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Evans, Christine, 1943-
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Correspondence: 1982-1986,

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6, including poems); Harriet Zinnes (including poems); Roger Conover (3); Talat Halman; Michael J. Collins (3); Joseph Clancy (including a poem); Jean Earle (3); Sylvia Kantaris (4); Angela Morton (14, including poems); Greg Hill (2); Lesley Grant-Adamson (7); Roger Garfitt; Anne Stevenson (10, including a poem); Paul Hyland (7); Jane A. Wight; Tom Rawling (2); Irene E. Thomas (11); Meic Stephens (2); Jeremy Hooker (5); Huw Jones; Meredydd Evans; Michael Horovitz (11); Fay Godwin (4); Roland Mathias (3); Joyce Herbert; Berenice Moore (5); Thomas Owen Clancy (4, including a poem); R. S. Thomas (4); Donald Swann (3); Tony Curtis (2); Christine Evans (7, including poems); Glenda Beagan (5, including a poem); Sue Moules (12); John Tripp; John Latham (3); Carole Satyamurti (2); Gloria Evans Davies (2, enclosing poems); Gwyn Parry (5); and Chris Bendon (2).

Prys-Jones, A. G. (Arthur Glyn)

Correspondence: 1986-1990,

Includes letters from Douglas Houston; Sylvia Kantaris (2); Angela Morton (5, including poems); Lesley Grant-Adamson (3); Irene E. Thomas (4); Michael Horovitz (4); Sue Stewart; Berenice Moore (4, including a poem); Meic Stephens; Ian M. Emberson; Anne Stevenson (6); Gwyn Parry (9); Sue Moules (6); Ann Vaughan-Williams (3); Christine Evans (4); Liz Cashdan; Chris Bendon; Jeremy Hooker (2); Bill Headdon; Robert Minhinnick; Maggie Holmes (2); Nigel Forde (3); Liz Ashurst (including poems); Berlie Doherty (5, enclosing poem); Enid Luff; Gloria Evans Davies (3); John Sewell; Harold Fawkner (2); Julia Bell (enclosing poem); Glenda Beagan; Caryl Davies (2); Maura Dooley (2); Arnt Lykke Jakobsen; Jane Esson; Terry Gifford (enclosing a poem); David Dabydeen; Sally Roberts Jones; Hugo Williams (2); Joseph Clancy; Kyffin Williams; Jean Earle (2); Sian James (2); and Candyce Clayton.

Kantaris, Sylvia.

Correspondence: 1989-1991,

Includes letters from Betty Mulcahy (2); Mavis Carter (6); Robert Minhinnick; Gwyn Parry (11, including a poem); Shelagh Hourahane (2); Berlie Doherty (3); Christine Evans (2); Mary Oldham; Lesley Grant-Adamson (4); Candyce Clayton (2); Berenice Moore (3); Cary Archard; Irene E. Thomas; Angela Morton (6, including a poem); Howard Bowcott; Anna Jauncey (3); Julia Bell; Moelwyn Merchant (2); Cora Greenhill; Alison Leonard (including a poem); Michael Horovitz; Maggie Hannan (including poems); Myra Schneider (including a poem); Gerard Casey; Gwyn O. Jones (2); Bill Headdon; Tony Curtis (copy); T. A. Owen (2); Roland Mathias (2); Glyn Jones (2); Eric Alexander (enclosing poems); Maurice Rutherford (3); Michael Holroyd (2); Roger Garfitt; Enid Luff; Meic Stephens; Carys Bell; Kate Foley; and Jeremy Hooker.

Correspondence: 1991-1996,

Includes letters from Lesley Grant-Adamson (2, including a poem); Irene E. Thomas (2); Mavis Carter (6); Dennis Carter; Gwyn Parry (4); Tony Bianchi; Peter Weevers; Sally Roberts Jones (2); Judith Thwaite (11, including a poem); David Harries; Michael Rosen; Candyce Clayton; Nigel Jenkins (2); Kate Foley (4); Anne Stevenson; Christine Evans (2); Chris Kinsey; Maura Dooley (4); Menna Elfyn; Roger Garfitt (3); Joseph Clancy (including poem); Beryl Hamilton (Berenice Moore); Linda Martin; Julia Griffiths Jones (3); Maurice Rutherford (3); Ruth Bidgood; Dannie Abse (3); Enid Luff; and Mary Oldham.

Correspondence: 1995-1999,

Includes letters from Enid Luff (4); Christine Evans (2); Raymond Garlick; Caryl Davies; Angela Morton (2, including a poem); Mavis Carter (5); Liz Ashurst; Esther de Waal; Jean Earle (4); Gladys Mary Coles; Margaret Merritt (9); Mary Lloyd Jones (2); Maura Dooley; Diana Hendry; Lynne Rees (8); Roger Garfitt; Elwyn Evans; Judith Thwaite (enclosing two poems); Ruth Bidgood; David T. Lloyd (2); Patricia V. Dawson; Roland Mathias (2); Ann Byrne-Sutton (poem); Berenice Moore; Geoffrey Bould; Dylan Jones (2); Justin Todd; Emyr Humphreys; Phil Clark (2); M. Wynn Thomas; Tony Conran; Lesley Grant-Adamson (3); Sue Moules (2); John Emyr; Neil Nuttall; Sheenagh Pugh; and Menna Elfyn.

General correspondence: 1987-1989

The file consists mostly of correspondence, 1987-1989, between the Academi's English Language Section administrator and its members. The file includes a resignation letter from Raymond Garlick over issues relating to the New Welsh Review. There is also correspondence with other prominent writers including Cary Archard, Christine Evans, Graham Thomas, Roland Mathias, Carl Tighe, Gillian Clarke and Robert Minhinnick.

'Letters (writers)',

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6); Ted Hughes; Anne Stevenson (4); Jean Earle (4); Bobi Jones; Gwyneth Lewis (5); Olivia Byard; Christine Evans (3); Maura Dooley (4); John Emyr (enclosing poem for Gillian Clarke); Sally Roberts Jones (3); Kate Foley; Anne Cluysenaar (2); Douglas Houston (enclosing poem for Gillian Clarke); Menna Elfyn; Ruth Bidgood; Michael Longley; Gweno Lewis; Leslie Norris; Charles Causley; Meic Stephens; Kevin Crossley-Holland; Lawrence Sail; M. Wynn Thomas (2); Shani Rhys-James (3); R. S. Thomas; Phil Clark; Dannie Abse; Raymond Garlick; Jeremy Hooker; and Nigel Jenkins.

Tŷ Newydd,

Papers, 1965, 1972, 1988-1991, mostly correspondence, relating to The Taliesin Trust, a charitable trust set up to provide a residential writers' centre for Wales to encourage and promote writing in English and Welsh, and the establishment of the Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre. Included are letters from Sally Baker Jones, Director of the Centre (21, a number of which are copies); Menna Elfyn (2), Meic Stephens (8); Christine Evans (2); Ruth Bidgood; Islwyn Ffowc Elis; Sir Geraint Evans; and Jon Dressel. Also included are agenda and minutes of the Board of Management of The Taliesin Trust, of which Gillian Clarke was Chairman, accounts, lists of donations to the Trust, and related deeds.