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Triads; manuscript collections, &c.

A manuscript containing 'A translation of the Triads ... by Mr Lewis Morris out of Mr. Vaughan of Hengwrt's copy ...', transcribed and corrected by Ieuan Fardd, 12 October 1773 (pp. 3-47); and a list of collections of Welsh manuscripts (pp. 81-87).
The volume also includes a list of proverbs needing correction or insertion in John Davies, Mallwyd's Dictionary (pp. 50-59); a 'catalogue of the works' of Llywarch Hen, Myrddin, Taliesin and Aneirin 'out of Moses Williams's collection' (pp. 73-80); an elegy to Humphrey Llwyd, author of the Breviary of Britain, by Lewis ap Edwart (pp. 87-95); etc.

Morris, Lewis, 1701-1765

Poetry, &c.

A manuscript collection of prose and verse in the hand of an amanuensis of Dr John Davies, Mallwyd. The volume comprises 'Ystori Peredur fab Efrawg', with five missing folios at the beginning supplied by John Jones ('Tegid'); 'Achau'r Kwrwf'; Caerwys Eisteddfod roll, May 26, 9 Elizabeth [1567]; triads; recipes; 'Tlysau Ynys Brydain'; 'Araith Wgan'; an extensive selection of 'cywyddau' and 'awdlau', mainly 'cywyddau merched', by Bedo Aeddren, Bedo Brwynllys, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Dafydd Nanmor, Gruffudd Gryg, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Guto'r Glyn, Gutun Owain, Iolo Goch, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Rhisiart Phylip, Sion Cent, Sion Phylip, Simwnt Fychan, Tudur Aled and others; a collection of eulogies offered to Dr John Davies, Mallwyd, some of the poems having the date of composition recorded and including poems by Huw Machno, Sion Cain, Rhisiart, Gruffudd, Siôn and William Phylip and others; and miscellanea in various hands, including 'englynion marwnad Sion Dafis Athro parchedig mewn devinyddiaeth [Dr John Davies, Mallwyd]' by 'Rowland Vaughan esgwier o Gaergai' (1644), 'penillion gwr ifanc i'w gariad' (1688), 'moliant Sion Foulkes, Llanymowthwy', by Huw Morus (1674), 'moliant . . . maer Dinas Mowthwy' by Richard Lloyd, a fragment of 'Achau y Cwrw a'i hanes', an account of mizes paid (1646-1647), notes on Latin grammar, recipes, pedigrees, and a fragment of an interlude ('Argolws and Symoniax').

Merionethshire and Caernarvonshire records (facsimile)

A facsimile manuscript in two parts mostly in the hand of William Watkin Edward Wynne. The first part comprises copies (some printed) of charters, public records, deeds, pedigrees, poetry, etc. of Merionethshire and Caernarvonshire interest, some of which are taken from transcripts made by Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt. The material includes records and pedigrees relating to the Wynn family of Peniarth; notes on the Maurice and Owen families of Clenennau, Penmorfa, Caernarvonshire, with related deeds possibly in the hand of William Maurice of Llansilin; deeds relating to the Porkington estate; an extent of the commote of Eifionydd, 1352; an extract from the Coroner's Rolls for Merionethshire, 1345; charters of Castell y Bere and Harlech Castle; pedigrees of Madog ap Dafydd of Hendwr, Llandrillo, Merionethshire; an ode to Einion ap Gruffydd of Corsygedol by Gruffudd Gryg; odes to Dafydd ab Ieuan ab Einion by Guto'r Glyn and Dafydd Nanmor; letters addressed to W. W. E. Wynne, the correspondents including Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'); etc. The second part is also mostly in the hand of W. W. E. Wynne and again comprises material mainly of Merionethshire and Caernarvonshire interest, including pedigrees, correspondence, deeds, etc. relating to the Porkington estate and to the Maurice family and to the Wynne family of Glyn and Ystumcegid, Caernarvonshire; poetry relating to members of the Wynn family of Glyn by Huw Machno, Rhisiart Cynwal and others (one elegy translated into English); press cuttings taken from the Cambrian News, 1879; letters addressed to W. W. E. Wynne, the correspondents including Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain') and Joseph Morris; etc.

Flyting poetry,

A manuscript containing flyting poetry exchanged between Archdeacon Edmwnd Prys and Wiliam Cynwal. Following the death of Wiliam Cynwal, Edmwnd Prys breaks off the exchange and composes an elegy to his erstwhile poetic rival (p. 177). Another elegy by Edmwnd Prys, to Siôn Phylip, occurs on p. 187. Richard Morris indexed the manuscript for W. Jones, Armiger, R.S.S., London, 1747 (see pp. iii-v). At p. 124 there is a copy of a letter from Edmwnd Prys to Wiliam Cynwal which refers to nine cywyddau of Wiliam Cynwal, of which a note on p. 93 of Peniarth MS 125 informs us the ninth was lost.
The extensive explanatory marginalia accompanying the compositions of Edmwnd Prys, coupled with the fact that the elegy to Siôn Phylip was evidently once folded and carried in the pocket, suggests that this manuscript may be a holograph once belonging to Edmwnd Prys. Much of the text of this manuscript, or one of the same archetype, was transcribed into Peniarth MS 125, though Peniarth MS 49 has four additional lines following 'Dôd i ddôl dedwdd Wiliam ...'.

Owen Gruffydd MS,

A volume of poetry, chiefly in strict metre, written largely in the autograph of Owen Gruffydd (?1638-1730) between 1677 and 1692. Most of the poems are by Owen Gruffydd, but the following poets are also represented: Robin Ddu, Dafydd Gorllech, John Roger, Sion Phylip, Sypyn Cyfeiliog, Dafydd ap Gwilym, William Phylip, Gyttyn Owain ('medd rhai' 'Meredydd ap Rhys' in another hand), Ifan Tew Prydydd, Huw ab Iva[n], Bedo Brwynllysg, Edmwnt Prys, Edward Morys, Matthew Owen and Hugh Morys. There is a list of contents at the beginning and the poems have been correspondingly numbered. There are 'penillion' by William Elias on p. 309b. John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') has supplied a lacuna in the manuscript from Peniarth MS 124. Almost all the 'cywyddau' in this manuscript, but not the 'englynion' and the poems in free metre, are to be found also in Peniarth MS 124, which is later in date than the present manuscript and written in a different hand. The pages have been numbered by Dr J. Gwenogvryn Evans and his report on the manuscript is in J. Gwenogvryn Evans MS 70a (under 'M[yrddin] F[ardd] 5'). If the information given on pp. 1 and 50 is correct, Owen Gruffydd was born in 1638. A note at the end (p. 238) of his elegy to Sir Roger Mostyn (d. 1690) states that the poet received fifty shillings for the 'cywydd'. There is a folio missing after p. 36 and another is wanting before p. 53.


Six manuscript leaves extracted during rebinding from a copy in the Evan D. Jones Library of Henry Perry: Eglvryn Phraethineb . . . (Llundain, 1595). They contain an incomplete 'cywydd marwnad'('Och frwydyr awch fu rydost . . .') written circa 1662; verses by Llowarch hen; 'Henwav Arglwydd', 'Henwav brwydr', 'Henwav gwayw', 'Henwav arfav am wr', 'Henwav baner', and 'Henwav pob pethav teg'; 'englynion'; and medical recipes.

Notebook of Robyn Frych,

A notebook in the autograph of R. Prys Morris ('Robyn Frych') [Dolgellau] containing copies of two 'cywyddau' by Edmwnd Prys ('Cywydd Priodas' beginning 'Rhai a gar yn rhagorawl', 1623, and 'Cywydd Marwnad Sion Phylip Bardd ac Athro' beginning 'Rhodd Dduw gwyn yw rhwydd ganu', 1620), and a note by R. Prys Morris referring to the death of his mother, Elinor Morris, 12 September 1875.

Lloyd wills, etc.

A volume containing lists and abstracts of Lloyd and other wills, 1551-1679, in the custody of the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, London. The material appears to be complementary to Cwrtmawr MS 179. Beginning at the end of the volume is a list, with inclusive dates to 1812, of Cardiganshire parish registers, taken from [BM] Add. MS 93 [60]. Inset is a transcript of 'Marwnad Davydd Llwyd' by Hu. Lloyd from Bodl. Welsh MS e10.