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Congregationalists -- Wales -- Llanbrynmair.
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Transcripts from Llanbryn-mair parish registers, &c.,

Transcripts of marriages, 1780-1808, and of burials, 1813-1844, from the parish registers of Llanbrynmair, taken from copies made by R[ichard] Williams ['Celynog'], F.R.H[ist.]S. [of Newtown]; extracts from the register of Old Chapel Congregational Church, Llanbrynmair, being an account of children baptised during the ministry of the Reverend Rich[ar]d Tibbott, 1762-1796; lists and abstracts of Montgomeryshire wills (partly from the papers of D. C. Ll[oyd-] Owen [of Birmingham]); transcripts of marriages from the parish register of Llanbrynmair, 1809-1812; transcripts from the parish register of Machynlleth, 1782-1812; and notes on the ancestors of Mr. J[ohn] H[umphreys] Davies [Principal of University College of Wales, Aberystwyth] ('From his writings. D.C.D.', i.e., David Charles Davies, Director of The Field Natural History Museum, Chicago).

Richard Bennett.

Letters to John Roberts and Samuel Roberts,

Holograph letters addressed to John Roberts the elder and his son Samuel Roberts ('S.R.'), Congregational ministers, of Llanbryn-mair, etc., with some copy replies: (a) Six letters to John Roberts from [the Reverend] J. W. H. Pritchard, Old College, Homerton, 1825 (an invitation to 'S. R.' to a pastorate at Chesterfield); A[nne] Williams, Ynys y towyn [Portmadoc], 1827 (an invitation to 'S. R.' to the pastorate of the new church [Salem] at Portmadoc); John Williams [Ynys y towyn], Port Madoc, 1827 (soliciting help to clear the debt on [Salem] chapel); Sarah Yallowley, Tythe Hill Cottage [co. Salop], 1827 (2) (a diary of a preacher called [Samuel] Bradburn, an invitation to preach at Lythe Hill, a book sent to the recipient); and John Bulmer, Haverfordwest, 1833 (a review by 'S. R.' in Y Dysgedydd of the writer's Hymns and Evangelical Songs, the progress of David Griffiths, son of the Reverend [Benjamin] Griffiths, Trefgarn, at the writer's school, a volume of hymns to be published by the writer). (b) Fourteen letters to 'S.R.' from Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], Manafon, 1828 (comments on the recipient's essay on 'Yr laith Gymraeg'); Wm. Williams, Carnarvon, 1833 (a request for an essay on 'Anghyfiawnder a Drygioni Sefydliadau Eglwysig' and for the establishment of a local Society to propagate information on the subject); [the Reverend] Thomas Lewis [of Builth], from Bristol, 1835 (collections in England for liquidating debts on Welsh Congregational chapels); Edward James Herbert, 3rd earl of Powis, 1849 (the succession to the Douglas peerage); D. Jones [ London], 1872 (interment of Mr. E. Jones); Edward Hooker, for Mr. Williams of George Hitchcock, Williams, & Co., London, 1872 (declining to respond to the recipient's request); Miss [ ] Edwards [London], 1872 (a subscription towards rebuilding the Welsh chapel in Southwark Bridge Road); J. T. Beighton, London Congregational Chapel Building Society, 1872 (a clause in a [Southwark] chapel trust deed relating to the use of the Welsh language); Thos. Barnes, Chirk (confining assistance to local chapels); D. Howell, Machynlleth, etc., 1876 (2) (thanks for a packet of autograph letters, the success of the 'Cronicl bach', personal and family news, the writer will endeavour to ascertain the view of Mr. D. Davies [of Llandinam]); R. M. Davies, Lancashire and Cheshire Congregational Chapel and School Building Society, from Harrogate, 1878 (the case of the Queen's Road people); Wm. Thomas, Park Glas, Carmarthen, 1879 (collections towards Y Celt, etc.); and R. Ivor Parry, solicitor, Pwllheli, 1885 (returning letters, etc.); together with a post office order for £1/1/0 from Erasmus Jones [London] to 'S. R.', [18]72.

Letters to Abraham Howell,

Sixty-six holograph and autograph letters addressed to Abraham Howell at Welshpool, in London (2) and in Salop (1), 1836-1846 and undated. The writers include Sam[ue]l Bakewell, Oulton near Stone [Staffordshire], 1845 (5) (the mental and physical condition of recipient's brother [Samuel] who had been placed in the writer's care) (attached to one of the letters is a copy of the reply sent by Abraham Howell), Charles Benbow [? Newtown], [18]46 (2) (financial matters), Geo[rge] Broughall, Oswestry, 1841 (the making of Pont Llanerchymris, Llanfechan bridge and New Bridge over the Verniew [co. Montgomery] into county bridges), [ ] Clarke [London], 1841 (2) ( business matters), J. Foulkes, Milford near Newtown, 1841 (the birth of recipient's son, financial and property matters), J. Griffiths [London], 1838 (personal, law books), John Hamer, Werglodd y Maip, 1837 (uncertainty as to whether Union Chapel [in the parish of Kerry, co. Montgomery] had been licensed, some details concerning the chapel), Ed[ward] Hughes, Llanbrynmair, 1836 (personal, a request for money for the writer's mother, a temperance meeting at the 'Old Chapel'), Edward Hughes, Cambridge, 1838- 1841 (4) (the writer's journey from Pool to Cambridge and his activities at Cambridge in preparation for entering [Queen's College] (1838), applications for money, the writer's degree prospects, news that 'the Cantabs have beaten the Oxonians in a rowing contention on the Thames' (1839), the presence of a small number of 'Oxford-tract-men' at Cambridge and sermons by Professor [James] Scholefield against their views), Charles Jones, Manchester, 1841 (a) (personal, payment for a horse), David Jones, Park Llwydiarth, 1840 (? an answer to applications by recipient for a lease of farms in the Llanbrynmair area), J. Jones, Montgomery, 1836 (enclosing a letter from Messrs. Edye and Jefferson, Montgomery, to A[ braham] Howells, 1836, concerning personal matters), J. Jones, Henllan, 1851 (matters relating to y Ty Mawr farm), John Jones, Bank, Machynlleth, 1839 (a request for copying work from recipient's office), Lewis Jones, Shrewsbury [recipient's uncle], 1836-1841 (3) (personal, financial matters) (enclosing a letter from Hugh Davies, Machynlleth, to the writer, 1839, re financial matters), Morris Cha[rle]s Jones, Welshpool, Liverpool, etc., 1839-1841 and undated (16) (personal, legal and business matters, the tithe commutation agreement for the parish of Hirnant [co. Denbigh], attendance at a ball at Bruce Castle where Rowland Hill 'the immortal penny postage man' was present, the birth of the recipient's first child), Henry Kitson, Shrewsbury, 1840 (the premium on an [insurance] policy), D. Macrorie, Liverpool, 1841 (medical advice for Mrs. H[owell, recipient's wife]), Messrs. Milno, Parry, Milno, and Morris, Temple [London], 1841 (3) ( recipient's application for admission [as an attorney], the regulations relating to the admission [of articled clerks as attorneys]) (enclosed are a circular dated 1836 relating to the said regulations, with a copy of a questionnaire to be completed by the clerk seeking admission and by the attorney under whom he had served his articles, and a copy (printed) of the said questionnaire with the answers supplied (pencilled in) in the case of Abraham Howell), [the Reverend] Thomas Morgan, Tipton [ Staffordshire, previously Independent minister at Welshpool, circa 1832-1837], 1840 (personal, ? the possibility of [the Reverend Cyrus] Hudson becoming [Independent] minister [at Welshpool], comments on Hudson, a meeting at Stafford of the association of the ministers in Staffordshire, the writer's unhappy memories of his ministry at Welshpool with unfavourable comments on the inhabitants) (added as a postscript is a letter from Jane Ann Morgan [wife of the Reverend Thomas Morgan], with personal greetings, remarks on ? the manse, and news of a Baptist missionary meeting at Dudley attended by twelve ministers from London, Birmingham, and America, and a slave), J. R. Ogle, Harlescott and Gungrog, [1839]-1841 (6) (transactions relating to a mare), A[nne] W[arburton] Owen, G[lan] S[evern], 1845 and undated (3) (the possible sale by the proprietors of the [Montgomery] Canal of the 'Feeder from the Rhiew', the powers the said proprietors claimed under the 'General Sale Act', a debt due from Mr. [John] Burke [genealogist] whose Peerage had been advertised, the wish of all the proprietors of the [Montgomery] Canal, with the exception of the writer, to sell the canal, mention of the turnpike road at Brithdir, a request to recipient to write to London concerning Berriew tithe commutation book, the rents for property [in Liverpool]), Rich[ar]d Griffithes Parry, 1841 (personal, business affairs), John Phillips, Newtown, 1846 (a request for aid for the writer's brother Evan to go to America), [the Reverend] Henry Rees [Methodist minister], Shrewsbury, [18]36 (a request for information concerning any small farms in the Carno-Llanbrynmair district, and more especially concerning Bryn Cae Miler farm near Machynlleth, which were for sale as part of the Esgir Evan estate, information the writer had received about a farm near Whitechurch 'Ond nid oes yno un Seiat, Cyfarfod Misol na ddaith Sabboth yn agos'), Mary Ryder [1840] (a request to recipient to hand a note to Mrs. Jones concerning her son's illness), James Smith, Chester, 1839 (a request, on behalf of the writer's friend, Mrs. Collins of Little Sutton near Chester, for information concerning the settlement of the affairs of her uncle, Mr. Clarke, deceased, of Welshpool), W[illia]m Ward, 1841 (a request for an increase in his salary as a clerk in Mr. Jones's office, from twenty-one to twenty-five shillings a week), C. Wilding, [18]40 (a promise to consider an application by a friend of the recipient in respect of Gesseldu farm), and J. Yearsley, Welchpool, undated (the writer's return from Brighton, congratulations on the birth of recipient's son).

Extracts from Montgomeryshire records, &c.,

Extracts of baptisms, marriages, and burials from the parish registers of Cemmes, 1781-1812, Llangurig, 1736/7-1867, Llanidloes, 1745/6--1790, and Trefeglwys, 1727-1809; extracts from memorial inscriptions in the churchyard of Yr Hen Gapel [Llanbryn-mair], 1800-1882; 'A few particulars out of Llangurig Wills', 1746-1799; extracts, from the license book, of marriages in Llangurig, 1765-1813; extracts from Welch Piety, 1752-1763; abstracts, extracts, and notes relating to the pedigrees of the families of Goodwin of Carno, Soley of Tregynon, Wood of Llanwnnog, etc.; transcripts from the Trevecka Letters of two letters, 1748/9, from W. J[ ones], Trefollwyn, Anglesey, to [Howell] Harris; etc.

Richard Bennett.

Transcripts from Montgomeryshire parish registers, &c.,

Transcripts of miscellaneous entries of baptisms, marriages, and burials from the parish registers of Llawryglyn, Llanbrynmair, Cemmes, Mallwyd, Dolgelley, Talyllyn, and Llanwnog; extracts from memorial inscriptions in the churchyards of Llan[bryn-mair], 1786-1791, Yr Hen Gapel [Congregational Church, Llanbryn-mair], 1845-1895, Cemmes, 1722-1773, Llanwrin, 1701-1891, and Llanwnog, 1757-1822; genealogical notes relating to the families of Anwyl, Jones of Cilfach y Rhiw, etc.; extracts, 1806-1824, from the manuscript diaries, etc., of the Reverend John Elias ('o Fôn') at Bala College [now part of the C. M. Archives deposited in the National Library of Wales]; miscellaneous extracts from printed and manuscript sources; and lists of 'Lla[nbryn-mai]r persons married to outsiders', 1663-1747, and of 'Outsiders buried at Llanbrynmair', 1663-1747.

Richard Bennett.