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Davies, Walter, 1761-1849
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Powys Castle

Transcripts, 1828-1829, by John Jenkins, of 'Historical Notices of Powys Castle, Montgomeryshire, and its Possessors' (see The Topographer, January, 1791), 'Description of Powys Castle', and 'Genealogical Particulars of th...


A dummy of the first volume of Gwaith ... Walter Davies ..., containing misellaneous notes mainly by D. Silvan Evans.


Miscellanea, including prayers, mainly in the hand of Walter Davies.

Davies, Walter, 1761-1849


Miscellanea, including Awdl Marwnad Charlotte Tywysoges Cymru and another poem by Peter Jones (Pedr Fardd), a poem by William Augustus Miles eulogising Walter Davies, Cerdd Newydd i Annerch Walter Davies by John Jones (Jac Glanygors), a list of po...

Congratulatory poems

Papers relating to the marriage, 1823, of John Jenkins, Kerry, and Elizabeth Jones, Crosswood, and to the birth of their son, John Heyward, 1824, including congratulatory poems, letters, etc., written by John Blackwell (Alun), Robert Davies (Bardd...


Two volumes of miscellaneous notes and fragments, written mainly by Walter Davies and John Jenkins.


Farming and other accounts and memoranda books kept by John Jenkins and Walter Davies at various times between 1801 and 1844.

Jenkins, John, 1770-1829


Sermons, sermon notes, prayers, etc., written mainly by John Jenkins and Walter Davies.


Miscellaneous notes and fragments, poems, eisteddfod admission tickets, etc., mainly in the hand of Walter Davies.

Davies, Walter, 1761-1849

Press cuttings

Press cuttings, including copies of 'Englynion ar farwolaeth ... John Jenkins ...' by Daniel Evans (Daniel Ddu o Geredigion) and 'Galarnad Dafydd am ei fab Absalom' by Walter Davies.

Miscellaneous notes

Miscellaneous notes written by Walter Davies and including 'Enwau Ceingciau adnabyddus i Gwen verch Wiliam, Cantores o Drev Rhiwaedog, o gylch 1550', and a few fragments in the hand of John Jenkins.

Davies, Walter, 1761-1849


Miscellaneous printed matter collected by Walter Davies and John Jenkins and comprising minutes, etc., relating to the Cambrian Society of Dyfed, the Cymmrodorion Society of London, the Cymmrodorion Society in Powys, and the Chester Cymmrodorion, ...

Letters to Taliesin ab Iolo,

Letters (surnames Davies-Hall) addressed mostly to Taliesin Williams (Taliesin ab Iolo).The correspondents include Walter Davies (Gwallter Mechain), [1812]-1837 (Nos 130-135), David Davis, Neath, 1810-1841 (Nos 137-148), John Davis (Brychan), 1829...

Davies, Walter, 1761-1849

'Ysgrepan Nathan Dyfed'

Two volumes entitled 'Hen Gofion. Yr Ysgrepan neu Wyau Nythau Nathan', being a collection of autobiographical and other material compiled by Nathan Dyfed. The volumes include, in addition to the autobiographical material, notes and remin...

Letters to the Reverend John Williams

Letters, mainly relating to Goronwy Owen, addressed to the Reverend John Williams, master of Llanrwst school, by the Reverend Edward Owen, Warrington, 1795-1805; John English Dolben, 1795-1805; D. Davies, Llanidloes, 'visitor' of 't...

Charters of Strata Florida

An English translation, in the autograph of Walter Davies (Gwallter Mechain), of three charters granted to the abbey of Strata Florida. The translation is printed in S.W. Williams: The Cistercian Abbey of Strata Florida (London, 1889).

Letters to Samuel Roberts (S.R.).

Letters, 1808-1885, from persons interested in social reforms, politics, and education, including John Bright, Richard Cobden, Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), John Griffiths ('Gohebydd'), Walter D. Jerermy, Morgan Lloyd, Si...

Poetry, correspondence and miscellanea

Miscellanea, including a poem entitled 'The Death of King Teudric. A Legend of Tintern', by W. H. Greene; poems by Sir Lewis Morr[i]s [1833-1907] and R[ees] J[enkin] J[ones] [1835-1924]; letters from Jona Barff (Oswestry) to Walter Davie...

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