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Anglesey Druidical Society letter,

Fragment of a printed letter, 20 July 1804, from J[ohn] Jones, secretary of the Anglesey Druidical Society, to J[ohn] Lewis, Esq., Bodior, giving notice of the Anniversary (or annual) Meeting of the Society, to be held at the Bull's Head Inn, Beaumaris, on 2 August 1804.

Anglesey Druidical Society

Augustus John letter,

A typescript copy, [20 cent., third ¼], of a letter, [Summer 1930], from Augustus John, Renvyle, County Galway, to Will [?Rothenstein], in which John explains his presence in Ireland to paint W. B. Yeats' portrait.
The typescript has the date supplied in the hand of [?Michael Holroyd] and resembles typescripts of other letters to Rothenstein to be found in NLW, Michael Holroyd (Augustus John) Research Papers 4/6.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Berta Ruck letters,

Four letters, January 1957, March-April 1961, from Berta Ruck, Aberdovey, to the novelist Richard Blake Brown, mainly concerning family matters and Brown's work.
Ruck gives an account of the declining health of her husband Oliver Onions (ff. 105-106), and his subsequent death (f. 107). She also discusses the work of the novelist Marie Corelli (f. 104) and encloses a poem of her own composition entitled 'The Flying Shadow' (f. 103).

Ruck, Berta, 1878-1978

Cerdyn er cof am Thomas H. Parry-Williams,

Cerdyn argraffedig, Mawrth 1975, yn cydnabod cydymdeimlad ar farw T. H. Parry-Williams. Anfonwyd y cerdyn oddi wrth ei weddw, Amy, at eu ffrindiau 'Margaret ac Owen'. = A printed acknowledgement card, March 1975, on the death of T. H. Parry-Williams, sent by his widow, Amy, to their friends 'Margaret and Owen'.
Mae'r cerdyn yn cynnwys testun Cymraeg printiedig, gyda neges ychwanegol yn Saesneg yn llaw Amy Parry-Williams. = The card contains a printed message in Welsh, with an additional note in English in the hand of Amy Parry-Williams.

Parry-Williams, Amy, Lady, 1910-1988.

Cerdyn post oddi wrth Griffith T. Roberts,

Cerdyn post, [23] Chwefror 1949, oddi wrth G[riffith] T[homas] R[oberts], Bangor, at Garfield H. Hughes, Aberystwyth, ynghlyn a'i arferion darllen diweddar. = Postcard, [23] February 1949, from G[riffith] T[homas] R[oberts], Bangor, to Garfield H. Hughes, Aberystwyth, relating to Roberts's recent reading habits.

Roberts, Griffith T. (Griffith Thomas), 1912-1991.

Charles Ashton letters,

Four letters, May 1898-July 1899, from Charles Ashton, London (f. 66) and Dinas Mawddwy (ff. 67-69), to Hubert Smith, mainly concerning Ashton's work on his Welsh bibliography (see Charles Ashton, Llyfryddiaeth Gymreig o 1801 i 1810 (Oswestry, 1908)) and thanking Smith for the gift of books.

Ashton, Charles, 1848-1899.

Crwys: Dim Gwaith

Cerdd gan Crwys yn dwyn y teitl 'Dim Gwaith', wedi ei dyddio 6 Chwefror 1932, ac yn ôl bob tebyg heb ei chyhoeddi. = A poem by Crwys entitled 'Dim Gwaith' ('No Work'), dated 6 February 1932 and apparently unpublished.

Crwys, 1875-1968

Cyfieithiad o waith Hölderlin

Drafftiau, [1950au], gan Dr J. Gwyn Griffiths o gyfieithiadau i'r Gymraeg o gerddi Almaeneg gan Hölderlin. Ysgrifennwyd y drafftiau ar lythyr (ac amlen), 13 Awst 1951, a gyfeiriwyd yn wreiddiol oddi wrth Nan Davies o'r BBC, Bangor, at Dr Griffiths (f. 86, 86a), ac ar gefn dalen o ymarferion Groegaidd (f. 87). = Drafts, [1950s], by Dr J. Gwyn Griffiths of translations into Welsh of German poems by Hölderlin. These were written on a letter (and envelope), 13 August 1951, originally sent by Nan Davies of the BBC, Bangor, to Dr Griffiths (f. 86, 86a), and on the back of a page of Greek exercises (f. 87).
Y cerddi a gyfieithiwyd yw 'Die Heimath' (f. 86), pennill cyntaf 'An Die Jungen Dichter' (f. 86 verso), 'Menschenbeifall' (ff. 86 verso, 86a), a'r wyth llinell cyntaf o 'Brot und Wein', rhan IV (ff. 86a verso, 87); mae'r gwreiddiol yn The Poems of Hölderlin, cyf. gan Michael Hamburger ([Llundain], [1943]), tt. 110, 108, 118 a 164 yn eu tro. Cyhoeddwyd 'Adref' ('Die Heimath') a 'Clod Dynion' ('Menschenbeifall') yn J. Gwyn Griffiths, Ffroenau'r Ddraig (Aberystwyth, 1961), tt. 88-89. = The poems translated are 'Die Heimath' (f. 86), the first verse of 'An Die Jungen Dichter' (f. 86 verso), 'Menschenbeifall' (ff. 86 verso, 86a), and the first eight lines of 'Brot und Wein', part IV (ff. 86a verso, 87); for the originals see The Poems of Hölderlin, trans. by Michael Hamburger ([London], [1943]), pp. 110, 108, 118 and 164 respectively. 'Adref' ('Die Heimath') and 'Clod Dynion' ('Menschenbeifall') were published in J. Gwyn Griffiths, Ffroenau'r Ddraig (Aberystwyth, 1961), pp. 88-89.

Griffiths, John Gwyn.

Dr Thomas Jones CH letter

Letter, 28 August 1936, from Dr Thomas Jones CH, at St Gallen, Switzerland, to Con[stance de] Madariaga, Geneva, regarding the situation of her husband, the Spanish writer and diplomat Salvador de Madariaga.
Jones offers to help Maderiaga who had fled Spain for England the previous month due to the Spanish Civil War. He also refers to his forthcoming trip with Lloyd George to Germany and Berchtesgaden.

Jones, Thomas, 1870-1955

Dr William Price bill,

A bill for services rendered, 18 January 1871, in the hand of Dr William Price, Pontypridd, and addressed to the Rev. Dr Rees [?Henry Rees].

Price, William, 1800-1893.

Dylan Thomas letter to Charles Fisher

Letter, 14 June 1939, from Dylan Thomas, Laugharne, to the poet and writer Charles Fisher, arranging to meet and referring to a new poem, his baby son, Llewelyn, and a forthcoming broadcast with Keidrych Rhys.
The letter was published in The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas: New Edition, ed. by Paul Ferris (London, 2000), pp. 435-436.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Dylan Thomas letter to Vernon Watkins

A facsimile copy, [1965x1985], of a letter, 15 July 1937, from Dylan Thomas, Mousehole, Cornwall, to Vernon Watkins, announcing his marriage to Caitlin Macnamara and apologising for altering a poem by Watkins prior to publication.
The original letter is now BL Add MS 52612, f. 5. It was first published in Dylan Thomas, Letters to Vernon Watkins, ed. by Vernon Watkins (London, 1957), pp. 27-28; see also The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas: New Edition, ed. by Paul Ferris (London, 2000), p. 294.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Emyn dôn Dewi Myrnach,

Copi, [?1887], o osodiad cerddorol gan, ac yn llaw, David Davies (Dewi Myrnach) o emyn Maurice Davies 'Am graig i adeiladu'. Mae'r copi wedi ei gyflwyno i Thomas Morris. = A copy, [?1887], of a musical setting by, and in the hand of, David Davies (Dewi Myrnach) of Maurice Davies's hymn beginning 'Am graig i adeiladu'. The copy is dedicated to Thomas Morris.
Ennillodd y dôn wobr yn Eisteddfod yr Iwbili a gynhaliwyd yn Nhyddewi ar 17 Awst 1887, gyda Dr Joseph Parry yn beirniadu. = The hymn tune was awarded a prize at the 'Jubilee Eisteddfod' held at St Davids on 17 August 1887, with Dr Joseph Parry adjudicating.

Davies, David, 1845-1923.

Englyn gan Wil Ifan,

Nodyn, [c. 1965?], oddi wrth Wil Ifan, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, at [Rhiannon Francis Roberts] yn cynnwys englyn ganddo (ond sydd yn cael ei briodoli yma i Roberts) yn cyfeirio, mae'n debyg, at annibendod ei bapurau ei hun. = Note, [c. 1965?], from Wil Ifan, Bridgend, to [Rhiannon Francis Roberts] containing an englyn by him (but here ascribed to Roberts), apparently referring to the disarray amongst his own papers.
Roedd Roberts yn archifydd yn y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol a bu'n gyfrifol am gatalogio lythyrau Wil Ifan ym 1965. = Roberts was an archivist at the National Library and was responsible for cataloguing Wil Ifan's letters in 1965.

Wil Ifan, 1883-1968.

George Eyre Evans letters,

A postcard, 11 October 1908 (f. 73), and letter, 9 June 1909 (ff. 74-75), from George Eyre Evans, Aberystwyth, to W. T. Evans, Llanon, containing personal and antiquarian news.
Evans describes his visit to see Prof. Bosanquet's excavation at Caersws (f. 74).

Evans, George Eyre, 1857-1939

Gwen John and Cecily Langdale letters,

Letter, 14 June 1930, from Gwen John, Meudon, to fellow artist [Mary] Constance [Lloyd], concerning Ursula Tyrwhitt and her recent indiscretions (f. 20).
Also included are three letters, June-August 1980, from art historian Cecily Langdale, New York, to Mrs Rachel Collyns, Bristol, niece of Mary Constance Lloyd, relating to Gwen John (ff. 21-23), and supplying background information on John's letter and on Tyrwhitt (f. 23).

John, Gwen, 1876-1939

Helen Thomas: Essay on her love of nature

Autograph draft by Helen Thomas, [early 1920s], of a possibly unpublished lyrical work about her love of nature in general and of hills and mountains in particular.
References to Kent and the River Darent (ff. 44-45) show that the work was written while Thomas lived at Otford in Kent in the years after her husband's death. There are also references to the Sussex Downs (f. 45 recto-verso) and to her 1919 visit to Scotland (ff. 46-49 verso) and to Glen [?Ample, Perthshire] (f. 49) (see Helen Thomas, Time & Again, ed. by Myfanwy Thomas (Manchester, 1978), pp. 126-127).

Thomas, Helen, 1877-1967

Ifano Jones letter,

Letter, 29 October 1925, from Ifano Jones, Cardiff Public Libraries, to the Rev. T. Llechid Jones, concerning various publications by Ifano Jones (f. 71).
Enclosed with the letter is a printed circular, [October 1925], advertising Ifano Jones's book, A History of Printing and Printers in Wales to 1810... (Cardiff, 1925) (f. 72).

Jones, James Ifano.

John Ballinger letter,

Letter, 16 May 1903, from John Ballinger, Central Library, Cardiff, to the Rev. T. Llechid Jones, enclosing requested publications.

Ballinger, John, 1860-1933.

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