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[Liverpool Bay]

A framed oil painting of a rough sea, almost black in colour, under a grey sky. The painting has been photographed with a Kodak Colour Control Patch and a Gray Scale card visible in the bottom of the frame.


The lack of a frame or border of any kind suggest that this may be a photograph of detail from an as yet unidentified painting. The painting has not been photographed with a Kodak Colour Control Patch ora Gray Scale card.

[Storm over Caernarfon Bay]

A predominantly grey painting showing a curved bank of grey cloud above a dark grey sea. The painting, square in shape, has been photographed in it's unframed state on an easel in the artists studio. A Kodak colour control patch is visible ab...

[Possibly Caernarfon Bay]

A square framed oil painting of an outcrop of dark rock in the foreground beyond which is a rough grey sea and stormy sky.