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Herbert family, of Powis and Montgomery.
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Pedigrees of the families of Williams of Llandegwning, Jones of Wern, Caernarvonshire, and Herbert of Montgomery and elsewhere in the hand of W. W. E. Wynne.
Tipped in are a number of original documents, including a receipt, 18 November 1653, of Owen John Owen for the sale of property in Llanegryn, Merionethshire (p. 14). 'Peniarth MS No. 70' on front cover and p. i.

Wynne, William Watkin Edward, 1801-1880

Herbert of Cherbury Manuscripts and Papers

  • GB 0210 CHERBURY
  • Fonds
  • [1550x1600]-1808

Manuscripts and papers of the Herbert families of Cherbury, Dolguog and Powis Castle, [1550x1600]-1808, and in particular those of Edward Herbert, 1st baron Herbert of Cherbury (d.1648), including his literary, philosophical, political and personal papers. The archive also includes political, estate and personal papers of the Herbert families of Cherbury and Powis Castle, 1565-1808. Many of the letters in the 1959 deposit are calendared in W. J. Smith, Herbert correspondence: the sixteenth and seventeenth century letters of the Herberts of Chirbury, Powis Castle and Dolguog, formerly at Powis Castle in Montgomeryshire (Cardiff, 1963).

Herbert families of Cherbury, Dolguog, Montgomery and Powis Castle.