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Glyn Jones Papers,
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A new romantic anthology

The file comprises papers relating to A new romantic anthology, ed. S. Schimanski & H. Treece (London, 1949), in which the chapter 'Welsh poetry' was selected and introduced by Glyn Jones. Included are manuscript drafts of his introduction, 'Romanticism and Welsh Poetry', and transcripts by Glyn Jones of selected pieces by various authors. The file also contains a draft letter by Glyn Jones to Dylan Thomas, letters, 1945-1946, from publishers and literary agents, and a letter to Lynette Roberts.

A people's poetry. Hen benillion

The file comprises papers, [1974]x1995, relating to A people's poetry: hen benillion, translations by Glyn Jones (Bridgend, 1997). This book was the culmination of many years of translating hen benillion, a collection of which was first formed during the 1970s. The file includes a bound typescript draft of the book, 1995; manuscript and typescript drafts of English translations of hen benillion [1974x1995]; correspondence, 1974-1976, 1978, and 1981-1982, including draft letters by Glyn Jones and a letter from T. H. Parry-Williams, and translations of hen benillion by E. A. Corkett. It appears that some papers pertain to translations of penillion by Glyn Jones published by Gwasg Gregynog, namely When the rose-bush brings forth apples (1980) and Honeydew on the Wormwood (1984). A few translations and draft letters are written on drafts of other works by Glyn Jones.

Parry-Williams, T. H. (Thomas Herbert), Sir, 1887-1975

Accumulated papers

The group includes manuscript and typescript copies, some drafts, [1944]-1990 (with gaps), of works, mostly poems, by Leslie Norris, John Ormond, Robert Morgan, John Tripp, Roland Mathias, Dedwydd Jones, and others. Most items appear to have been gifted or loaned to Glyn Jones.



The series comprises papers, mostly manuscript and typescript adjudications by Glyn Jones, of various, mainly literary, competitions, 1945-1988 (with numerous gaps). A number of adjudications are for competitions at school and chapel eisteddfodau, but also include adjudications of the BBC radio short story competition, 1950-1951, with letters from Gwyn Jones (9), Aneirin Talfan (5) and A. G. Prys-Jones; the Arts Council Poetry Award, 1956, which contains letters from Gwyn Jones (5); a competition sponsored by the Welsh Arts Council to translate a poem by Waldo Williams, 1970, with letters from Elan Closs Roberts (4), T. J. Morgan, Gwyn Williams and Waldo Williams (photocopy, 1963); and the Poetry Society Dylan Thomas Award 1984, with a letter from Susan Hill.

Jones, Gwyn, 1907-1999


The file comprises articles about, or which contain references to, Glyn Jones, 1962-1995 (with various gaps), including entries for biographical dictionaries, tributes to Glyn Jones, and a typescript draft of Leslie Norris's book on Glyn Jones for the Writers of Wales series (Cardiff, 1973) with related letters, 1973, from Leslie Norris.

Norris, Leslie, 1921-2006

Articles and reviews

The series mainly comprises manuscript and typescript drafts of articles and reviews by Glyn Jones, 1952-1993 (with gaps).

Articles by Glyn Jones

The file comprises manuscript and typescript drafts together with printed copies of articles by Glyn Jones, 1953-1993 (with gaps), a number of which were published in Poetry Wales and Bulletin of the Welsh Academy. Included is a review of poetry readings at the Casson Theatre, Cardiff, 1973; articles on John Elwyn, 1976, 'The Beach of Falesá', 1977, John Petts, 1977, and 'Some letters of Idris Davies', 1980; the foreword to Elwyn Davies, Mild majesty (Llandysul, 1987); tributes to Gwyn Thomas, 1981, Keidrych Rhys, 1987, George Ewart Evans, 1988, and John Ormond, 1990; and a draft, notes and correspondence, 1980-1982, relating to an article on Gwyn Jones which appeared in the Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Novelists, 1930-1959 (some papers also pertain to the entry for Glyn Jones in this reference work). -- In addition, the file contains newspaper cuttings, 1960-1961 and 1963, of articles, reviews and poetry by Glyn Jones (arranged and numbered by him); they include a review of the poetry festival, Poetry at the Mermaid, 1961, and cuttings of poems and articles by various writers from the Saturday Magazine section of the Western Mail, 1960. Also included are typescript copies and cuttings of articles by six Anglo-Welsh writers, including Glyn Jones, each of whom wrote a chapter as part of a thriller serial which was published under the title 'Sextet' in the Western Mail, 1961, with related letters.

Autobiographical notes

The file comprises notes by Glyn Jones, [1935x1995], mostly reminiscences. Some notes are written on drafts of Glyn Jones's works and papers pertaining to Yr Academi Gymreig.


The file comprises various typescript bibliographies of works by Glyn Jones, a number of which were compiled by him and contain notes in his hand, [1975]-[1995], including lists of books, reviews and articles, and radio broadcasts.

Collected poems

The file comprises manuscript and typescript drafts, and some printed copies, of poems included in The collected poems of Glyn Jones, compiled and edited by Meic Stephens (Cardiff, 1996). The poems were composed from the early 1930s, and most had previously appeared in published form. Some are accompanied by related notes.

Contemporary poets

The file comprises papers, mostly correspondence, 1968-1969 and 1972-1973, relating to Contemporary poets of the English language (London, 1970 and 1975). Glyn Jones was an editorial consultant to the work, and recommended Anglo-Welsh poets for inclusion in the volume, as well as contributing articles on Leslie Norris and R. S. Thomas, drafts of which are included in this file. Among the correspondents are Rosalie Murphy, editor of the first edition (13), Aneirin Talfan Davies, R. George Thomas, Meic Stephens, Gerald Morgan (2), and James Vinson, editor of the second edition (4).

Davies, Aneirin Talfan

Contributions to other publications

The series comprises papers, 1945-1993 (with gaps), mostly manuscript and typescript drafts of, and correspondence and notes relating to, articles by Glyn Jones published in various works compiled by other authors, and/or papers relating to publications for which he acted as consultant for their preparation. A number of drafts and letters are written on other drafts of Glyn Jones's works and papers pertaining to Yr Academi Gymreig and the Welsh Arts Council.

Correspondence : A,

Includes letters from Dannie Abse (5), Sam Adams (13), Graham Allen (6), Sandra Anstey (4), and Cary Archard (17).

Correspondence : B,

Includes letters from Beryl Baigent, Denys Val Baker (2), Kit Barker (5), Ilse Barker (2), H. E. Bates (6), Ron Berry (11), Tony Bianchi (9), Alison Bielski (3), Ronald Blythe (7), Euros Bowen (2), Hamish M. Brown (3), Tony Brown (15), and Alan Brownjohn (4).

Correspondence : C,

Includes letters from Gerard Casey (2), Reginald Caton (28), Barry Cole (2), Brenda Chamberlain (3), Joseph Clancy (2), Gillian Clarke (10), Gladys Mary Coles (2), Michael J. Collins (2), Jack Common (2), Don Congdon (8), Anthony Conran (7), B. L. Coombes (2), Herbert W. Corby (5), and Tony Curtis (25).

Correspondence : D

Includes letters from John Davenport (2), Aneirin Talfan Davies (31), Elwyn Davies (98, with an additional letter amongst the correspondence of Corrie Davies), Gloria Evans Davies (2), Idris Davies (26), John Davies (5), Rhys Davies (11), and Paul Dehn (2).

Correspondence : E,

Includes letters from Tom Earley, Colin D. Edwards (18), John Elwyn (116), Huw Ethall (3), Caradoc Evans (2), Elwyn Evans (29), and George Ewart Evans (35).

Correspondence : G,

Includes letters from Menna Gallie (2), W. H. Gardner (2), Raymond Garlick (32), Duncan Glen (2), Ll. Wyn Griffith (3), Geoffrey Grigson (5), and Miron Grindea.

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