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Evan Owen Manuscripts,
Rhagolwg argraffu Gweld:

Bedyddwyr Lerpwl,

Miscellaneous notes by Evan Owen; and an accumulation of programmes, handbills, broadsheets, press cuttings, and other material relating to the history of Welsh Baptist Churches in Liverpool.

Evan Owen and others.

Sunday School and service registers,

A collection of Sunday School and Service Registers recording attendances at Byrom Street, Westmoreland Street, Everton Village, Gerard Street, and Virginia Street, Liverpool, 1883-1889.

Cymanfa Lerpwl,

Notes by Evan Owen; and miscellaneous papers relating to the Liverpool Welsh Baptist Association.

Evan Owen and others.


Letters, mainly addressed to Evan Owen, on matters relating to Baptist churches and organizations. The writers include Alfred H. Baynes, London, 1878; Charles Davies, Bangor, 1877; T. Witton Davies, Haverfordwest, 1883; Griffith Ellis, Bootle, 190...

Y Bedyddwyr,

A copy, by Evan Owen, of paragraphs omitted from an article on the Baptists in Y Brython, 22 July 1915.

Evan Owen.

An essay,

An essay, by 'Anti-tradition', on 'The distinguishing features of the Baptists'.

'Anti-tradition' (pseudonym).

Bedyddwyr Lerpwl,

A draft account by Evan Owen of Welsh Baptist Churches in Liverpool written in connection with the meeting of the Welsh Baptist Association in Liverpool in 1903.

Evan Owen.

Liverpool Welsh Baptists,

Notes by Evan Owen on active members in English churches who had been members in Liverpool Welsh churches, with notes on deacons and lay preachers.

Evan Owen.

Y Morafiaid,

Notes by Evan Owen on the history of the Moravians.

Evan Owen.


Notes by Evan Owen on Christian missions.

Evan Owen.

Cymdeithas Gwŷr Ieuainc Lerpwl,

Correspondence and papers, 1877-1879, relating to the Liverpool Welsh Young Baptists' Association, and to a joint meeting of representatives of other Welsh Young Men's Associations in Liverpool, 1878.

Cymry Lerpwl,

A notebook of Evan Owen containing short biographies entitled 'Heb Cymru [sic] Lerpwl' and relating to John Gibson, R. A., Dr Phillip James and David Jones, Wrexham; and short notes on other Liverpool Welshmen.

Evan Owen.

Ysgolion Sul,

Answer papers in a scriptural examination probably held in Liverpool.


Indexes to various notebooks by Evan Owen.

Evan Owen.

English history,

A brief account of the succession of English Kings to George II, written by Lucy Tomkinson.

Lucy Tomkinson.


Correspondence, 1876-1915, addressed to Evan Owen relating to his activities in connection with Baptist Churches and Welsh Youth movements in Liverpool and with the temperance movement in Liverpool and North Wales.

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