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John Jones, Gellilyfdy: Detholion o farddoniaeth
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John Jones, Gellilyfdy: Detholion o farddoniaeth

  • NLW MS 6681B
  • Ffeil
  • 17 cent.

A selection of cywyddau, awdlau and metrical areithiau of Welsh bards who flourished from the middle of the thirteenth to the end of the sixteenth century, transcribed, mainly from manuscripts preserved in his own family, by John Jones, Gellilyfdy (c. 1585-1657/8). The transcriber describes his work in this way: ... llyma lyfr o gywydde ag Odlev ag Araethev o waith amrafaelion feirdd a phrydyddion ag o amrafaelion ysgrifenyddion y rhai oll a gynhillis i gyd ag ai hysgrifennis yn un llyfr allan o hen lyfrev kandrell yr hai a vvessynt lyfrev im taid Sion ap Wiliam ap ap [sic] Sion ap Dd ap Ithel Vychan ... . John Jones, according to his usual practice, supplied tables of incipits, subjects and authors. At the end of the manuscript the transcriber has added variant readings and some notes on the poems contained in the collection. Additions in square brackets are in the hand of Lewis Morris (1701-1765), who made a transcript of the manuscript in 1727.

Jones, John, Gellilyfdy, ca. 1585-1657/8 Selection of Welsh poetry, 13-16 cents, by (17 cent.), NLW MS 6681B