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A farm account book,

A farm account book, 1786-1792, the property of the late Mrs C. Jones, wife of the Reverend H. Jones, vicar of Penmark, Cowbridge, containing miscellaneous farm and household accounts, culinary and household recipes, etc.

Mrs C. Jones.

Commonplace book of Thomas Richards,

A commonplace book of the Reverend Thomas Richards (1754-1837), vicar of Darowen containing 'An Extract out of Bishop [William] Beveridge's Exposition on the XXXIX Articles of the Church of England'; household and medical recipes from printed sources; transcripts by Mary Richard [Darowen] of letters, undated, from D[avid] Richards, Llansilin to the Reverend David Hughes, rector of Llanfyllin, and [ ] (Bible Association meetings at Llansilin); autobiographical data by Thomas Richards, 1754-1819; a topographical dictionary of English and Welsh counties; a transcript of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Faith of the Church of England; a journal and account book of Thomas Richards, 1782-92 (with gaps) (incorporating notes of sermons by D[aniel] Rowland, Llangeitho); poetry by Cadwalader Dafydd ('o Lanymowddwy') and David Ellis ('y Gof' ? 'o Lanuwchllyn') and anonymous 'englynion'; a transcript of an address, 1804, by T[homas Burgess], bishop of St Davids, to his clergy outlining his proposal to establish a Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and Church Union in the diocese; a transcript of an address, undated, by [Samuel] Horsley, bishop of St Davids, to the masters of schools within the diocese approved by him for the training of candidates for holy orders; tables of tithes payable in the parish of Llanymowddwy, 1789-93; a list of books perused by Thomas Richards, 1786-7; etc.

Darowen tithes; transcripts by Mary Richards; etc.

A volume originally used fairly extensively by Thomas Richards, Darowen as a rentroll of tithes set in the parish of Darowen, 1824-31. Beginning at the end, also in the hand of Thomas Richards, are a note from the Shrewsbury Chronicle, 1829, on the 'Rearing of Apple Trees'; medical, veterinary and household recipes; and accounts of receipts and disbursements (tithes, road rates, rents, etc.) of Thomas Richards, 1827-31. The remainder of the volume was used by Mary Richards, circa 1850-4, to record transcripts of a list of books in the library of Thomas Richards, Darowen; letters from Evan Richards to Thomas Richard[s], curate of Eglwys fach, near Dovy furnace, undated (religious meditations, a pocket Bible), Ch. Meyer, Llanrhaiadr [ym Mochnant], to T[homas] Richards, Llangynyw, undated (news of W. Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], an invitation to the recipient and Arthur [James] John[e]s), Thos Jones, L[eintwar]dine [aft. of Creaton], to Thos. Richard[s] [at Llangynfelyn], 1779 (personal), and [Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd')], Trefriw to T[homas] Richard[s], Darowen, 1823 (the writer's preparations to enter St Bees, the writer's return to Trefriw, personal) (original in Cwrtmawr MS 534, Letter No. 13); a receipt for a sum of £1 l0s. paid for a sundial for the use of the parish of Darowen, 1761; accounts of disbursements by T[homas] Richard[s] at Llanganfelin [Llangynfelyn], 1776-81, and a list (p. 17) of the first pupils entered in his school at Llan y Mowddwy, 1789; poetry in strict and free metres ('cywyddau', 'englynion', etc.) by Robert Parry ('Robin Ddu o Eryri'), [William Williams] ('Gwilim ab Iorwerth'), Ieuan ap R[hys] ab Llywelyn, Huw Caellwyd, Rhys ab Cynfreig Goch, Dafydd ap Ieuan Llwyd, Sion Kerri, Tudur Aled, Roger Kyffin, Dafydd ap Jenkin an Owen, W[illiam] Phillip, Doctor Sion Kent, Gruffyth ab Goronwy Gethin, Edmwnd Prys, Edward Urien, Tuder Penllyn, Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), [John Jones] 'Tegid', William Cynwal, Hu[w] Llun, Rhys Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Gryffyth ap Efan, Dr Richard Dafis ('Esgob Dewi'), Sion ab Sion, Sion Tudur and Howel Borthor (o'r Trallwng'), and anonymous poems. Among the insets and items mounted on the inside covers are a letter from J. Topham to [ ], 1786 (Mr Stocks's donation); an undated petition by William Davies, late of Cemmes, Llanegrin, Merioneth for a charitable contribution from Price Jones, Cyfronydd (petitioner claims that Cemmes, now in Pryce Jones's possession, was previously the property of his own father John Davies); and Hirnant rent accounts between T[homas] Richards and Captain Gwynne, 1816-18. One of the sources quoted by Mary Richards is a manuscript of Sir Thomas Llwyd, 'Person Cemes, Sir Drefaldwyn'. The outside upper cover is inscribed '1825 Tithe Book'.

Farming account book,

  • NLW MS 22033D.
  • File
  • 1897-1968 /

Farming account book originally belonging to David Evans of Ayngstree, Clifton-on-Teme, Worcestershire, who seems to have moved there from the Llandysul area of Cardiganshire. The volume comprises accounts, 1897-1915, of sales of farming produce and of wages and allowances to servants and labourers (ff. 1-31, 148 verso-67 verso, 173 verso-7); a few veterinary, household and culinary recipes (ff. 2, 16, 30 recto-verso, 31 verso-2); and family and other memoranda. There are also farming accounts and memoranda, 1943-1968, probably from the Llandysul area (ff. 33 verso-41 verso, 144-6 verso, 172-4).

Evans, David, Clifton-on-Teme


A composite volume containing miscellaneous material in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). The contents include p. 1, a copy of a proclamation announcing the holding of an 'eisteddfod' at Caerwys, co. Flint, in the year 1523; 2-26, extracts from, or versions of, the statutes for regulating the organisation and conduct of Welsh bards and musicians associated mainly with the name of Gruffudd ap Cynan; 26-35, a series of triads with the superscription 'Llymma Drioedd Gruffudd ap Dafydd Ychan'; 39-43, a copy of an 'Awdl perthynol i'r Rhyfel bresenol ag America' attributed to I[orwerth] ap G[wilym]; 49-60, transcripts of two Welsh poems attributed to Llywarch Brydydd y Moch and Cynddelw Brydydd, three 'englynion' from 'Llyfr Hir Llanharan', and an 'englyn' attributed to Siôn y Cent; 65-94, transcripts of miscellaneous Welsh verse including a series of twenty-two stanzas with the superscription 'Llyma'r Englynion a fu rhwng Trystan ab Tallwch a Gwalchmai ab Gwyar . . . ', 'Casbethau Arthur', stanzas from the 'Black Book of Carmarthen' attributed to Taliesin, a sequence of twenty-seven stanzas ('Gwasgargerdd Merddin yn ei Fedd') attributed to Myrddin ab Madawg Morfryn, a 'marwnad' attributed to Gruffydd Llygad gwr, a four-line 'darogan' attributed to Peredur Fardd, thirty stanzas from the 'Red Book of Hergest' entitled 'Ymatreg Llywelyn a Gwrnerth', forty-four stanzas with the superscription 'Tribanau yr Eiry Mynydd ar y mesur a elwir yr Hen Driban' attributed to Mab claf ab Llywarch or Llywarch Hen, and a further series of twenty stanzas with the superscription 'Llyma Englynion Eiry Mynydd eraill . . .' attributed to Ystyffan Bardd Teilo or Talhaiarn; 97-101, a list of the twenty-four traditional Welsh accomplishments ('Y Pedair Camp ar hugain'); 103-24, transcripts of 'cywyddau', etc., attributed to Bedo Philip Bach, Howel Dafydd ab Ieuan ab Rhys, Gr. Hiraethog, Siôn Mawddwy, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Trehaearn Brydydd Mawr, and Gutto'r Glynn, and of a series of 'englynion' to commemorate the year of accession of every English monarch during the period 1067-1558, these last being attributed to Berud ap yr Ynad Coch, Bleddyn Ddu, Cynddelw Brydydd Mawr, Llywelyn Fardd, Dafydd y Coed, Harri Haram Param, Llefot Wynebcolawr, Cyssymdaith Llefot Wynebcolawl, Mabwaith Hengrys o Ial, Llygad Gwr, Llywelyn ap Hywel Wrnerth, Gwilym Ddu 'o Arfon', Dafydd Bach ap Madoc Gwladaidd, Hywel Ystorun, Daniel Llosgwrn Marw, Dafydd Eppynt, Ieuan Brydydd Hir, Bleddyn ap Ieuan Hen, D. ddu, Ierwerth Fynglwyd, Rhys Nanmor, Hywel ap Bleddyn Mathew, Owain y Bardd 'o Wynedd', and Huw Arwystli; 129-35, a list of mainly Welsh authors who had written about the island of Britain ('am holl ynys Brydain') and of Welsh bards who had written of the three regions of Wales ('tair talaith Cymru'), etc.; 137, receipts for making ink; 138-9, transcripts of the Lord's Prayer in Welsh as versified by Dafydd Benwyn, and of 'englynion' attributed to Thos. Llen. 'o Regoes', Daf. o'r Nant, and Iolo Morganwg; 140-50, a transcript of a letter from Dafydd Tomas from Pandy'r Ystrad to Dafydd Rhys touching upon the course of the Reformation and the rise of Nonconformity in Glamorgan and mentioning Rhawlins White, Siôn Penri, William Erbri, and Walter Cradoc, and a translation of the Bible into Welsh by Tomas Llywelyn 'o Regoes' (the text of this letter was published in L. J. Hopkin James and T. C. Evans: Hen Gwndidau, Carolau, a Chywyddau . . . (Bangor, 1910), pp. 207-13; for doubts as to its authenticity and the opinion that it was composed by Edward Williams himself see TLLM, tt. 127, 245); 151-3, an anecdote relating to Gwilym Hir Saer and three stanzas in the 'triban' measure attributed to him; 154-64, two versions of 'Dengair Deddf y Beirdd' or 'Dengair Deddf Beirdd y Cymry' (published in James and Evans: op. cit., pp. 199-207); 165-74, a transcript of a letter from Dafydd Nicolas ? of Aberpergwm from Glyncorrwg to Edward Han of Aberdar, 1754, in which the writer gives his views on the relative merits of Welsh strict- and free- metre verse (the text of the letter was published in Taliesin . . ., cyf. I, 1859-60, tt. 92-5; for doubts as to its authenticity and an opinion that it was composed by Edward Williams himself see TLLM, tt. 241, 290-92); 175-6, a short chronicle of events in Welsh history, 1221-1419; 177-216, transcripts of Welsh poems attributed to Howel ab Owain Gwynedd, Casnodyn Fardd, ? Cynddelw, ? Teulu Owain Cyfeilyawc, Prydydd y Moch, Meilir Brydydd, Bleddyn Fardd, Llywelyn Fardd, Taliesin, Rhobin Ddu, Y Bergam o Faelor, Ieuan Trwch y Daran, D. ab Edmund, Ieuan Tew Hen, and Lln. ap Guttun, and miscellaneous extracts; 217, a copy of the prophecy of Friar Bacon ('Prophwydoliaeth y Brawd a elwid Ffreier Bacon'); (continued)

218-21, miscellanea including transcripts of two 'englynion' attributed to Sir Huw Dafydd and Thomas Powel, and a list of the cantrefi and cymydau of Morganwg 'ex Havod MS.'; 222-4, miscellaneous domestic and medicinal recipes; 243-5, a copy of a foreword reputedly written by Benjamin Simon in 1754 to a collection of the poems of Dafydd ap Gwilym; 246-52, transcripts of Welsh poems attributed to Ieuan Tew o Gydweli and Edward Llwyd; 253-5, a list of castles in Britain ('Caerau Ynys Prydain sef y Prif Gaerau'); 255-69, transcripts of miscellaneous 'englynion', three triads, and poems attributed to Siams ab Harri 'o Euas' and Gruffudd ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan; 270-87, transcripts of series of 'sayings', proverbs, triads, etc., with the superscriptions 'Saith gamp a ddylai fod ar wr', 'Saith ymofynion a'u hattebion', 'Geiriau Gwir Cattwg Ddoeth', 'Gorddodeu Cattwg ddoeth', 'Gorddodeu'r Hen Gattwg o Ial', 'Synnidau Cattwg Ddoeth', 'Trioedd amrafaelion', 'Diarhebion amrafaelion', 'Diarhebion Cenhedlig a Lleol', 'Llyma Ddiarhebion Tymmor a Thywydd', and 'Diarhebion Meddygol'; 287-95, a sequence of fifty-three stanzas entitled 'Englynion yr Eira Gwyn ar Ddiarhebion'; 296-323, transcripts of miscellaneous Welsh prose and verse items including prose items headed 'Llyma wyth llawenydd y Nef', 'Llyma Rinwedd y Ceiliog', 'Cas Betheu gan Dduw', 'Wyth o Drioedd', 'Naw Gradd yr Awgrym', 'Naw gradd Carrenydd', 'Llyma y pum achos sydd i gadw achau', 'Nodau Rhifyddiaeth yr Hen Gymry', 'y Llythyrenau Cymreig Hen a Newydd', 'Tri chynghor a roddes Iesu Grist iddei Ganlynwyr', 'Enwau Ynys Prydain a'i Rhag ynysoedd a'i chaerydd', and 'Hwedl Rhitta Gawr', 'englynion' attributed to Dafydd Benwyn 'o Forganwg', Edward Dafydd 'o Fargam', and Ieuan Gethin ab Ieuan ab Lleison, twenty-six stanzas attributed to Rhys Llwyd Brydydd 'o Lanharan', and verse attributed to Merddin Emrys, Taliesin, and Goronwy Owain; 324-438, transcripts of Welsh poems, mainly 'cywyddau', attributed to Iolo Goch, Gwilym ab Ieuan Hen, Rhys ab Cynfrig Goch, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Thomas Llywelyn, Lewys Môn, Rhys Nanmor, Huw Cae Llwyd, Rhys Goch 'o'r Eryri', Siôn Philib, William Llyn, Rhisiart Fynglwyd, Rhys Llwyd ab Rhys ab Rhisiart, Meredydd ap Rhys, Ieuan Du'r Bilwg, Siôn y Cent, Ieuan Cae Llwyd, Tudur Aled, Syr Owain ab Gwilym, Owain Gwynedd, Taliesin, Dafydd Llwyd ab Llywelyn ab Gruffydd 'o Fathafarn', and Siôn Mowddwy; 439-42, transcripts of items with the superscriptions 'Gweddi Talhaearn . . .', 'Y Deuddeg Prif Gynnegolion . . .', 'Llyma Bennill Cadair Gorsedd Alban Arthan', 'Llyma Weddi'r Orsedd', and 'Cylch Byd a Bywyd', and examples of the strict metre known as 'gorchest y beirdd'; 459-95, transcripts of poems attributed to Dafydd ap Gwilym and some unattributed poems; 555-65, three sequences of stanzas (16, 13, and 8) with each verse commencing 'Coronog Faban' attributed to Aneurin Gwawdrydd or Gildas ap y Caw, Jonas Athraw Mynyw, and Rhys Goch 'o Eryri', with comments on the three series; 566, transcripts of four stanzas of Welsh strict-metre verse attributed to Rhys Llwyd and Iorwerth Fynglwyd; 571-86, a version of the statute relating to Welsh bards and musicians associated with the names of Gruffudd ab Cynan and Bleddyn ab Cynffyn; 587-9, notes relating to an 'eisteddfod' held by Rhys ab Gruffydd in Cardigan and rules formulated relating to the bards and 'eisteddfodau'; and 590-626, transcripts of miscellaneous Welsh prose and verse items including notes headed 'Llyma fal y dychre Dosparth ar Gelfyddyd cerdd dafawd yn Llyfr Iago ab Dewi', series of triads with the superscriptions 'Llyma Drioedd o hen Lyfr Tre'r Eos', 'Llyma Drioedd Gwilym hir, saer Hopkin ap Thomas ab Philip', and ['Trioedd] o Lyfr y Dr. Williams o Gaernarfon', Welsh poems attributed to Taliesin, Iorwerth Beh, Mabclaf ab Llywarch, and ? Daniel Llosgwrn Mynyw, a version of the bardic statute associated with the name of Gruffudd ap Cynan, prose items with the superscriptions 'Llyma Gasbetheu Doethion Rhufein', 'Dewisa Gwr nid amgen', 'Saith rhodd yr Yspryd Glan', 'Llyma Ddewisolion Dafydd Maelienydd', and 'Dewisolion Hywel Ystoryn', and an anecdote relating to Huw Llwyd Cynfel, brother of Morgan Llwyd 'o Wynedd'.

'Iolo Morganwg'.

Newmarket parish registers,

A transcript of the parish registers of Newmarket, 1700-1717, 1752-1912, together with lists of some perpetual curates and churchwardens. The volume also contains a few culinary recipes, and was originally used to record payments to Hawarden and District Waterworks Co., Chester Waterworks Co., Chester Corporation (electric light), Chester Union, and the parish of Hawarden (poor rate, lighting rate), and the payment of income tax and Hawarden tithes, 1897-1902.

Recipes and poetry,

An exercise book containing domestic recipes and poetry- 'Anerchiad hen bererin i'w draed dolurus'; 'Deuwch gwelwch y fan lle gorweddodd yr Arglwydd'; 'Y diweddar Talhaiarn'; and 'Beddargraff i Scorpion'.

Recipes, etc.,

An imperfect volume containing medical, culinary, and household recipes, and miscellaneous literary items including extracts from [Edward] Bysshe: The Art of [English] Poetry [(London, 1702)], an incomplete transcript of [John] Dryden's poem 'Alexander's Feast or the Power of Musique', extracts from 'Sir Charles Grandison's Memoirs' [? Samuel Richardson: The History of Sir Charles Grandison . . . (1754)], extracts from [Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd earl of] Shaftesbury: Characteristicks [of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times (1711)], extracts from [William] Mason's poem ['Musaeus: A Monody to the Memory of Mr. Pope'], etc.

Richards family transcripts,

A composite volume comprising three exercise books, with numerous items inset and mounted therein, largely in the hands of Thomas Richards, Mary Richards and Lewis Richards, Darowen. The contents include extracts from Sir John Hill: The Family Herbal (Bungay, 1812) and household and medical recipes; poetry in strict and free metres by [John Jones] ('Myllin'), Evan Jones (Darowen), Evan Thomas (Llansilin), Robert Davies, Nantglyn, W[alter] D[avies, 'Gwallter Mechain'], Lewis Jones (Nant hir), Robert Owen (Denbigh), [John Jones] ('Tegid'), Mrs [Elizabeth] Cribber [Crebar] (daughter of Lewis Morris, 'Llywelyn Ddu o Fôn'), [David Richards] ('Dewi Silin'), ?[David Richards] ('Dafydd Ionawr'), ?Dafydd Elis (Mowddwy), Harry Parry, Arthur Jones, John Parry, Peter Jones, John Rogers, ?Evan Evans (['Ieuan] Glangeirionydd'), [William Williams] 'G[wilym] ab Iorwerth', Mary Watcin (Moelcerni, near Aberystwyth), Mrs E. Jones ('Crefyddwraig', Mowddwy), [Morris Jones] ('M[eurig] Idris') (partly holograph), William Winne (vicar of Llanbrynmair), Rus Cain, Ev. Evans ['Ieuan Brydydd Hir'], Richard Philip, Cadwaladr David, Ann Humphrey, John Jones ('Sir Garnarvon'), Dafydd Jones ('neu'r Tailiwr hir') and Sion Parry ('tatganwr ... o Fallwyd'), and anonymous poems; letters from Robert Davies, Nantglyn to T[homas] Richards, Darowen, undated (the writer's visit to Carmarthen and his stay at Nannau), and D[avid] Richards ['Dewi Silin'], 1825 and undated (mutual visits, a prospectus of ? Diliau Barddas by the writer), William Jones, Llan y Mowddwy, to D[avid] Richards Llansilin, 1822 (a strange incident at Mallwyd), Aneurin [Owen] from Tyn y Celyn [Nantglyn] to D[avid] Richards, Llansilin, 1835 (recte 1825) (an invitation to Tan y Gyrt), [ ] to T[homas] Richards, Llan y Mowddwy, undated (medicine for John Edward), [?L. Jones] 'Llewelin ab Ioan', Bwlch y maen to Thomas Richards, Llan y Mowddwi, 1787-8 (the writer's religious experiences, a translation by the Reverend Thomas Jones [Creaton]) (original letters in Cwrtmawr MSS 872 and 1043), Reginald Heber, Hodnet (in the third person) to Richard Richard[s], Caerwys, 1822 (a donation towards the education of Evan Evans ['Ieuan Glan Geirionydd']),'Harri Ddu o Gaer Derwyddon, swydd Ddinbech' to Richard Richards, Caerwys, 1845 (enclosing poetry, the writer's penury), [John Jones] 'Tegid', Christ Church, Oxford to [? John Jenkins 'Ifor Ceri'], 1828 (Kerry eisteddfod, enclosing poetry, personal), John Williams, Castell, Darowen to [Mary] Richards, 1834 (the excommunication of John Davies from the Society ('Seiat')), William Owen (in the third person) to T[homas] Richards, undated (a request for the loan of ploughs), [Mary Richards] to her nephew, Cornelius Griffydd [London], 1819 (an account of the writer's return from London to Darowen); an account of disbursements at the Ship Inn, Dolgelleu, 5 August 1819 (p. 87); pasted on the inside of the upper cover is a prospectus of R. Williams, Runcorn: Ysgrifenydd Buan; neu Gyfundraith Newydd o Law Fer, (A New System of Short Hand); etc. The transcripts of Lewis Richards, which form the greater part of the third notebook, were compiled during the period 1811-18 and some of the transcripts by Mary Richards are dated 1861-6. Some of the items have been transcribed from the manuscript(s) of 'Cadwaladr Robert o Lan y Mowddwy' and 'John Cadwalader' (p. 87) and 'Cadwaladr Davidd lan y Mowddwy' (p. 132).

Sermons, accounts, &c.,

  • NLW MS 21921A.
  • File
  • 1834-1861 /

Notebook, 1834-1861, of the Rev. Evan David, Y Groes-faen, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, containing sermons; accounts and other particulars, 1845-1856, relating to Fforest-fawr and other farms in the Llantrisant area (ff. 6-9, 10 verso-11 verso, 14-15); medical and domestic recipes (ff. 5, inverted text 59 recto-verso); and a list of those pledging themselves to total abstinence (inverted text ff. 51 recto-verso, 52 verso). A newspaper account of the funeral of Evan David is on f. 70 verso.

David, Evan, 1809-1871.

Transcripts by Mary Richards,

A volume of transcripts by Mary Richards, including 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Dafydd ap Gwilim, Thomas Pryse, Robert ap Howel ap Morgan ('o Langower'), David Llwyd ap Hugh, Gruffydd ab Meredydd ab Dafydd, Sion Philip ('ne Owen Gwynedd'), R[obert] Leiaf, Tudur Aled, Dafydd Emanuel, Dio ap Ie[ua]n Du, [Lewys] Morganwg, S[ion] Tuddur, Howel ap Gytto, W. Llwyd, Gruff. Llwyd ap D'd ap Einion, Ifan Tew Brydydd, Gytto or Glyn, etc., and anonymous poetry; later poetry of personal and local interest, in both strict and free metres (especially 'englynion') by (among others) John Blackwell ('Alun'), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), [John Jones] ('Myllin'), Sion Cain Jones ('Sion Ceiriog'), Evan Jones (Gwyneddon, Aberhonddu), Richard Hughes (rector of Llany Mowddwy), Thomas Elis (Caerwys), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), R. Llwyd (Llangynyw), David Rowland(s) ('Dewi Brefi'), Evan Evans (['Ieuan] Glangeironydd'), John Robert (Hersedd), David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), Cadwaladr Dafydd (Llan y Mowddwy), Jon. Evans (Glandyfi), Sion Prys (Mowddwy) ('o Bennant'), Morris Jones ('Meurig Idris'), Dafydd Ellis (Mowddwy), David Jones (Llwyn y Maen), Mr Philips ('or Hays'), Goronwy Owen ('Goronwy Ddu o Fôn'), John Davies (Dolgoch, Llanbrynmair), [William Williams] 'Gwilim ab Iorwerth' (Darowen), [John Athelstan Owen] ('Bardd Meirion'), [William Williams] ('Gwilym Cyfeiliog'), Thomas Jones (Llynlleifiad), Rowland Parry (Llanuwchllyn), [Benjamin Jones] ('P. A. Mon'), 'Cynddelw ab David ab Thomas ab Richard ab Thomas (Hirnant), Evan Jones ('Saer Darowen') and Aneurin Owen, and anonymous poetry; letters largely to members of the Richards family of Darowen from James Evans, secretary, Cymrod[or]ion or Metrepolitan [sic] Cambrian Institution, 1821 (the election of Mary Richards to honorary membership), T. Price ('Carnhuanawg'), Crickhowel, 1833 (the preservation of the Welsh language), Robert Davies (Dafydd), Nantglyn, 1820-34 (2) (visits to the recipients, the writer's search for books of 'Diliau Barddas'), John Jones, Bryn Derfel, 1833 (an invitation), Edward Davies, 1829 (a parcel from [John] Blackwell ['Alun'], a proposed visit), Richd. Owen, Hendre Gadog, 1811 (a translation by Goronwy Owen), [Anthony Ashley-Cooper 7th earl of Shaftesbury, styled] Lord Ashley, 1827 (Denbigh eisteddfod), John Evan, Llanfyllin, undated [1826] (the illness of 'Myllin'), Reginald Heber [aft. bishop of Calcutta] Hodnet, 1822 (a donation towards the education of Evan Evans [?'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd']), John Robert, Herseth, Nannerch, 1824 (subscribing to Y Gwyliedydd) and John Blackwell ('Alun'), Aberhiw, 1826 (an account of festivities at Darowen Vicarage), and an original letter from W[alter] D[avies] ['Gwallter Mechain'], 1816 (a carol for publication in Cylchgrawn Cymru); and miscellanea, including an obituary notice of the Reverend Daniel Rowland [Llangeitho] by the Reverend Thos. Charles, Bala, 1790, a treatise on angling entitled 'Am Bysgota', an introduction to a text book on music ('Music Soniarus'), incomplete depositions of 'old men' (Hugh Jones etc.) touching the boundaries and rights and liberties of properties in Llan Mowddwy, Merioneth, 1788, household and medical recipes, an anecdote concerning the Prince of Wales (aft. King Edward VII), etc. Inset is a prospectus, 1822, 'For Publishing, by Subscription, in the Welsh Language, a book called The Reformation of Wales; containing the destruction of monasterys and a correct account of several Cambri Britons who suffer'd Martyrdom ... by William Owen' (See William Owen Drych Crefyddol, Lle'rpwll, 1824). Much of the volume was probably compiled during the late 1840's, but there are additions to the early 1870s.