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Llanstephan Manuscripts Williams, Samuel, ca. 1660-ca. 1722
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Y Llyfr Hir o'r Mwythig,

'Y Llyfr hir or Mwythig', being a collection of five hundred and sixty-six cywyddau, etc. by various authors arranged into 'books' according to subject. The poems in each 'book' are numbered separately. The poets cite...

Richard Morris, Reverend Samuel Williams and another.


A manuscript containing transcripts by David Parry from the Red Book of Hergest, together with other poetry, the volume being compiled before it was given to Jesus College, Oxford in 1701. The contents of the volume are as follows: A Welsh Grammar...

David Parry, Reverend Samuel Williams and Moses Williams.


A manuscript containing Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire pedigrees (ff. 1-76, 80-87); the beginning of the Welsh Laws (ff. 77-79); and a table of the contents of ff. 17-76b (f. 80).Ff. 17-76b, 80-80b are in the hand of George Owen ...

George Owen, Henllys, Reverend Samuel Williams and others.

Poetry of Cynddelw, Bleddyn Fardd, &c.,

A manuscript containing poetry by Cynddelw, Bleddyn Fardd, Dafydd Nanmor, Bedo Aeddren, Dafydd ap Gwilym and others. Pp. 1-27 are in the autograph of James Davies ('Iaco ab Dewi'); pp. 29-121 were 'wrote by J. Morgan' (p. 121);...

Iaco ab Dewi, J. Morgan, Samuel Williams, William Maurice and Moses Williams.

Translation of the psalms into Welsh,

A transcript of 'Captain W. Middleton's translation of the Psalms into Welsh' copied by Samuel Williams from a transcript in the hand of 'W. Dafydd Lewelyn o blwyf Llangynydr Eglwys Yail o. c. 1606' (p. 312).Samuel William...

Samuel Williams.

Immanuel neu Ddirgelwch Cnawdoliaeth mab Duw,

A manuscript entitled 'Immanuel neu Ddirgelwch Cnawdoliaeth mab Duw' in the hand of the Reverend Samuel Williams. The text is a Welsh translation of Archbishop James Ussher's Immanuel: or, The mystery of the incarnation of the Son o...

Samuel Williams.

Kyngor Katw ddoeth ar Bardd glas,

A manuscript containing 'Kyngor Katw ddoeth ar Bardd glas', being a transcript by Samuel Williams of a manuscript written in 1604 by John Jones, Gellilyfdy.

Samuel Williams.


A manuscript containing an 'Important Corpus of Welsh Poetry' compiled by the Reverend Samuel Williams and Iaco ab Dewi [James Davies], with the first lines of the poems given alphabetically in an index. The volume also contains 'Hi...

Reverend Samuel Williams, Iaco ab Dewi and Richard Morris.


A manuscript in the hands of the Reverend Samuel Williams, Moses Williams, Iaco ab Dewi and others, containing one hundred and sixty-eight numbered items, mainly poetry, including about two hundred and thirty-five triads (item 13). The poets cited...

Reverend Samuel Williams, Moses Williams, Iaco ab Dewi, Edward Lhuyd and others.

Gofal Tylwyth ...,

A manuscript containing 'Gofal Tylwyth neu Ddyled Pennau Teuluoedd', being a translation into Welsh by the Reverend Samuel Williams of 'A domestick charge, or, The duty of household-governours ...' by Erasmus Saunders, M.A. of ...

Reverend Samuel Williams.


A manuscript containing poetry by Bedo Brwynllys, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Dafydd ap Gwilym and others in the hand of Samuel Williams.

Samuel Williams.

De Excidio Brittanie,

A manuscript in the hand of the Reverend Samuel Williams, Llangynllo containing Gildas's 'De Excidio Brittanie' in Latin and Welsh on opposite pages.

Samuel Williams.