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Breese, Edward, 1835-1881
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Autograph letters,

Autograph letters to 'Myrddin Fardd' from Edward Owen, Tycoch (1883), Daniel Rowlands (1883, 1886), John Williams ('Ioan Mai') (1884, 1886), Robert Hughes (Llangybi), Robert Jones, Bethesda (1877), 'Gurnos', Bridgend (1883), D. Morgan, Penrhyndeudraeth (1883), Morris Parry, Chester (1913), 'Dafydd Morganwg' (1874), Edward Breese (1881) and St George Armstrong Williams (1884); and autograph letters to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog, John Pughe, Barmouth and others (1840, 1844).

Correspondence of William John Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd')

  • NLW MS 8534C
  • File
  • [1862] x [1900]

A file of letters and postcards addressed chiefly to W[illiam] J[ohn] Roberts ['Gwilym Cowlyd']. The correspondents include 'Alwen Gadfan' (metrical), 1883, 'Roalun', 1893, William Bottomley, Chester, 1871, Edward Breese, 1869, Charles D. Byford, 1871, David E. Davies ('Dewi Glan Ffrydlas'), 1893, Owen [Humphrey] Davies ('Eos Llechid'), 1883, William Dixon, Liverpool, Douglas Brothers, Bangor, 1876, John Edwards ('Caerwyson'), 1886, Edwin Huggins, Leeds, 1871, F. Hockliffe, Llanbedr, Talycafn, 1899, Erasmus Jones, London, 1875, Humphrey Jones ('Bryfdir'), 1896, John R. Jones ('Teganwy'), 1900, John Jones ('Ogwenydd'), Owen Jones, Llanrwst, 1863, Richard Owen, London, engraver, 1862, H. Roberts, Rhydymain, Robert Roberts ('Trebor Aled'), 1896, William Lloyd Roberts, Penybontfawr, Edward Samuelson, Trefriw, 1889-1893, Isabel[le] de Steiger, Liverpool, 1900, D[avid] R[ichard] Thomas, Meifod, 1890, Robert H. Williams, Cambria, Wisconsin, 1880, and R. Mon Williams, Holyhead, 1895; with draft letters by W[illiam] J[ohn] Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd').

Gwilym Cowlyd, 1828-1904


One of eight volumes consisting of several hundred letters, chiefly of the first half of the nineteenth century, written mainly to John Jenkins and his wife, to Walter Davies and his daughter Jane, and to John Vaughan (Penmaen Dyfi) and other members of his family, by numerous correspondents, including: D. Bird Allen, Thomas Beynon (archdeacon of Cardigan), C. W. Bowen (Kidwelly), J. Bowen (Bath), J. Bowen (Llechryd), Samuel Bowen (Newtown), Edward Breese, Samuel Butler (Shrewsbury), R. Myddelton Biddulph, John Blackwell (Alun), Thomas Burgess (bishop of St. Davids), Lord Carrington (chairman of the Board of Agriculture), Thomas Clarkson (philanthropist), W. Cleaver (Denbigh), Hester Maria Cotton, William Cragg (Board of Agriculture), Alfred Butler Clough, and Roger B. Clough.

Letters of Major Nanney, etc.

A volume containing 113 items of correspondence, etc., the details of which are as follows: a note by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') on the Reverend P. Constable Ellis; a letter from E. G. Salisbury, Chester to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1883 (Adgof Uwch Anghof - mention of 'Piser Hir'); a review by the Reverend J. Davies ('Isfryn'), Rheithordy Llanarmon, [19]09, of Llên Gwerin Sir Gaernarfon; letters, probably all to 'Myrddin Fardd', from H. W. Lloyd, London, 1886 (thanking him for the kind trouble he has taken about 'Robin Ddu's poem), Fred[eric]k. G. Wynn, Glynllivon, (?)1900 (volumes for binding), Owain [Jones ('Manoethwy')], London, 1865 (the dedication of churches in Eifionydd - see below for other letters from 'Manoethwy'), D. R. Daniel, London, 1909 (Llên Gwerin Sir Gaernarfon), J. G[wenogvryn] E[vans], Llanbedrog, 1909 (similar), and S. E. Daniel, Clapham, undated (acknowledging the gift of a book); O. J. E[llis] Nanney, Gwynfryn to John Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1821-9 and undated (24) (various subjects, e.g. reference to the death of the writer's sister, health matters, etc. - see Adgof Uwch Anghof, pp. 187-191); W[illia]m W. E. Wynne, Peniarth to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1878-9 (12) (missing tombstones, genealogical matters, etc. - see Adgof Uwch Anghof, pp. 343-351); 'Catalogue of Sale at Gwynfryn Hall, near Llanystumdwy', 9 November 1872 (printed); J. W. Prichard, Plas y brain to Mr David Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion') at Gaerwen, care of Mr Owen Owens, Grocer, Pwllheli, 1822 (reference to the publication in Seren Gomer of the little 'cywydd' he composed as an elegy on Gwen, his wife, a report that the bards of Arfon are to hold a meeting to compose an elegy on [David Thomas] Dafydd Ddu Eryri, P[aul] Panton of Plasgwyn has died intestate), Love Jones Parry ('Elffin ap Gwyddno'), Madryn to [ ], [18]69 (apologising for keeping the book for so long), Owen Evans to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1871 (re antiquarian papers at Broom Hall), E. G. Salisbury, Chester to [ ] 1859 (Y Drysorfa Hynafiaethol), [Reverend] John Evans, Llanllechid Rectory to John Jones, 1878 (the Reverend Edward Nanney, a carved tombstone near the communion table in Abererch church), [Reverend] W. Wynn Williams, 'Ieungaf.', Menaifron [Anglesey, postal address] Caernarvon, to [ ], 1865 (a genealogical query from a gentleman from Dublin), R. Palmer Williams, Dublin, to [ ], 1862 (a query similar to that contained in the previous letter), E. G. Salisbury, Chester to [ ],1859 (his inability to undertake what the addressee names), J. Williams Ellis, Glasfryn to [ ], [18]69 (the return of a manuscript from Mr Jones Parry), J[ohn] J[ones] ('Tegid'), Nevern, near Cardigan to [ ], 1845 (re obtaining a Madam Bevan Welsh Circulating School - see Adgof Uwch Anghof, p. 167, where it is stated that the letter is to [Robert Parry] 'Robyn Ddu Eryri'), [Reverend] John Owen, Llanengan [and Lampeter] to Myrddin Fardd, [18]81 (2), (arrangements for a visit, books from Mr Peter's library), E. Breese, in London to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1881 (he will be very glad to put Mrs Peters' books in his sale and catalogue if she wishes), [William Jones] ('Gwrgant'), Greenwich to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1878 (replying to a query about 'Llwynrhudol'), Catherine Anne Griffith, Bodegroes to John Thomas, Chwilog, 1832 (good news concerning her aunt, reference to the women committed to Pwllheli jail for stealing), 'englynion' by Ellis Owen [Cefn-y-mesydd] 'I Arfon', W. M. Evans, Caerfyrddin, to [ ], [18]55 (part I [of the addressee's work] is now out of the press, whether Mrs Williams would print a book by the addressee, mention of Hanes Prydain Fawr [by John Emlyn Jones]), John Thomas ('Pencerdd Gwalia'), London to [ ], 1866 (soliciting the honour of the addressee's name as a subscriber to his new work, The Bride of Neath Valley), Ebenezer Thomas, Clynnog to John Thomas, Chwilog, [18]49 (the addressee's ill-health, his own troubles with the recent Eisteddfod), Tho[ma]s Jones, painter, Llangollen [i.e. 'Taliesin o Eifion'] to [ ], undated (2) (asking for a description of the coat of arms of Owen Gwynedd, etc.), 'Awdl i M. W. P. (B. B. Al. A. f.) o waith T[hos.] W[m.] P[edrog] pan a oedd ar y Môr yn Ll. E. F.'r Amethyst, Ionawr 1800' followed by a letter, 1804, from T. W. Pedrog to his wife, 'Began Bach', D. Wynn Williams, Bangor, Secretary of the Bangor Royal Eisteddfod, 1874, to the Reverend Mr Edwards, Llanystymdwy, 1874 (whether the addressee knows of any person in his parish who sent a wooden carving of a horse to their exhibition), verses (in Welsh) entitled 'Oh! No we never mention her' [?translated] by 'Robt. Parry neu Robyn Ddu Eryri', Ynys Garmon, Awst, 1829, addressed to Mr J. Thomas, Bard, Chwilog; letters to John Thomas, Chwilog from Dav[id] Williams, Pwllheli, 1826 (sending two books), Ebenezer Thomas, Clynnog, 1829 (the addressee's niece, he will make up the books as soon and as neat as he can), Edw[ard] Davies, undated (his readiness to help), and D[avi]d Williams, Plastanyrallt [identical with Dav[id] Williams, Pwllheli], 1823 (acknowledging condolence on the death of his father); D. Williams ('Alaw Goch'), Miskin, Pontypridd to [ ], 1862 (his pleasure at meeting the addressee in Caernarfon); David Williams, Pwllheli to John Thomas, Chwilog (addressed once as John Meilir Thomas), 1821-8 (4) (the addressee's health, a probable donation of £3 to him by the (Eisteddfod) Committee, reference to the addressee's 'awdl', mention of Mr Jackson, Mr W[illia]ms of Llanrhug and Mrs Williams of Towyn, the carriage), D. Williams, Pwllheli, also to John Thomas, Chwilog, 1827 (replying to the addressee's enquiries about Mr D. Williams), J[ane] Pierce, Liverpool to [ ], [18]71 (W[illia]m Elias and his descendants), Robert Jones, Rotherhithe to ['Myrddin Fardd'], [18]77 (replying to a query concerning Tho[ma]s Roberts [Llwyn'rhudol] and [Robert Owen] 'Eryron Gwyllt Walia'), Reverend R[obert] Williams, Culmington Rectory to [ ], 1880-1 (2) (his inability to find the addressee's manuscript), [James James] 'Iago Emlyn', Clifton, Bristol to Mr J. M. Jones, 1877 (reminding him of the writer's wish to have one or two newspapers giving a full account of the Caer-yn-Arfon Eisteddfod), Lewis Jerman, Llanllyfni to [ ], undated (the family of Griffiths of Ywmwlch [sic]), a poem entitled 'Fall of Jerusalem', with explanatory notes, by Frederick W. Pilkington, followed by a note to 'John' containing a message for Morris), Jon[athan] Jones, Caernarvon to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1879 (2) (returning a pedigree of [Ellis Wynne] (enclosure wanting) and requesting a copy of a gravestone inscription (Ymmwlch [sic] family), H. P. Manley, North Wales Training College, Carnarvon to Owen Jones, 1857 (replying to a letter), Owen (Owain) Jones ('Manoethwy'), Llanfair and London to his brother ['Myrddin Fardd'], 1860 and 1863-5 (8) (chiefly literary matters, some words of advice), Elen Richards, Llanerful to [ ], 1863 (she has failed to find the book about the Welshpool Eisteddfod, the death of Robert Evans), R[obert] P[rys] Morris, Talyllyn Cottage, Talyllyn to 'Myrddin Fardd', 1869 (3) (the genealogy of Edmwnd Prys), an unsigned letter to an unnamed lady, 1863 (a proposal of marriage?), R[obert] Prys Morris to Mr J. Jones, 1869 (2) (Dr J. Williams, Talarfor has promised to pay for a copy of the pedigree on vellum, he (R. P. M.) is searching for information about the notabilities of the district, asking him to inform the author of Enwogion Meirion that Dr Owen died at the Cottage where he (R. P. M.) lives and not at Dolydd Cau), R[obert] Jones, bookseller, Bethesda to [ ], 1875 (re books), [William John Roberts] 'Gwilym Cowlyd', Trefriw to [ ], 1861 (his gratitude to the addressee, mention of Geirionydd, suggesting 'Cwymp Llewelyn' as subject for the chair poem at the Caer yn Arfon Eisteddfod), R. I. Jones ('Alltud Eifion'), Tremadoc to ['Myrddin Fardd'], 1859 (re copies of Y Brython sent in error to the addressee and Mr W[illia]m Jones, Pig Street, two 'englynion'), Owen Davies ('Y Bardd llechog'), Tydweiliog to [?'Myrddin Fardd'], 1859 ('englynion' to 'T[w]m Pedrog', etc.), Jane Pierce, Rhyl to [ ], undated, (enquiring about the family of William Elias (d. 1787), her Liverpool address), [Thomas Jones] 'Taliesin o Eifion' to 'Myrddin Fardd', undated ('englynion' to addressee's book), R. Lloyd Humphreys, Estate Office, Baron Hill, Beaumaris to [ ], 1865 (a query concerning Bodfan, Llandwrog), and John Ceiriog Hughes, Caersws to Owen Williams, Waunfawr, 1872 (his wish to obtain a complete copy of Y Drysorfa Genedlaethol [? error for Y Drysorfa Hynafiaethol]). Pasted inside the front cover is an obituary notice of O. J. Ellis Nanney, Gwynfryn. An index to the correspondents has been placed with the volume.

Letters to D. Silvan Evans,

Thirty nine letters, 1873-81, from Edward Breese, Morva Lodge, Portmadoc to D. Silvan Evans, largely concerning books and manuscripts. Reference to what the Council calls the 'revolt' of the staff at Aberystwith [sic], 1879.

Letters to Edward Breese

  • NLW MS 2302B
  • File
  • [19 cent.]

Letters, 1872-80, to Edward Breese from Robert Jones (Rotherhithe), Thomas W. Hancock, Sir Lewis Morris, J.O. Halliwell [Phillips], Brinley Richards, and Robert Williams (Rhydycroesau).

Merioneth notes,

Notes by Edward Breese on Dolau-gwyn, Sarn Badrig and Cantre'r Gwaelod, Pengwern Ffestiniog, and Dol-y-moch.

Edward Breese.


Passports issued to Edward Breese, press cuttings relating to the Caernarvonshire Railway, and miscellaneous papers collected by Charles E. Breese.

Peniarth scrapbook

  • NLW MS 14827E.
  • File
  • 1867-1882

A scrapbook, 1867-1882, begun by Evelyn Phillip Shirley of Ettington Park, Warwickshire, following his visit in August 1867 to his friend W. W. E. Wynne of Peniarth, Merioneth.
The volume initially contained ten photographs of Peniarth and its environs (ff. 11, 19, 21, 23, 25, 29, 31, 33, 37, 40) with numerous further photographs (and photographs of prints) being added showing other local views and related houses such as Glyn (ff. i verso-47 passim). Also included are leaves from W. W. E. Wynne's Pedigree of the Family of Wynne of Peniarth… (London, 1872), with hand-painted coats of arms added (ff. 2 recto-verso, 12 recto-verso, 20 recto-verso, 22 recto-verso, 24 recto-verso, 26 recto-verso), and additional manuscript notes by Wynne (ff. 13-18); four letters to Shirley from W. W. E. Wynne, [1868]-1877 (ff. i verso, 3-10, 34-35); three letters, June-July 1880, from W. R. M. Wynne (ff. 41-44) and E[dward] Breese (ff. 45-46), following W. W. E. Wynne's death, with copies of Breese's obituary of Wynne (ff. 50-52); and papers relating to the building and consecration of the Wynne Memorial Church at Bryncrug, 1880-1882 (ff. 53-59).

Shirley, Evelyn Philip, 1812-1882.