('Dewi Glan Peryddon') Llwyneinion, [18]53 (2) (requesting an opinion on an elegy by the writer), Robert Jones ('R. J. Derfel'), Manchester, [18]53 (2) (... recipient's opinion on a pryddest by the writer on 'Dygiad Cristnogaeth i Brydain', the need to improve the system of distribution of books in Wales), Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), Bagillt and Brymbo, 1855-60 (5) (an adjudication, observations, etc., by the recipient on 'awdlau', etc., by the writer, compositions submitted to Denbigh National Eisteddfod (1860), an attempt by writers of 'pryddestau' to discontinue the award of a chair for an 'awdl'), [John Price] 'Ioan Machno', New Tea Establishment, Holywell, [18]55 (requesting the name of the winner in a literary competition on the Rev. John Elias at the London eisteddfod), J[ohn] Phillips, Bangor, 1856-62 (7) (a request for an address at the Conference on 'Scriptural Instruction', payments by Arfon and by Lleyn and Eifionnydd Monthly Meetings towards the recipient's salary as Master of the Arfon Grammar School, a preaching engagement, an appointment with the recipient), Mary Ellen Phillips [Bangor], 1856 (the recipient's visit to the Conference, thanks for poetry, condolence), D. T. Williams ('Tydfylyn'), Merthyr [Tudful], 1855-62 (2) (requests for an opinion on a disputed line in an englyn and for a testimonial), Rob. Hughes ('Glan Collen'), Llangernyw, 1857 and undated (2) (the recipient's observations on the writer's works), R[ichard] Foulkes Edwards ('Risiart Ddu o Wynedd'), Ruthin and Denbigh, 1857-60 (7) (the publication of the writer's poetical works under the title of Y Blaenffrwyth, the recipient's success at the Llangollen eisteddfod of 1858, the opposition of the writer's father to poets and poetry), Morris Owen ('Meurig Wyn o Wynedd'), Pentrevoelas and Llanfyllin, 1858-61 (17) (eisteddfodau at Pentrevoelas, Llansantffraid Glan Conwy, Llandilo Fawr, Merthyr Tydfil, etc., critical remarks by the recipient on the writer's poetry, John Milton's Welsh descent, the death of members of the recipient's family, an inscription and other archaeological remains at Pentrevoelas, Llangollen eisteddfod (1858) and its repercussions, an account of Pentrevoelas in the Cambrian Journal, the Society ('Cymdeithas') and its library at Pentrevoelas, an appreciation of the recipient's 'awdl' on 'Maes Bosworth', a description of Gwytherin, a 'good stock' of manuscripts in the neighbourhood of Pentrevoelas, the writer's employment as a solicitor's clerk at Llanfyllin, the writer's illness, an elegy by the writer to the recipient's son James Ebenezer, an attempt to establish a Welsh Society ('Cymdeithas Gymreigyddol') in the county), Ellis Parry ('Elis ap Howel'), Cadnant, Menai Bridge, [18]58 (enquires whether recipient has accepted the religious views of 'Myfyr Morgannwg', a request for a copy of the recipient's metrical translation of 'Caban Fewythr Tomos'), Thomas Edwards ('S. D. C.'), Bow Street, Aberystwyth, 1858 (a request to examine the writer's poetry and to present him to the Archdruid at Llangollen eisteddfod), Owen Wynne Jones ('Glasynys'), Llanfachraith (Dolgellau) and Llangristiolus, 1859-62 (3) (a request for the identity of the winning 'Desgrifgerdd o Gymru' at [the Merthyr Tydfil] eisteddfod, condolence, deploring the loss of Y Brython, uninspiring list of subjects at Caernarfon [national] eisteddfod, talk of a large-scale eisteddfod at Dolgellau), Evan Evans, Independent minister, Llangollen, [18]60-1 (3) (the recipient's review of the writer's Coleg y Darllenydd), Owen Wynne Thomas ('Twrog'), Brighton, undated [1849] (controversy with 'Talhaiarn' concerning the award at Aberffraw), William J. Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd), Trefriw, 1861 (2) (a request to edit the works of 'I[euan] G[lan] Geirionydd', condolence), John Griffith, Dolgelley, [18]61 (condolence), D[avid] Williams ('Alaw Goch'), Aberdare, 1861 (3) (the recipient's presence at Aberdare [national] eisteddfod), Wm. Morgan, Aberdare, 1861 (an invitation to stay with the writer over the eisteddfod), [Owen Humphrey Davies] 'Eos Llechid', Llanllechid, undated (a request for biographies of specified Welsh musicians), and D[avid] Cadfan Bynner ['Dewi Cadfan'], Llanystumdwy, 1862 (the writer's lecture at Clynnog Fawr). On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of scribes in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd').

Letters and poetry,

A folder containing eight files of original letters and copies of letters and poetry from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Files 1-3: Transcripts of letters by Lewis and Richard Morris, mainly to Evan Evans ('Ieuan Fardd') and Dafydd Jones of Trefriw, almost all published in Hugh Owen (ed.), Additional Letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786), Y Cymmrodor, Vol. XLIX, 1947-9, the remainder published in G. J. Williams (gol.) Llythyrau at Ddafydd Jones o Drefriw. Cylchgrawn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. Atodiad. Cyfres III, Rhif 2 (1942), and J. H. Davies (ed.), The Letters of Lewis, Richard, William and John Morris of Anglesey (Morrisiaid Mon) (Aberystwyth, 1907-9). The original letters or copies from which these copies were transcribed are in the British Museum (Add MSS 14929, 15021, 15024, 15029) and the National Library of Wales (mainly Panton 74 and NLW MS 476). There is also a transcript of a letter from the Reverend Thomas Ellis, Holyhead to the Reverend Humphrey Owen and the Reverend J. Hoare, 1742 (the original letter is preserved in NLW MS 478), and a copy of Evan Evans's elegy to Lewis Morris, with notes on the text. File 4: Transcripts of letters from Edward Richard, Ystrad Meurig, c. 1759-1766, to Evan Evans ('Ieuan Fardd'). There are also copies of two short letters to Evan Evans from Roderick Lewis, Trefeglwys, and William Howell, Llanidloes, which were written on the same sheet as Edward Richard's letter of 1 March 1766. The original letters are preserved in NLW MS Panton 74. A transcript of a letter from Edward Richard, 1766, to Richard Morris (from BM Add MS 15025), and extracts from letters from Edward Richard to Lewis Morris, 1759 and undated (from BM Add MS 15029). A holograph letter from Edward Richard, Ystradmeuryg, 1762, to Lewis Morris, Penbryn (published in Hugh Owen, op. cit. Part II, pp. 562-3). File 5: A holograph letter from [the Reverend] W[illiam] Davies, Llanwryn [Montgomeryshire], 1710, to Henry Newman at the Reverend Mr Shute's in Bartlet's Buildings, London (receipt of letter and a packet from the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, subscriptions from other parishes, has partly prevailed with a certain minister to become a corresponding member). The letter bears the number 2381 (see Mary Clement (ed.), Correspondence and minutes of the S.P.C.K. relating to Wales 1699-1740 (Cardiff, 1952), p. 35. Abstract No. 2381). Holograph letters (13) and some poetry,1791-1819, of D[avid] Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), Waunfawr, Bettws St Garmon, etc. Some of the letters have been published in [John Jones] 'Myrddin Fardd', Adgof uwch Anghof (Penygroes, 1883). The letters are addressed to John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn'), Pwllheli (4), 1791-1806 (corrections to addressee's poetry, tributes to writer's brother, Humphrey, after his death, some short poetical compositions by the writer), to Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris'), Llandygai (8), 1799-1819, (poetry, subjects upon which writer desired addressee to compose hymns, meetings of bards and eisteddfodau, comments and news of contemporary poets, writer's health and work), and one letter, addressee not named, 1804, (addressee's poetry which writer had received, desires addressee to render 2 Samuel XXII in strict metres and to ask other poets to do the same). The poetry includes verses entitled 'Y Cynauaf mawr diweddaf' subscribed 'D. T. a'i cant allan o'r Saesneg ar ddymuniad John Jones Llandwrog Medi 10d 1804 (cf. Dafydd Thomas (Dafydd Ddû Eryri), Corph y Gaingc (Caernarfon, 1834), pp. 323-4), and 'Englynion newyddion i Long newydd o Gaernarfon yr hon a elwir Valiant'. There is also some poetry in English by [John Blackwell ('Alun')] and in Welsh by Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'). A holograph letter from the Reverend P[eter] B[ailey] Williams, [1828], to David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), Gaerwen (seeking to persuade addressee to become one of the adjudicators at the [?Denbigh] Eisteddfod etc.). File 6: Holograph letters (17) to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog, 1826-58, from John Breese, Pwllheli (5), 1851, 1958, (the Madog eisteddfod, 1851, presentation of a portrait of the addressee and the publication of an engraving; addressee's son, James), William Evans, Llandwrog, 1852 (entreating addressee to visit him, a number of other people also invited addressee to visit them), Walter Griffith ('Walter Bach'), Bethesda, 1835 (writer and his brother had moved to Bethesda from Nazareth, his brother had emigrated to America in 1834, writer had been in a school and was now an apprentice, he had learnt the rules of poetry in the evenings whilst attending school, John Athelston Owen ('Bardd Meirion') had lodged in part of his father's house, details concerning Cymdeithas Gymreigyddol Bethesda), Robert Hughes ('Robyn Wyn o Eifion'), Liverpool, 1843 (enclosing a 'cywydd' in reply to addressee, states he was born on New Year's day, 1824, does not know when he will return), [Reverend] David Jones, Caernarfon (2) 1855-6 [to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd')] (case of a young man to be brought before the Monthly Meeting, adjudication in a competition for an elegy to the Reverend Thomas Richards, Fishguard), short comments on the competitors and note of correspondence by 'Eben Fardd' attached, R[obert] Jones ('Tecwyn Meirion'), Liverpool, 1837 (enclosing his translation of Charles Wolfe's 'The Burial of Sir John Moore', which he compares with the translations published in Y Gwladgarwr [Mai 1837, pp 131-2], recollection of a meeting at Clynnog some years earlier), John Morgan, Merthyr Tydfil, 1850 (request by the committee of the Cymrodorion Dirwestol that the addressee should be the adjudicator of the poetry competition in the eisteddfod to be held on Christmas Day, [Evan Jones] ('Ieuan Gwynedd')'s criticism of an essay on 'Athroniaeth Dirwest'), copy of a reply by 'Eben Fardd' attached in which he states his opinion of 'Ieuan Gwynedd', Evan Prichard ('Ieuan Lleyn'), Tydweiliog, 1826 (enclosing verses greeting the addressee, desires to have a copy of addressee's 'Awdl ar Ddynystr Caersalem' if it was printed), William Roberts ('Nefydd'), Blaenau Works, 1851 (enclosing ten shillings towards addressee's portrait, requests addressee to keep the engraving until he would call for it, comments on matters connected with the eisteddfod and the award of a chair for a 'pryddest'), J[ohn] Thomas ('Sion Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1843, (writer's health, enclosing 'englynion' to greet addressee's newly-born son, possibility of writer and addressee writing something jointly), S. Prideaux Tregelles, Neath Abbey, 1845 (writer's journey to Italy, sending a prospectus of his proposed work, he had requested a friend to send addressee tracts on prophetic subjects, requests a copy of addressee's 'Awdl on the harvest' if it was printed), the Reverend D[avid] Williams, Bottwnog 1834, and Llandwrog 1844 (addressee's appointment as master of the school at Pwllheli), with a copy made by 'Eben Fardd' of an extract from a letter written by Lord Newborough to Mr Mostyn relating to Ebenezer Thomas's Methodism and that a clergyman had always been appointed master of the Pwllheli school, the Reverend M[orris] Williams (Nicander'), Bangor, 1841 (considers the Book of Job was poetry as well as history, the addressee's 'awdl' on Job, titles for books of poems, English bishops in Wales), and 'englynion' to greet 'Eben Fardd' by John Jones and a carol (1834). Copies made by Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') of letters written by him to [William Davies] 'Gwilym Teilo', 1855 (reminds addressee of the promise of renumeration for adjudicating at an eisteddfod made when writer was asked to be an adjudicator), John Breese, 1858 (death of writer's daughter, requests to withdraw his son from addressee's office to remain at home with his bereaved mother), the Reverend Morris Williams ('Nicander'), Amlwch (2) 1849 (their personal relationship after the Aberffraw eisteddfod), Robert Jones, draper, Portmadog (2), 1852 (reasons for his resignation from the post of schoolmaster of Ynys-y-galch school, Portmadoc, which he had accepted, his family did not wish to leave Clynnog and the Monthly Meeting had guaranteed him £30 p.a. for five years).

Holograph letters (5), 1812-43 and undated, to John Thomas ('Sion Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, from William [Ellis] Jones ('Cawrdaf'), London, 1818 (has received little support after coming to London, the Royal Academy of Arts was closed at present and he had not been able to show anything substantial there but intends to show eight or nine [pictures] there the following year), William Owen, Llangybi, 1812 (seeks addressee's opinion on a religious matter, hopes to meet him on Saturday), Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') (hopes he has not upset addressee by his note, feels addressee is more depressed than usual, hopes to visit Chwilog soon, enjoys reading and meditating but finds strict poetry a burden although he enjoys free metre poetry similar to the English), David Williams, Bron Eryri, 1843 (regrets he us unable to help addressee as agent for his landlord, he has decided to give up his agency because Sir Love and Lady Parry were so averse to reduce their tenants' rents and place them on the same footing as the tenants of other landlords), Robert Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'), undated (enclosing poetry, has heard that addressee intended to be baptised, religious sentiments). Holograph letters and poetry, 1795-1806, addressed to John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn'), Pwllheli from Jonathan Hughes (1753-1834?), Pengwern, [1806] (poetry in remembrance of his father, seeks help in obtaining subscribers for his book [Gemau Awen (Croesoswallt, 1806)]), T[homas] Roberts [Llwynrhudol], Llundain (2), 1801, 1804 (despatch of copies of addressee's 'awdl', has also sent six copies of [Llythyrau Mr Edward Jones (Llundain, 1801)], Gwyneddigion meeting, news of addressee's daughters in London, details of the 'awdl' competition in the Gwyneddigion eisteddfod of 1804), a 'cywydd' in the form of a dialogue between the bard and the muse by [Thomas Williams] 'Twm Pedrog' from Edeyrn, 1795 (see J. Jones, Cynfeirdd Lleyn (Pwllheli, 1905), pp. 242-6) addressed to [John Roberts] 'Sion Lleyn', 'Awdl ar Ddedwyddwch' by 'Gwilym ab Gwilym' [William Williams ('Gwilym Peris')], Llanberis, the subject set at the Llanddeiniolen eisteddfod 1802, with some comments by 'Sion Lleyn' (cf. William Williams, Awen-Gerdd Peris (Trefriw, 1813), pp. 19-24). Holograph letters from Daniel Davies, Llundain, [18]20, to David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri') (agrees with addressee's opinion of 'Awdl y Dryw' [i.e. the 'awdl' entitled 'Elusengarwch' by the Reverend Edward Hughes ('Y Dryw'), which was judged the best at the Denbigh eisteddfod 1819], the controversy concerning the decision, future eisteddfodau, a large number of copies of the 'awdl' by D[avid] O[wen] ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion') had been sold, sending two papers to be forwarded to Bron y gader and to D[avid] O[wen], wishes to be remembered to his relatives in Pontnewydd), J[ohn] Williams ('Ioan Twrog'), Pandybach, 1836, to Richard Jones ('Gwyndaf Eryri'), Caernarvon (conduct of 'Alltud', a competitor in the 'pryddest' competition, see letter in Cw. 863), J. Robert, Ty Dû, 1795, to Dafydd Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri') (enclosing a 'cywydd' which addressee could recite at the Penmorfa eisteddfod if he thought it appropriate, gives details of the singing of his 'cywydd', poets in the Bala district), [William Rowlands] 'Gwilym Lleyn', Aberystwyth (2) 1860-1, to [?Owen Jones ('Manoethwy')] (enquiring concerning John Jones, author of Considerations on the Illegality and Impropriety of preferring Clergymen who are unacquainted with the Welsh Language to Benefices in Wales (1768), suggestion that he was John Jones of Gelliwig in Lleyn, the Brut published in Trysorfa Gwybodaeth neu Eurgrawn Gymraeg 1770), the Reverend Owen Jones ('Meudwy Môn'), Llandudno, (4 letters and a fragment), 1870-78, to J[ohn] Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') (sale of manuscripts, loan of books and manuscripts, writer's literary work), Edgar Bennett, Portmadoc, 1886, to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') (has read the books addressee had lent him, hopes to see him the following Saturday, sending documents which addressee could copy), D. ap Huw, 1856, addressee not named (disgust at the contents of Yr Herald Cymraeg, wishes to cease to be a subscriber), a copy of a statement deploring the state of the Welsh press, 1856, stated to have accompanied a letter addressed to [William] R[ees], portion of a letter which states the writer does not care if [ ] hears that he has informed addressee and referring to the work writer had undertaken, a statement in defence of the present generation of poets of Arfon, 1804, in reply to a letter by [John Roberts] 'Sion Lleyn', a holograph letter from Norman Penney, librarian of the Friends' Reference Library, London, 1911, to D. R. Daniel, London (the family of Thomas Roberts [Llwynrhudol]), a song (to the tune 'Bryniau yr Iwerddon') entitled "Can newydd yn gosod allan hardd a doeth deyrnasiad yr Arglwydd ar y ddaer' by D[avid] Edwards, Bala, c. 1830, 'Cywydd Marwnad Sion Evan Griffith' by [?Evan Pritchard] 'Evan Lleun', 'Englynion i'r Parchedig John Jones, A.M., a elwir ymysg y Beirdd Ioan Tegyd' by 'Sion Brwynog o Edeirnion', a copy of 'englynion', etc. from BM Add MS 14974, some temperance poetry, a folio from a manuscript bearing the statement 'Rhys ap Sion o'r Tyddyn Mawr yn y Brynaich o Blwyf Llanfachreth yw Iawn Berchenog y Llyfr hwn, a ysgrifenodd ef yn y Flwyddyn o oedran ein Iachawdwr Iesu Grist 1754'. Some of the letters in this file (No. 6) have been published in Adgof Uwch Anghof. File 7: Holograph letters from Lady Eleanor Butler, Llangollen Vale, Feb. 28 [ ], endorsed in another hand 'to Miss Hayman sub Governess to the Princess Charlotte of Wales' (regrets addressee had not been able to visit them before leaving Wales, gratitude for the help of addressee, Lady Sheffield and the Princess in their unsuccessful attempt to obtain a post in the Foreign Office for their (writer and Miss Ponsonby) protege Dalby, who was a gifted linguist, additions to her book collection), [the Reverend] John Williams ('Williams Lledrod'; 1747-1831), Pentre [Padarn, Llanbadarn Odwyn], 1829, to his son, John Williams, Excise Officer, Stroudwater, Gloucestershire, (death of writer's wife, family and local news), the Reverend David Charles (1803-80), Caervyrddin, and the Reverend Thomas Evans, Llanstephan (the letter was written by the Reverend David Charles) to The Committee of the Aberystwith Association, [1837], (the preparation of a new collection of hymns following the death of the Reverend Ebenezer Richards [sic], who had been preparing the collection), [the Reverend] James Hughes ('Iago Trichrug'), [1842], to the Reverend D. Roberts (portion of letter only) (verses giving details of writer's life, promises to give addressee details of his life if he would give him details of addressee's life, death of the Reverend Jenkin Davies, writer's opinion of William Morris, religious matters). A holograph letter from the Reverend Thomas Charles, Bala, [2 July 1784], to Mrs [Sarah] Charles, [at] Mr Boult's, Chester, (the writer and the colt had arrived home safely, looking forward to the day of their meeting again) (published in D. E. Jenkins, The Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles of Bala ... , 3 vols (Denbigh, 1908), Vol I, p. 495), copies of (3) letters from the Reverend Thomas Charles to [Mrs Foulkes, Machynlleth, and ?Miss Foulkes], 1811 and undated, (sending addressee an extra fine copy of the Welsh Bible, his wife's health and local news) (published in D. E. Jenkins, op. cit. Vol III, 205-6, 384-5, 410-11). File 8: A holograph letter from T. Vaughan Roberts, London, 1908, to J. H. Davies, Aberystwyth (sending copies of letters he had transcribed), lists of letters in [NLW MS] Panton 74 and BM Add MSS 14929, 15023-6 and 15028-33, a transcript of 'A Dialogue between a Highland Welshman newly come to London and a citizen, upon the situation of affairs in Britain' from BM Add MS 14929.

Llythyrau a barddoniaeth,

A volume of Welsh holographs containing letters from Gronow Owen (from Donnington to Hugh Williams, rector of Aberffraw, 1751) (see J. H. Davies: The Letters of Goronwy Owen (1723-1769) (Cardiff, 1924), pp. 3-4, 203-4), D. Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], Waunfawr to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1806 (2) (observations on an essay by 'Peblig', a suggestion for the publication by the writer of a volume on poetry, the character of the writer's late brother, the writer's willingness to lend books and the need to re-bind the writer's collection of 'Mr Ellis's manuscripts, a report to the Gwyneddigion that the writer had called them deists), J. R. Jones, Hafod y Gareg fawr, [Llanfrothen] to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1816 (the death of the recipient's father, the recipient's musical theory), Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Braichtalog, [Llandygai] to David Owens ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1822 (contributions to Y Gwyliedydd, englynion in memory of 'Bardd Môn', the rise of E. Evans ['Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'] to fame as a poet [at St Asaph eisteddfod, 1818], the encouragement given by the recipient and others to young poets), Dafydd Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), Pwllheli to Peter Evans, printer, Caernarvon, 1825 (a message to Owen Williams ['Owain Gwyrfai'] that the writer cannot support the publication of his Geirlyfr [Cymraeg] and the writer's reluctance to buy books), R. Jones ['Gwyndaf Eryri'], Bontnewydd to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1820 (criticisms of the recipient's 'awdl' [on 'Elusengarwch']), J[ohn] W[illiam] Prisiart, Plasybrain [Llanbedr-goch], to Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], 1826 (the faulty idiom of Seren Gomer and other publications), Robt. Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), Llanarmon, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1829 (the death of the writer's mother, inducements to better living), J. Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1839 (reminiscences and meditations, 'Dewi Wyn's visit to London), [John Williams] 'Gorfyniawc o Arfon', Liverpool to E. Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1844 ('englynion' for publication in Yr Athraw), and W[illiam] M[orris] Hughes ('Gwawdrydd'), Bangor to E. Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), 1856 (a presentation of a 'Portreiad' to the recipient); a cut-out signature of Titus Lewis [Carmarthen], 13 Sept. 1805; and poetry by Hugh Jones [Llangwm], 1765, Tho[ma]s Ed[war]d[s] ['Twm o'r Nant'], 1770 and undated (one addressed to 'Doctor Morris', Denbigh), Rob[er]t Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], 1823, and [Thomas Jones] 'Tho[ma]s Gwynedd' (addressed to Tho[ma]s Burchenshaw, Moel Hedog, Llansannan). Some of the letters are published in Adgof uwch Anghof. On one of the fly-leaves is a list of scribes ('Rhestr o Enwau Ysgrifenwyr y Llythyrau sydd yn y llyfryn hwn') in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'). The volume is lettered 'Cyfrinion y Beirdd'.

Letters to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), etc.,

Letters, etc. addressed mainly to John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), the correspondents being E[benezer] Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog to John Thomas ('Sion Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1842 (the health of the addressee's sister, mention of the Memoir) and to the Reverend Hugh Owen, Treveilir, Aberffro [sic], 1849 (re adjudicating at the Aberffro Eisteddfod (holograph copies)), D. R. Daniel, London, 1920 (submitting a short article on 'Y Clochydd', etc.), [John Daniel] 'Rhab[anian]', Rheithordy Llandudwen, 1908 (he intends to visit the addressee), ? E. L. Davies [with Archdeacon Burney], undated (personal matters, asking the addressee to write giving an account of Clynnog and N[orth] Wales generally (beginning wanting)), T. Witton Davies, Bangor, 1916 (returning the card with the handwriting of Dic Aberdaron, the writer's own researches), John Edwards ('Meiriadog'), Llanfair, [18]63 and 1883 (the earlier one possibly to [Owen Jones ('Manoethwy')], addressed here as 'Myfyr Lleyn') (items of news, he knows nothing of Angharad Lloyd, reference to his 70th birthday), D. G. Goodwin, Uffington, Shrewsbury, 1904 (the addressee's new book), T. Hopwood, Treuddyn, [19]18 (the inscription on the memorial column to the Reverend W. Williams, 'Gwilym ap Gwilym Lleyn'), E. Gurnos Jones, Newport, [18]89 (postcard), John D. Jones, Llandudno, 1914 (the manuscript 'Notes upon Carnarvonshire' by Edmund Hyde Hall), [L. D. Jones], 'Llew Tegid', Bangor, [19]20 (sending two books or booklets, 'Yr Orgraff' and a book of stories), [Owen Jones ('Manoethwy')], Llundain, 1865 (observations on the addressee's essays on the parish of Llanystumdwy (incomplete)), Owen Jones, Trefriw and Llandudno, 1875 and [18]78 (2) (he does not remember seeing the addressee's letter, a certain manuscript), R. J. Jones, Aberdare, [1921] (an expression of good wishes, his own date of birth (postcard)), T. Tudno Jones, Llandudno, 1872 (re publishing a chair awdl), W. O. Jones, Lerpwl, 1913-20 (5) (Llais Rhyddid), [? M. T. Morris], 'Meurig Wyn', undated (sending a volume for presentation to an unnamed benefactor), T. F. Roberts, Aberystwyth, 1905 (Gleanings from God's Acre, reference to the National Library), T. Shankland, Bangor, 1913 (queries concerning William Elias), Richard Williams, Glasfryn, Festiniog [sic], undated (acknowledging a letter, mention of an old book (? manuscript)), W. W., undated (genealogical matters), [ ], 'Mynyddawc', undated (Adgof Uwch Anghof), part of an elegy on [? John Jones, Llanfair Caereinion] c. 1858, by 'Teithiwr Galarus' (beginning wanting), verses and scriptural notes written on the back of two letters to Thomas Jones, 1856 and 1863, from Owen Evans, Tynycoed and Rich[ar]d Jones, Pwllheli respectively (? estate matters), 'englynion' to 'Hafan St Tudwal (St Tudwell's Roads)' by 'Seithenyn', a note by 'G-d' ['William Thomas Edwards ('Gwilym Deudraeth')] concerning D. Sion Jâms, a fragment of a letter in the autograph of [? Morris Williams ('Nicander')], 'Marwnad er Coffadwriaeth am y diweddar Milwriad Wynne Garthewyn un o Destynau Eisteddfod Llanfairtalhaiarn y dydd cyntaf o Ionawr 1855' by 'Megido', and part of an article (see also Cwrtmawr MS 932D) on 'Hugh Hughes yr Arlunydd' in the autograph of J. Spinther James.

Album of 'Gwalchmai',

  • NLW MS 10993C.
  • File
  • [1830x1899] /

An album compiled by Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai'), Congregational minister, poet, and litterateur, of Llandudno, etc. It contains holograph letters from, amongst others, Thomas Dick, 1848; W. Williams ('Williams o'r Wern'), 1839; and Taliesin Williams, 1839; autographs, largely in the form of cut-out signatures of letters, of, amongst others, Richard Cobden; George Hadfield, politician; Daniel O'Connell; [Sir Thomas] Love [Duncombe] Jones Parry; Richard Llwyd ('Bard of Snowdon'); Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'); John Jones ('Talhaiarn'); John Williams ('Ab Ithel'); Samuel Roberts ('S. R.'); John Thomas ('Pencerdd Gwalia'); Augusta Hall, baroness Llanover ('Gwenynen Gwent'); Christmas Evans; J[ohn] Jones ('Tegid'); David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'); Brinley Richards, 1879; Joseph Hughes ('Carn Ingli'); and John Williams ('Ab Ithel'); verses in the hand of, and in most cases composed by, amongst others, Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), 1851; David Griffith ('Clwydfardd'), 1874; E. Herber Evans, [18]77; Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), 1869; Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai'), ?1871; Richard Davies ('Mynyddog'), 1870; J[ohn] Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'), 1836; William Rees ('Gwilym Hiraethog'), 1870; Lewis Morris ('Llywelyn Ddu o Fôn'); David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), 1836; W. Cadwaladr Davies, [18]74; and T. Tudno Jones ('Tudno'), 1875-1894; the certificate, 1843, of the election of Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai') to membership of Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni; a biographical note on, and a blazon of the arms of, Hwfa ap Cynddelw, head of the first of the fifteen tribes of North Wales; a pardon, bearing the signature of [Sir] R[obert] Peel, 1830; etc.

Gwalchmai, 1803-1897

Albwm llofnodion, &c.

An album of annotated autographs, photographs and engravings, printed matter, press cuttings, etc., compiled during the years 1858-1881. The volume is almost entirely devoted to persons who were prominent in the literary and musical life of Wales during this period, and it appears from internal evidence to have been well known to the compiler's friends and contemporaries. The autographs are largely in the form of personal entries, recorded mainly at national and other eisteddfodau, but there are also a number of mounted holograph letters, 'cut-out' signatures from holograph letters, and franks. The writers include Joseph Hughes ('Carn Ingli'), Meltham, Richard Williams Morgan ('Mor Meirion'), Tregynon, John Williams ab Ithel, Llanymowddwy Rectory, Ellis Roberts ('Eos Meirion'), London, Jerome Greene Pym ('Ap Ednyfed'), Inner Temple, Thos. Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil, David James, Ph.D., F.S.A. ('Dewi o Ddyfed'), rector of Panteg, co. Monmouth, John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), John Owen ('Owain Alaw'), Chester, E. P. Meredith ('Ieuan Gryg'), Monmouth, Jos. Bailey, Jr., London, Connop Thirlwall, bishop of St. Davids, Alfred Ollivant, bishop of Llandaff, Jas. Williams, F.R.C.S. ('Iago ap Gwilym'), Brecon, Joseph Joseph, Brecon, Owen Wynne Jones ('Glasynys'), Thomas Edwards ('Carnvaldwyn'), St. David's College, Lampeter, W. Downing Evans ('Leon'), Newport, co. Monmouth, Thomas Bevan ('Caradawc'), Thomas Anthony Bevan ('Ab Caradawc'), Llanhilleth, Mary Bevan ('Meillionen Glanwysg'), Richard Foulkes Edwards ('Risiart Ddu o Wynedd'), Plas Llanychan, near Ruthin, D. Williams ('Alaw Goch'), Aberdare, John Williams ('Clwydwyson'), Ruthin, Elias Jones ('Llew Hiraethog'), Hendre ddu, near Cerrigydrudion, Owen Davies ('Eos Llechid'), Llanllechid, Robert John Pryse ('Gweirydd ap Rhys'), Denbigh, Jno. Emlyn Jones ('loan Emlyn'), Ebbw Vale, Jno. Jones ('Mathetes'), Llangollen, Richard Davies ('Mynyddog'), Llanbrynmair, John Jones ('Idris Vychan'), Dolgellau, David Hughes ('Eos Iâl'), Llansantffraid, near Corwen, Dr. William Price, Pontypridd, Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai'), Conway, Thomas Edwards ('Sulien ap Iorwerth'), Corwen, Robert Isaac Jones ('Alltud Eifion'), Tremadoc, Robert Ellis ('Cynddelw'), Sirhowy, Henry Harris Davies, M.A ., Ph.D. ('Pererin'), incumbent of Llangoed, William Morris ('Gwilym Tawe'), Swansea, Thomas Jones ('Tudur Ddu'), Llangollen, William Richard Johns ('Mathonwy'), Wick, Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed'), Edwin Foulkes ('Rhen Ddyrnwr'), Holyhead, John Jones ('loan Maethlu'), Holyhead, Thomas Hughes ('T. ab Gwilym'), Ruthin, Hugh Hughes ('Tegai'), Pwllheli, Thomas Jones ('Taliesin o Eifion'), Llangollen, L. W. Lewis ('Llew Llwyvo'), Evan Davies ('Myfyr Morganwg'), Pontypridd, Richard Pugh ('Telynor'), Corwen, Jno. Hughes ('Ceiriog'), Thos. Simon Jones, Ruthin, John Williams ('I[oa]n Madog'), Portmadoc, David Evans ('Dewi Glan Llugwy'), Llanrwst, Joseph Jones ('Caradog'), Bangor, William Jones ('Publisher of 'Y Bedyddiwr' from 1855 to 1859'), Cardiff, Joseph Thomas ('Josephus Eryri'), Liverpool, Griffith William Thomas ('Mab Afonwyson'), Chester, John William Jones ('Barlwyd'), Liverpool, John James, B.D. ('Cynfab'), Liverpool, Thomas Williams ('Cynydr'), Crickhowell, David Lewis ('Ehedydd Gwent'), Llanwenarth, David Morgan ('Mynyddawc'), Llangeitho, curate of St. David's, Ffestiniog, D. Howell ('Llawdden'), Ll. Williams ('Bardd Cefn Mabli'), Blaenau Gwent, Thomas Evan Watkins ('Eiddil Ifor'), Blaenau Gwent, Daniel Seys Lewis ('Ifor Gwent'), Ebbw Vale, Sara Morgan ('Morvudd Glan Wysg'), Llangattock iuxta Usk, E. M., Llangattock Court, Aneurin Jones ('Aneurin Fardd'), Gelligroes, Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), John Jones ('loan Prydydd Gwent'), Gelligroes, John Thomas ('Ifor Cwm-gwys'), Troed-y-rhiw, Thomas Jones ('Eos Glan Rhymni'), Bedwas, William Thomas ('Islwyn'), Thomas Michael ('Ab loan Brycheiniog'), Evesham, Rees Williams ('Blwchaiarn'), Vaenor, Rees Lewis ('Ab Tudful'), printer, Merthyr Tydfil, William Evans ('Cawr Cynon'), Merthyr Tydfil, Evan Roberts, Furnace Manager, Merthyr Tydfil, Theophilus Williams ('Glan Cleddau'), Merthyr Tydfil, David Caleb ('D.C.'), Merthyr Tydfil, Henry Austin Bruce, 1st baron Aberdare, Duffryn, Aberdare, Evan Davies, A.M., Swansea, J. Rhys Jones ('Kilsby'), Llanwrtyd, John Roberts ('Ieuan Gwyllt'), Aberdare, Sarah Edith Wynne ('Eos Cymru', 'Pencerddes'), Liverpool, Daniel Thomas Williams ('Tydfylyn'), Merthyr, Thomas Levi, Ystradgynlais, Thomas Robinson, Merthyr Tydvil, Rhys (Gwesyn) Jones, Joseph Thomas ('Ab Cenydd'), Cardiff, George French Davis, Professor of Music, John Wilkes, organist of St. David's, Merthyr, H. Humphreys ('Peblig'), Caernarvon, Margaret Montgomery ('Angharad Gwent'), David Evans, B.A., Trevecca College, Thomas Walters, rector of Ystradgynlais, P. Sainton, G. Piaque, Jos. Schreurs, George Dolley, A. Pollitzer, Meyer Lutz, Charlotte Helen Dolby, Merthyr Tydfil, Henry Vincent, London, Thomas Vaughan ('tailor-poet'), Hereford (continued)

Robert Jones ('Cyrus'), Bethesda, William Jones ('Gwilym Ilid'), Caerphilly, Rachel Williams ('Gweddw Gwilym Morganwg'), Cardiff, Taliesin Williams ('Ab Gwilym Morganwg'), Caerphilly, John Williams ('Ap Gwilym Morganwg'), Cardiff, N. Bennett, Trefeglwys, Flavell Edwards, editor of Hereford Times, Charles Anthony, Hereford, James Price, M.D. ('Cymro Llawen'), Brixton, Edward Capern ('The Rural Postman and Poet'), Bideford, W. Owen Pughe ('Gwilym Owain o Feinon'), Rob. Roberts, astronomer, Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), Thos. Powel ('Hywel Cynog'), Dowlais, 1834 (personal, reference to 'Ab Iolo', etc.), Joseph Harris ('Gomer'), Richard Robert Jones ('Dic Aberdaron'), Thos. Williams ('Gwilym Morganwg'), Thos. Ap Catesby Jones, secretary of the United States Navy, George Gordon, 6th baron Byron, David Owen ('Brutus'), 1858 (the employment of the writer's daughter by a solicitor at Abergavenny), D. Rhys Stephen, Newport [co. Monmouth], 18So (the departure of the writer's wife and daughter from Newport), Charles Morgan, Tredegar, 1809 (the writer's concurrence with the proposed measure to unite all roads in co. Brecknock by incorporating the two Trusts), John Parry ('Bardd Alaw'), Thomas Edwards ('Caervallwch'), London, 1835 (2) (the writer's Dictionary, the writer's success at the Eisteddfod, comments on the Welsh termination '-awc', enclosing circulars, thanks for Eisteddfod programme), W. Williams, Aberpergwm, 1838 (the return of a book, a subscription of £21 to the Abergavenny Cymreigyddion, the success of the Welsh Manuscripts Society and their indebtedness to Lady Hall), Saml. R. Meyrick, Goodrich Court, 1841 (admission to Christ's Hospital, London), Saml. Evans, editor of Seren Gomer, Carmarthen, 1849 (personal) (incomplete), [Evan? Williams] 'Ieuan Morganwg', Walker Iron Works, Newcastle on Tyne, 1853 (personal), Richard Jones ('Rhydderch Gwynedd'), Twynyrodyn (1845), John Jones ('Tegid'), Christ Church, Oxford, 1838 (the writer's subscription [to 'Cymreigyddion y Fenni'), J. Blackwell ('Alun') (1830), John Elias ('o Fôn'), Robt. Davies ('Bardd Nant-glyn'), M. Williams ('Nicander'), Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), Walter Wilkins, Maeslough (1809), Dd. Davies, Langattock Crickhowell (1808), John Davies ('Brychan Bach') (1837), J. Jones ('Ioan Edred'), Goitre Wharf, Jno. Rees, Penydaren I[ron] Works, Merthyr (1848), Thomas Gwallter Price ('Cuhelyn'), 1853 (a receipt for manuscripts), Thomas Williams ('T. ab Gwilym'), Quaker's Yard, Robert Lloyd Morris ('Rhuvoniawc'), Tremadoc, 1859 (greetings), John Evans ('Ieuan ab Gruffydd'), London (1844), Jo. Jenkins, Morlaix, 1835 (personal, greetings to the Reverend T. Hiley and James Lewis), Benjamin Jones ('P. A. Môn'), Carmarthen, 1830 (the distribution of books), Thomas Price ('Carnhuanawc') (a transcript of the memorial inscription of John Jones, family harpist to Sir B[enjamin] Hall, Llanofer, 1844, and extracts from printed sources), R[ichard] Williams ('Gwilym Ddu Glan Cynon'), Daniel Jones ('Gwerinwr'), Tongwynlas, Lewis Jones ('Iago Mynwy'), Mountain, near Aberdare, Daniel Morgan ('Daniel ab Gwilym'), Aberaman, Howel Williams ('Ap Gwylim Ddu'), Pant y Gerdinen, Aberdare, William Williams ('Carw Coch'), Trecynon, T. J. Jones ('Cynonwyson'), Trecynon, John Jones ('Eiddil Glan Cynon'), Aberdare, Philip John, Aberdare, Walter Lloyd (publisher of Y Gwladgarwr), Aberdare, David Griffith ('Clwydfardd'), Denbigh, Thomas Jones ('Glan Alun'), Mold, John Davies ('Gwyneddon'), Bangor, Josiah Thomas Jones, Aberdare, John Ambrose Lloyd ('Emrys Llwyd'), Chester, James Davies ('Iago ab Dewi'), Aberdare, Roger Williams ('Gwilym Llywel'), Merthyr Tydfil, Abel Seth Jones ('Evrawc'), Aberdare, John Thomas ('Ieuan Morgannwg' [otherwise 'Pencerdd Gwalia']), Hughe William Hughe ('Huw Arwystl'), Dinas, Thomas Evan James ('T. ab Ieuan'), Glyn-neath, Morgan Davies ('Morganwysion'), Goitre, William Roberts ('Nefydd'), Philip Morgan ('Dyfnwal'), Morriston, Moses Cule ('Moesen' or 'Moesen Gwernygerwn'), Pentrebach, Pontypridd, John Griffiths, The Rectory, Neath, William Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'), Carmarthen, Thomas David ('Dewi Wyn o Esyllt'), Dinas Powis, Hugh Cefni Parry ('Hywel Glan Cefni'), Talybont, co. Cardigan, William Jones ('Gwrgant'), London, Hugh Owen, Whitehall, London, Thomas Price, M.A., Ph.D. ('Pridwerth'), Aberdare, E. G. Price, Aberdare, Jno. Morris Jones ('Cunllo'), Rhydlewis, William Davies ('Gwilym Teilo'), Llandeilofawr, Benjamin Williams ('Gwynionydd'), Penboir, William Williams ('Creuddynfab'), Stalybridge (continued)

Wm. Gwynne Stedman Thomas, Carmarthen, Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), Edward Williams Gee ('Iorwerth Clwyd'), Denbigh, Robert Lloyd ('Eos Clwyd'), Ystalyfera, John Francis ('Mesmonydd'), Manchester, Kate Wynne ('Llinos Gwynedd'), Holywell, Frances Mathews ('Gwenfron'), Cardiff, Eliza Hughes, London, Lewis W. Thomas, London, H. Hussey Vivian, Swansea, Crawshay Bailey, Aberaman, Tho. Williams, editor of Star of Gwent, John Griffiths, vicar of Llandilofawr, Morgan Williams ('Sylvanus'), Merthyr Tydfil, Thomas Williams ('Cilfynydd'), Quaker's Yard, John Jones ('Mc Ebrill'), Aberdare, N. Martin, Paris, John Evans ('Ieuan Wyn'), Pontypridd, George Lewis Hiley ('Ifor Emrys'), Llanelly, co. Brecknock, Frederick Wicks, London, John Williams Morgan ('Ifan Ebwy'), Beaufort, Thomas Gee, Denbigh, Titus Lewis, F.S.A. ('Titan'), St. Quentin's, Cowbridge, etc., Benjamin Evans, Aberdare, editor of Seren Cymru, etc., Wm. Lloyd Jones ('Myllyn'), London, David Watkin Jones ('Dafydd Morganwg'), Merthyr Tydfil, John Griffith ('Wmffra') ('Gohebydd Llundain y Faner'), John Lloyd ('Sallwg'), Merthyr Tydvil, John Lloyd Davies, M.P., Blaendyffryn [Llanfair Orllwyn] (a note on the marriage of Robert surnamed the Pious, son of Hugh Capet), J. James ('Iago Emlyn') (an 'englyn'), Thos. Thomas, D.D., President of the Baptist College, Pontypool, George Thomas, M.A., Classical Tutor of the Baptist College, Pontypool, John Rhys Morgan ('Lleurwg'), Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Ebenezer Morris, Blaenywern [Betws Ifan] (1825), J. H. Jones [tutor at Trevecca College], Robt. Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'), J. M. Thomas ('Amicus' and 'Hwntw'), Cardigan, D. Silvan Evans (1847), J. R. Jones [Ramoth], Evan Jones ('Gwrwst'), Benj. Price ('Cymro Bach'), T[homas] Price, Ll.D., editor of Eclectic Review, H. L. Davies ('Bardd Coch'), vicar of Cenarth, Rebecca Sophia Evans (aft. Williams) ('Rebecca Mabws'), Mabws, Mathry, David Davies ('Dewi Emlyn'), T. Emlyn Thomas ('Taliesin Craigyfelin'), Christmas Evans, John Jones ('Pyll'), Joshua Morgan ('Rhifyddegwr Egwan'), Clydach Iron Works (1824) (a promissory note), Rice Rees [Llandovery], J. Dorney Harding, Doctors Commons, 1838, Wm. Lewis, Llangefni, Owain Williams, Waunfawr (a note on an edition of the works of Goronwy Owain), John Prydderch Williams ('Rhydderch o Fôn'), Rhyl, E. W. Davies ('I. G. ab Dafydd'), Liverpool, Robert Hughes ('Robin Wyn o Eifion'), Bangor, Thomas G. Jones ('Tavalaw'), Holywell, Thos. Thomas, Swansea, W. Williams ('Gwilym ab Gwilym Lleyn'), Caernarvon, Wm. Bulkeley Hughes [Plas Coch, Anglesey], Charles Wynne [aft. Wynne-Finch, of Voelas], [Sir] Llewelyn Turner [Parcia, Caernarvon], G. S. D. Pennant [aft. 2nd baron Penrhyn], James Rees (of the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald), Eunice Jones, Liverpool ('merch Pedr Fardd'), Hugh J. Hughes ('Eos Tegyd'), Rome, N.Y., Newman Hall, Carnarvon, William Hicks Owen, Rhyllon, St. Asaph ('Brother in law to Mrs. Hemans'), Wm. Williams ('Caledfryn'), John Evans ('I. D. Ffraid'), David Roberts ('Dewi Ogwen'), Caernarvon, Aristote Terrieu (native of Loch Ryan, Morbihan), E. Stephen ('Tanymarian'), Morris Jones ('Meurig Idris'), Criccieth, John Hugh Evans ('Ehedydd'), Bangor, John Jones ('Idrisyn'), Llan-dysilio Gogo, co. Cardigan, 1862 (enclosing two of the writer's portraits), William Edwards ('Gwilym Gwynedd'), Wrexham, William Morgan Williams ('Ab Caledfryn'), Groes Wen, Pont y Pridd, Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Robt. Davies ('Cyndeyrn'), St. Asaph, Edward Edwards ('Morwyllt'), Llangefni, John Williams ('Eos Môn'), Llanerchymedd, Robert Llystyn Jones ('Llystyn'), Llandegai, David H. Jones ('Dewi Arfon'), Llanberis, John (Gaerwenydd) Pritchard ('Gaerwenydd'), Bethesda, Hugh Hughes ('Gethin'), Liverpool, C. Paget [? of Plas Newydd, co. Anglesey], John Elias Roberts ('loan Cemlyn'), Caernarfon, William John Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd'), Robt. J. Humphreys ('Arwyddfardd'), Edward Davies ('Iolo Trefaldwyn'), Adwy'r Clawdd, Evan Jones ('Ieuan Glan Soden'), Felinsynod, New Quay, David Charles (1812-1878) ('wyr i Charles o'r Bala'), John Jayne ('loan Glyncynon'), Ty Pantybeili, Llanelly, co. Brecknock, Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Tho. Charles [Bala] (1797), How[el] Harris [Trevecca], Geo. Howell, rector of Llangattock Crickhowell, John Evans, B.D. ('loan Geler'), Crickhowell, Thos. Hughes (author of Tom Brown's School Days), Lin[coln's] Inn, Will. Edwd. Jayne, Panty Baileau [sic], near Abergavenny, David Davies, Llantilio Crossenny (continued)

Jane Davies ('Merch Gwallter Mechain'), Taliesin Williams ['Taliesin ab Iolo'], Evan Jones, D. Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), William Thomas ('Tewdwr'), master of Crickhowell Grammar School, Wm. Jones ('Bragwr'), Talybont, co. Brecknock, William Jenkins, Dowlais Iron Works, Edw. Williams ('wyr Iolo Morganwg'), Dowlais Iron Work, John Arthur Herbert, Llanarth Court, A[ugusta] C[harlotte] E[lizabeth] Herbert ('Merch Arglwydd Llanover a Gwenynen Gwent'), Llanarth [Court], Aug[ust]a [ Hall] ('Arglwyddes Llanover') ('Gwenynen Gwent'), Anne Wheeley, The Pentre [Aber-gavenny], M. E. A. Hughes ('Morvydd Glan Tawe'), Morriston, George E. Williams, Abergavenny, Madame E. L. Williams ('Welsh Nightingale', 'Eos Cymru', 'Seren Cymru'), London, Mrs. E. A. Williams (the mother of 'Eos Cymru'), Geo. Osborne Morgan, J[ames] C[olquhoun Campbell], bishop of Bangor, J[ohn] Williams [Treffos, co. Anglesey], Isaac Foulkes ('Ffowcyn'), Liverpool, Joshua Evans, vicar of Llanover, W. H. Nicholl, The Ham, William Watkins, Welsh Collegiate Institution, Llandovery, William Evans, perpetual curate of Rhymney, Chrisr. Cook, incumbent [perpetual curate] of Mamhilad, John White, San Francisco, Cal., J. de Rovere, Julia de Rovere, London, W. J. Morrish, Ledbury [chaplain to Ledbury Union-house], William Harris ('Gwilym Vychan'), Aberdare, Gomer Leek ('Ceninfab'), Pyle, 'Aptommas', O. James ('Waldo'), Dowlais, Charles Williams, Ystalyfera, Richard Richards ('Nennius'), Morriston, William Williams ('Gwilym Gwent'), Brynmawr, Benjamin D. Thomas, Neath, William Madoc ('Ap Madoc'), Maesteg, William Frederick Frost ('Alaw'r Dyffryn'), Cardiff, Thomas David Llewelyn ('Llewelyn Alaw'), harpist, Mountain Ash, John H. Evans ('Alawydd Ogwy'), harpist, John Bryant ('Alawydd Glan Taf'), Llanilltyd Fardref, John Williams ('Golygydd y Byd Cymreig'), Newcastle Emlyn, William Evans ('Gwilym Cyrwen'), Aberdare, Humphrey Bradley Jones ('Garmonydd'), Bethesda, W. Williams ('Gwilym Medi'), Trecynon, M. J. Williams ('Llinos', late of Aberpergwm), E[lizabeth] A[nn] Williams, Ynyslâs (late of Aberpergwm), W. Geo. Davies, chaplain to J. C. Asylum, Abergavenny, Robert Williams, Rhydycroesau Vicarage, Oswestry, 1867 (enclosing an old prospectus of his last work [Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum, 1865], the writer's intention to publish a Cornish-Welsh Grammar), Joshua Williams, D[avid] Pugh [Manoravon, M.P. for Carmarthenshire], John Johnes, Dolaucothi, W[illiam] Spurrell, Carmarthen, David Davis ('Dewi Hir'), Cowbridge, Thos. O. Morgan, Aberystwith, Annie Edmonds ('Eos Morganwg'), London, Thos. Lewis, Carmarthen, Brinley Richards, Janet Patey otherwise Janet Patey Whytock [London], Henry Lazarus, London, William H. Cummings, London, Henry Leslie, London, Latimer Maurice Jones, The Vicarage, Carmarthen, H. Vincent Lewis, London, William Griffith ('Tydain'), Llewelyn Williams ('Cerddor y De'), John Carwad Hughes [Chester], David Henry ('Myrddin Wyllt'), Penygroes, co. Carmarthen, W. Graham, Jr., mayor of Newport, co. Monmouth, David Archard Williams, archdeacon of Carmarthen, Hugh Jones, Carmarthen, D. R. Watkins, surgeon, Carmarthen, H[ugh] W[illiam] Jones, Carmarthen, William Griffiths ('Alonzo'), Abersychan, Andrew Williams ('Ap Gwillym'), London, John Williams, B.A., Baptist minister, Abergavenny, D. Evans, Baptist minister, Newport, co. Monmouth, Alfred Thomas [aft. 1st baron Pontypridd], Cardiff, Martin Luther Evans, Merthyr, Charles Morgan Robinson Morgan, 1st baron Tredegar, Rosamund Morgan, baroness Tredegar, H[enry] Gore Lindsay [of Glasnevin House, co. Dublin], John Griffith, rector of Merthyr, Geo. M. Rees ('Cilgwynog'), Nantyglo, Edward Lawrance ('Cerddor Tydfil'), Merthyr Tydfil, William Lewis [Abergavenny], James Charles Hill, Abergavenny, Arthur Griffiths, Llanelly, co. Brecknock, David Brythonfryn Griffiths, Aberdare, Evan Parry, surgeon, Crickhowell, Jacob Saunders, Abergavenny, William P. Evans ('Gwilym Dyfri'), Nantyglo Iron Works, William Stephens ('Gwilym Brycheiniog'), Brynmawr, Robert Rees ('Eos Morlais'), Swansea, Bessie M. Waugh ('Eos Mynwy'), Edmund Herbert, Llansantffraid, Alfred Stone, conductor of the Bristol Festival Choir, Moses Arthur Rees, headmaster, Docklow Academy, near Leominster, Edward Jones ('Brythonwr'), Garndiffaith, Joseph Harris Stephen ('Ap Shon Kent') ('Mab y Parch. David Rhys Stephen'), John Price Lewis ('Melltenydd'), Merthyr Tydfil, John R. Evans ('Ioan Egwest'), Merthyr Tydfi (continued)

Elizabeth Williams, Merthyr Tydfil ('Merch Taliesin Ab Iolo ac wyres i'r enwog Iolo Morganwg'), David Bowen, Dowlais Iron Works, organist to the South Wales Choral Union, T. E. Rowlands ('Eurglawdd'), Caerphilly, James Webber, master of Boy's National School, Abergavenny, Alfred Rosser, B.A., vice-principal, Diocesan Training College, Exeter, Charles Clagget Caird, accompanist, Tredegar, Fanny Isabel Morgan ('Bronwen Morganwg'), Treherbert, Moses H. Davies ('Ap Herbert'), London (late of Ebbw Vale), Wm. Norman Jones ('Gwilym Alaw') ('Welsh Tenor'), Abergavenny, Powell Thomas, London, William John Coussmaker Lindsay, Llanfair [Cilgedin] Rectory, Abergavenny, William Thomas Price ('Gwilym Tudno'), Llangollen, D. Llwyd James, D.D., vicar of Pont Robert, Louis-Lucien Bonaparte, London, Isaac Bevan ('Isaac Ddu o Lan Ebwy') ( Baptist minister, Clark's Green, Pennsylvania), William Davies ('Gwilym Ifor'), Clydach, near Abergavenny, Alfred Llewelyn Jenkins, Baptist missionary, Morlaix, Richard Cope Morgan, London, editor of The Christian (son of James Hiley Morgan, printer, Abergavenny), William Abbott, Hull, Samuel Heber Chapman, Liverpool College, John Davies ('Mavonwyson'), Pandy, near Abergavenny, T. Morgan Owen, M.A., H. M. Inspector of Schools, A. Brooke Clarke, Collyhurst, Manchester, Charles Anthony, Junior, Roger Price, missionary in South Africa, George Frederick Morris, sub-editor, Hereford Times, Sarah Ann Stowe ('Gertrude'), Hereford, Henry Llewellyn, publisher, Hereford Times, Elizabeth Catharine Poole ('Merch Caradawc-y- Fenni'), Hereford, Rhys Davies, Brecon (author of Sketches in Wales), John Davies ('Ioan Brycheiniog'), Talybont, Lumley R. Lumley ('Cardi Pen Mynydd'), Merthyr Tydfil, David Rhys Davies, School House, Talybont, Brecon, GwilymThomas ('Ap Eidydd'), Clydach, Charles Wilkins ('Cattwg'), Merthyr Tydfil, Mary Davies ('Merch Mynorydd'), Lizzie Evans, Evan James ('Ieuan ab Iago'), John Davies ('Ap Myfyr'), Pontypridd, David Evans ('Dewi Haran'), Pontypridd, Henry Mills ('Tafonwy'), Pontypridd, Isaac Watts, Baptist minister, Aber-gavenny, Anthony Griffiths ('Antoniensis'), Pontypridd ('Impromptu Lines. On being requested to give my Autograph'), Griffith Rhys Jones ('Caradog'), Treherbert, D. Rhys [secretary], National Eisteddfod, Birkenhead (1878) (a letter in connection with a portrait of 'Carnhuanawc'), David Mac Iver [M.P.], John Hughes [Liverpool], Robert Jones, vicar of All Saints, Rotherhithe, Edward Davies ('Iorwerth ap Huw'), Birkenhead, Edward Lloyd ('Tegfelyn'), Prenteg, Tremadoc, W. Cadwaladr Davies, Bangor, E. D. Williams ('Pencerdd Eryri'), Llanberis, Benjamin Evans ('Llywarch'), Birkenhead, C. W. Jones, secretary, Hon. Soc. of Cymmrodorion, William Ryle Davies ('Zeno'), Clwtybont, E. Garmon-Jones, John Roose Elias ('Y Thesbiad'), Stephen Evans, London, [Sir] Lewis Morris, Penbryn, Carmarthen, Thomas Jones ('T. Bangor'), Gruffydd Rees ('Eclecticus'), Birkenhead, Joseph Skeaf ('Pencerdd Lleifiad'), Liverpool, Jno. Evans ('Eglwys Bach'), David Jones ('Eos Mai'), Rhiwlas, Pentir, Bangor, O. E. Owen ('Tertius'), Birkenhead, A. J. Foli, London, Tho. M[c]K[enny] Hughes, Trin[ity] Coll[ ege], Cambridge, William Tegerin Hughes, Llanerchymedd, David S. Davies, Liverpool, Henry Roberts, Liverpool, Win. Lewis, Birkenhead, Martha Harries, London, John Morgan ('Glan Rheidiol'), Baptist minister, Llanwenarth, E. J. Reed, C.B., F.R.S., M.P., Hextable, co. Kent, David Lewis, mayor of Cardiff, Geo. Thomas ('Morganed'), Ely Farm, Cardiff, David William Jones ('Dewi Glan Taf'), W. P. John ('Mathonwy'), Cardiff, Thomas C. Evans ('Cadrawd'), Llangynwyd, David Williams ('Dafydd ap Gwilym Ddu'), Pontllanfraith, Thomas Williams ('Gobaniensis'), rector of Rotherfield Peppard, Emma Catherine Williams ('Tegwedd'), Mary Williams ('Morvydd'), Abergavenny, J. Edmund Jenkins ('Creidiol'), curate of Vaynor, Cefn Coed, Chas. H. James, M.P., Merthyr Tydfil, Henry Richard, M.P., Thomas Marchant Williams, Temple, London, Watkin B. Joseph ('Y Myfyr'), Colwyn Bay, Richard Jenkyn ('Yr Iwan'), Penypark, Cardigan, John Williams ('Glanmor'), Ebbw Vale, Jonathan Miles Jones ('Dic Shon Davydd'), Paris, Portage, co. Ohio, Evan Roberts ('Gwylltwaliwr'), Merthyr Tydfil, D. Emlyn Evans, Hereford, E. M. Williams, Merthyr Tydfil, David Jones Rowlands ('Morganiensis'), Merthyr Tydfil, Rhys T. Williams, Treherbert, D. C. Harris ('Caeronwy'), Llandeilo Fawr, Joseph Parry, W. Griffiths ('Ivander'), Evan Rees ('Dyfed'), Cardiff, J. Spencer Curwen ('Ap Pencerdd Dyrwent') (continued)

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W[illiam] Spurrell, H. W. Jones, Carmarthen, David Archard Williams, archdeacon of Carmarthen, T. Lewis, Carmarthen, Latimer M. Jones, Carmarthen, John Owen ('Owain Alaw') (2), Mr. [ ] Rees (winner of the £50 Scholarship, Carmarthen Eisteddfod, 1867), Thomas Burgess, bishop of Salisbury, Connop Thirlwall, bishop of St. Davids, Wm. Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'), Daniel Seys Lewis ('Ifor Gwent'), Miss [ Annie] Edmonds, John Jenkins, Morlaix, John Crichton-Stuart, 2nd marquess of Bute, Griffith R. Jones ('Caradog'), Edward Lawrance, Merthyr Tydfil (with a covering note, 1873), Thos. Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil (with a covering letter, 1873), John Price Lewis ('Melltenydd'), D. Evans, Newport, Henry Richard, M.P. (2), Richard Davies ('Mynyddog'), Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte, 'Gertrude Hereford', Hereford Times Office, Hereford, Charles Anthony, editor, Hereford Times, L. R. Lumley and Evan Roberts, Merthyr Tydfil, David Evans ('Dewi Haran'), Pontypridd, Thomas Essile Davies ('Dewi Wyn o Esyllt'), John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, 3rd marquess of Bute, James Price, M.D. ('Cymro Llawen'), Chas. H. Price ('Cymro o Gymry'), Clapham, London, Henry Austin Bruce, 1st baron Aberdare, Sir Lewis Morris, Robert Rees ('Eos Morlais'), W. J. Edwards ('Gobaniensis'), Manchester, Henry James, Q.C., M.P., Solicitor-General, etc. Also included in the volume are a few casts of individual seals; a certificate of appointment of Thomas Bevan ('Caradawc') to membership of 'Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni', 1833; a transcript of the memorial inscription of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), together with a printed copy; a certificate of the graduation of Thomas Bevan ('Ab Caradawc') as Ovate of the Gorsedd of Gwent and Dyfed, 1834; printed items, including a poem in strict metres entitled 'Llawer mewn ychydig' by 'Caradawc', a circular letter entitled 'Y Llythyreniaeth Gymreig' distributed to members of 'Cymreigyddion y Fenni', 1840, the words of a ballad 'Anita' sung by Mr. W. H. Cummings at the Carmarthen National Eisteddfod, 1867, 'Englynion i Garadawg y Fenni' by 'Arfonwyson', 'T. ap Gwilym', 'Brychan', and 'Llew Llwyvo', stanzas entitled 'The Rescued Colliers in the Welsh Rhondda Valley, April 1877' by Sarah Ann Stowe, Hereford, notices of the National Eisteddfodau at Birkenhead, 1878, and Merthyr Tydfil, 1881, and the South Wales Chair Eisteddfod at Cardiff, 1879, and 'Brinley Richards. A biographical sketch'; and press cuttings, including 'Englynion i Goflyfr Mr. T. Befan (Caradog), Abergafeni' by 'Llanc o'r Coed', 'Unveiling a Monument of the late Dr. Emlyn Jones ['loan Emlyn'], at Ebbw Vale', 1878, 'At the Tomb of Iolo Morganwg', 1876, 'Caradoc [Griffith R. Jones]. The Story of his Life', 'Welsh Curiosities. (By Antonius of Pontypridd.)', and 'Ymweliad Caradawc o' r Fenni a Phontypridd'. The volume is partly indexed by the compiler. On the fly- leaf is a printed label inscribed ' "Y gwir yn erbyn y byd"; ac enwau gwyr a wiriant hyny, "Yn wyneb haul a llygad goleuni", Yn nghydag anghraifft [ sic] o Lawysgrif athrylithgar feib yr awen, &c. "Gorau cof, cof llyfr". Caradawc. Y Fenni, Alban Elfed. 1858'. The spine is lettered 'Enwau Beirdd a Llenorion' Cymru. Duw a phob daioni'.


Poetry and transcripts by John Thomas ('Sion Wyn o Eifion') and poems by his uncle, John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn'), Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris'), John Henry Hughes, David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), Richard Parry, Newborough, and others.


Autograph poetry by John Thomas ('Sion Wyn o Eifion'), Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') and Robert Parry ('Robin Ddu Eryri'), and others.