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Charles, Thomas, 1755-1814
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Barddoniaeth, etc.

A volume of transcripts, in three hands, with marginal variants and additions, of 'cywyddau' and some 'awdlau' by Sion Cent, Sion Phylip, Hugh Lewis, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Sr Dafydd Trevor, Dafydd Llwyd Llywelyn ap Gryffydd, Llywelyn ab Guttyn, Syr Rys Carno, Gutto'r Glynn, Sion Tudur, Sion Dafydd ab Siancyn, Edwart Urien, Wiliam Llyn, Dafydd Manuel, Ifan Prydydd hir, Gruffydd Leiaf, Robert ap Howel, Gruffydd ap Ifan Fychan, Rhaph ap Robert, Ifan Tew, Robert Wynne, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Edmwnt, Robin Ddu, Dafydd Nammor, Ifan ap Rhydderch ap Ifan Llwyd, Edmund Prys, Risiart Philyp, Gwerfyl ferch Howel Vychan, Howel D'd Llwyd ab y Gof, Rhus Cain, Robert Clidro, Sir D'd Owen, Swrdd Awen, Trefor Clwoff, Richard Philip, Thomas Prys, Tudur Pennllyn, Thomas Sion Catti, Gwenllian ach Howell, Ieuan Deulwyn, Hyw Pennant, Gruffudd Gryg, Robert Ifan, Mered. ap Rys o faelor, William Cynwal, Owain Gwynedd, Huw Machno, Sion Mawddwy, Edwart ap Raff, D'd Llwyd ap John, Tudur Alet and Bedo Brwynllys. According to the title-page the volume, containing 'Copies of Welsh Manuscripts', was begun in 1820 by Edwd. Jones of Esgirevan [parish of Llanbrynmair] (d. 1845), afterwards perpetual curate of Llandygai and usher at Bangor Grammar School. Beginning from the end, in later hands, are lists of preachers heard on undated occasions; extracts from addresses or essays of a didactic nature; lists of books; entries of births, etc., 1859-67, of members of the family of Love Hughes Owen; undated particulars of collections at Talysarn [Caernarvonshire]; a memorandum of the foundation of the Building Society at Talysarn, 1865; a pledge by Robert Williams, 1866, to abstain from the chewing and smoking of tobacco ('I ba arferiad y bum yn ddarostyngiedig er yn 6 mlwydd oed'); a catechism ('Holiadau') on Chapter 3 of [Thomas Charles:] Hyfforddwr (Bala, 1807); etc.

Transcripts by Mary Richards,

A volume of transcripts by Mary Richards, including 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Dafydd ap Gwilim, Thomas Pryse, Robert ap Howel ap Morgan ('o Langower'), David Llwyd ap Hugh, Gruffydd ab Meredydd ab Dafydd, Sion Philip ('ne Owen Gwynedd'), R[obert] Leiaf, Tudur Aled, Dafydd Emanuel, Dio ap Ie[ua]n Du, [Lewys] Morganwg, S[ion] Tuddur, Howel ap Gytto, W. Llwyd, Gruff. Llwyd ap D'd ap Einion, Ifan Tew Brydydd, Gytto or Glyn, etc., and anonymous poetry; later poetry of personal and local interest, in both strict and free metres (especially 'englynion') by (among others) John Blackwell ('Alun'), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), [John Jones] ('Myllin'), Sion Cain Jones ('Sion Ceiriog'), Evan Jones (Gwyneddon, Aberhonddu), Richard Hughes (rector of Llany Mowddwy), Thomas Elis (Caerwys), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), R. Llwyd (Llangynyw), David Rowland(s) ('Dewi Brefi'), Evan Evans (['Ieuan] Glangeironydd'), John Robert (Hersedd), David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), Cadwaladr Dafydd (Llan y Mowddwy), Jon. Evans (Glandyfi), Sion Prys (Mowddwy) ('o Bennant'), Morris Jones ('Meurig Idris'), Dafydd Ellis (Mowddwy), David Jones (Llwyn y Maen), Mr Philips ('or Hays'), Goronwy Owen ('Goronwy Ddu o Fôn'), John Davies (Dolgoch, Llanbrynmair), [William Williams] 'Gwilim ab Iorwerth' (Darowen), [John Athelstan Owen] ('Bardd Meirion'), [William Williams] ('Gwilym Cyfeiliog'), Thomas Jones (Llynlleifiad), Rowland Parry (Llanuwchllyn), [Benjamin Jones] ('P. A. Mon'), 'Cynddelw ab David ab Thomas ab Richard ab Thomas (Hirnant), Evan Jones ('Saer Darowen') and Aneurin Owen, and anonymous poetry; letters largely to members of the Richards family of Darowen from James Evans, secretary, Cymrod[or]ion or Metrepolitan [sic] Cambrian Institution, 1821 (the election of Mary Richards to honorary membership), T. Price ('Carnhuanawg'), Crickhowel, 1833 (the preservation of the Welsh language), Robert Davies (Dafydd), Nantglyn, 1820-34 (2) (visits to the recipients, the writer's search for books of 'Diliau Barddas'), John Jones, Bryn Derfel, 1833 (an invitation), Edward Davies, 1829 (a parcel from [John] Blackwell ['Alun'], a proposed visit), Richd. Owen, Hendre Gadog, 1811 (a translation by Goronwy Owen), [Anthony Ashley-Cooper 7th earl of Shaftesbury, styled] Lord Ashley, 1827 (Denbigh eisteddfod), John Evan, Llanfyllin, undated [1826] (the illness of 'Myllin'), Reginald Heber [aft. bishop of Calcutta] Hodnet, 1822 (a donation towards the education of Evan Evans [?'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd']), John Robert, Herseth, Nannerch, 1824 (subscribing to Y Gwyliedydd) and John Blackwell ('Alun'), Aberhiw, 1826 (an account of festivities at Darowen Vicarage), and an original letter from W[alter] D[avies] ['Gwallter Mechain'], 1816 (a carol for publication in Cylchgrawn Cymru); and miscellanea, including an obituary notice of the Reverend Daniel Rowland [Llangeitho] by the Reverend Thos. Charles, Bala, 1790, a treatise on angling entitled 'Am Bysgota', an introduction to a text book on music ('Music Soniarus'), incomplete depositions of 'old men' (Hugh Jones etc.) touching the boundaries and rights and liberties of properties in Llan Mowddwy, Merioneth, 1788, household and medical recipes, an anecdote concerning the Prince of Wales (aft. King Edward VII), etc. Inset is a prospectus, 1822, 'For Publishing, by Subscription, in the Welsh Language, a book called The Reformation of Wales; containing the destruction of monasterys and a correct account of several Cambri Britons who suffer'd Martyrdom ... by William Owen' (See William Owen Drych Crefyddol, Lle'rpwll, 1824). Much of the volume was probably compiled during the late 1840's, but there are additions to the early 1870s.

Transcripts by Mary Richards,

A manuscript almost entirely in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen containing transcripts of the opinion of Sir William Jones [orientalist and jurist] on the Scriptures ('Barn Syr William Jones y Tra dysgedig Ysgolhaig Am yr Ysgrythyrau Sanctaidd Yr Hon a ysgrifenodd ar ddalen wen yn ei Feibl ei hun'); prayers by Thomas Richards, Darowen; copious biographical memoranda relating to the family of Richards of Darowen; letters from Thomas Richards, Darowen to members of his family, 1814-37 and undated (the appointment of Lewis Richards to the rectorship of Llanerful, local and family news, the writer's health, news of friends, a new school for Hugh Jone[s] Maesglase, a Christmas service, the receipt of tithes), to [John Luxmore, bishop of St Asaph] [1829] (jealousy arising from a meeting at Darowen) (incomplete), to [ ], 1809 (Darowen charities), to [ ], 1814 (enclosing [bishop's] transcripts), to Mrs Lewis, Post Office, Machynlleth, 1817 (a debt due to the recipient), to the Reverend [ ], undated (thanks for a benefaction), to Mr [Daniel?] Crosthwaite, portrait painter, Liverpool, 1837 (personal, a proposed visit by R[ichard] Richard[s]), and to Baron [Sir Richard] Richard[s], Caer Ynwch, 1796 (personal, conveying a gift of a Dovey salmon); letters from [Mary Richards] to Thomas, Lewis and Jane [Richards], 1837 (the health of the writer's father), L[ewis] Richards, Jes[us] Coll[ege], Oxford to D[avid] Richard[s], Llansilin, 1842 [recte 1824] (the writer's ordination), Adam Sedgwick, Cambridge to Mary Richards, Llangynyw, 1855 (the death of the recipient's brother Thomas) (two copies; see also MS 284), Charles Meyer, Pen Main to [?Thomas Richards] undated (a visit to the recipient), D. R. Thomas, Cefn Rectory, S[t] Asaph to [Mary] Richard[s], 1876 (the death of the recipient's sister Jane), Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], Manafon to D[avid] Richar[ds], Llansilin, undated (a visit to the recipient, a collection of musical compositions) and to T[homas] Richards, Llangynyw, 1837 (the death of Thomas Richards, Darowen), Griffith Williams, Dolgellau to Mair Richards, Darowen, 1838 (the death of the recipient's father), Moris Jones ('Meurig Idris'), Dolgellau to Mair Richards, 1841 (the death of the recipient's mother), William Pughe, Mallwyd to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, 1810 (a benefaction for the writer), Roderic Lewis, Llanbryn Mair to T[homas] Richar[ds], Darowen, 1833 (a petition for the better observation of the Sabbath), R. Brougham, London to T[homas] Richards, Darowen, 1848 [sic] (a return by the recipient), J. J. Muncher, Bristol to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, 1837 (an annuity for Mary Evan, a blind person of Darowen), Augustus [Pemberton] Salisbury, Exeter College [Oxford] to T[homas] Richards, Llangynyw, 1848 (the death of the writer's 'poor friend'), Evan Evans ['Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'], Aberrhyw to the Richards family [at Darowen], 1823 (the writer's arrival at Aberrhyw and his impressions of the place, news of friends and greetings to friends) (original letter in Cwrtmawr MS 534), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn') to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, c. 1820 (the writer's stay at Nannau and proposed visit to Carmarthen, enclosing poetry), Thos Charles, Bala to [Thomas Richards at Llan-ym-Mawddwy], 1796 (the payment of a draft), William Farre, Carno to T[homas] Richards, Darowen, 1837 (accepting an invitation, Mr Crossthait [sic] and a likeness of the recipient and Mrs Richard[s]), (Lewis Hughes, bishop of St Davids] to [ ], 1791 (the receipt of Darowen annual and lactual), Arthur Gardener [London] to [T[homas] Richards, Darowen], 1834 (Church Influence Society), David Jones, Penant to T[homas] Richards, Llan y Mowddy, 1787 (the ordination of the writer as a deacon), etc.; poetry in strict and free metres by Robert Dafydd (Nantglyn), D. Davies ('Pruddfab'), [William Roberts] ('Gwilim Aran') (Dolgellau), William Williams ('Gwilim ab Iorwerth') (Darowen), Morris Jones ('Meirig Idris') (Dolgellau), Edward Davies ('Heddgeidwad', Llan Erful), Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], Evan Evans (['Ieuan] Glan Geirionydd'), [Benjamin Jones] ('P. A. Mon'), Robert Parry ('Robin Ddu Eryri'), Aneurin Owen, [William Edwards] ('Gwilym Padarn'), Roger Butler Clough, Sion Powel, (Llansannan), Owan Robert, [T.] Richard[s] (Darowen), [Rowland Parry] ('[Ieuan] Carn Dochan'), [John] Athelystan Owen ('Bardd Meirion'), etc., and anonymous poems; a list of subscriptions at Llan y Mowddwy for Welsh Bibles and New Testaments, 1899 [recte 1799]; an appeal by T[homas] Richards on behalf of S.P.C.K. to the churchwarden and overseers of the poor of Darowen for subscriptions towards the distribution of Bibles, 1835; accounts of 'plygain' and Christmas services at Darowen Church, 1826-36; a voucher of T[homas] Richards for books, 1804-5; an application to the Governors of Christ Church Hospital on behalf of Evan Jones, Darowen for assistance from the Reverend William Heathrington's Charity to the Blind, 1815; a petition on behalf of Mary, daughter of John Jones and Mary, his wife, a blind person resident in Llanbrynmair, for an annuity from the Charity of John Merlot, Bristol, 1820; a message of thanks to [Ashley Cooper, 6th] earl of Shaftesbury for a gift of three fringed mantles to Mary, Jane and Elizabeth Richards ('Copi or diol[ch]garwch a anfonwyd ir gwir Anrhydeddus Iarll Chafsbury am ei rodd o dair ffaling o ledr Woodstock a ridens Gwyrdd ... un i Mary a Jane ag Elizabeth Richards ar ol ei arosfa yn Nhy ei Brawd Par. T. Richards ... fe ddanfonwyd y diolch yn y llythyrenau Coelbren y Beirdd); a list of subscriptions in the parish of Darowen towards the celebration of the wedding of Colonel [Sir John] Edwards, [Plas] Machynlleth and Mrs [Harriet] Herbert of Dolforgan [Kerry], 1825; an appeal by Angharad Llwyd, Caerwys to the bards and gentry of Cydewen for subscriptions towards a gift of a silver cup to each of the two wardens of Llan Beblig, Caer Arfon for their opposition to an English incumbent ('yn erbyn Sais i wasanaethu'r Eglwys'), 1843; a notice to John L. Richard[s] to quit Froncoch, parish of Llan Owddyn, 1828, a deposition of Evan Jones[s], Unicorn Inn, Darowen touching the boundaries between Gwern y Bwlch and Ffridd fawr, parish of Cemes, 1830; medical recipes; etc.

Composite volume of Morris Davies,

A composite volume from the library of Morris Davies (1796-1876), Bangor containing Thomas Charles, Catecism Byr ... (Bala, 1808); Owen Jones, Arweinydd i Wybodaeth neu, Y Catecism Cyntaf i Hen Bobl a'r Ail i Bobl Ieuaingc. (Bala, 1829); Rheolau a Dibenion yr Ysgol Sabbothol yn Mon ... (Bala, 1820); John Hughes, Hymnau I'w canu yn yr Ysgolion Sabbothol ... (Bala, 1821); and an incomplete glossary in the hand of Morris Davies of words (Abba - Pen-bleth) extracted apparently from Thomas Charles, Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol (Bala, 1805). At the end of the volume are pencil drawings, partly coloured, of persons representing M[argaret] A[nn] Parry, M. A. Jones etc.

Press cuttings and letters,

A scrap-book of J. H. Davies containing cuttings of numerous articles on Morgan John Rhys, Baptist minister and author, by T. Shankland, Rhyl, John T. Griffiths, Lansford, Pa., E. K. Jones, Brymbo, and [J.] Spinther [James], and cuttings entitled 'Hen Lyfrau ar Fedydd' by T. Valentine Evans, Clydach, 'Ymholiad yn nghylch Catecism Abel Morgan' by [J.] Spinther [James], 'Morris Griffiths, Prendergast, Hwlffordd' by T. Shankland, 'Swp o Hen Farwnadau' by E. K. Jones, 'Rival Historians in Wales' (critical of Beriah Gwynfe Evans, Diwygwyr Cymru) by J. Morgan Jones [1838-1921; co-author of Y Tadau Methodistaidd], 'Yr Encilion' (on the text and authorship of Welsh hymns) by T. Shankland, etc.; and holograph letters to J. H. Davies from T. Shankland, Rhyl, [18]99-1903 (7) (bibliography of Morgan John Rhys, a search of St Asaph diocesan records for material on the family of Morgan Llwyd, a study by the writer of 'Thomas Charles a'r Feibl Gymdeithas', publications on the SPCK in Wales, etc.), D. H. Davies, Cenarth Vicarage, 1901 (ballads, etc., in the writer's library), J. Spinther James, Llandudno, 1901 (information on D. Risiart, issues of Seren Gomer), and R. Davies, Liverpool, 1898 (the dispatch of books to the recipient).


Transcripts of 'An Account of the Life of the Revd. Mr Wm Roth [sic] ....,' An account of Mr Robt Powel, Vicar of Cadegstone near Neath, Glamorganshire ... ', 'An account of the life and Death of Mr W. Cradock,' and 'Short Hints respecting the Life of Revd Rees Pritchard Vicar of Llanddyfry' from an unspecified source. On the envelope John Ballinger has written 'Transcript from Thos Charles' MS Account of early Nonconformists. Cymdeithas Llen Cymru'.

Printed matter, etc.,

A composite volume containing a copy (title-page wanting) of [Walter Davies, Rhyddid: traethawd a ennillodd ariandlws Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion ar ei thestun i eisteddfod Llanelwy ... 1790 (Llundain, 1791)] and also Geirlyfr Ysgrythyrol (88 pp., Aaron - Barnu) [?1801], the original Part I (later withdrawn) of the work expanded by Thomas Charles and issued as Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol ... y llyfr cyntaf (1805). At the end of the volume are wrappers of [George Lewis], Esponiad ar y Testament Newydd, Rhif 1. (Caerlleon, [1800]) containing an advertisement for the Geirlyfr Ysgrythyrol, and there is also a cutting from Y Goleuad, [4 Chwef. 1871] containing a long letter from Morris Davies on the subject of 'Geirlyfr Ysgrythyrol John Roberts a Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol Charles'. At the beginning of the volume are (?) wrappers of Esponiad ar y Testament Newydd, Rhifyn XVII (Gwrecsam: Ioan Painter), with part of a sermon in manuscript, and Rhifyn XX (Bala, R. Saunderson), each with a list of books published by [Dr] G[eorge] Lewis. A note in the autograph of 'Morris Davies, Portmadoc' occurs on the first page of the Geirlyfr Ysgrythyrol.

Letter of Thomas Charles of Bala,

A letter, undated, from Tho[ma]s Charles [Bala] to his brother [The Reverend David Charles, Carmarthen] (printed in D. E. Jenkins, The Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles ... of Bala, Vol. III (Denbigh, 1908), pp. 529-30).

Letters on Welsh Orthography

Transcripts of letters dealing with Welsh orthography, the correspondents including Walter Davies, John Jones, ('Tegid'), Rowland Williams, William Carey (bishop of St. Asaph), Thomas Charles, David Hughes, and Joseph Tarn, with a copy of a letter to Walter Davies from Peter Bayley Willliams.

Jones, John, 1792-1852

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Twenty-four letters, etc., from J[ohn] Mortimer Angus (registrar of the University of Wales, previously professor of Latin, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth), University Registry, Cardiff, 1915 (enclosing a testimonial in support of recipient's application for a teaching post), D[avid] Brynmor Anthony (registrar of the University of Wales), University Registry, Cardiff, 1930-1931 (2) (the University's decision to award recipient the honorary degree of M.A.), J. Atkinson, Liverpool, [19]06 (enquiries made on behalf of recipient concerning Robert Roberts [? of Holyhead, 1777-1836], enclosing a photograph of a bust ? of Roberts), T[homas] W[illiam] Barker (diocesan registrar of the diocese of St. Davids), Carmarthen, 1905-1907 (5) (information from the St. David's diocesan records), E. C. Beharrell, British Museum [London], [19]09 (a reference to an article on charity schools in Wales in The Gospel Magazine, March 1798, enclosing a copy of the title-page of the Rev[erend] T[homas] Charles: An Evangelical Catechism (London, 1797)), W. W. Benham (joint manager), The Provident Association of London, Limited, London, 1915 (enclosing a certificate of appointment of recipient as an agent for the company), [the Reverend] T[homas] Bird, St. Fagan's Rectory, Cardiff, [19]07 (2) (enclosing a copy of the memorial inscription on the tomb of the Rev[erend] Daniel Jones, curate of Radir (ob. 1821), and of his wife Joan (ob. 1840), at St. Fagan's, and an extract from the parish register recording their marriage, 1792), [Professor] A[lexander] Bruce Boswell (dean of the Faculty of Arts), University of Liverpool, 1932 (2) (recipient's candidature for the degree of D. Litt.), [the Reverend] Stafford F[aulkner] Bourdillon, East Tytherley Vicarage, Salisbury, 1906 (information concerning the Reverend Edward Phillips (ob. 1851), a previous incumbent of the parish, a copy of the inscription on Phillips's tombstone), [the Reverend] Arthur J[ames] Bowen, Kington Magna Rectory, Dorset, 1905 (a promise to look at old letters [for references to Thomas Charles], mention of W[illia]m Williams ['Williams Pantycelyn', 1717-1791], and of the writing by him of [the hymn commencing with the line] 'O'er those gloomy hills of darkness', in Berry Hill Wood [near Llwyn-gwair, parish of Nevern, co. Pembroke], looking across to Carn Ingli), George B[evan] Bowen, Llwyngwair, Pembrokeshire, 1906 (a reply to a query re James Bowen of Llwyngwair (ob. 1816), and documents re Madam Bevan's Charity), Charles E. Breese, Portmadoc, 1904 (a query relating to John Williams, agent to Mr. [William Alexander] Madocks [of Tremadoc], with whom the Rev[eren]d Tho[ma]s Charles was friendly, Charles's stay with Mr. Madocks on the occasion of the opening of the new [Calvinistic Methodist] chapel in Tremadoc), Capt[ain] James Buckley, Castell Gorfod, St. Clears, 1910 (recipient's 'Life of Tho[mas] Charles', the writer's 'very large Welsh Library of M.S.S.', information required concerning David Bowen), Edward J. Burrow and Co. Ltd . (publishers), Cheltenham, 1928-1932 (3) (the publication of another edition of the Denbigh Official Guide), and F. M. Burton, Filey, [19]06 (extracts from the records of the Congregational church and from the register of the parish church, Gainsborough, relating to the Rev[erend] Daniel Rowland (ob. 1804), pastor of the former).

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Fifty-one letters, etc., from Edward Carey (registrar), University of Liverpool, 1932 (acknowledging receipt of an application for admission to the degree of Litt. D., and enclosing a receipt for the fee), [the Reverend] J[ohn] E[dward] Carey, Treverbyn Vicarage, St. Austell, 1906 ( replying to recipient's query relating to the incumbents of Otterham, the writer's previous parish), [the Reverend] Arthur Carter, Thrussington Vicarage, Leicester, 1903 (enclosing information concerning the descendants of the Rev[erend] John Owen, a former vicar of the parish), [the Reverend] Reginald A[rthur] Cayley, Stowell Rectory, Sherborne, [19]06 ( replying to a query concerning the Rev[erend] James Hooper, rector of the parish, 1820-1828), David R[ ] Charles, Hoylake, 1904 (acknowledging the return of letters, a little memorandum book of Mr. [Thomas] Charles of Bala in the writer's possession, enclosing a portrait of the writer (now kept in the Department of Prints, Drawings, and Maps)), C. A. Christie, Roydon, near Ware, [19]06 (requesting the return of 'the Rev. Jones's Diaries'), [Messrs.] R. and R. Clark, Limited (printers), Edinburgh, 1917- 1929 (6) (the disposal, by pulping, of part of the remaining stock of 'Charles of Bala' [recipient's Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles], financial matters, the binding of copies of recipient's work, Bedd Gelert, [its Facts, Fairies, and Folk Lore (Portmadoc, 1899)]), [the Reverend] G[erald] H[enry] Colvile, Weston Rectory, Shifnal, undated (a reply to recipients query re the Rev[erend] Robert Pugh, who, the writer suggests, had been curate of Weston under Redcastle, co. Salop), the Rev[erend] W[illiam] H [ ] Cooper (secretary of the Monmouthshire Presbytery), Abertysswg, [19] 36 (extending the Presbytery's official congratulations to recipient on completing fifty years service with the [Calvinistic Methodist] Connection), the Rev[erend] T[homas] G[eorge] Crippen (honorary secretary, the Congregational Historical Society), London, 1905-1906 (2) (replying to recipient's query concerning [the Reverend] Mr. [S.R.] Pittard [Congregational minister] at Somerton, co. Somerset, circa 1816-1830, a letter from [the Reverend] Thomas Charles to his son Thomas, 1807, in the writer's possession), Miss Frances M. Daniell, North Nibley, near Dursley, [19]08 (a reply to recipient's query concerning the Rev[erend] Charles Thomas [nephew of the Reverend Thomas Charles of Bala], minister at North Nibley, 1832-1838), D. C. Davies (general secretary, Welsh Council of the League of Nations Union), Cardiff, 1921 (a meeting to be held [in Denbigh], the possibility of a canvassing campaign to enrol members), [the Reverend] Daniel Davies, The Rectory, Denbigh, [19]06 (informing recipient that the Rev[erend] John Williams was curate of Denbigh in 1788), [the Reverend] D[ avid] Davies, Llangwm Vicarage, Corwen, [1]905 (a record of the burial of Dorothy Ffoulkes, 1742, and of Tho[ma]s Ffoulkes, 1744, in the Llangwm registers), [the Reverend] David Davies, The Rectory, Trawsfynydd, 1905-1906 ( 2) (searches in the Trawsfynydd registers, an extract re the burial of the Reverend John Pryse, ob. 1809 [curate of the parish]), [the Reverend] D[avid] W[illiam] Davies [vicar of Cilcennin with Llanbadarn Trefeglwys], [19]07 (an extract from the Llanbadarn parish register, recording the burial of the Rev[erend] Timothy Evans, ob. 1837, vicar of the parish), [the Reverend] E[dward] J[ames] Davies, Nantglyn Rectory, Denbigh, 1906 (information concerning the Rev[erend] Rice Pughe, vicar of Nantglyn, 1788- 1806), [the Reverend] E[dward] O[wen] Davies, Bangor, 1927 (advice to recipient on certain [Calvinistic Methodist] denominational matters), Ellis W[illiam] Davies [M.P. for the Eifion division of co. Caernarvon, 1906-1918, and for Denbigh, 1923-1929], House of Commons, 1924 (congratulations to recipient on receiving the degree [of M.A. of the University of Liverpool]), [the Reverend] J[enkin] Davies, Llanfair Rectory, Harlech, [19]06 (the writer's inability to trace the name of a Reverend R[ichar]d Morgan as incumbent of the parish), John Davies, Abergavenny, 1908 (a visit by the writer, in 1884, to ?George Thomas, then of Brynmawr, who claimed to be a nephew of [the Reverend Thomas] Charles of Bala, Thomas's story that his elder brother, Charles, had been sent to Cheshunt College by his uncle, and that he had subsequently been ordained at Dursley, the writer's inference that this was the Charles Thomas who had been a minister at North Nibley, near Dursley [see letter from Frances M. Daniell above], the writer's conversations with 'old people who listened to Thomas Richards preaching [the Reverend Thomas] Charle's Funeral Sermon at Crickhowell'), J[ohn] Glyn Davies (University of Liverpool), Denbigh, [19]28 (enquiries concerning a house in Denbigh), [the Reverend] John H[enry] Davies, St. Mary's Vicarage, H[averford] West, 1904 (the writer's inability to find any information about John Charles), J[ohn] H[umphreys] Davies [registrar, and later principal, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth], Aberystwyth and Cwrt Mawr, Llangeitho, 1905-1906 (3) (a note on some of the descendants of [the Reverend] Peter Williams [1723-1796, Methodist cleric], an inspection of books ? with a view to purchase by the college, a suggestion that a bust of Robert Roberts be placed in the National Library 'when it comes into existence', lack of further information about Tho[ma]s Charles and Marg[are]t Williams), [the Reverend] Joseph Davies, Goytre Rectory, Abergavenny, 1906 (2) (information concerning the Rev[erend] Joshua Davies (ob. 1820), one time curate in the parish of Goytre, and later vicar of Dingestow), L[eonard] Twiston Davies, Rockfield Park, Monmouth, [19]34 (a reply to recipient's query concerning John Davies, Maes y Groes, near Cilcain), R. Davies (town clerk), Denbigh, 1928-1932 (2) (the editing of the Official Guide to Denbigh, 1928, the town council's official congratulations to recipient on his receiving the degree of D. Litt., [of the University of Liverpool]), [the Reverend] F[rederick] W[yldbore] Wingfield Digby, The Vicarage, Charlton Horethorne, 1906 (enclosing a copy of a memorial inscription to [the Reverend] John Taylour (ob. 1785), a former vicar of the parish), and F. J. Dryhurst, Woking and [London], 1925-1929 (12) (genealogical research relating to the Dryhurst family in North Wales) (included with one of the letters is a typescript copy of a letter seeking information concerning the Dryhurst family, written by D. E. Jenkins (with suggested amendments by F. J. Dryhurst), for insertion in the Western Mail).

Letters to the Reverend D. E. Jenkins,

Twenty-seven letters, etc., from [the Reverend] E[dward] W[ilcocks] Raby, The Rectory, Jacobstow, near Bude, 1906 (information concerning the Reverend] W[illia]m Williams, curate of St. Gennys [co. Cornwall], in 1796), [the Reverend] J[ohn] Lambert Rees, Llandowror (sic) Rectory, 1906 (a copy of the inscription on the tomb of the Rev[eren]d John Davies, minister of the Gospel at Bank-y-felin, ob. 1821, and of his wife, Barbara, ob. 1841), the Rev[erend] Bernard Reynolds, The Rectory, Queen Street, E.C., 1905 (a portrait of the Rev[erend] Watts Wilkinson [ob. 1840]), C. Morgan Richardson, Cardigan, 1907 ([Madam] Bevan's Charity), A. Foulkes-Roberts, Denbigh and Goring-on-Thames, 1913-1935 (3) (legal matters, genealogical data relating to the writer's ancestors), A. Humphreys Roberts, Manchester, 1920 (books sent to recipient), Ella [ ] Foulkes Roberts, Denbigh, 1926 (a proposal that [Denbigh] County School would buy a set of the Dictionary of National Biography from the library of the writer's father, an offer for the set made by Mr. [aft. Sir John] Ballinger [Librarian of the National Library of Wales]), Evan E. Roberts (clerk to the governors), The County School, Denbigh, 1928 (conveying the school governors' sympathy to recipient on his illness), Mary Roberts, Llangynog Rectory, Oswestry, 1905 (the inscription on the tombstone of the Rev[eren]d Evan Griffiths, rector of Llangynog, ob. 1813, and of his wife Elizabeth, ob. 1806), the Rev[erend] S. Nowell-Rostron (joint secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society), London, 1919 (the resolution of the Society's General Committee to invite recipient to become an Honorary Governor of the Society for life), [the Reverend] John Rowlands, The Vicarage, Aberdovey, 1904 (enquiries by recipient concerning the letters, etc., of the Rev[erend] Tho[ma]s Jones), E. A. Saunderson, Dublin, undated (3) (the writer's ancestors), [the Reverend] S[amuel] Cooper Scott, St. John's Rectory, Chester, 1906 (a proposed visit by recipient to examine the St. John's registers), [the Reverend] W[illiam] J[ohn] L[immer] Sheppard, St. Peter's Vic[arage], Ipswich, [19]08 (the memorial inscription on the tomb of the Rev[erend] Edward Griffin, rector of the parish of St. Stephen's, Ipswich, ob. 1833, and of his wife, Elizabeth, also ob. 1833), [the Reverend] Spencer E[dward] Simms, Charmouth Rectory, Dorset, 1906 (a negative reply to a query relating to William Daw, M.D.), F[rancis] D[anvers] Sladen, British Museum, London, 1924 (3) (material recipient wished to consult in the British Museum), [Professor] W[illiam] B[arron] Stevenson, The Theological College, Bala, [19]01 (the revision by the writer of an unspecified MS. work), [the Reverend] H[enry] H[olmes] Stewart, The Rectory, Barry, undated (information relating to [the Reverend] Hezekiah Jones, curate of the parish of Porthkerry [late 18th century]), George Stinchcombe, Bristol, 1911 (2) (the writer's desire to prove his reputed descent from [Thomas] Charles in the belief that this would strengthen his application for a post he was desirous of obtaining, his need to contact Mr. Lloyd George in connection with his application), and A. J. Sylvester, Westminster, London, 1929 (apologising, on behalf of Mr. Lloyd George, for his having mislaid a thesis belonging to recipient).

Extracts from diaries,

Extracts, 1797-1805, from the diaries [of Miss Mary Stringer of Chester] relating to sermons preached by Mr. [Thomas] Charles and others at Boughton, near Chester, the death and burial (July 1800) of the Reverend P[hilip] Oliver, minister at Boughton, 1793-1800, personal and family activities, etc.

Llythyr oddi wrth Thomas Charles,

A holograph letter from [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Charles from Spa Fields [London], to [? Daniel Jones, Wrexham], 28 April 1813 (the writer's intention to attend meetings in recipient's district with [the Reverend] John Elias, a visit to the writer by the King's printer ('Argraffydd y Brenhin') who believed that the work [the new edition of the Bible in Welsh being published by the British and Foreign Bible Society] would be completed in fifteen months time).

Reverend Thomas Charles.

Transcripts of letters from the Reverend Thomas Charles,

Nineteen note-books containing transcripts [by D. E. Jenkins] of one hundred and five letters, 1779-1811 and undated, from the Reverend Thomas Charles from Bala, Birmingham, Dolgelley, Limerick, Llanymowddwy, Milborne Port, Oxford, Pwllhely, Queen Camel, near Sherborne, Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Spa Fields, etc., to his brother David Charles, Carmarthen (4), his son T[homas] R[ice] Charles, London, [Thomas] Foulks, Bala (2), [Sarah] Jones ( also as [Sarah] Charles, his wife), Bala, Chester, etc. (87), M[ary] Stringer, Abbey Green, Chester, J[ohn] Walker, junior, Chester (?9), and Miss Wright, Tarvin, co. Chester. The originals of one hundred and one of the letters transcribed are now in the Thomas Charles Edwards Collection of manuscripts and documents amongst the C.M. archives in the National Library of Wales. The originals of the other four form part of NLW MS 4797C.

D. E. Jenkins.

Transcripts of letters from the Reverend Thomas Charles and others,

Five note-books the contents of which consist mainly of transcripts of, or extracts from, miscellaneous correspondence, 1786-1815, including letters to Joseph Tarn [assistant secretary, British and Foreign Bible Society], London, from Christopher Anderson, Edinburgh, 1814, [the Reverend] Tho[ma] s Charles, Bala, ?1807-1814 (?43), Sarah Charles [wife of the Reverend Thomas Charles], Bala, ?1807-1813 (4, two being appendices to her husband's letters), Tho[ma]s R[ice] Charles [son of the Reverend Thomas Charles], Bala, 1815, John Davies, Aberystwyth and Bronhaulog, near Bala and Corwen, 1813-1815 (5), [the Reverend] Ja[me]s Griffith, Machynlleth, 1813, [the Reverend] Dan[ie]l Jones, Liverpool, 1814 [recte 1815], [the Reverend] S[imon] Lloyd, Bala, 1815 (2), Rob[er]t Saunderson, Bala, 1814-1815 (2), and [ ], Shrewsbury, 1812; letters from [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Charles from Bala, Barmouth, Dublin, Hawkstone, and London, to his son T[homas] R[ ice] Charles, Liverpool, 1807, Mrs. [Lydia] Foulks, Machynlleth, 1806-1814 ( 6), Miss Mary Foulks, Machynlleth, 1814, [the Reverend John Owen, joint secretary, British and Foreign Bible Society], 1809, his nephew J[oseph] Thomas, 1799, John Williams, Tremadoc, 1812, and [ ], 1812-1814 (2); and letters from D[avid] Charles, Carmarthen, to ? Joseph Tarn, 1812, John Davies, Bronhaulog, near Bala, to Messrs. Down, Thornton, and co., 1815, Sam[ue]l Davies, ?Llanarmon in Yale, to [ ], 1813, [the Reverend] John Elias, Llanfechell, to [ ], 1812, Samuel Mills, London, to [ ], 1815 , [the Reverend] Thomas Phillips, Neuaddlwyd, to Mr. Menzies, Carmarthen, 1812, and [ ], 1812 (2), Rob[er]t Price and others, Llanfyllin, to the Bible Society, 1812, [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Reader, Taunton, to [the Reverend] Thomas Charles, Bala, 1786, Rob[er]t Saunderson, Bala, to Evan Evans, London (? for Joseph Tarn), 1814, John Thomas, Lodge, near Llanidloes, to [ ], 1813, W. Williams, Carmarthen, to [ ], 1813, and [ ], Carmarthen, to ? James Black, 1812. Most of the letters relate to the activities of the British and Foreign Bible Society in connection with Wales.

Transcripts of letters from the Reverend Thomas Charles, etc.,

Two note-books containing transcripts from printed sources of letters from the Reverend Thomas Charles, Bala, to Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Carnachenwen [parish of Mathry, co. Pembroke], 1809 (Y Drysorfa, 1857, t. 43), [? the Reverend Edward Griffin], London, 1791 (The Christian's Magazine, January 1792), M[ary] H[ughes], L[iverpool], 1812 (Goleuad Cymru, [Mawrth] 1823, t. 57), D[ ]Jones, Liverpool, undated (Y Drysorfa, 1838, tt. 244-5), Robert Jones, Ty Bwlcyn [parish of Llaniestyn, co. Caernarvon], 1800 (ibid ., 1846, t. 241), the Reverend [Simon] Lloyd, Bristol, undated (Y Geiniogwerth, 1848, tt. 227-8), and [the Reverend S. R. Pittard, Westbury], Wiltshire, 1792 (The Christian's Magazine, March 1792); and extracts from Hugh Anderson: The Life and Letters of Christopher Anderson (Edinburgh, 1854), and Robert Philip: The Life . . . of the Rev. John Campbell (London, 1841). In two instances the published versions of the Thomas Charles letters consist of Welsh translations of English originals.

Transcripts of letters from the Reverend Thomas Charles,

A note-book containing transcripts of letters from [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Charles, Bala, to Henry Boase, London, 1803 (2) (a proposal by recipient that 'a new, cheap impression of the Bible in the Welsh Tongue' be published, the need for such Bibles, the edition printed at the Clarendon Press, Oxford, at the expense of the S.P.C.K. in 1799, the edition then being printed in Chester to appear in thirty-six numbers, two editions printed in Carmarthen prior to the 1799 Oxford edition, enquiries made and suggestions put forward as to the format, price, distribution, number of copies, etc. of the new edition), his brother [the Reverend David Charles, Carmarthen, ?1814] (personal, 'our Association [meeting at Bala]', his intention of going to Llangeitho), his wife [Sarah] Charles, at Chester [1784] (personal), Mrs. [Lydia] Foulks, Machynlleth, 1811 (2) (personal, his wife's health, religious reflections), and Miss [Mary] Foulkes, Machynlleth, undated (forwarding a copy of a Welsh Bible, praise of the Bible). These seven letters have been published in D. E. Jenkins: The Life of the Rev. Thomas Charles . . .

Transcripts of letters to the Reverend Thomas Charles, etc.,

Twelve note-books containing transcripts of, or extracts from, seventy- eight letters including seventy-one addressed to the Reverend Thomas Charles at Bala, London, Milborne Port, Oxford, Queen Camel, and Shepton Beauchamp, by M[ary] Ashwell, Milborne Port, 1784-1788 (4), M. A. Astle [London], undated, W[illia]m Astle, London, 1799, James Bowen, Castle Gorfod, 1793-1795 (3), John Campbell, Edinburgh, 1792, [the Reverend] I[saac] Crouch, Billericay, 1781, Ellis Edward, Penrhos, 1799, [Lady] A[nn] A[gnes] Erskine, Spa Fields, 1794, Cha[rles] Grant, Clapham, 1792, [the Reverend] Edward Griffin, Ipswich, Leicester, Little Harwood, Swansea, and Worcester, 1778-1800 (16), Joseph Hardcastle, London, 1799 (2, with postscripts by G[eorge] Hodson), [the Reverend] T[homas] Haweis [London], 1799-1800 (2), [Selina, countess of Huntingdon], Bath, 1781, Edward Jones, Llynden, 1799 (with a note from the writer's grandson Tho[ma]s Jones added), [the Reverend] W[illia]m Jones, Broxbourn, Enfield, and Jamaica, [17]78-1782 (5), [the Reverend] J[ohn] Lucas, Milborne Port, 1784 (2), A[mbrose] Martin, London, 1799 (2), [the Reverend] J[ohn] Mayor, Salop, 1781, [the Reverend] S. R. Pittard, Westbury, 1792, [the Reverend] R[obert] Pugh, Weston, 1790, [the Reverend] Lewis Richards, Baltimore [America], 1787-1793 (2), John Roberts, Erddreiniog [parish of Tregaean, co. Anglesey], 1799, Rob[er]t Roberts, New York, 1794, [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Scott, London, 1787-1792 (4), Tho[mas] Smith, London, 1799 (2), R[ebecca] Tomkins, London, 1798 (2), [the Reverend] Watts Wilkinson, Hoxton, London, and Winslow, 1778-1784 (6), Sion William, Plasybrain [parish of Llanbedr-goch, co. Anglesey], 1799, W[illia]m Williams, Llandigige [parish of St. David's, co. Pembroke], 1799, and [the Reverend] W[illiam] Williams, St. Ginys, 1787-1792 (2). The other seven include letters to [Sarah] Charles [wife of the Reverend Thomas Charles], Bala, from [Lady] A[nn] A[gnes] Erskine, Spa Fields, 1795, and S[elina, countess of] Huntingdon, Spa Fields, 1789 (2); to Daniel Jones, Liverpool, from his father Rob[er]t Jones, Ty Bwlcyn [parish of Llaniestyn, co. Caernarvon], 1790-1798 (3); and to the Reverend [Philip] Oliver, Chester, from Ch[arle]s Glover, Birmingham, 1799.

Transcripts of letters to the Reverend Thomas Charles,

Seven note-books containing transcripts of sixty-one letters to the Reverend Thomas Charles at Llangann, Llangeitho, Llanymowddy (sic), Milborne Port, Salop, Shawbury, Trawsfynydd, etc., from Sally (Sarah) Jones or Charles [subsequent to their marriage in 1783], from Bala, 1780- 1787. The originals of fifty-seven of these letters are now with the correspondence in the Thomas Charles Edwards Collection of manuscripts and documents amongst the C.M. archives in the National Library of Wales. The remaining four originals form part of N.L.W. MSS. 4797-8.

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