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Ethics & moral philosophy.

This appears to be one of the college notebooks of William Williams (Speaker Williams), and is inscribed 'Sum liber Guil: Williams, Anno 1651'. It contains notes on Moral Philosophy and Ethics, extracts from Aristotle's works and questions on Logic, Ethics, Grammar, Geometry, etc.

Williams, William, Sir, 1634-1700

Legal precedents.

A book of legal precedents compiled by William Williams in 1658.

Williams, William, Sir, 1634-1700

Legal reports.

Reports of cases heard in the Kings Bench 1660-1666, by William Williams. On an unnumbered folio following f. 106, William Williams has entered a few notes on recorders and mayors of Chester, of which city he was Recorder from 1667 to 1684. On the following folio is the note: 'I was elected Speaker of the House of Comons by the unanimous consent of the House upon Thursday 21th day of Octr. 1680: 32 Car. 2 and continued Speaker to the end of that Parliament which was dissolved by Proclamacon ye 18th of January 1680.' Particulars of his seat in the Rolls, Grays Inn and Chancery follow.

Williams, William, Sir, 1634-1700

Letters to John Owen, Penrhos, and Mrs Margaret Wynne, Bodewryd

Letters addressed to John Owen (d. 1712) of Penrhos, 1649-1710 (Nos 96-135), and to Mrs Margaret Wynne (d. 1723) of Bodewryd, 1679-1723 (Nos 136-219).
The correspondents include [Sir] William Williams [baronet], 1657-1698 (Nos 113-135) and Margaret Wynne's son Edward Wynne [Chancellor of Hereford], 1709-1723 (Nos 182-212).

Owen, John, 1627 or 1628-1712

Notes on metaphysics & law.

One of the college notebooks of William Williams containing extracts and notes on Metaphysics and Law. 'Sum ex libris Guil: Williams Coll: Iesu Comensal: Anno 1652'.

Williams, William, Sir, 1634-1700

Parliamentary Papers of Speaker Williams

  • NLW MS 23993D.
  • File
  • 1680-1694

A collection of printed Votes of the House of Commons, 21 October 1680-10 January 1681 (ff. 26-100), and 21-28 March 1681 (ff. 130-136), together with other printed parliamentary acts, speeches, and proclamation, all kept and some annotated by William Williams, Speaker of the House of Commons, and MP for Chester.
Significant manuscript additions by Williams include notes on his election as Speaker on 21-22 October 1680 (ff. 21-23), on the sudden dissolution of the Oxford Parliament on 28 March 1681 (ff. 137), and on his later career, 1687-1694 (f. 138). Corrections on the printed papers in the Speaker's hand appear on ff. 48, 50, 56, 87, 93, 126-8, 131.

Williams, William, Sir, 1634-1700

Reports of cases.

A manuscript belonging to William Williams (1634-1700) of Grays Inn, and presumably in his autograph, containing copies of reports of cases adjudged by Chief Justice Glynne of the Upper Bench, and by Justices Aske and Warburton and others, 1655-1661.

Williams, William, Sir, 1634-1700