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Petts, John, 1914-1991
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Articles by Glyn Jones

The file comprises manuscript and typescript drafts together with printed copies of articles by Glyn Jones, 1953-1993 (with gaps), a number of which were published in Poetry Wales and Bulletin of the Welsh Academy. Included is a review of poetry readings at the Casson Theatre, Cardiff, 1973; articles on John Elwyn, 1976, 'The Beach of Falesá', 1977, John Petts, 1977, and 'Some letters of Idris Davies', 1980; the foreword to Elwyn Davies, Mild majesty (Llandysul, 1987); tributes to Gwyn Thomas, 1981, Keidrych Rhys, 1987, George Ewart Evans, 1988, and John Ormond, 1990; and a draft, notes and correspondence, 1980-1982, relating to an article on Gwyn Jones which appeared in the Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Novelists, 1930-1959 (some papers also pertain to the entry for Glyn Jones in this reference work). -- In addition, the file contains newspaper cuttings, 1960-1961 and 1963, of articles, reviews and poetry by Glyn Jones (arranged and numbered by him); they include a review of the poetry festival, Poetry at the Mermaid, 1961, and cuttings of poems and articles by various writers from the Saturday Magazine section of the Western Mail, 1960. Also included are typescript copies and cuttings of articles by six Anglo-Welsh writers, including Glyn Jones, each of whom wrote a chapter as part of a thriller serial which was published under the title 'Sextet' in the Western Mail, 1961, with related letters.

Artists' files 1

Correspondence and papers relating to the artists: Colin Allen, Charles I'Anson, Vera Baker, Connor Barrett, Dilwyn Barrette, Alfred E. Bestall (the illustrator of Rupert the Bear), Andre Bicat, Diana Blatton, Martin Bloch, Rosemary Bramley and Frank Brangwyn, 1955-1997. The folder on Martin Bloch includes a letter from Ceri Richards to John Petts concerning the potential purchase of works by Bloch.

Correspondence : 1970

Includes letters from Neville Masterman (12); Glyn Jones (13); Jeremy Hooker (8); Sam Adams (13); Elwyn Davies (3); Kyffin Williams (5, including a card with an original print of Patagonian rider, signed by him); Cecil Price (10); John Idris Jones (8); Alun Llewellyn (12); Gwynfor Evans (2); Tom Earley; Andrew McNeillie (2); Moira Dearnley (4); Saunders Lewis; Randal Jenkins (5); L. Alun Page (6); Roy Thomas (3); Jane McCormick (3); R. George Thomas (2); Dannie Abse (2); Dora Polk (6); H. P. Collins (4); John Stuart Williams (5); Annemarie Ewing (2); Raymond Garlick (7); Alun Talfan Davies; Ray Howard-Jones (4); Stephen L. I. Pettit (4); Alan Perry; Leslie Norris (7); A. G. Prys-Jones; John Petts (4); R. S. Thomas; John Ackerman (2); Nigel Jenkins (2); Alison Bileski (2); Robert Morgan (3); and Peter Finch (2).

Masterman, Neville

Correspondence : 1971

Includes letters from Alun Llewellyn (4); Glyn Jones (4); Sam Adams (8); Leslie Norris (4); John Ackerman (4); Moira Dearnley (3); Peter Abbs (6); Neville Masterman (5); L. Alun Page (3); John Tripp (8); John Petts; R. George Thomas (2); Andrew McNeillie; Robert Morgan (9); Meic Stephens (12); Roy Thomas (6); Alison Bielski (4); Jeremy Hooker (7); J. P. Ward (4); Arthur Giardelli (5); Belinda Humfrey (11); Rosamund Stanhope (2); Randal Jenkins (3); H. P. Collins (5); George Ewart Evans (2); Gillian Clarke (8); Raymond Garlick (2); John Stuart Williams (8); Lawrence W. Hockey (2); Tony Curtis (3); Désirée Hirst (2); Graham Allen; Anthony Conran (2); R. S. Thomas; A. G. Prys-Jones (4); and Ray Howard-Jones.

Llewellyn, Alun, 1903-1993

Correspondence : 1975

Includes letters from Ruth Pryor (10); Glyn Jones (3); Alan Rudrum (7); Chris Torrance (2); Brian Keeble (11); Désirée Hirst (7); David [Dai] Smith (5); David Blamires (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Gwyn Williams (3); Bernard Lloyd; Sally Roberts Jones (14); John Stuart Williams (3); Arthur Giardelli (2); Raymond Garlick (9); Gillian Clarke (8); Leslie Norris (5); Richard Poole (6); Nancy K. Sandars; Dora Polk (2); Ray Howard-Jones (9); Francis Jones (3); Ruth Bidgood (2); Jeremy Hooker (6); John Ormond (4); Austen Wilks (8, including a typescript draft of the article 'Derry Ormond tower: a Welsh landscape artefact'); Dannie Abse (2); J. P. Ward (4); John Pikoulis (8); Roy Thomas (3); Tony Curtis (4); Don Dale-Jones; Sam Adams (3); John Idris Jones (2); Aneirin Talfan Davies (2); John Ackerman; Harri Webb (3); Paul Ferris; John Petts; Alun Richards (2); Glyn Tegai Hughes; Belinda Humfrey; Patrick Thomas; Philip Pacey; and Prys Morgan.

Pryor, Ruth

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol/General correspondence

Yn cynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth/Includes letters from: Teleri Bevan; Alun Talfan Davies; Per Denez; Owen Edwards, BBC; Peter Hughes Griffiths (5); Dafydd Glyn Jones, Bangor; Geraint Morgan AS/MP; John Petts; Dewi Watkin Powell; Syr/Sir Wyn Roberts; Ted Rowlands AS/MP; Eric Varley.

Bevan, Teleri, 1931-

Gwyn Jones: The Green Island,

  • NLW MS 10767C.
  • File
  • 1945-1946.

Material relating to the engravings by John Petts published in Gwyn Jones: The Green Island (Golden Cockerel Press, 1946), including letters, 1945-1946, to Christopher Sandford, the publisher, from Gwyn Jones, John Petts, John [Northcote] Nash, artist, and others; two original drawings by John Petts; and some page-proofs and pulls of illustrations. Professor Gwyn Jones's letters also contain several references to the preparation for publication by the Golden Cockerel Press of Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones: The Mabinogion (1948).

Letters L-P

Correspondents include F. R. Leavis (2), Alun Lewis, Saunders Lewis, Lilo Linke (3), Ben Nicholson (9), Marco Pallis (14), R. Williams Parry, T. H. Parry-Williams (2), and John Petts (enclosing Caseg Press broadsheets, nos 1-4).

Miscellaneous correspondence,

Miscellaneous correspondence following Cledwyn Hughes' death, including letters of condolence and correspondence relating to publishing his work posthumously and donating his collection to NLW. The file also includes a letter from John Petts.

Pynciau amrywiol/Miscellaneous subjects

Yn cynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth/Includes letters from: Roderic Bowen, Dr W. Gareth Evans, Ian Grist, Cledwyn Hughes AS/MP, Barry Jones (3), Gwerfyl Pierce Jones, Nans Jones, T. Alec Jones, Harry Llewellyn, Neville Masterman, Jan Morris, John Petts, Ted Spanswick.

Bowen, Roderic

The Oxford companion to the literature of Wales

The file comprises papers, 1978-1982, 1984-1985, relating to The Oxford companion to the literature of Wales (Oxford, 1986), mostly manuscript and typescript drafts of articles for the book. Also included is correspondence, 1978-1982, 1984, including draft letters by Glyn Jones and letters from Ron Berry, Gwyn Jones (photocopy), John Petts (2), John Pikoulis (2), Hywel Francis, Lynette Roberts (signed Lynette Rhys), Brynmor Jones, Meic Stephens (not all signed by him, 8), Gwyn O. Jones (5), and Alban Levy.

Berry, Ron, 1920-1997

Writers and their houses

The file comprises papers, 1989-1993, relating to Writers and their houses. A guide to the writers' houses of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Essays by modern writers, ed. Kate Marsh (London, 1993), which includes a chapter entitled 'Dylan Thomas. The Boat House, Laugharne, Dyfed' by Glyn Jones. The file contains manuscript and typescript drafts of the article, [1990]-[1992]; research notes; and correspondence, 1989-1990, 1992-1993, including draft letters by Glyn Jones and letters from Kate Marsh (8), John Petts and Paul Ferris.

Marsh, Kate,

Llythyrau amrywiol: 1933-1953 a 1970

Llythyrau, 1933-1953 a 1970, a gyfeiriwyd at Iorwerth Peate yn yr Adran Ddiwylliant Gwerin, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Alun Oldfield Davies; J. Glyn Davies; Nan Davies (3); D. Owen Evans; Gwynfor Evans (4); J. C. Wynne Finch; R. M. Fleming (2); Ll. Wyn Griffith; W. J. Gruffydd; D. R. Hughes (22); E. K. Jones; Gwilym R. Jones (3); Sam Jones (8); Ceri Lewis; R. Hopkin Morris (2); J. Dyfnallt Owen (3); Tom Parry (4); Ffransis G. Payne; T. K. Penniman; John Petts; Stewart Sanderson; J. Oliver Stephens; John Summerson; J. B. Willans; ac Ifor Williams. Yn eu plith ceir ymholiadau yn ymwneud â diwylliant gwerin a llythyrau ynghylch gweithiau Iorwerth Peate, megis Hen Gapel Llanbrynmair 1739-1939 (Llandysul, 1939), a Diwylliant gwerin Cymru (Lerpwl, 1942).

Oldfield-Davies, Alun, 1905-1988