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The Welsh Book of Remembrance

  • [The Welsh Book of Remembrance]
  • Ffeil
  • 1928.

This volume is bound in morrocan leather and has gold lettering and lines on the boards and spine. The volume is made up of parchment pages sewn on 5 raised cords. The first page contains the Welsh text "ER CÔF" and the signature, "Edward P", of Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII), and is dated "12 June 1928". The preface contains the following information in gold lettering: "HEREIN ARE RECORDED THE NAMES OF THE MEN AND WOMEN OF WELSH BIRTH AND PARENTAGE AND OF ALL THE MEN BELONGING TO THE REGIMENT OF WALES WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE WAR OF 1914-1918 A:D: THEY ARE COMMEMORATED BY THEIR FELLOW COUNTRY MEN IN THE MEMORIAL ERECTED NEAR BY." The following is noted at the end of the volume: "The work of Graily Hewitt, B.A., LL.B., of Lincoln's Inn, and his assistants Helen Hinkley, Ida D. Henstock, Florence Capey, and Helen Luker. Finished Mar. 1928. Treyford, Midhurst."


  • Ffeil
  • [mid-XV cent.]

An illuminated and noted missal of the mid-fifteenth century, probably copied in a London workshop, and apparently of Sarum use. The Rev. W.H. Maskell's theory that it was the sole survivor of the 'use of Bangor' is not substantiated by subsequent authorities on liturgical studies. Originally produced for the church of Great Easton, Essex, for the Calendar includes its dedication, at 4 August ('Dedicacio ecclesie sancti Egidii de Eyston. ad montem'); a note by a later hand at 20 August of the death of William Jaye ('Obitus Willelmi Jaye') and an erased inscription in the bottom margin, show that the manuscript was still at Great Easton in 1508.
References to the pope (e.g. f. 261), to purgatory (f. 256 verso) and to St Thomas of Canterbury (e.g. f. 24) are, as usually, erased or cancelled, particularly so in the calendar. Responses for the marriage service are given in English (f. 240), with English forms of the priest's address to couples added in a late-15th or early-16th cent. hand on f. 239 verso.

Datblygiad cenedlaetholdeb Cymru yn y milflwyddiant cyntaf.

  • ychwanegwyd at NLW ex 1959
  • Ffeil
  • 2001

Traethawd teipysgrif gan Dr Joseph P. Brown yn dwyn y teitl ' Datblygiad cenedlaetholdeb Cymru yn y milflwyddiant cyntaf', sef sylwadau ar hanes Cymru o'r ganrif gyntaf O.C. hyd wedi 870 O.C.

Brown, J. P. (Joseph P.)

Script of 'All at Sea'

  • added to NLW ex 2200
  • Ffeil
  • 2004

A copy of a script for a play by Chris Cooper, entitled 'All at Sea', which was performed by members of Theatr Powys, October 2004.

Cooper, Chris

Gildas and Deutero-Gildas.

  • added to NLW ex 1959
  • Ffeil
  • 2003

A typescript essay entitled 'Gildas and Deutero-Gildas by Dr Joseph P. Brown, being the text of a talk given to the ICCS, August 2003.

Brown, J. P. (Joseph P.)

Pedigree: White family

  • added to NLW Facs 378
  • Ffeil
  • 1994, 2004

An addition to the pedigree of the White family of Dulverton, Somerset, and Oakford and Knowstone, Devon, and later of Carmarthen, compiled by the donor in 1994, and amended in 2004.

White, D. M. B.

Yonges Family Newsletter

  • [Yonges Family Newsletter]
  • Ffeil

A copy of the fourteenth issue of the 'Yonges Family Newsletter', April 1997.

Yonges Family Society

William Morris

  • [William Morris]
  • Eitem
  • 1957.

This is a digital print prepared from the negative after it's treatment for Vinegar Syndrome. The photograph is believed to have been taken at the proclamation ceremony for the 1958 National Eisteddfod in Ebbw Vale.

Charles, Geoff, 1909-2002

WMA: Cofnodion Eglwys Gymraeg Birmingham

  • [WMA: Cofnodion Eglwys Gymraeg Birmingham]
  • Fonds
  • 1909-1989

Cofnodion, c. 1909-1989, yn gyfrolau a rhai papurau rhydd, yn ymwneud â Eglwys Fethodistaidd Gymraeg Birmingham.

Papers of William Ewart Gladstone on microfilm

  • [W.E. Gladstone microfilm]
  • Fonds

Microfilm copies of The Papers of William Ewart Gladstone from St Deiniol's Library, Hawarden, and from The British Library.

[Views in Monmouthshire]

  • [Views in Monmouthshire]
  • Ffeil
  • [ca.1900-ca.1910]

Three modern digital prints prepared fror a small exhibition in conjunction with LENS 2010. These show York Place, Newport; Christchurch Hill, Caerleon; The Bon Marche, Abertillery.

Ridley, Martin 1861-1936 Photographer

[Views in Mid & North Wales]

  • [Views in Mid & North Wales]
  • Ffeil
  • [ca.1961].

Glass mounted slides of views in Mid and North Wales, approximately half of which have been captioned. Included are views inside Dolaucothi Gold Mine and at an abandoned but unidentified limestone quarry.

Ridley, W A Canterbury

Cofnodion Urdd Gobaith Cymru (Rhanbarth Ceredigion)

  • [Urdd Ceredigion]
  • Fonds

Minutes and other papers, 1965-97, relating to the Ceredigion Region of Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Cofnodion a phapurau eraill, 1965-97, yn ymwneud â Rhanbarth Ceredigion o Urdd Gobaith Cymru

[Thomas Witton Davies Bequest]

  • [Thomas Witton Davies Bequest]
  • Ffeil
  • [ca.1900-ca.1930]

Six miscellaneous photos including a child playing on a beach, family portrait, a view of Cricieth Castle, two anonymous portraits and a studio portrait of Rev Owen Evans DD, Congregationalist minister, Liverpool.

Heb deitl

Tabernacle, Defynnog, Independent Chapel Records

  • [Tabernacle, Defynnog, Independent Chapel Records]
  • Fonds
  • 1846-1997

Records, 1846-1997, of Tabernacle Independent Chapel, Defynnog, Pontsenni, co. Brecon, including minutes of meetings, financial papers and correspondence.

Tabernacle Independent Chapel (Defynnog, Wales)

[TGWU visit to Buxton Convalescent Home]

  • [TGWU visit to Buxton Convalescent Home]
  • Eitem
  • 1949.

A group of 24 men and one woman standing or seated in front of a black and white timbered building.

Sydney Wignall Collection : [Miscellaneous slides]

  • [Sydney Wignall Collection : [Miscellaneous slides]]
  • Ffeil
  • [1955-1982]

Transparencies connected with the professional and personal life of Sydney Wignall. Included are images of the 1981 Loch Ness Expedition, Domestic scenes, Royal Navy vessels, visit to Texas & New Mexico, North Molton Parish church.

Sgriptiau Eurwyn Williams,

  • [Sgriptiau Eurwyn Williams]
  • fonds
  • 1982-1998/

Mae'r casgliad yn cynnwys sgriptiau ffilm a baratowyd yn ystod y 1980au a'r 1990au gan Eurwyn Williams fel aelod o amrywiol griwiau ffilm, yn bennaf ar gyfer Ffilmiau Eryri. Ceir hefyd nifer o daflenni gan gynnwys amserlenni ffilmio, lleoliadau a rhestri o actorion, y mwyafrif yn ymwneud â'r ffilm 'Owain Glyndwr: Prince of Wales' = The collection consists of film scripts prepared during the 1980s and 1990s by Eurwyn William as a member of various film crews, mainly for Ffilmiau Eryri. There is also a number of leaflets including filming schedules, locations and lists of actors, most of these relating to the film 'Owain Glyndwr: Prince of Wales'.

Eurwyn Williams (ganed 1958)

Roath Park and Thompson's Park

  • [Roath Park and Thompson's Park]
  • Ffeil
  • [ca.1900-ca.1910.]

A view of the Bandstand in Roath Park and the pond in Thompson's Park, both Cardiff. Both images are modern digital prints prepared from the original glass negatives for LENS 2010.

Ridley, Martin 1861-1936 Photographer

[Railway Lantern Slides]

  • [Railway Lantern Slides]
  • Ffeil
  • [ca.1955]

Lantern slides including locomotives and rolling stock on the Ffestiniog Railway and at Llandudno; Caernarfon Castle and Guildhall ; Boy Scouts.

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