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Heb deitl Gareth Vaughan Jones Papers
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[Elwyn Davies and son]

A bespectacled man, Elwyn Davies, standing behind his son, David, at 2590, Suricoongse Road, Bangkok. The boy is wearing 1935 Silver Jubilee medal on his chest.


A wharf photographed from a high viewpoint offshore, presumably the deck of a ship. A Chinese Junk is sailing beside the wharf.

[Gareth Vaughan Jones X]

Gareth Vaughan Jones aged about five with his father in a garden. GVJ is on his fathers knee looking at the camera. His father is crouching looking at Gareth.

[Large House & Garden]

A large two storey house photographed from across an extensive lawn. This is the home of Elwyn Davies, 2590, Suricoongse Road, Bangkok, where Gareth Jones stayed.

[Daughters of General Tsai and General Chen]

Two young Chinese ladies and a man seated at a table. Another man and girl look on. All are smiling at the camera. The ladies can be identified with reference to 'Gareth Jones - A Manchukuo Incident' by Margaret Siriol Colley (Newark, 20...

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