Botany -- Early works to 1800.



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Botany -- Early works to 1800.

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Botany -- Early works to 1800.

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Botany -- Early works to 1800.

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Astrology, theological tracts, &c.

  • File
  • [late 15 cent.], 1650, [18 cent.]
  • Part of Panton Manuscripts

A composite volume in three parts, dated to the late-fifteenth century (pp. 1-32), 1650 (pp. 33-48) and the eighteenth century (pp. 49-102), containing astrological material (pp. 2, 15-16, 95-98, 26-32); names of plants in Latin and Welsh (p. 3); charms (pp. 4-6); the Paternoster, with every sentence explained (p. 7b); theological tracts (pp. 10-14); a commentary on the Prophecies, dated 5 May 1650 (pp. 33-48); fragments of Bruts (pp. 49-64, 71-74, 83-94); a list of the hundreds and commotes of Wales (pp. 99-100) and of the parishes of Carmarthenshire (pp. 101-102); etc.
On p. 6 is the note 'Gruff: llwyd ap Madoc Dd. a wnaeth y llyvyr hwnn i T. ap howel'.

Letters to Ieuan Fardd, &c.

A volume containing papers of or collected by Evan Evans, 1712-1777, consisting mainly of letters to him, 1751-1777, from Lewis Anwyl (Abergele), Evan Herbert (Dolgellau), Hugh Hughes (Llwydiarth Esgob), David Jones (Dewi Fardd), John Jones (Middle Temple), Roderick Lewis (Trefeglwys), William Lloyd (Cowden), Lewis Morris, Richard Morris, William Morris, John Owen, (Sion Owain ap Dafydd, nephew of Lewis Morris), Thomas Percy (bishop of Dromore), James Philipps (Blaenpart), E. V[augha]n Pughe, David Richards (Llanegwad), Edward Richard (Ystradmeurig), William Howells (Llanidloes), Richard Roberts (Llanrhaiadr), John Thomas (Bangor), and Robert Thomas (Llanfair Talhaiarn); letters, or copies of letters, from Richard Morris to Edward Richard (Ystradmeurig), Samuel Pegge to Lewis Morris, Moses Williams to his father Samuel Williams, Evan Evans to William Morris, Goronwy Owen to William Morris, Lewis Morris to William Morris, to David Lewis (Pantybenneu, Llanboidy), and to Thomas Carte, Sir Robert Walpole to General Charles Churchill, 1743, etc.; personalia of Evan Evans, including a statement signed in London, April 6, 1768, by William Ogle, 'captain in Ye 34th Regit. of Foot', certifying that 'the Bearer Even Evens was Inlisted in to the 34th Regiment of Foot, but being dissorderd In his mind, & finding him to be the Revd. Mr. Evens, is hereby disscharged, N.B.: he was Inlistd. Only 4 days'; 'A literal translation of a Welsh elegy on the death of Robert Davies Esqr of Llannerch wrote in imitation of the antient British Bards'; 'Cywydd marwnad Lewis Morris ...' by Evan Evans, and 'cywyddau' by John Owen (Sion Owen Dafydd), Hugh Hughes (Y Bardd Coch), and David Jones (Dewi Fardd’); 'The Penitent Shepherd, a sacred Poem'; 'British Irish and English historians in Gloddaith Library'; 'Instructions for Ieuan ap Siencyn Ieuan' [i.e. Evan Evans] in the hand of Lewis Morris; a transcript of Lewis Morris's copy (see BL Add. MS 14934, cf. NLW MS 12522C) of stanzas 65-80 of the Cornish poem, 'The Poem of Mount Calvary', with an English translation; a Welsh translation in blank verse by Evan Williams, 1744, of a part of Book Three of Paradise Lost; a copy of 'Proposal for printing by Subscription the Common-Prayer Book ... in the Welsh Language ..., dated 28 July 1763; a transcript of 'Llythr oddiwrth eglwyswr ieuanc o'r Edeyrnion in Sir Feirionnydd at ei gariad', beginning 'Hi aeth f'anwylyd yn ganol gaia'; a Latin-English-Welsh list of names of plants and trees; 'A Catalogue of my [i.e. Edward Richard's] books at Ystrad Meurig'; etc.

Medical precepts and prescriptions, &c.,

A manuscript in the hand of 'David ap Griffith effyriad' (see pp. 13, 14) containing medical precepts and prescriptions (pp. 15-27, 54-92), material of botanological (pp. 28-40), physiological (pp. 41-49) and theological (pp. 1-12) interest, and poetry (pp. 13-14, 50-53). The section on botany includes a Latin-Welsh vocabulary of plant names. Poetical works cited are those of Taliesin, Dafydd ap Gruffydd and Gruffudd Gryg.
There are traces of the hand of Sir Thomas Wilems (p. 40), and also of another hand on many folios.

David ap Griffith and others.

Numismata Dinlleana, &c.

A manuscript in the autograph of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing a copy of the Rev. Richard Farringdon's 'Numismata Dinlleana or a brief account ... of certain ancient and curious medals found at Dinas Dinlle in Carnarvonshire', including detailed descriptions of each medal, with sketches of the lives of the Emperors depicted upon them, and also an account of Dinas Dinlle (ff. 1-38); a 'Botanologium', with names of plants in Latin, Welsh and English (ff. 39-58); poetry, by poets including Tudur Aled and William and Siôn Phylip (ff. 59-82); pedigrees (ff. 83-96); a letter, dated 26 October 1769, from Richard Morris, at the Tower of London, relating to books of ?Goronwy Owen (ff. 121-122); a note by Ieuan Fardd, 'On my 38th birthday, June 1st 1769' (f. 123); and various other extracts, etc.

Farrington, Richard, 1702-1772

Sir Thomas Hanmer's 'Garden book'

  • NLW MS 21753B.
  • File
  • [1650x1664]

(i) An autograph draft of Sir Thomas Hanmer's 'Garden Book' (ff. 7-87 verso), which appears to be an earlier draft than either Bettisfield 1667 or the 'MS volume of 1659' from which the 'Garden Book' was first printed with an introduction by E. S. Rohde in 1933. Its condensed style contrasts with the more detailed and formal text of the printed edition. It ends with an index of plants mentioned in the text (ff. 83-87 verso). (ii) A text of Edward Norgate's treatise 'An Exact and Compendious Discourse concerning the Art of Miniature or Limming ...' (ff. 89-116 verso), in the hand of Sir Thomas Hanmer, dated 15 February 1663/4. This text shows much variation from that of the only printed edition, based on Bodleian Tanner MS 326 [ed. Martin Hardie, 'Miniatura; or, the art of limning' (Oxford, 1919)]. Hanmer's abbreviated text ends at the foot of p. 70 of Hardie's edition. Hardie lists eight other manuscripts. (iii) Notes in Latin on Aristotle's 'Rhetorica' (ff. 2-6, and inverted text ff. 140 verso-141 verso); 'Notae Grammaticales' (inverted text ff. 137-138 verso); fragments of English prose, one beginning 'Freindsheep has this in it ...' (inverted text, inside back cover and f. 140); all in later hands of seventeenth century.

Hanmer, Thomas, Sir, 1677-1746.