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Correspondence files,

Correspondence files of Farrer & Co. for their client Marquis Camden relating to Arthur Henry Walsh (third lord Ormathwaite from 1920) and Lady Clementine. Much of the correspondence is with Lord Camden and with H. J. W. Holt of Broughton, Hol...

Correspondence files,

Original bundle of correspondence files. The original references on the letters in C 3/2, 4-9 are mainly ‘E 2’; the receipts in C 3/1 have no reference numbers, and letters in C 3/3 are ‘D 2’ and ‘A 4’.

Loose papers re. Ormathwaite's mortgages,

Loose papers relating to Ormathwaite’s mortgages, including promissory notes, abstracts of title and notices of assignments. The deeds are mainly drafts and copies of mortgages and assignments of mortgages. A few releases from mortgages which rela...

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