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Jones, John Athanasius, 1840-1892
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Gwaith 'Athan Fardd',

  • NLW MSS 3623C, 3624B, 3625-3626C, 3627E, 3628B.
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  • [1860x1899] /
  • Part of Lleufer Thomas MSS,

Original poetry, essays, etc. by John A[thanasius] Jones ('Athan Fardd'), many of them written for 'eisteddfodau' in Wales and America, together with a biographical and bibliographical note on the author by Daniel Lleufer Thomas.

John Athanasius Jones and Daniel Lleufer Thomas.


Letters, 1875-1892, to John A[thanasius] Jones ('Athan Fardd') from many correspondents, including Cosslett Cosslett ('Carnelian'), Thomas Essile Davies ('Dewi Wyn o Essyllt'), Sir Owen M. Edwards, T. C. Edwards ('Cynonfardd'), D. Emlyn Evans, Sir E. Vincent Evans, Charles Henry Glascodine, Griffith Penar Griffiths ('Penar'), John Griffiths, Neath, Jenkin Howell, Aberdare, L. W. Johns, Sparta, Wisconsin, U.S.A., D. W. Jones ('Dafydd Morganwg'), E. Gurnos Jones, J. R. Kilsby-Jones, H. Elvet Lewis ('Elfed'), Lewis William Lewis ('Llew Llwyfo'), John Rhys Morgan ('Lleurwg'), Robert Parry ('Robin Ddu Eryri'), Evan Rees ('Dyfed'), Jonathan Rees ('Nathan Wyn'), Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed'), Daniel Thomas ('Pabellwyson'), John Thomas ('Eifionydd'), Lizzie Glanffrwd Thomas ('Llinos y De'), W. Glanffrwd Thomas ('Glanffrwd'), Gwilym Williams, Miskin Manor, H. Cernyw Williams ('Cernyw'), Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), Thomas Williams ('Brynfab') and Watkin H. Williams ('Watcyn Wyn').

Llythyrau llenorion,

A collection of holograph letters and a few transcripts of letters and literary documents. The correspondents include John Williams, Ynys y Towyn and Tuhwntirbwlch [Portmadoc] to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1815-48 (18) (personal, observations on friendship, etc., the death of the recipient's father, the extension of the writer's business and the establishment of a benefit club, claims on the writer's liberality, the destruction of corn by the weather, references to mutual friends, the recipient's reading, the health of the recipient's nephew, improvements at 'our little Salem' (Congregational meeting-house], the recipient's 'domestic concerns', attachment to Mr [William] Ambrose ['Emrys'], the death of Mrs [Henrietta] Nanney, the writer's life story, the need for education facilities, news of the writer's family and of friends, etc.), Willm. Jones to J. Thomas, Chwilog, undated (observations on a book, the state of the country), O[wen] J[ones] E[llis] Nanney, Gwynfryn, to John Thomas, Chwilog, 1826-30 (3) (thanks for eggs, the payment of a legacy to the recipient), Robt. Jones ['Tecwyn Meirion'], Liverpool, to David Lloyd, shoe maker, Llanystundwy, 1833 (an order for coal), [the Reverend] W[illiam] Robert Davies (Will Robert Dafydd), Eglwyserw [sic], Dowlais, Pendarran, etc. to William Jones, smith (afterwards draper), Rhoslan, Llanysdymdwy,1835-49 (37), and to John Evans, draper, Victoria House, Cricierth [sic], 1849, (condolence, the baptism of the recipient, enclosing a [Western Baptist] Association Letter, greetings to the writer's family and friends and requests for news, a proposal to establish a [Baptist] Academy at Haverfordwest, baptisms of Dissenting ministers, the writer's health, emigration to America, observations on the total abstinence movement, marriages in Nonconformist chapels, the publication and circulation of Y Cenhadydd Cymreig, the writer's relations with Ebenezer and Penybryn Baptist Churches in Pembrokeshire, Chartist riots, observations on life in Merthyr Tydvil and Dowlais, unfavourable comments on Sandemanians and [Calvinistic] Methodists, the imprisonment of Dafydd [David] Jones [Baptist historian] of Carmarthen, a reply to a request for financial help, an invitation to the writer to Utica, the cost of Caersalem (Dowlais) Baptist meeting-house, numerous references to David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), the writer's new house at Pendarran, the slander of Enock Williams [Baptist minister at Garn Dolbenmaen], Church rate disturbance at Merthyr, cholera deaths, etc.), Saml. Evans, Carmarthen, to William Jones, Rhoslan, 1854 (the circulation of Seren Cymru), and to J[ohn] Edwards ['Meiriadog'], 1851 (the publication of Seren Cymru, a promise of support for Yr Hyfforddwr, a criticism of Seren Gomer), Robt. Jones, druggist, Pwllheli, to [ ], 1857 (personal, the writer's reading), M[orris] Williams ['Nicander'], Bangor, to [Ebenezer Thomas, 'Eben Fardd'], 1840 (Welsh metrical translations of the Psalms, with a translation of Psalm 49 enclosed), Lady [Elizabeth] Jones Parry, Madryn Park to Eb[eneze]r Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1841 (a request for shells from Clynog shore), J. Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1842 (the publication of a memoir of 'Dewi [Wyn o Eifion'], i.e. Blodau Arfon), H[umphrey] Gwalchmai, Oswestry, to E. Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], [18]43 (the recipient's duties and remuneration as poetry editor of Yr Athraw), Ellis Owen, Cefnymeusydd, to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1843-59 (4) (the pedigree of Erasmus Lloyd, appointments held by the writer, contributions to Y Traethodydd, a memorial to (David Owen) 'Dafydd y Garreg Wen', the writer's kinship with Eifionydd poets), and to Richd. Roberts ['Bardd Treflys'] (of Tymawr), at Liverpool, 1844 (the recipient's education and employment, the weather, food prices), R[obert] I[saac] Jones ['Alltud Eifion'], Tremadoc, to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), [18]45 (the sale of Allwedd ddirgel y nefoedd [translated from Thomas Brooks]), Thomas Roberts (Llwynrhudol) London, to Owen Williams ['Owain Gwyrfai'], Caernarvon, 1840 (the sale of the writer's translation from [Benjamin] Franklin, i.e. Y Ffordd i Gaffael Cyfoeth neu Rhisiart Druan),Owen Jones, Felin Uchaf, to Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], Bettws Fawr [Llanystumdwy], 1831 (thanks for an englyn, information about Dafydd Morys of Penmorfa) (endorsed are rules ('Dull Trefniad') of Llanysdymdwy Welsh Society, 1823), [the Reverend] Thos. Lewis, Pontymeistr, Newport, Mon., to [ ], 1878 (an appreciation of Titus Lewis), [the Reverend] E[van] Evans, London, to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1819 (a letter by Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'] in Seren Gomer, comments on the award at Denbigh eisteddfod and the writer's request to see the winning awdl by [Edward Hughes] 'Y Dryw') (?identity of the recipient confused with David Owen, 'Brutus'), [D. Silvan Evans] Llanwrin, to [John Jones] 'Myrddin [Fardd'], 1882 (comments on the recipient's volume, i.e. ? Adgof uwch Anghof) (incomplete), W. M. Hughes, Bangor, to E. Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), 1853-6 (3) (preparations for Bangor eisteddfod, a portrait of recipient), and John A. Jones ('Athan Fardd'), Swansea, to [John] Jones ['Myrddin Fardd'], 1889 (second hand books on sale by the writer). The transcripts, partly in the hand of 'Myrddin Fardd', include letters from D[avid] Thomas 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri' to [John Roberts 'Sion Lleyn'] (original in Cwrt Mawr 74), and to [David Owen 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], [Morris Williams] 'Nicander' to [Ebenezer Thomas] 'Eben Fardd' (2, originals in Cwrt Mawr 478), and Dan[iel] Davies, London, to David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] (original in Cwrt Mawr 861 (File 6)). The miscellaneous documents include copies of 'Cywydd Annerch Yr Awen, neu fyfyrdod wrth Afon Dwyfach 1802' by 'Robert ab Gwilym Ddu', with annotations, and 'Cynghanedd i'r Saer a foddiasai'r Bardd. Hydref 1819' by 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'; 'Voice of Nature, contained in the compendium of an Octave'; 'englynion' entitled 'Golygfa nosawl ar weithiau haiarn Merthyr mewn deuddeg Englyn gyda chymeriad cyrch' by [the Reverend] D[avid] Saunders ['Dafydd Glan Teifi'] (endorsed 'Anrheg i Feirdd Eifion gan D. Saunders'); 'Englynion Galanasdra' by ?'Dab Deudraeth'; a 'cywydd' entitled 'Ateb Anerch Dewi Fardd' by 'Pedr Du', with an imperfect letter to David Evans, Llanrwst; verses entitled 'Mawlgan i Mr. Griffith Jones, Blaenycwm, a Chiper Syr Watcyn' by [Rowland Walter] 'Ionoron Glan Dwyryd' (endorsed 'Mr. Evan Jones, Goat Inn, Llanuwchllyn'); verses entitled 'Cyngor John Jones Caeronw I David Thos. I Briodi' and 'Ateb ir Gân flaenorol', with a memorial inscription and a translation by David Tho[ma]s; etc. On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of scribes ('Rhestr o enwau Ysgrifenwyr mwyaf nodedig y llyfr hwn' in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), with one addition by J. H. Davies.

Llythyrau, J-K

Letters addressed to John Ceiriog Hughes mainly on literary and eisteddfodic matters. The correspondents (J-K) include Daniel James (Gwyrosydd), 1886, J. Spinther James, 1870, David Watkin Jones (Dafydd Morganwg), 1871-1880, John Athanasius Jones (Athan Fardd), 1867, Humphrey Bradley Jones (Garmonydd), 1867, John Jones (Idris Fychan), 1865-1886, John Bowen Jones, 1867, Owen Wynne Jones (Glasynys), Robert Jones, Rotherhithe, 1875-1877, Robert Isaac Jones (Alltud Eifion), 1867, Robert Jones Derfel, 1863-1866, Thomas Gruffydd Jones (Tafalaw Bencerdd), 1862, Thomas Jones (Taliesin o Eifion), Thomas Tudno Jones (Tudno), 1870, William Jones (Gwrgant), 1860-1870, and James Kenward (Elfynydd), 1862.

Press cuttings,

Press cuttings from 'The Swansea Boy', 'Y Gweithiwr Cymreig', 'The Magpie', 'Y Cerddor' and other newspapers containing poetry and other contributions by John A[thanasius] Jones ('Athan Fardd') and other South Wales writers.