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Ceiriog manuscripts
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Alawon Cymreig

The original manuscript of the material printed on pp. 43-78 of John Ceiriog Hughes, Cant o Ganeuon (Wrexham, [1863]); together with letters from W. E. Davies to John Ceiriog Hughes, 1887, and from Mary Davies to Delia Ceiriog Evans, 1914.

Davies, W. E. (William Edwards), 1851-1927


Miscellaneous papers kept by John Ceiriog Hughes comprising draft poetry, adjudications, correspondence, notes, and accounts; lawsuit papers, including a draft summons to Isaac Clarke, printer and publisher, of Ruthin, 1862, concerning inter alia the copyright of Oriau'r Bore; proof sheets of John Ceiriog Hughes's application and testimonials for an appointment as commercial traveller, 1871, and of the prospectus of the Mynyddog Memorial appeal, 1877; and a small poster advertising meetings of 'Cymdeithas Lenyddol Gymreig Manceinion', 1858, including lectures by John Hughes (Ceiriog) and William Williams (Creuddynfab).

Barddoniaeth eisteddfodol

Poetry submitted for competition at eisteddfodau held at Trefeglwys and Gleiniant, 1881, with draft adjudications by John Ceiriog Hughes, and a draft letter by Nicholas Bennett.


A notebook containing holograph versions and press cuttings of poems by Ceiriog, many of which were included in Yr Oriau Olaf published by Isaac Foulkes in 1888. Some of the press cuttings are of translations of poems into English.
Loose items have been placed in an archival envelope.


Notebooks containing poems and draft poems by Ceiriog, including words printed in Songs of Wales.

Caneuon Ceiriog

A collection of sheets containing drafts and copies of poems by John Ceiriog Hughes.

Ceiriog letters to his wife

Four letters (one incomplete), [1860]-[1861], from John [Ceiriog Hughes] to his wife Annie, together with a copy, 1918, of their marriage certificate (dated 22 February 1861). Three of the letters were apparently written in the two months prior to their marriage and the remaining letter fairly soon afterwards.

Hughes, Annie Catherine, 1839?-1931

Ceiriog manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • 1827-[?1933]

Papers, 1827-[?1933], of or relating to John Ceiriog Hughes (Ceiriog), including autograph poetry, 1857-1887; a diary, 1886; correspondence, [1852x1855]-1913, comprising letters addressed to Ceiriog, [1852x1855]-1887, Ceiriog's letters to his wife Annie, 1860-1861, letters from Ceiriog to Nicholas Bennett and others, 1856-1887, and correspondence of Annie Hughes and Delia Ceiriog Evans, 1871-1913; and volumes of press cuttings, 1827-[?1933], including poetry by Ceiriog and obituaries and tributes to him.

Hughes, John Ceiriog, 1832-1887


Letters addressed to Annie Ceiriog Hughes and Delia Ceiriog Evans, 1871-1908, and to Nicholas Bennett; a short sketch of Ceiriog's life by his widow; and letters to Creuddynfab from Edward Roberts, Rhyl, 1860, to Edward Hamer from William Lloyd, Ruthin, 1868, and to G. H. Whalley from Hugh Owen, Poor Law Board, 1866.


A note book used as a diary, 1886, by John Ceiriog Hughes (Ceiriog) while he was stationmaster at Caersws.

Eisteddvod Ode

The autograph manuscript of an ode in English, with a Welsh translation, by John Ceiriog Hughes (Ceiriog), which was composed for competition at the Aberystwyth National Eisteddfod, 1865. The ode bears the nom-de-plume 'Arthur Tudor' (f. 6).


Notebook containing specimens of various metres, compiled by John Ceiriog Hughes.

Gwaith Ceiriog

A volume of drafts, working copies of poems, and notes by John Ceiriog Hughes.


Poetry and prose pieces, mainly drafts, by John Ceiriog Hughes (ff. 5 verso-6 verso, 11 recto-verso, 25 verso, 27 verso-52), written in a volume previously used as a ledger, probably by a Yorkshire or Lancashire manufacturer or trader, 1833-1850, and containing particulars of financial and trade transactions and details of wages paid to weavers, 1834 (ff. 2 verso-30 verso).
Ceiriog subsequently repurposed the volume as a scrap book, pasting in numerous press cuttings and obscuring the original text. At NLW the cuttings were floated off and mounted in separate volumes (see NLW MSS 4552-3D).

'Helen Llwyddawg'

A holograph draft of an ode entitled 'Helen Llwyddawg' with a draft introductory note by John Ceiriog Hughes.

Letters and other papers of John Ceiriog Hughes

A group of papers of John Ceiriog Hughes and his family, 1860-[?1933], including some nineteen letters, 1860-1861 and undated, from Ceiriog to his wife Annie, shortly before and after their marriage (ff. 1-28); six letters and fragments written by Ceiriog, 1886-1887 and undated, including one, 22 January 1887, to his daughter Delia Ceiriog Evans and her husband, and one, 3 March 1887, to Richard Bennett (incomplete) (ff. 29-38); four letters from Annie Ceiriog Hughes, [1860x1861], three addressed to Ceiriog and one to her mother (ff. 39-47); miscellaneous correspondence addressed to Ceiriog (ff. 48-50), including an envelope from [Richard Davies (Mynyddog)], addressed in verse (postmark 15 February 1870) (f. 48) and fragments of letters containing the autographs of William Williams (Carw Coch), Trecynon, [John Jones] (Mathetes) and Thomas Jones (f. 50); miscellaneous items in Ceiriog's hand (ff. 51-53), including a holograph copy of the words to 'Anthem Tywysog Cymru' (f. 53, together with an explanatory letter from Delia, [?1932], f. 54); correspondence, 1905, between R. Williams, Celynog, the Rev. R. Peris Williams, Wrexham, and Mrs. [Annie] Ceiriog Hughes and Mrs. Delia Evans relating to the purchase of certain Ceiriog books and manuscripts from R. Peris Williams, together with a letter to Mrs. Evans from John Ballinger, 1906, and a copy of a letter, dated 14 September 1913, from A[nnie] Ceiriog Hughes to [Charles] Tudor Hughes, [Hughes & Son, Wrexham], concerning the same manuscripts (ff. 57-70); eisteddfod programmes and other ephemera, 1883-1886 (ff. 72-76); photographs of 'Nain Penybryn' [?Phoebe Hughes], Ceiriog, and Annie's grave (ff. 77-79); and cuttings of newspaper articles relating to Ceiriog, 1907-[?1933] (ff. 80-83).

Hughes, Annie Catherine, 1839?-1931

Llawysgrif Ceiriog

Cyfrol, [1856x1857]-[1860au cynnar], yn llaw Ceiriog, yn bennaf yn cynnwys barddoniaeth, anerchiadau a hwiangerddi (ff. 1-49), ynghyd ag eitemau rhyddion, 1862-1886 (ff. 50-63, mewn amlen archifol). = A volume, [1856x1857]-[early 1860s], in the hand of Ceiriog, containing mostly poetry, speeches and nursery rhymes (ff. 1-49), together with loose items, 1862-1886 (ff. 50-63, in an archival envelope).
Mae'r gyfrol yn cynnwys drafftiau, neu rannau o ddrafftiau, [1850au hwyr]-[1860au cynnar], o dros ugain o gerddi (ff. 17-27 a 36 verso-49 verso (tesun wyneb i waered), 59-60 verso), gan gynnwys 'Gair Tros y Delyn' (f. 24), 'Syr Meurig Grynthwth' (ff. 24 verso-25 verso) ac 'Y Telyniwr dall' (ff. 39-40 verso), a gyhoeddwyd yn Oriau'r Hwyr (Rhuthun, 1860); 'Alun Mabon' (ff. 17 recto-verso), 'Lisi Fluelin yn deir blwydd oed' (f. 18), 'Garibaldi a Charcharor Naples' (ff. 18 verso-19), 'Tywysog Cymru' (f. 23), 'Myfanwy Fychan' (ff. 36 verso-38 verso), 'Y Wlanen' (ff. 43 recto-verso, 46-47), 'Y Glowr' (ff. 44-45 verso), 'Datod mae rhwymau' (f. 48 verso), 'Bum tros y Wyddfa fawr' (f. 48 verso), 'Eich Bachgen' (ff. 48 verso-49) ac 'Evan Benwan (Ail Ran)' (f. 59 recto-verso), a gyhoeddwyd yn Oriau'r Bore (Rhuthun, 1862); a 'Paham mae Dei mor hir yn dod' (ff. 63-64), a gyhoeddwyd yn Oriau Eraill (Wrecsam, [1868]), tt. 63-64. Mae cerddi ar yr Ysgol Sul (f. 41 recto-verso) a Samuel Roberts, Llanbrynmair (f. 42 recto-verso), ymysg eraill, o bosib heb eu cyhoeddi. Ceir hefyd casgiad o saith deg dau hwiangerdd, [1856x1857], tua chwe deg ohonynt yn ymddangos yn Oriau'r Haf (Wrecsam, [1870]), tt. 21-47 passim (ff. 1-10 verso); ac eitemau o ryddiaith, gan gynnwys anerchiad ar farddoniaeth i Gymdeithas Lenyddol Gymreig Manceinion, [?1858] (ff. 27 verso-34 verso), 'Pilsen i Ffarmwyr' (ff. 35-36 verso), a nodiadau (ff. 23 verso, 26 verso). Mae'r papurau rhyddion yn cynnwys rhestr anghyflawn o alawon Cymreig, [1862], o bosib mewn perthynas â'r gyfrol Cant o Ganeuon (Wrecsam, [1863]) (ff. 50-57), ac anfonebau am gario nwyddau, 1874-1886, oddi wrth y Van Railway Company (ff. 61-63). = The volume includes drafts, or parts of drafts, [late 1850s]-[early 1860s], of over twenty poems (ff. 17-27 a 36 verso-49 verso (inverted text), 59-60 verso), including 'Gair Tros y Delyn' (f. 24), 'Syr Meurig Grynthwth' (ff. 24 verso-25 verso) and 'Y Telyniwr dall' (ff. 39-40 verso), published in Oriau'r Hwyr (Ruthin, 1860); 'Alun Mabon' (ff. 17 recto-verso), 'Lisi Fluelin yn deir blwydd oed' (f. 18), 'Garibaldi a Charcharor Naples' (ff. 18 verso-19), 'Tywysog Cymru' (f. 23), 'Myfanwy Fychan' (ff. 36 verso-38 verso), 'Y Wlanen' (ff. 43 recto-verso, 46-47), 'Y Glowr' (ff. 44-45 verso), 'Datod mae rhwymau' (f. 48 verso), 'Bum tros y Wyddfa fawr' (f. 48 verso), 'Eich Bachgen' (ff. 48 verso-49) and 'Evan Benwan (Ail Ran)' (f. 59 recto-verso), published in Oriau'r Bore (Ruthin, 1862); and 'Paham mae Dei mor hir yn dod' (ff. 63-64), published in Oriau Eraill (Wrexham, [1868]), pp. 63-64. Poems on the Sunday School (f. 41 recto-verso) and on Samuel Roberts, Llanbrynmair (f. 42 recto-verso), amongst others, are possibly unpublished. Also included is a collection of seventy-two nursery rhymes, [1856x1857], some sixty of which appear in Oriau'r Haf (Wrexham, [1870]), pp. 21-47 passim (ff. 1-10 verso); and prose items including a speech on poetry for Cymdeithas Lenyddol Gymreig Manceinion, [?1858] (ff. 27 verso-34 verso), 'Pilsen i Ffarmwyr' (ff. 35-36 verso), and notes (ff. 23 verso, 26 verso). The loose papers include an incomplete list of Welsh airs, [1862], possibly in connection with the publication of Cant o Ganeuon (Wrexham, [1863]) (ff. 50-57), and invoices for the carriage of goods, 1874-1886, from the Van Railway Company (ff. 61-63).

Llyfr poced

A pocket book containing anecdotes, miscellaneous jottings, and accounts for Oriau'r Bore, Cant o Ganeuon, and Oriau'r Hwyr, by John Ceiriog Hughes. The cover has the representation of a seal with the legend '+Meurig Grynswth+ Llanfihangel y Gwlaw. Arwerthwyd dan nawdd Beirdd Braint a Defawd Beirdd Ynys Prydain, Dyfeisydd ac unig werthydd Peirianau Englynu, Awdlu, Pryddestu, Cyfieithu, Traws-sylweddu, &c., &c., &c.'.


Fragments and incomplete letters addressed to John Ceiriog Hughes.

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