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Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain)
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Extracts from S.P.C.K. records,

Extracts from the minute books of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1792-1802, and from the annual reports of the said Society for 1800 and 1801, relating to the publication and disposal of Welsh editions of the Bible and New Testament.

Extracts relating to the S.P.C.K.,

Notes headed 'Extracts from A Short Abstract of the Minutes of the S.P.C.K ., showing the extent of the Society's operations in regard to Welsh publications from A.D. 1698 to A.D. 1804'. The extracts refer to Bibles and Testaments only.

Letters, vol. I,

A volume made up of correspondence, poetry, printed items, etc. The letters, about one hundred and six in number, 1786-1806, are addressed (except where otherwise stated) to William Owen [-Pughe], and the correspondents, in alphabetical order, are the following: p. 505, Mary Belk, French Gate, Doncaster, 1805 (1, to Mrs. Owen) (mention of visions of Mrs. Southcott, etc.); p. 443, Edward Charles ['Siamas Wynedd'], London, n.d. (1) (he wishes to subscribe to the dictionary, a series of twelve 'englynion' ('Molawd y llyfr')); p. 471, Wm. Cunnington, Heytesbury, 1806 ( 1) (an account of Marden or Merden between Devizes and Everly [sic]); p. 278, J[ohn] Daniel, [Carmarthen, 1793] (1) (a note re copies ordered of the dictionary); pp. 239, 241, 245, Edwd. Davies, Sodbury, 1792 (2, and 'Scheme of an Essay on the History of the Bards') (sending a paraphrase of Taliesin's elegy on the death of Owain son of Urien prince of Reged); p. 470, Hugh Davies, Beaumares, 1806 (1) (mention of the abridgement of the addressee's great work, he has nearly completed the trifle containing the account of the British names of plants, a gout prescription); pp. 219, 273, 291, 501, Walter Davies, 'Gwallter Mechain', All Souls Col[lege], Oxford, and Myfod,1793-1805 and undated (4, one to Owen Jones) (the addressee's dictionary, the Cylchgrawn, re the return of Owen Jones's books, the writer's work in connection with the S.P.C.K. Welsh Bible, he is setting off for South Wales owing to Iolo [Morganwg]'s strange conduct); p. 163, G[eorge] Ellis, London, [1803] (1) (mention of Walter Scott, the Mabinogion, Leyden's opinion); p. 155, W[illiam] Gunn, Irstead, Norwich, 1803 (1) (the illness of his eldest daughter, requesting further assistance in identifying the British cities of Nennius, the 'Vindication of the Celts' by the addressee's friend); pp. 483, 488, 491, Richd. Hoare, [1805] (2, and a list of persons and places mentioned in the Hirlas poem) (various queries re Giraldus); pp. 281, 379, John Jones, curate of Llangadfan, Llangadfan, 1790 and [1793] (2) (the specimen of the addressee's dictionary, a request concerning a near relation (a girl) who is anxious to come to London); pp. 255, 263, 288 ('englynion'), 381, 439, Thomas Jones, Colommendy, Corwen, Llanrhaiadr in Mochant [sic], and Excise Office, Bristol, 1789-1795 (4, two to Edward Jones ['Bardd y Brenin']) (sending 'penillion' (enclosure wanting), the Bala Eisteddfod (1789), the St. Asaph Eisteddfod (1790), the addressee's proposed dictionary, chance and not choice has brought him to Bristol for two years, mention of John Evans, the Penmorfa Eisteddfod (1795), a young Quaker in Bristol (unnamed), the writer's health); pp. 267, 282, 289, 301, 303, 311, 339, 343, 367, 371, 373, 377, (?)387, 415, Will[iam] Jones, 'Cadfan' or 'Gwilym Cadfan', Llangadfan, 1789-1794 (13 and an address) (words for the dictionary, emigration, autobiographical details, an address 'To all indigenous Cam- brobritons', mention of Ezeckiel Hughes, etc.); p. 345, John Lloyd [Holywell postmark, 1790] (1) (hints concerning the specimen of the addressee's dictionary, subscribers' names); pp. 495, 497, Tho[mas] Lloyd, North Walsham, 1805 (2) (requesting translations of passages (specified) in the 'Wisdom of the Cymri [sic]', Iolo Morgannwg [sic] and the History of the Bards, the Welsh Archaiology); p. 385, Thomas Owans, New Inn, Llanrwst, 1791 (1, to Owen Jones) (a letter to the Gwyneddigion in London mentioning the Llanrwst Eisteddfod and hoping they will be no less assiduous in caring for the work of the old poets, reference to the manuscripts of Dafydd Sion, 'Dewi Fardd', at Trefriw, and to a manuscript of Welsh poetry belonging to Thomas Holland of Manchester, son of John Holland of Te[i]rdan in the parish of Llan-Elian yn rhos, co. Denbigh, his own circumstances); p. 159, Jane Owen, Nassau, New Providence, 1801 (1) ( her plight following the death of John Owen, with a cutting headed 'The Bahama Gazette', 16 Oct. 1801); pp. 285, 295, Richard Powel, 'Y Bardd Glas o'r Gader', Yspytty Ifan, 1793-1794 (2, one to [Thomas Jones, Llanrhaiadr y Mochnant]) (he has not yet received the medal, items of poetry addressed to Thomas Jones, William Owen [-Pughe], and [David Thomas] 'D. Ddu o Eryri '); pp. 277, 307, Morg[a]n J[ohn] Rhees, Carmarthen and Philadelphia, 1793 and 1796 (2 and a printed prospectus of the Cambrian Company); (continued)

pp. 349, 353, 403, 461, W[illiam] Richards, Lynn, 1790-1803 (4) (the addressee's proposed dictionary, the Welsh Indians, how he relinquished his design of compiling a small Welsh dictionary for the use of Gwŷr Dyfed chiefly, mention of three bungling Welsh dictionaries now set on foot); p. 271, Evan Richardson [i.e. Evan Pritchard], 'Ieuan ab Risiart alias Ieuan Llyn', Bryncroes, [17]93 (1) (wishing to know the price of the addressee's dictionary, whether to come to London); pp. 465, 467, 479, Griffith Roberts Senior, Surgeon &c., Dolgelley, 1804 (3) (intelligence that his son Jhon [sic] Roberts is dead, the writer's MSS); pp. 447, 449, D[avid] Samwell, 'D. Feddyg Du', [1797] (2) (the printed proclamation [of the (1798) Caerwys Eisteddfod]); pp. 249, 275, 313, 318, 319, 321, 325, 329, 333, 335, 357, 389, 393, 397, 419, 423, 427, 431, 435, 455, 457, David ( Dafydd) Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri', writing from Waunfawr, Llanddeiniolen, Bettws Garmon, Caernarfon, Llanystumdwy, Plas Gwyn, Llanfair Bettws Geraint, and Amlwch, 1786-1798 (21) (literary matters, etc., including the intention of the writer and others to form a society called 'Eryron' (Snowdonians), Barddoniaeth Dafydd ab Guilym, draft proposals for printing 'A Guide to the British Language' by H. & D. Thomas, a draft title-page, etc., for 'Awdlau ar destynau Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion i'r Eisteddfodau B. A. 1789, 1790, 1791 . . . gan Dafydd Ddu o'r Eryri', and items of poetry); p. 509, G[eorge] Thomson, Edinburgh, 1805 (1) (to Thomas Johnes, see NLW MS 13223C, p. 257) (a request for original Welsh airs, to be harmonized by Haydn); p. 399, John Walters, Cowbridge, 1790 (1) (re the specimen of the addressee's dictionary); and pp. 11, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 49, 53, 55, 59, 63, 67, 71, 75, 79, 83, 87, 91, 95, 99, 103, 107, 111, 115, 119, 123, 127, 131, 135, 139, 143, 147, 151, Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', writing mainly from Flimston but also from London, Llanrwst, Hafod Uchtryd, Cowbridge, and Gileston, 1788-1806 (33) (literary and personal matters). Some items of poetry are to be found in the letters (see under the names Edward Charles, Edward Davies, William Jones, Richard Powel, and David Thomas). At the beginning of the volume, pp. 3-10, 15-24, are a number of 'cywyddau' attributed to Dafydd ap Gwilym, with notes. These are in the autograph of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', and they include the poems now known as 'Cywyddau'r Ychwanegiad'. Also in the volume are poetical compositions, some holograph, by Goronwy Owen (pp. 199-218, 451-3), and Lewis Morris, 'Llewelyn Ddu' (pp. 221-33), and instances of the work of the following poets: Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg' (pp. 43-5, ?523-4, holograph), William Philyp [sic] (pp. 170-1), William Wynn, Person Llan- Gynhafal (pp. 189-96), Edm[un]d Price, Archiagon Meirionydd (pp. 197-8), Ieuan ap Hywel Swrdwal or Ieuan ap Rhydderch ap Ieuan Llwyd (pp. 235-7), [David Thomas], 'D[afydd] Dd[u] Er[yri]' (pp. 253-4, holograph), D. Pugh (pp. 529- 30), Robert Davies, Nantglyn (pp. 535-8), Jo. Davies ['Siôn Dafydd Las'] (p. 548), and 'Owen ap loan', Caer-gybi (pp. 553-6) with anonymous pieces on pp. 517-8 and 561-8. Miscellaneous items include the following: pp. 173-84, a transcript in the autograph of Evan Evans, 'Ieuan Fardd' or 'Ieuan Brydydd Hir', of the 'Mirabilia' associated with the 'Historia Brittonum' and of c. 57-66 of the Historia (cf. NLW MS 7011D, pp. 202-12, and NLW MS 1982 (Panton 13), ff. 42 verso-58 recto); pp. 259-62, extracts from certain Wynn of Gwydir papers headed 'Instances of the custom of making presents to the Judges' (? in the autograph of Paul Panton, senior); pp. 407-14, a list, under headings, of Welsh physical and geographical features (? in the autograph of David Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'); pp. 475-6, a list of diocesan registrars, etc.; p. 520, a note concerning the medals to be awarded at the Gwyneddigion eisteddfod of 1790 with mention of those for 1791; pp. 545-6, notes concerning Dr. John Davies of Mallwyd; and pp. 549-50, a list of 'British names of Shells & Crustaceous fish' and 'Prif gaerae ynys Brydain gynt'. The printed items comprise: p. 1, 'Trial by Jury' . . . A Song, sung . . . Feb. 4, 1795 in celebration of the . . . trials . . . and . . . acquittals of Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke, and John Thelwall . . .' by Edward Williams ['Iolo Morganwg']; pp. 166-7, 514-5, 540-1, a broadsheet containing 'Dull ac amcanion Cymdeithas y Cymreigyddion' by E[dward] Charles, 1796, and 'Cerdd y Cymreigyddion' by J[ohn] Jones, Glan y Gors (three copies, the first endorsed 'Mr. Owen from T. Roberts'); pp. 361- 3, 'Ode for the New Year', 1790, attributed elsewhere to David Samwell; pp. 365, 519, an announcement concerning the Gwyneddigion eisteddfod to be held at Bala the following Michaelmas [1789] and the subjects for the ensuing year (two copies); p. 521, 'Plan of the Triangles made use of for obtaining the Geometrical Distance and Altitude of Snowdon and Moel Eilio with respect to the Sea at Carnarvon. Augt. 1775' extracted from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol. LXVII, Tab. XVIII, p. 788; pp. 525-8, 'The Arabic Alphabet' with notes (two copies); and p. 533, an announcement of the forthcoming publication of Heroic Odes and Elegies of Llywarch Hen, with translation by William Owen. There are also a few loose papers.


Notebooks including accounts by Robert Evans, Ty uchaf, Trevriw, of the distribution of The Beauties of Cambria, 1829, Y Gwladgarwr, 1833, etc., lists of subscribers and accounts with William Cathrall; copies of Latin verses by Robert Jones (on the death of David Garrick and the Earl of Chatham [William Pitt the Elder]) and by Joseph Hoare (on the death of Edward Stradling); lists of books; copies of correspondence between Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd') and the Bishops of Bangor and St Asaph concerning a proposal to establish a society for promoting Christian Knowledge in Wales, 1838; agreement for the rent of Ty uchaf, Trefriw, 1855; and miscellaneous notes.

Robert Evans and others.

Miscellaneous extracts, transcripts, etc.,

Seven note-books containing miscellaneous extracts, transcripts, etc., including extracts, 1798-1808, from the diary of David Jones, [? rector of] Llangan; extracts, 1792-1807, ? from the minute books of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge relating mainly to preparations for publishing successive editions of the Welsh Bible; a transcript of a letter from [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Charles, Bala, to [John] Walker, Chester, 1801 (personal, religious reflections, the church [established by the Reverend Phillip Oliver] at Boughton); a transcript of a report, 1903, by William Weir of Abingdon on Llanfihangel Abercowin church; a transcript of an indenture, 21 July 1800, appointing the Reverend Thomas Charles, Jonathan Wilcoxon of Chester, and John Walker, also of Chester, trustees of the aforementioned Phillip Oliver's church at Boughton; transcripts of the title-pages and prefaces of Thomas Charles: A Short Evangelical Catechism . . . (2nd ed., Bala, 1804) and (3rd ed., Bala, 1808), and of the same author's An Exposition on the Ten Commandments . . . (Bala, 1805), and of Sir Richard Hill's testimonial in favour of, and Thomas Charles's post-script to, the third edition of the Catechism; an abridged version of an account of the life and career of Griffith Davies, actuary , ? taken from The Assurance Magazine and Journal of the Institute of Actuaries, vol. V, pp. 337-48; an incomplete copy of a Welsh translation of a letter from [the Reverend] Thomas Charles to [Mary Hughes, Liverpool, 1812] (see Goleuad Cymru, 1823, Llyfr III, tt. 225-7); extracts from the reports of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1805-1815, relating mainly to the publication by the Society of Welsh Bibles and Testaments; and extracts containing an account of disbursements in respect of Northampton Chapel, Spa Fields, Clerkenwell, London, 1780-1816.

Press cuttings and letters,

A scrap-book of J. H. Davies containing cuttings of numerous articles on Morgan John Rhys, Baptist minister and author, by T. Shankland, Rhyl, John T. Griffiths, Lansford, Pa., E. K. Jones, Brymbo, and [J.] Spinther [James], and cuttings entitled 'Hen Lyfrau ar Fedydd' by T. Valentine Evans, Clydach, 'Ymholiad yn nghylch Catecism Abel Morgan' by [J.] Spinther [James], 'Morris Griffiths, Prendergast, Hwlffordd' by T. Shankland, 'Swp o Hen Farwnadau' by E. K. Jones, 'Rival Historians in Wales' (critical of Beriah Gwynfe Evans, Diwygwyr Cymru) by J. Morgan Jones [1838-1921; co-author of Y Tadau Methodistaidd], 'Yr Encilion' (on the text and authorship of Welsh hymns) by T. Shankland, etc.; and holograph letters to J. H. Davies from T. Shankland, Rhyl, [18]99-1903 (7) (bibliography of Morgan John Rhys, a search of St Asaph diocesan records for material on the family of Morgan Llwyd, a study by the writer of 'Thomas Charles a'r Feibl Gymdeithas', publications on the SPCK in Wales, etc.), D. H. Davies, Cenarth Vicarage, 1901 (ballads, etc., in the writer's library), J. Spinther James, Llandudno, 1901 (information on D. Risiart, issues of Seren Gomer), and R. Davies, Liverpool, 1898 (the dispatch of books to the recipient).


A scrap-book of transcripts and a few newspaper cuttings containing 'Dywediadau Dillyn (O'r Ffrangcaeg)'; 'Diarhebion amaethyddol'; 'Hen Ddiarhebion Cymreig'; 'Diarhebion Cymreig'; a letter of Canon T. W. Farrar to Mr (aft. Sir) [John Henry] Puleston, MP, 1884 (the death by suicide of Dean Edwards of Bangor); obituary notices, 1884, of H[enry] T[homas] Edwards, dean of Bangor; 'Christmas Sayings'; miscellaneous poetry (e.g. 'A Welsh Classic' by H. H. Ballard, 'Epitaph on the Marquis of Anglesey's Leg, which had been lost at the Battle of Waterloo' by [George] Canning, 'Poem ... on Dean Stanley' [i.e. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, dean of Westminster] by H. E. O. Edwards, 'Speech Day' 1881, 'Esgob [Joshua] Hughes, Llanelwy', 1884, 'A Hymn, composed by Dean [David] Howell ['Llawdden'] of St David's and sung at his Funeral in the Cathedral Jan. 21 1903'); etc. Among the insets are 'Gweddi Brdynhawnol' [sic], a fragment of a draft topographical dictionary (comprising Mallwyd, Llan y Mawddwy, [Llang]ynyw, and Meifod), printed hymns, etc. The volume was originally a blank Catalogue and Register of a Parochial Lending Library under the sanction of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Transcripts by Mary Richards, etc.

A volume originally intended as a personal and farming account book, 1830 and undated, but consisting almost entirely of transcripts, largely by Mary Richards, Darowen, of material of family and local interest. The transcripts include 'englynion', etc. by Hugh Hughes ('Brydydd Ieang'), M[orris] Jones ('M[eurig] Idris'), Charles Owen, [John] Blackwell ['Alun'], Rowlan[d] Parry ('o Benllyn') 'Ieuan Car[n]dochan', Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), John Roberts, Llandrillo, Thomas Edward, Richard Richards (Meifod), W[alter] D[avies] ['Gwallter Mechain'], [Joseph Hughes] ('Carn Ingli'), [John Evans] I[oan] Maelor', Robert Parry (Eglwysfach), [John William Hughes] 'Edeyrn o Fon', Llan Erful, Richard Roberts ('Telynor'), Morgan Davies (Nannau) ('Pelagius Davies'), Tomas William (Llanvihangel ['yng Ngwynfa]), Dafydd ab Jones, [David Jones] 'Ieuan Cadfan' (Llangadfan), [John Jones] 'Myllin', [David Richards] ('Dafydd Ionawr'), [William Williams] 'Gwilym ab Iorwerth' (Darowen), Evan Brees ('o Bowys'), etc., and anonymous poems; a mass of personal, professional and literary correspondence of the family of Richards of Darowen, among the writers being J[ohn Luxmore], bishop of St Asaph, 1826 (the living of Llangynyw for Thomas Richards [junior]), Richard Morgan, Aberystwyth, 1780 (requesting a form of a title ?p. 15), John Blackwell, ['Alun'], Cardigan, 1834 (personal, enclosing Y Cylcharawn), Charles Meyer, from Llanrhaiader [ym Mochnant], 1845 (the writer's visit to North Wales), [the Rev.] Richard Pugh, Llanycil, 1866 [recte 1860] (the death of [the Rev. Richard] Richards, Meifod), Angharad Llwyd, Tyn yr Hill, 1860 (the death of Richard Richards), J. Mostyn, Segroyt, to Watkin Jones, [curate of] Llangadfan, 1771 (Mr Brucer's donation to incumbents with yearly income under £40), Tho. Baker [curate of] Llan Erfyl, to [Watkin] Jones, curate of Llangadfan, 1771 (Mr. Brucer's bounty), Mrs E. Moulsdale, Llanfair Vicarage, [1840] (the death of Elizabeth Richard), W[illiam] Williams, rector of Llan Armon Dyffryn Ceiriog, 1826 (the death of David Richards, 'Dewi Silin'), Richard Morgan, Maesnewydd, undated (the Rev. Mr Williams, of Llanwnen committed to prison and the churches vacant), D. Coutes, secretary, Church Missionary Society, 1840 (contributions from the Denbighshire and Flintshire Association), D[avid] Pennant, Downing, 1832 (the death of the writer's child), [Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd, 1st baron] Mostyn, 1831 (Flint election), [Anthony] Ashley [Cooper] (later 7th Earl of Shaftesbury), 1828 (personal), W[illiam] Edwards, Llangollen Vicarage, 1860 (the death of [the Reverend Richard Richards] the vicar of Meifod), Thomas Roberts, 'Cofiadur', Gwyneddigion Society, London, 1816 (the election of David Richards to be a corresponding member), Robert Davies, Nantglyn, 1820 (poetry), R[obert] Humphreys, printer, Llanfair Caer Einion, undated (the eisteddfod, an essay by the writer on the Madogion) (original letter in Cwrtmawr MS 1045), Dafydd Richard ['Dewi Silin'], Nantglyn to [William Cleaver] bishop of St Asaph, 1814 (a suitable site for a new vicarage), Richard Roberts, harpist, Carnarvon, 1824 (receipt of money, intends sending Miss Richards some Welsh airs), Henry Griffith, perpetual curate of Llandrygarn and Bodwrog, 1860 (the death of Richard Richards), Richard Robert, Birmingham, 1824 (the gift of a brass chandelier to the parishioners of Llansilin) (with a reply), 'Dafydd Mechain', Jesus College, Oxford, undated (the gift of a St Cuthbert bead), Evan Griffith, London, 1820 (the need for a Welsh church), Griff. William, Dolgellau, 1826 (the death of [Owen] Owen [rector of] Llangynyw),Thomas Jones, Castell, 1835 (the county rate for the hundred of Mowddwy), [Daniel Evans] ('Daniel Ddu'), Maesmynach, near Lampeter, 1830 (the publication of his poetry [? Gwinllan y Bardd]), John Lloyd, Aberystwyth, 1887 [sic] (a visit to Ystrad Meirig), etc.; an address by T. Richards, vicar of Darowen, at a Bible Society meeting at Machynlleth, 1831 (incomplete) Richards family memoranda (dates of births, deaths, ordinations, etc.); testimonials of John Lloyd, Cymerau, master of a day school at Talybont, Cardiganshire, 1792, and of David Richard, clerk, curate of Pembrey, 1812; a biography of Dafydd Richards, Llansilin (incomplete), an appeal by T. Richards, Darowen to his parishioners on behalf of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1835; lists of books of John Lloyd Richards, curate of Nun Mon[k]ton, Yorkshire; a fragment of a tour of Cumberland and Durham; a table of expenses incurred by [John] Ll[oyd] Richards at St Bees [College] mainly relating to journeys in Scotland and the North of England; meditations on the coming of Christ from a manuscript of Rees Thomas, 1773; license to Watkin Jones, clerk, to serve the chapel of Eglwys Newydd, parish of Llan[fihangel] Groyddyn and Ysbytty Cynfin, parish of Llanba[da]rn fawr, Cardiganshire, 1737; etc. Pasted on the fly-leaf is a printed appeal on behalf of a proposed testimonial to the Reverend Alfred Ollivant, D.D. [aft. bishop of Llandaff] on his retirement as Vice-Principal of St David's College [Lampeter] [1843].

Transcripts of miscellaneous letters, etc.,

Two note-books inscribed on the outside, upper covers 'C[hurch] M[ issionary] S[ociety]', and containing transcripts of, or extracts from, forty-two letters, 1799-1816, and other miscellaneous items. The writers of the letters include E[dward] Bickersteth, Norwich, John Davies of Vronhaulog, near Corwen, from Dolgelley, [the Reverend] Josh[ua] Davies [vicar of Dingestow and Tregare] from Goytre Lodge, near Abergavenny, Tho[mas] Evans, [?curate of] Llanddowror, Tim[oth]y Evans, [? vicar of] Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, Nath[aniel] Gilbert, [? rector of] Bledlow, W[illia]m Grey, York, [the Reverend] Edw[ar]d Griffin, [the Reverend] D[avid] Griffith, vicar of Nevern, ?John Hughes, Talsarn, near Lampeter, [the Reverend] John Jenkin, minister of Newchurch, from Mydrim, Benj[ami]n Jones, Haverfordwest, Hezekiah Jones [? curate of St. Bride's Wentlloog] from Cadaxton [sic], [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Jones, [curate of] Creaton, John Mayor [? vicar of Shawbury] from Shrewsbury, [the Reverend] W[illia]m Owen, curate of Milborne Port, [the Reverend] D[avi]d Prothero, curate of Llanstephan, near Carmarthen, [the Reverend] John Roberts, [vicar of] Tremeirchion, [the Reverend] Tho[ma]s Scott, [rector of] Aston Sandford, Tho[ma]s Smith, Little Moorfields [London], [the Reverend] Ja[me]s Thomas, vicar of St. Mary's, Haverfordwest, John Venn, [? rector of] Clapham, J[ohn] Walker, Chester, and Rowland Williams, Bangor. Only in a few instances are the names of the addressees given, and on every such occasion the recipient is either the Reverend Tho[ma]s Scott or the Reverend Josiah Pratt. Both these clergymen served as secretaries of the missionary society founded in 1799 and called firstly 'The Society for Missions to Africa and the East', and subsequently 'The Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East', and the correspondence and other items transcribed in these two note-books relate largely to matters (financial contributions, recruiting, etc.) ? appertaining to this society. Other matters referred to include the edition of the Welsh Bible [published in 1799 by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge] and [the Reverend Thomas] Charles's interest in obtaining supplies thereof (No. 2), a clerical meeting held at Creaton, August 1800 (No. 4), the persecution of [the Reverend Edward] Griffin (No. 4), a proposed new edition of the Bible [with commentaries] published by Thomas Scott (Nos. 4-5), the possibility of forming a society for publishing ? abridged editions of 'the best of our divinity books' (No. 5), a Welsh treatise on infant baptism being written by Thomas Jones, Creaton (No. 5), the founding of the Bible Society in 1804 (No. 7), clergymen who had allegedly 'espoused [Joanna] Southcott's imposture' (Nos. 8 + 10), Welsh orthography (No. 29), a letter from [the Reverend Thomas] Charles, ?in the Evangelical Magazine, on the subject of teaching Welsh children to read the scriptures in their own language rather than through the medium of English, and the applicability of this principle to work in the foreign mission field (No. 42), etc.