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Nationalism -- France -- Brittany.
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J. Dyfnallt Owen papers relating to Brittany

  • Fonds
  • 1927-1952 (mainly 1944-1952)

Papers, 1927-1952, of the Rev. J. Dyfnallt Owen relating to the imprisonment of Breton nationalists and the alleged suppression of Breton language and culture by the French state following the Second World War, consisting of correspondence, writte...

Dyfnallt, 1873-1956

Breton Nationalism

A carbon copy typescript, [1946], of the English translation of Yann Fouéré's 'Breton Nationalism - France and Germany'; it was published, anonymously, as Breton Nationalism (Cardiff: Welsh Nationalist Party, [1947]).The text was tr...

Fouéré, Yann.

Louis Feutren Collection,

  • GB 0210 FEUTREN
  • Fonds
  • [1910s]-2008 /

Papers of the Breton nationalist Louis Feutren (1922-2009), together with papers of two fellow nationalists accumulated by him, Neven Henaff (Célestin Lainé, 1908-1983), and Alan Heusaff (1921-1999). All three were prominent members of the Breton ...

Feutren, Louis, 1922-2009.

Letters of J. M. Perrot,

Some sixty letters and cards, 1927-39, to Geraint Dyfnallt Owen, mostly from the Abbé Jean-Marie (Yann-Vari) Perrot (1877-1943), Breton cultural and religious leader, but also including letters, 1933-9, from his secretary Henri Caouissin. As well ...

Jean-Marie Perrot and Herri Caouissin.