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Letter from Dr Griffith Williams [afterwards bishop of Ossory] at Cockpit to Sir John Wynn at Gwydir,

A Frenchman, born in Geneva, having invented a rare and most admirable art, showed the same unto the King; how that, by one character, each nation of the world might easily understand whatsoever any other nation should write; so that, if Dr Williams should write in Greek to Sir John, he, by understanding those characters, would read the letter verbatim into English or Welsh, though he understood neither Greek nor any other tongue. The King, after many conferences with the man, appointed Lord Herbert, late ambassador of France, Sir Harry Wotton, Provost of Eton, and Dr Griffith Williams to examine into the business and to inform him therein. The Frenchman would have all nations express their words by one uniform character instead of letters, and in this character he sets down [the numerical form of] the word, with its variations of case, mood and tense, and would have every nation use a dictionary expressing words by the same figures. [A detailed description of the method follows]. The inventor has, by the King's command, written the first book of Homer's Iliad in four different languages, Greek, Latin, French, and English. They considered this man's invention, and as my Lord Herbert, and the writer did not altogether agree in the matter, they all went to the King, and the writer gave it as his opinion that the thing was possible but that there were divers doubts and difficulties, which he referred to the King's consideration: firstly, whether all nations would agree to make new dictionaries and to express all their writings by means of symbols; secondly, whether they could retain the numbers of words in the memory so as to write the words easily, and without recourse to dictionaries. Whereupon the King said that the writer spoke truly, and that a man must learn the art of memory to do it; thirdly, that it could no way further them to read books already printed in that way, as it would breed confusion, so that they must either reprint all the old books with the new figures, at an infinite charge and the loss of all their old books, or learn both old and new. These, with some other doubts and difficulties, the King did approve of, and sent Dr Williams, with the man, to my Lord Keeper, to show him what he had done and to tell him that the King was desirous that he should consider of something wherewith to encourage the poor man and to help him to live, because they found him to be an excellent scholar and an extraordinary linguist, both in Greek and Latin. My Lord Keeper spent above an hour examining his invention, and commended his industry and wit exceedingly, but was of opinion that it could be very hardly effected and received of all nations. He used him, however, very nobly and said he would 'do for him.'.

Rebel with a Cause

The box contains a folder which has materials on Ann Clwyd herself and her Rebel with a Cause book. There is a notebook, letters, book launch list, information sheet on the speaker's house, a list of scrapbooks, obituary newspaper clipping and a funeral order of service booklet.

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