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Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh,

Mainly correspondence between Lord Davies and the governors of Merchiston Castle School, near Edinburgh, discussing the administration and running of the school, together with some administrative records.

Merchiston Castle School.

Original rentals,

Rentals, 1771-1777, giving the names of tenants and descriptions of their ‘places and holdings’.

Duplicate rentals,

A series of duplicate rentals, 1772-1776, which, to a greater or lesser degree, are duplicates of those in ED1.

Cox estate, Okehampton, rentals,

Original and fair copy rentals, 1773-1778, of one fourth part of an estate in Okehampton purchased by Clive from Mr. John Hippisley Cox in Michaelmas 1773.


A survey of the estate when it was in the ownership of Thomas Pitt [pre 1767]. The details given include the names of the tenants, the tenements they hold and by whom occupied and rented, the lives in being, their ages, improved yearly rent, herio...

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