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  • NLW MS 23272C
  • File
  • 1835, 1866, 1929 /

A copy of Evan Griffiths, Esponiad ar y Bibl Sanctaidd ... Cyfrol IV (Abertawy, 1835) with leaves pasted to the stubs of leaves excised at the beginning of the volume, on which Wiliam Siôn (1874-1947), Cefn Cribwr, Tythegston, later of Cymer, Glyncorrwg, co. Glamorgan, has transcribed, 1929, Welsh poetry in strict metre from Cardiff MS 5.44, 'Llyfr Hir Llanharan' (written c. 1613, by Llywelyn Siôn), ff. 1-14 and compiled lists of the contents of the original manuscript (ff. iv, xix-xxxi verso), of the poets whose works it contains (ff. xi-xvi verso, xxxii-iv) and of the patrons to whom they sang (ff. v-x). Also included are a biographical note on Llywelyn Siôn (f. iii verso), and a brief account of 'Y Wentaeg', the Welsh dialect of Gwent, Morgannwg and part of Brycheiniog (f. lxxxi recto-verso).

Siôn, Wiliam, 1874-1947

'Ail Biser Sioned',

  • NLW MS 9047A.
  • File
  • [1724x1800] /

A collection of poems, medical and veterinary recipes, and miscellanea entitled 'Ail Biser Sioned sef Casgliad Cadwalader Davies [Gwyddelwern] wrth ei bleser . . .', with some additions. The poems include 'carolau', 'cerddi', 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Hugh Morys, Dafydd Nanmor, Maredudd ap Rhys, William Wynne, John [Siôn] Cadwaladr, Jonathan Hughes, Lewis Morris ('Llywelyn Ddu'), Ellis Roberts, Rees Ellis, Roger Thomley, Ellis Cadwaladr, Matthew Owen, Edmwnd Prys, Dafydd Manuel and others. A valentine from Cadwaladr Davies to Jane Jones is dated 14 February 1749.

Davies, Cadwaladr, b. 1704

Barddoniaeth Rhys Cain a Siôn Cain, etc.,

  • NLW MS 11986B.
  • File
  • [1550x1650] /

An imperfect manuscript containing fifty 'cywyddau' and five 'awdlau' written during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. The majority of the poems are drafts by, and in the respective hands of, the herald bards Rhys Cain and his son Siôn Cain of Oswestry, the former being represented by twenty-seven poems of which some are dated between 1582 and 1612 and the latter by twenty poems of which some are dated between 1609 and 1634. Other poets represented in the volume are William Llŷn, James Dwnn, 1616 (holograph), Edward ap Raff, Richard Cynwal, Lewys ap Edward, and Siôn Phylip. About three fourths of the poems are hitherto unrecorded. The volume is made up of individual poems written on separate papers which were previously stitched, though probably not for the purpose of covering and binding in book form, and as in the case of other manuscripts deriving from the Cains, e.g., Peniarth MS. 117, each paper bears evidence of having at one time been folded and filed in a bundle, generally with an endorsement, until eventually it became worn and tattered at the creases. The title of one 'cywydd' by Rhys Cain has been added in the hand of Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt.

Rhys Cain, Siôn Cain and others.


  • NLW MS 10744B.
  • File
  • [18 cent.] /

A volume of 'carolau', 'cerddi', and 'englynion' by Owen Gruffydd, Llanystumdwy, Edward Morys, Perthillwydion, Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Elis Rolant, Mr. Elis Elis, 'Aulodau gwir Eglwus Louger', Ellis Roberts ('y cowper'), Huw Morys, Pontymeibion, Reinallt ap Gronw, Hugh Jones ('Huwceun s Jon'), Jane ach Kadwaladr, Hugh Hughes ('Y Bardd Coch o Fôn'), and Thomas William 'o'r Cwrtt', in the hand of Hugh Jones, cowper, of Henllan.

Jones, Hugh, 'cowper'


  • NLW MS 10870B.
  • File
  • [1766x1790] /

An incomplete miscellany, in the form of three unbound volumes, of free- and strict-metre poetry (including illustrative extracts), compiled by David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri') under the title of 'Golwg a'r Parnassus, a Helicon, Sef, Casgliad neulltuol, neu Bigion Dewisol Allan o Waith Prif feirdd neu Brydyddion yr oesoedd, sef y Rhannau hyny o'u Gwaith na ymddangosodd yn argraphedig Hyd yn hyn ond mewn hen Sgrifeniadau, yn Englynion A chywyddau. yn Ddwy Rann; un yn Ddigrifol ar llall yn ddifrifol. O Gascliad, Dewi, ab Thomas, Waunfawr. A Sgrifenwyd yn y flwyddyn 1781'. The preface ('Rhagymadrodd at y Darllenydd') indicates both the period and partly the source of the volume: 'Y Darnau canlynol o Brydyddiaeth a Sgrifennwyd Gennyf yn fy Ieuenctyd, Pan ddechreuais Gyntaf Gael blas, ar farddoniaeth Reolaidd Ac yn ol fy nhŷb i, y Pryd hwnnw, maent yn Brif orchestwaith, Pigion, neu oreuon, Gwaith yr hen Feirdd ... Yr a adsgrifennais wrth ymdeithi[o] yn ddamweiniol, heibio'r lleoedd yr oeddynt iw gweled fel y Gwelwch yn Enwau'r Eglwysydd'. The poets represented include Rhichard Phylip; Maredudd ap Rhys; David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'); Hugh Hughes ('Y Bardd Coch o Fôn') (1766); Huw Morys; Siôn Cent; William Phylip; Elis Roberts; Dafydd ap Gwilym; Siôn Phylip; Bedo Brwynllys; Tudur Aled; Gruffudd Hiraethog; Siôn Brwynog; Siôn Tudur; Edward Morys; Owen Gruffydd; and Siôn Mawddwy. The titles include 'Englynion i Sir feirionydd'; 'Englynion Iw gosod ar fedd Huw Jones o Langwm ...'; and 'Englyn i Hugh Lloyd Cynfel'. Additions in other hands include some music scores of carol tunes and calligraphic exercises.

Thomas, David, 1759-1822


  • NLW MS 10748D.
  • File
  • [18 cent.], 1828.

A volume of transcripts of poetry, mainly 'cywyddau' and 'englynion', by Iowerth Fynglwyd, William Llŷn, Huw Cae Llwyd, Gwilym ap Sefnyn, Dafydd Nanmor, Thomas Prys, Syr Dafydd Trefor, Aneurin Gwawdrudd ('Anearan Gwowdrudd'), Rhys Pennardd, Iolo Goch, Gutun Ceiriog, Siôn Mawddwy, Dio ap Ifan Du, Rhys Goch Glyndyfrdwy, Dafydd ap Edmwnd, Dafydd Ddu o Hiraddug, Philip John Philip, Siôn Philip, Owain Gwynedd, Ieuan Brydydd Hir, Siôn Cent, David Jones, Rhys Wynn, Siôn Tudur, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Meredydd ap Rees, Llywelyn ap Gutun, Syr Owain ap Gwilym, Griffith Philip, Rowland Vaughan, Richard Philip, Edmwnd Prys, Robin Ragett, Tudur Aled, John Prichard Prys, Robert Klidro, Ellis Rowland 'o Harlech', Hugh Llwyd 'o Gynfal', Huw Morris, Lewis Morris, Mr. David Roberts, Rice Lloyd, Moris ap Robert, Bala, and Thomas Jones, Orsedd Las. The greater part of the volume was written in the early eighteenth century. Among slightly later hands at the end of the volume is that of William Jones of Orsedd Las. At the end of the volume is a letter from a Welsh emigrant, written from Delaware, 21 September, 1828.

Barddoniaeth, &c.,

  • File
  • [17-18 cents].

A composite volume containing verse and prose written in various hands, mainly of the 17th and 18th centuries, with additions of the 18th century.

Barddoniaeth, &c.,

  • File
  • [16-17 cents].

A volume of transcripts of Welsh poetry. The first fifty-one folios contain copies, in a 16th-century hand, of 'cywyddau' by Siôn Cent, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Madog Benfras, Gruffudd Gryg, Dafyddd ab Edmwnd, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Tudur Aled, Dafydd Nanmor and others. The remainder of the volume (ff. 52-147) is in several hands of the end of the 17th century. At the head of f. 52 is the following note:- 'Haec sequens Collectio facta fuit Opera P.V.A.M. ...', the initials probably representing the name of Peter Vaughan, M.A., who was vicar of Llangernyw from 1682 to 1689. This part of the manuscript contains the names and arms of the fifteen tribes of Gwynedd; pedigrees of some Abergele families (among them that of Peter Vaughan himself) taken from the books of Sion Tudur and Rhys Cain; an account of the five residences of Sir Roger Mostyn in 1682; poetry in strict and free metres by Sion Tudur, Morus Dwyfech, Richard Phylip, Gryffydd Phylip, Guto'r Glyn, Maredudd ap Rhys, Edmwnd Prys, Lewis Glyn Cothi and others; etc.

Barddoniaeth, etc.,

  • NLW MS 10893E.
  • File
  • [1650x1725].

A seventeenth and early eighteenth century manuscript of Welsh and English poetry, medical recipes, prophecies attributed to Myrddin and Taliesin, triads, and later additions of a miscellaneous nature. The volume is in several hands, and some of the additions seem to be in the autograph of Richard Wiliams, soap boiler, of Abergavenny. According to a note on the cover (see 561, below) it belonged to the Catholic Chapel, Abergavenny, and much of the contents is of Catholic interest. The free-metre poems include a satire upon legal proceedings (in a mixture of Welsh and English), a dialogue in two hundred and twenty-three stanzas of 'triban' metre between a Catholic and a Protestant, a poem consoling members of the Holy Church in persecution, a poem in 'triban' metre by Henry Williams, a Christmas carol, and an elegy on the death of David Lewis, Catholic martyr, 1679. The poems in strict metres contain 'cywyddau' by Sion y Kent, Ievan Deylwyn, Lewis Glynn Kothi, Ievan Tew Brydydd, Robin Du o Fon, Rys Nanmor and others, and a number of 'englynion' in Welsh and English, including satires upon Puritans. The English poems include 'An Hymne on our Saviour Christ's Ascension' and 'An Epitaph vpon the Death of John Pym'. The miscellaneous material at the beginning of the volume includes material of Brecknockshire interest; a presentment of Popish recusants in Monkstreet ward in the town of Abergavenny, 1709; medical recipes; and a precept relating to the House of Correction in Brecknockshire, 1670.

Casgliad o farddoniaeth, &c.

  • NLW MS 6729B
  • File
  • 18-19 cents

A collection of 'carolau', 'cerddi', 'englynion', and other verse in various metres. The poets include John Rhees, 1776-8, Hugh Jones 'o Faes y glase' (1749-1825), Robert Evan 'o Feifod' (fl. c. 1750), Edward Morus 'o'r Plas yn y Pentre', 1785, Ellis Rowland (c. 1650-c. 1730), George Humphreys (senior) (1747?-1813), 1803-7, George Humphreys (junior), Ellis Roberts (d. 1789), Jonathan Hughes (1721-1805), Evan Williams, Rhys Lloyd, Harri 'o Graig y Gath' [Harri Parri (1709?-1800)], Hugh Morris (1622-1709), John Thomas (Pentrefoelas), Thomas Edwards (Twm o'r Nant) (1739-1810) and John Cain alias 'Ceiriog' (c. 1575-c. 1650). Also included is a shoemaker's accounts and a charm against tooothache.

Cywyddau a cherddi,

  • NLW MS 9111A.
  • File
  • [18 cent.].

A collection of 'cywyddau' attributed to Dafydd ap Gwilym (17), Dafydd Nanmor (2), Hugh Morys, Madog Benfras, Iolo Goch, and Rhys Cain; 'cerddi' by Ellis Roberts Cowper, and Lewis Morris ('Llywelyn Ddu') ('Llythur Cymun Morgan Goch y Melinydd', with an addition by William Jones, and 'Cerdd Marwnad Llewelyn bach o Gaer ludd'); 'englynion' by Merddyn Emrys and Huw Huws; and an English 'charol to be sung on Christmas morning' by Hugh Hughes, 'late of Foel near Llanerchymedd'.

Diary, etc., of John Davies, Ystrad

  • NLW MS 12350A.
  • File
  • 1796-1799

A diary and commonplace book of John Davies (David) ('Siôn Dafydd y Crydd'), bookbinder and cobbler, of Llanfihangel Ystrad, co. Cardigan. The diary covers the period from 1 January 1796 to 19 December 1799 (new style) and refers mainly to 'booking ', e.g., the binding of local Church Bibles, the making of a letter case for William Lewes, Llysnewydd, the purchase of pasteboard and glue, etc. Other entries consist of copious observations on the weather and on the health of the writer and of members of his family; records of other activities of the scribe and of his wife, such as the making up of club accounts and attendance at club feasts, the making up of churchwardens' and vestry accounts, the writing of documents (leases, wills, marriage settlements, letters, bidding letters, and club articles), estreating, attendance at religious services, the death and burial of local residents, visits to fairs, gardening, the raising of turf, the making of candles, watch repairing, the spinning of flax and hemp, grinding at the mill, etc.); and references to unusual or interesting contemporary incidents, e.g., the beginning of Bedlwyn bridge, 9 August 1796, 'great noise about the French landing in Pembrokshire', 1 March 1797, 'great alarm about mad dogs ', 17 March 1797, the eclipse of the sun, 24 June 1797, '2000 Irish emigrants in Pembrokshire', 15 June 1798, 'Terrible Rebellion in Ireland', 18 June 1798, '. . . the Buck wheat plowed with a new plow English fashion with foure Horses', 31 August 1798, etc. In the left hand margin of each page are two columns indicating each date in both the new and the old styles. The remainder of the volume contains miscellaneous poetry, including stanzas and 'englynion' by D. Davies, lines 'On Czar Peter of Russia', 1797, stanzas beginning 'God save the Rights of Man', 1795, 'Englynion I Lys Ifor Hael . . .' by Evan Evans ('Bardd ac Offeiriad'), 1779, with an English translation, 'Can, yr hon a genir gan filwyr Ffraingc wrth fyned it frwydr', 1797, stanzas entitled 'God Save the King' (beginning 'Fame let thy Trumpet sound') (extracted 5 January 1763 from The Gentleman's Magazine, December 1745), stanzas extracted in 1772 from William Lithgow's 'Book of . . . Travels', 'cywydd' couplets by Edmund Prys and Hug[h] Arwystl, stanzas entitled 'The Brittish Muse, The Banks of the Wye' (from the Hereford Journal, 18 June 1778), stanzas entitled 'Tweed's Side' (from The Gentleman's Magazine, May 1767), 'Chwanegiad at gân Rhydddid' (in a later hand), 'Can o Sen I Ficcar Coch Cayo' by Dafydd Manuel, 'General Thanksgiving. The following lines were found in St. Peters Church Yard in Colchester on Tuesday the 19 of Decr. 1797 being the Day appointed for a general thanksgiving . . .', 'On the Day of general thanksgiving on the 29th Day of November 1798 were the following lines stuck up on . . . the Church Door of Ystrad Church', 'An Epitaph on a Blacksmith', 'Lines written out of Temper, on a Pannel in one of the Pews of C . . .m Church' (from the Hereford Journal, 26 October 1791), 'Littani' by 'J[ohn] J[ones] Glangors', 1797, etc.; the score of a song entitled 'The Recess', 1794, and of 'A Gavot' by Correlli; a list of floruits of 'Brittish Poets' (from Myrddyn Emrys to Dafydd William o'r Nant); 'Coppi o Lythur Gruffudd ap Ieuan at Saer Pren o Lan Sain Sion Allan o Almanac am y Flwyddyn 1720'; notes on Nonconformist Sects, extracted from W[illiam] Mather: The Young Man's Companion (London, 1737); a pedigree of King George III; the Greek alphabet; recipes for sealing wafers and sealing wax; a table of cities, towns, and villages from Lampeter to London; memoranda of local births and deaths, e.g., the death of the Reverend David Lloyd, Castle Howel, 1779, and of the Reverend Richard Lloyd, Llwynrhydowen, 1797; the allocation of seats and pews newly erected in the body of the church of Ystrad, 1716; etc.

Davies, John, 1722-1799

Historical notes,

  • NLW MS 23278B
  • File
  • [1584x1592], [1750x1799] /

An imperfect copy of David Powel, The historie of Cambria, now called Wales ... (London, 1584), containing many notes and comments on the text, including collation with other chronicles (Roger de Hoveden, Stow, Matthew Paris, Giraldus Cambrensis and Brut y Tywysogion, e.g. p. 333). Most of the notes are probably in the hand of George Owen Harry (c. 1553-c. 1614), rector of Whitechurch and Llanfihangel Penbedw, co. Pembroke (see signature on pp. 1 and 15 (first sequence) and notes on pp. xvi, 115, 193); included are a brief pedigree of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (p. 63) and coats of arms, mostly in trick (pp. 28, 103, 115, 131-7, 193, 246, 392). An englyn on the death in 1569 of William Herbert, 1st earl of Pembroke, is written, probably by the same scribe, on p. viii. According to a note on p. 402, the scribe read the volume in 1584 and 1592. Several leaves are missing and the deficiency in the printed text is supplied on inserted leaves in a mid or late XVIII cent. hand.

George Owen Harry and others.

Llyfr Hugh Jones ('Cowper'),

  • NLW MS 11567D.
  • File
  • [c. 1755] /

A volume compiled by Hugh Jones ('Cowper'), [c. 1755], and containing transcripts of 'cywyddau', 'englynion', 'cerddi', and 'carolau' by Hugh Jones, Sion Tydyr, 'mei[str?]' Williams 'or hialld', Sion ap Robert 'o farch aled', Richiart Ffolkes (Henfrun), Thomas Edward (tai'n Rhos), Edward Morys, Morgan ap Huw Lewis, Hugh Morus, Mredith ap Pres, Thomas Prichis [Prys], etc.

Jones, Hugh, 'cowper'

Llyfr nodiadau o ryddiaith a barddoniaeth, etc.

  • NLW MS 6735B
  • File
  • 17-18 cents

A commonplace book of prose and verse, including a fragment on husbandry, recipes, a charm, astronomical and tide tables, 'Ystori Peilatvs', 'Ystori Adda', 'Ystori Noe Hen', 'Ystori Suddas', 'Araith Gwgan', an extract from Y Ffydd Ddi-ffvant, interpretations of dreams, a calendar for 1695, and poetry by Aneirin Gwawdrydd (fl. second half 6 cent.), Taliesin (fl. end 6 cent.), Hywel Cilan (fl. c. end 15 cent.), Sion Cent (c. 1400-15 cent.), Dafydd Nanmor (fl. 15 cent.), Dafydd ab Edmwnd (fl. 1450-1490), Dafydd ap Gwilym (fl. 1315/20-1350/70), Iolo Goch (c. 1320-1398), Morys ap Hywel (fl. c. 1530), Gruffudd ab Ieuan (c. 1485-1553), Sion Brwynog (d. ?1567), Sion Tudur (c. 1522-1602), Huw Morys (1622-1709), Dafydd ap Rhys (fl. c. 1550), Lewys Morganwg (fl. 1520-1565), Robert Leiaf, Guto'r Glyn (c. 1435-c. 1493), Gruffudd Gryg (fl. 1357-1370), Maredudd ap Rhys (fl. 1440-1483), Tudur Aled (c. 1465-c. 1525), Gruffudd ap Dafydd ap Hywel (fl. 1480-1520), Syr Dafydd, Rhys Cain (d. 1614), Gruffudd Llwyd ab Einion (fl. c. 1380-1410), Wiliam ap Sion ap Dafydd, and Thomas Prys (1564?-1634). Some 'englynion' and memoranda have been written in the margins by Evan Thomas, Cwmhwylfod (d. 1781).

Llyvr dosparth a cadwedigaeth cerdd dannau, I,

  • NLW MS 13219A.
  • File
  • [1730x1800] /

A small volume written in the eighteenth century lettered on the spine 'Llyvr Dos=parth a Cadwe= digaeth Cerdd Dannau, I'. The scribe was David Jones ('Dewi Fardd') of Trefriw. The contents are as follows: pp. 1-23, 'Clod Cerdd ai Dechreuad' beginning 'Fy Mryd sydd ar hyn om llafur ddwyn ar ddeall it Darllewr . . . Eithr o arfer Cerdd Theoricall y Nef, ni ymadroddwn am dano' [cf. B.M. Addit. MS 14989, ff. 82 recto-111 verso, and also D. Gwenallt Jones, 'Clod Cerdd Dafod', in Llên Cymru, I, pp. 186-7, and Gwendraeth Jones, 'Siôn Conwy III a'i Waith', in B.B.C.S., XXII, pp. 23-4 in particular]; pp. 24-30, 'Gryffydd ap Cynan Twysog Cymru a wnaeth Gyfraith ar y Gwyr wrth Gerdd, yr hon a elwir Ystatud Gryffydd ap Cynan', beginning 'Llyma y sawl y sydd rydd yddynt Glera . . .' and ending '. . . a Disgyblion, gwedi Cael graddau or blaen mewn Eisteddfodau neu Neithorau Reiol. Ac felly y Terfyna Ystatud Gryffydd ap Cynan Twysog Gwynedd, ar y Gwyr wrth Gerdd'; pp. 32-54 , 'Naw o Gyd-gordiadau sydd mewn Desgant neu Brior . . .' followed by lists of airs, etc. ('Ar y Bragod Gywair', 'Y Clyme, y Gogywair', etc.) ending with 'Llyma'r 24 mesurau Cerdd Dant' and 'Llyma y Rheolau Cerdd Dafod'; p. 55, 'Llyma Lyfr a Elwir Cadwedigaeth Cerdd Dannau' beginning 'Nid amgen, Telynnau, a Chrythau o fewn 3 Talaith Gymru . . .'; p. 59, 'Llyma fal y nodwyd wrth Ystatud Gryff: ap Cynan, Rhoddion i bob Gradd yn ei Radd, o Gerdd Dafod, a Thant', beginning 'Tair Gwyl arbennig sydd nid amgen Nadolig, Pasg, ar Sul gwyn . . .'; p. 62, a 'cywydd' by William Llun ('Cywydd i ofyn Telyn i Siencin Gwynn, o Lan=idlos'); and pp. 65-71, a list of the names of bards ('Henwau'r Beirdd'), A-R, with one or two later additions, one name on p. 66 ('Gruffdd. ap Lln. Vychan'), being probably in the autograph of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg'. There is a triad on p.54. On the fly-leaf in a later hand is written 'Dosparth Cerdd Dafod'.

Jones, David, -1785

MSS. collections relative to Wales, II

  • NLW MS 13215E.
  • File
  • [late 16 cent.]-[late 17 cent.]

A composite manuscript volume lettered on the spine 'MSS. Collections Relative to Wales, II', being a companion volume to, and a continuation of, NLW MS 6209E, which is also a composite manuscript (sections numbered I-XIII) bound in a similar manner and lettered on the spine 'MSS. Collections Relative to Wales, I'. It appears that the two volumes originally formed one folio manuscript belonging to Edward Lhuyd made up of transcripts by his assistants, contributions by Henry Rowlands and Hugh Thomas, and fragments of earlier manuscripts (see pp. 14-15 of NLW MS 13918F, 'Catalogue of Welsh M.S.S. in Beechwood Library by the Reverend Mr John Jones [?1746-1827] M.A. Fellow of Jesus College Oxon, 1781', i.e. part of the Sebright collection. The contents include: pp. 1-38 (XIV), a copy of [George Owen's] 'Treatise of Lordshipps Marchers in Wales . . .' from a 'MS. Borrowed of Mr. Will. Jones, Rector of Lhangower. . .'; 39-100 + 207-08 (misplaced) (XV-XVI), transcripts of Welsh poems attributed to William Phylip, Ievan Ddu'r Bilwg, H'l ap D'dh ap Ievan ap Rhys, Howel Davi, Bedo Brwynllys, Gytto'r Glyn, Ievan Deulwyn, Rhys Lhwyd ap Rys ap Rhiccard, Lewis Glynn Kothi, Gwilym ab Ievan Hen, Davydd ap Howel, D'd Lhwyd ap Lle'n ap Gr., Ieuan ap Ho'll Swrdwal, Davydd Epynt, Lewys Môn, Edward Urien, Gyttyn Owain, Ierwerth Beli, Bleddyn Vardd, Llygat Gwr, Meilir Brydydd, Llywelyn ap Ho'll, Prydydd y Moch, Gwalchmai, Symwnt Vychan, Iolo Goch, Syppyn Kyfeiliog, Tudur Aled, Deio ab Ivan Ddu, Rhys Goch o'r Yri, Llywelyn Moel o'r Pantri, Ivan Tudyr Penllyn, Ievan Brydydd Hir and Tudyr Penllyn, and of prose items with the superscriptions 'Llythyr i ofyn Rhwyd berked', ['Y Tri Thlws ar Ddeg'], 'Dewis Bethau Howel Lygad Gwr', 'Y Pedwar Marchog ar Hugain oedd yn Llys Arthur', 'Ymadrodd yr Henwr', 'Breuddwyd Ivan ab Adda ab Davydd . . .', 'Breuddwyd Ierwerth ab Adda ab D'd', and 'Llythyr i ofyn palffon', partly from manuscripts in the possession of John Lloyd of Aber Llyveni; 101-40 (XVII), transcripts of Welsh prose and verse items, mainly vaticinatory, attributed to Taliessin, Robin Ddy, Gryffydh ap Ieuan, Rhys Nanmor, Merdhyn, Adha Vras, Hinin Vardh, Ie'nn Drwch y Daran, D'd Nanmor, and Davydh Lhwyd; 141-206 (XVIII), transcripts of Welsh verse and prose items, again mainly vaticinatory, attributed to Taliesin, Merdhyn Wylht, Iolo Goch, Davydh Llwyd, Merdhyn Emrys, Adha Vras, Ievan Trwch y Daran, Davydh Nanmor, Ie'nn Hir, Lh. ap Owen, Meredydh ap Rhys, Rhys Goch o'r Yri, Lewys Glynn Kothi, Raph ap Robert, and Bardh Bergam; 213-35 (XIX), genealogical and historical material including genealogies of Welsh saints , '. . . hiachau [sic] pump brenhin llwyth Kymru', '. . . Iachau [sic] pymthek llwyth Gwynedd', a list of the daughters of Ronow Llwyd ap y Penwyn', etc.; 239-54 (XX), a copy, 'transcrib'd from ye original at Owlberry near Bishops Castle, Anno 1698', of an inspeximus and confirmation, 4 March [?1508], of charters granted to the abbey of Strata Florida (see S. W. Williams: The Cistercian Abbey of Strata Florida (London, 1889), Appendix, pp. lxxiv-lxxv, and Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry VII, vol. II, p. 567); 257-66 (XXI), transcripts of Welsh poems attributed to Prydydd y Moch, Gr. Lloyd ap D'd ap Einion, D'd Nanmor, D'd ap Gwilym, Guto'r Glynn, Kynddelw, Ievan Du y Bilwc, Bleddyn Vardd, Rys Goch or Eryri, Daniel ap Llosgwrn Mew, and Gwalchmai, from '. . . Cod. MS. Mod. in Chart. penes Dominum Rob't Pugh de Kevn y Garlheg in paroch. Lhan St. ffraid apud Denbigh'; 267-70 (XXII), 'Addenda Grammaticae D.J.J. ex Libro MS. D. R. V. penes D. R. P.'; 271-9 (XXIII), transcripts 'Ex Cod. Chart. penes D. Joan Lloyd de Aber Lhyveni' of Welsh poems attributed to Lewys Glynn Kothi, Gwilim ap Ie'nn Hen, Ievan ap Tydyr Penlhyn, Lhewelyn Goch ap Meirig Hen, and Tydyr Aled; 283-305 (XXIV), transcripts of (a) 'Ystori Gryffydd ap Cynan Brenin Gwynedd' from 'Cod. Chart. pe[nes] Dom. R. Davies de Lhan[erch] convenit cum cod. antiquo me . . . penes D. Jo. Wyn . . ., Watstay', (b) 'Interdictio Papae adversus Lewelinum . . . fillium Ierwerth . . .', and (c) 'Literae Lewelini Principis Walliae ad Clerum Angliae apud London Convocatum', 1275; 307-11 (XXV), transcripts of 'cywyddau ymryson' exchanged between Owen Gwynedd and William Llyn; (continued)

315-400 ( XXVI), a copy of a Welsh-Latin vocabulary entitled 'Geiria Tavod Comroig. Hoc est Vocabularium Linguae Gomeritanae . . .' compiled by Henry Salesbury, with a list of the authors on whose works the vocabulary was based, and a list of 'Geiriau o Hen Gymraeg a'i Deongliad', etc., by the same author; 403-04 (XXVII), an incomplete copy of 'Braint ac Ystatus Griff. ap Kynan a Bleddyn ap Kynvyn'; 405-06 (XXVIII), a version of the prologue to, and a list of the court officials listed in, a Latin text of the Laws of Howel Dda; 409-65 (XXIX-XXX), a transcript of sections of the 'Red Book of St. Asaph' (see also Peniarth MS 231, NLW MS 7011D, MS SA/MB/2); 469-86 (XXXI), a copy of the 'Statutes of the Cathedrall Church of . . . Chester set forth by . . . Henrie the 8'; 489-505 (XXXII), extracts [from a version of Nennius' 'Historia Britonum']; 509-38 (XXXIII), seventeen chapters (Welsh) of pseudo-history and description of the Isle of Britain, supplementary notes on place-names, the wonders of Scotland and Ireland, and the conversion of the nations of Britain to Christianity, and a list of 'yr naw helwrieth'; 539-40 (XXXIV), lists of, and notes on, Welsh musical measures; 541-55 (XXXV-XXXVI), a list of Welsh triads ('Llyma drioedh mab y krinwas'), accounts of 'redditus assisus' of the vills of Colshull, Eulowe, Baghegr, and Rothelan, a list of the 'Consuetudines Molend' de Dee' from 'an old book of Ed'd Whitby, recorder of Chester', a list of those who rendered 'Homage and Fealty . . . to ye Prince of Wales', 29 Edward I, etc.; 557-63 (XXXVII), two lists headed 'A table for ye rest of ye contents of this book' and 'A table belonging to Coch Assaph' (for the contents of sections XXXI-XXXVII cf. the relevant parts of NLW MS 7011D); 569-95 (XXXVIII), replies [by Henry Rowlands to Edward Lhuyd's] parochial questionnaire in respect of the parishes of Llanidan, Llanedwen, Llanddeniel, Llanvair pull gwingill, and Llandysilio, co. Anglesey, partly in Rowlands's own hand; 597-9 (XXXIX), an account of 'A strange showre of Haile fallen in Anglesey and Carnarvonshire' in 1697; 601-05 (XL), extracts (Latin) with the superscription 'De Belli Marisci Origine . . .'; 607-09 (XXXVIII misplaced), notes on the words 'bod', 'caer', 'tref', etc. (pp. 597-609 probably in the hand of Henry Rowlands); 611-22 (XLI), 'A scheme of the wind and weather att Llanberis', 1 March [16]9[6] to 28 February [1697]; 623-52 (XLII), pedigrees of families in cos. Denbigh and Flint in the hand of Lewis Dwnn (described by J. Gwenogvryn Evans as a detached portion of Peniarth MS 268; see J. Gwenogvryn Evans MS 70A in the National Library of Wales, also Report on Manuscripts in the Welsh Language, vol. I, p. 1090); and 653-97 (XLIII), a copy, partly holograph, of an essay on 'The Parish of St. John Evangelist and Burrough of Brecknock' by Hugh Thomas (cf. NLW MS 777B). Holograph notes by Evan Evans ('Ieuan Fardd') on NLW MS 6209E and this volume, compositely described as MS I in the 'Seabright Collection, being Edward Lhuyd's MSS', appear in Panton MS 7 (NLW MS 1976) (see Report on Manuscripts in the Welsh Language, vol. II, p. 807 and a calendar description by J. Gwenogvryn Evans of this volume alone, described as the 'Nanhoron MS', is included in J. Gwenogvryn Evans MS 70A.

Tri chywydd,

  • NLW MS 9857C.
  • File
  • [1655x1658].

Transcripts of 'cywyddau' by Gryffydd Nannau, Gwilim ab Ieuan Hen, and Llywelyn Goch Amheirig Hen. The transcripts were written on two fly-leaves of Thomas Stanley: History of Philosophy, London, 1655, in the original binding with the words 'E Libris ... Salesbury e Coll: Jesu Oxon'. on the inside front cover. Three sons [William, John, and Gabriel] of Owen Salesbury of Rug matriculated at Jesus College between 1656 abd 1658.