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Evans, Beriah Gwynfe, 1848-1927
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Llyfr lloffion,

A scrap book compiled by ?John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') containing undated cuttings from Welsh and Welsh American newspapers, among those (identified on internal evidence) being Y Gweithiwr, Y Celt and Y Drych. Titles include 'Y Flwyddyn' (being an account of Welsh customs associated with feast days) partly signed by 'M.M.', 'Nodiadau Henafiaethol' by O[wen] Morgan ('Morien'), Pontypridd, 'Hynafiaeth Llanilltyd Fawr' by [David Watkin Jones] 'Dafydd Morganwg', 'Hynafiaethau Ceredigion' by John Rowlands ('Giraldus'), Cardiff , 'Yr Eisteddfod' by [Lewis Williams Lewis] 'Llew Llwyfo', 'Gwyddoniaeth, Moesoldeb a Chrefydd' by R. C. Roberts, Deerfield, N. Y., 'Llydaw a'r Llydawiaid' (being a report of a lecture delivered [in Liverpool] by E[dward] Thomas ('Cochfarf'), Cardiff), 'Beirniadaethau Eisteddfod Utica, N. Y.' 'Hirhoedledd' by the Reverend J. H. Jones, Rome, N. Y., 'Pa fodd y mae dyn yn byw, symud ac yn bod' ('Gan Feddyg o Pasadena, Calif.'), and 'Hanes y Bedyddwyr ym mhlwyf Gelligaer' by the Reverend R[ichard] Evans, Hengoed. Also included in the volume are the printed articles of incorporation of 'Cymdeithas Gymreigyddol Powys', 1861, and a printed circular appeal by the editor, Beriah Gwynfe Evans, on behalf of Cyfaill yr Aelwyd. Inset are cuttings, extracted from another scrap book, of articles (Llythyrau I-IV) on 'Griffith Williams, Esgob Ossary, a'i amserau' published by J[ohn] J[ones], rector of Llanllyfni, in Yr Herald Cymraeg, 1857.

Press cuttings and letters,

A scrap-book of J. H. Davies containing cuttings of numerous articles on Morgan John Rhys, Baptist minister and author, by T. Shankland, Rhyl, John T. Griffiths, Lansford, Pa., E. K. Jones, Brymbo, and [J.] Spinther [James], and cuttings entitled 'Hen Lyfrau ar Fedydd' by T. Valentine Evans, Clydach, 'Ymholiad yn nghylch Catecism Abel Morgan' by [J.] Spinther [James], 'Morris Griffiths, Prendergast, Hwlffordd' by T. Shankland, 'Swp o Hen Farwnadau' by E. K. Jones, 'Rival Historians in Wales' (critical of Beriah Gwynfe Evans, Diwygwyr Cymru) by J. Morgan Jones [1838-1921; co-author of Y Tadau Methodistaidd], 'Yr Encilion' (on the text and authorship of Welsh hymns) by T. Shankland, etc.; and holograph letters to J. H. Davies from T. Shankland, Rhyl, [18]99-1903 (7) (bibliography of Morgan John Rhys, a search of St Asaph diocesan records for material on the family of Morgan Llwyd, a study by the writer of 'Thomas Charles a'r Feibl Gymdeithas', publications on the SPCK in Wales, etc.), D. H. Davies, Cenarth Vicarage, 1901 (ballads, etc., in the writer's library), J. Spinther James, Llandudno, 1901 (information on D. Risiart, issues of Seren Gomer), and R. Davies, Liverpool, 1898 (the dispatch of books to the recipient).

Councils and ecclesiastical documents ... [etc.],

A copy of Councils and ecclesiastical documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland, ed ... by Arthur West Haddan and William Stubbs, Vol. II, Part II (Oxford, 1878). At the end of the volume are manuscript notes probably by E. J. Newell [?the Reverend Ebenezer Josiah Newell (1853-1916) on the lives of various saints (based on W. J. Rees, Lives of the Cambro British saints. The Welsh MSS Society (Llandovery, 1853), with references also to Rice Rees, An Essay on the Welsh saints (London, 1836) etc.). There is also a cutting from The Weekly Mail, 18 August 1900, containing an article by Beriah Gwynfe Evans in reply to the Reverend John Morgan Jones headed 'Rival historians in Wales'.

Letters: Evans, A-Z,

The correspondents include: A. W. Wade-Evans (11), 1904-1926, Beriah Gwynfe Evans (2), 1898-1924, together with papers relating to a Welsh national testimonial to Beriah Gwynfe Evans, 1920, D. Emrys Evans, 1923, D. L. Evans, the Public Record Office, London, 1923, D. Silvan Evans (4), 1897, E. Herber Evans (2), 1897, Captain Ernest Evans (4), 1907-1925, E. W. Evans, Frondirion, Dolgellau (6), 1899-1917, George Eyre Evans (4), 1900-1907, and R. Evans ('Cybi') (2), 1923 and undated.

Wade-Evans, Arthur W. (Arthur Wade), 1875-1964


Llythyrau, 1890-1933, at George H. Peate, yn eu plith rhai gan David Adams; Richard Bennett (6); Beriah Gwynfe Evans; D. Emlyn Evans; Owen Evans (9); Thomas Gee (2, mae un yn lythyr cydymdeimlad ar achlysur marwolaeth David Peate); W. Goscombe John (3); J. R. Jones (Lima, Ohio); Thomas H. Jones (Lima, Ohio) (9); J. E. Lloyd (2); T. Talwyn Phillips (11); Eifionydd (5); a Rowland Williams (Hwfa Môn). Yn ogystal, mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys toriad o deyrnged i George H. Peate, cerdyn yn diolch i bobl ar ran y teulu am eu cydymdeimlad, 1938, a rhestr deipysgrif o'r rhai i anfon atynt.

Adams, D. (David), 1845-1923


Letters and postcards addressed to Thomas Edwards. The correspondents include Sir Arthur [John] Bigge, 1911; Sir Owen M. Edwards, Oxford, 1904-5; Beriah Gwynfe Evans, 1923; and T. Allen Glenn, 1911-12 and undated.


Letters, 1893, from Manuel Ramos, Madrid, to Thomas Roberts, cooper, St. Asaph; and letters, mainly relating to his paper on 'Sunday of Today', 1933, addressed to Albert Owen Evans by Dr. E. O. Davies, Bangor, 1933; Beriah Gwynfe Evans, 1923; John Fairchild, Bangor, 1933; Gwilym Francis, Neath, 1933; G. Wynne Griffith, Bangor, 1933; R. E. Jones & Bros., Conway, 1933; J. D. Lewis, Llanarth, 1924-1933; H. J. Manley, Llanbedrog, 1933; T. A. Morgan-Jones, Llanddeiniolen, 1933; D. Rhys Phillips, 1930; Richard Owen, M. D., Bangor, 1933; Robert Vaughan, Dolgellau, 1933; Robert Camber Williams, Bath, 1917; 'A Swansea Welsh Churchman' (the closing of St. Mathew's Welsh Church, Swansea); John Morgan, Bodorgan and Caernarvon, 1903-1921; a telegram from Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, 1897; D. T. Hughes, Talsarnau, 1917; Frank Morgan, Oxford, 1906; George Blisset, Bath, 1898; Charles Henry Alexander, 6th Marquess of Anglesey, 1933; J. Arthur Price, London, 1924; John Owen, Bishop of St Davids, 1924; Griffith E. Owen, Carmarthen, 1924; S. J. Evans, Llangefni, 1931-1932; John Humphreys, Bangor, 1919; D. Jones, Penmaen-mawr; J. Davies, Llanelltyd, 1926; T. Huws Davies, 1922; and others.

Press cuttings

Miscellaneous press cuttings accumulated by Haines. They include several references to Edmund Jones, Tranch, Pontypool, articles by T[homas] C[hristopher] Evans ('Cadrawd'), John Morgan Jones (Cardiff) and Beriah Gwynfe Evans, etc.

Miscellaneous letters

The file comprises letters, 1887-1933, to Samuel Maurice Jones from various correspondents, including Susan Mainwaring, Robert Bryan, Ifan ab Owen Edwards, O. M. Edwards, T. T. Lucius Morgan, Beriah Gwynfe Evans, and E. Davies Bryan.

Edwards, Ifan ab Owen, 1895-1970

Welsh Nationalist League papers,

  • NLW MS 21910E.
  • File
  • 1911-1912.

Correspondence, papers and press cuttings, 1911-1912, relating to the Welsh Nationalist League (Cyngrair Cenedlaethol Cymreig), formed at Caernarfon in January 1911 to press for Home Rule for Wales on federal lines and organised by Dr Edward Lloyd Owen ('Iorwerth Feddyg') and John Williams ('Cambrensis'), both of Cricieth. There are also a few papers relating to the St David's Order of Chivalry (Urdd Arwrol Dewi Sant), founded in 1912. The correspondence, mainly addressed to 'Cambrensis', includes letters from W. Llewelyn Williams, MP, Walter F. Roch, MP, Sir J. Herbert Lewis, MP, Francis Edwards, MP, E. T. John, MP (8), Clement Edwards, MP, the Reverend E. Tyrrell-Green, Beriah Gwynfe Evans (2), Silyn Roberts and Lord Harlech.

Timothy Lewis Papers,

  • GB 0210 TIMWIS
  • Fonds
  • 1853-1955 (accumulated [?1905]-[1958]) /

Papers of Timothy Lewis, 1853-1955, including works by him, transcripts of manuscripts of Welsh literature and Welsh law, and correspondence. The archive also comprises substantial groups of the papers of his friend, J. Gwenogvryn Evans (1852-1930), which mainly consist of transcripts of manuscripts and correspondence; and of his father-in-law, Beriah Gwynfe Evans (1848-1927), including works by him, and letters.

Lewis, Timothy, 1877-1958

Extracts from public records, etc.,

A roughly-bound composite volume of notebooks in the hand of J. H. Davies containing extracts and transcripts from seventeenth and eighteenth century public records relating mainly to Cardiganshire and taken especially from Gaol Files, 1732-69 (among them 'Quotations sent to Welsh Gazette' with captions in the hand of George Eyre Evans); and copious extracts and transcripts of seventeenth century Welsh Puritan and Quaker interest, including material from Merioneth Gaol Files, temp. Charles II, notes and extracts on 'Personalia' (with similar material relating to Dafydd ap Gwilym etc.); an extensive list of titles of, with extracts from, printed books and Acts of Parliament, a list of Members of Parliament for Welsh constituencies, 1640-60 (Cardiganshire from 1624), transcripts from Thomas Shankland, '"Diwygwyr Cymru" Beriah Gwynfe Evans', Seren Gomer 1901, passim, etc. There is a classified index at the end of the volume.

Miscellanea of Thomas Darlington

  • NLW MS 1058C
  • File
  • [19 cent.]

Miscellaneous papers of Thomas Darlington, one of his Majesty's Inspectors of Schools in Wales, including essays and articles, drafts of speeches and addresses, letters from Ellis Edwards, Tom Ellis, Beriah Gwynfe Evans, D. Silvan Evans, David Howell (Llawdden), J. Puleston Jones, Sir John Rhys, A. Neobard Palmer, and Hugh Williams, and press cuttings.

Darlington, Thomas, 1864-1908

Llythyrau amrywiol: 1924-1974

Llythyrau amrywiol, 1924-1974, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Huw T. Edwards (4); Ralph Edwards (3); T. I. Ellis (2); Sigurd Erixon (2); Beriah Gwynfe Evans (6); D. Emrys Evans (2); D. Tecwyn Evans (4); E. Lewis Evans (18); George Eyre Evans; Gwynfor Evans (2); Ifor Leslie Evans (5); a Robert Evans.