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Llanstephan Manuscripts William Gambold. Davies, John, 1567-1644
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Lexicon Cambro-Britannicum,

A manuscript containing 'Lexicon Cambro-Britannicum' by William Gambold, late of Exeter College, Oxford, later rector of Puncheston in Pembrokeshire. Part i of the manuscript contains an English-Welsh dictionary of '88 sheets, writ in 7 months' and completed 'Sep. 14. 1722'. The material was 'collected out of Dr. Davies's Latin-Welsh Dictionary, the Welsh translation of the holy Bible, several approved Welsh Authors, and common use'. There are three columns to each folio. Part ii contains a Welsh-English dictionary of '36 sheets', begun 'Nov. 27. 1721' and completed 'Feby. 17th 1721/2'. There are three columns to each folio.

William Gambold.