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Llanstephan Manuscripts
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Prawf fod Degymmeu yn ddyledus wrth Ordinhad Duw,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing 'Prawf fod Degymmeu yn ddyledus wrth Ordinhad Duw', being a translation into Welsh. A note by Moses Williams states: 'Gorphènwyd ei gyfieithu y 19 Chwefror 1720/1'.

Moses Williams.

Ymddiddan and Elucidarium,

A manuscript in the hand of John Jones, Gellilifdy, who in turn had copied from a manuscript dated 1531 (see f. 20), containing 'Ymddiddan rwng y verch aniwair ar gwr ieuangc o waith Grasmws o Rodam', and the Elucidarium.

John Jones, Gellilyfdy.


A manuscript entitled 'Carpiog Aber Llyfeni', i.e. the 'Tattered [Book] of Aberllefenni, containing poetry, the poets cited including Iolo Goch, Huw Machno, Siôn Mawddwy, Siôn Brwynog, Guto'r Glyn, Rhisiart Phylip, Siôn Phylip ...

Welsh Laws and 'Elucidations',

A manuscript containing Welsh laws (pp. 1-96) and the 'Elucidations' (pp. 97-535), written in the hand of John Jones, Gellilyfdy prior to 25 September 1619 (see pp. 67, 535). Where the text is imperfect Moses Williams has written its con...

John Jones, Gellilyfdy and Moses Williams.

Leges Howeli Da,

A manuscript containing the Laws of Hywel Dda. The volume is inscribed 'Cod[ex] M. Williams 1724. Ex dono Ervditissimi Wottoni.'

Moses Williams.

Copies from the Red Book of Hergest,

Copies made from the Red Book of Hergest by David Parry in 1697 (see f. 202), written mostly on one side only. The volume contains De Carolo Magno (ff. 7-77); Historia Caroli Magni (ff. 78-91); Imago Mundi (ff. 91-98); Brief Chronicle (f. 98 = col...

David Parry.

The Life of Griffith ap Kynan,

A manuscript containing the Life of Griffith ap Kynan in Welsh and Latin (original foliation 1-40); and the Burial of Arthur (original foliation 45-52). Ff. 1-52 (original foliation) are written on one side only. The text of the Life of Griffith a...

Welsh Laws,

A manuscript containing a copy of the Welsh Laws taken from Brit. Mus. MS Bibl. Cotton. Titus D. 11.


A manuscript containing pedigrees written, at least in part, in 1633 (see p. 68).There are several lacunae in the text.


A manuscript dated c. 1726 (see p. 63) containing poetry, the poets cited including Elis Cadwaladr, Huw Morys and Rees Ellis.


A manuscript containing poetry of Taliesin, Iolo Goch, Edmwnd Prys, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, William Phylip and others.The manuscript is written in many hands but mostly in that of T. Jones of Pennant Melangell (see p. 222), c. 1680 (see pp. 76, 81).

T. Jones and others.

Gwydir rentals and estate memoranda,

A manuscript containing the rentals and estate memoranda of Maurice Wynn of Gwydir; together with the stock accounts of several farms.Among the losses of one farm's stock in the year 1570 is a sheep 'killed by an eagle' (p. 77).

Maurice Wynn.


A manuscript containing the private account book of George Hope of Dodleston, together with his account with the Earl of Bridgewater. The volume contains the inscription 'A note of my owne adge. I was christened in Hawarden the 25 of Aprill 1...

George Hope.


A manuscript, probably in the hand of David Parry (certainly pp. 353-367 are in his writing, and cf. Llanstephan MSS 138, 147, 148) and written c. 1640 (see p. 360) containing Dares Phrygius; Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia; Brut y Tywysogion...

David Parry.

The Book of Jaspar Griffith,

The 'book of Jaspar Griffith', containing poetry by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Rhys Fardd, Iolo Goch, Taliesin, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd [Dafydd Llwyd, Mathafarn] and others. Item 1 is a series of complaints between several parties &#...

[Jaspar Griffith].


Poetry in praise of William Owen of Henllys (c. 1486-1574) and his son George Owen (c. 1552-1613), of George William Griffith (1584-1655?) of Penybenglog, Pembrokeshire and others. The text is in several hands; pp. 1-62 shows beautiful penmanship....


A manuscript in two parts, the first part containing 'Some words omitted in Dr. Davies Welch and Latin Dictionary ...'; and the second part containing 'Geiriau or hen Gamberaag anhawdh ei dirnad yn yr oes hon', with illustratio...

Welsh grammars,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing 'Kelvyddyd kerdd Davod' (ff. 1-5a), being a copy of pp. 10-16 of Llanstephan MS 28, with a note stating that 'This imperfect Tract I transcribed out of a MS. writ by Guttyn Owain...

Moses Williams.

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