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Summarised accounts

Summary of receipts and expenditure on the Gogerddan estate, from Michaelmas 1868 to Lady Day 1880, with a supplemental account, and an account for woods and plantations attached, labelled A, B, C respectively.

Stock valuations

Typescript valuations of live and dead farming stock, and of garden effects and greenhouses [at Gogerddan], [?c. 1919]

Show schedule and balance sheets

Printed balance sheets and lists of subscribers to North Cardiganshire Agricultural Society and Aberystwyth Show, 1901-1903, Aberystwyth Show schedule, 1903, and agenda for meetings, 1904

Chief rentals

Chief rentals of the manor of Emlyn Iscych and Clydau Common, 1905-1918. The file also contains demands for taxes on quit rents in Clydau and unnamed parishes, with relevant receipts, 1902-1916; wage receipts of the steward and bailiff, 1909-1910; and two letters by the Gogerddan agent concerning collection of the rents, 1919

Loose farm accounts

Loose Gogerddan farm accounts, showing the valuation of stock, purchases, expenses and sales, cash book receipts mainly for livestock and dairy produce, cash book expenses and a summary of the cash account, 1919.

Accounts, receipts and notices to quit

Loose papers, mainly directed to John Jones the Gogerddan agent, comprising tenants’ notices to quit; bills and receipts for distraint on a tenant, purchase of cattle at Rhosfair, fabrics and haberdashery, salmon sent to Lord Ducie; accounts to Mr Loveden for coal, straw and oats; and an account of eggs and poultry, produced by various Gogerddan farms, 1815-1816.

Minister’s journal [?Watkin family]

Pages from the daily journal of a Methodist minister in Yorkshire, recording visits to the homes of congregation members with his companion, David or accompanying Mr Evans at Thong, describing the conversion of ‘Old Betty’ in the West Riding [in 1808], the spiritual struggle of Mary Schofield before her death, and the account given at Huddersfield of an Indian chief from Canada, called Peter Jones, of his own conversion to Christianity by missionaries, 1831.

Schedule of leases

Schedule of leases taken from the strong room at Gogerddan mansion to the office, 1886. The dates of the leases described inside the schedule are 1823-1871

Fishing record sheets

Loose sheets similar in format to the main fishing books, recording catches on the Gogerddan estate, 1912, of which two have permits attached; Llandrindod Wells Fishing Club rules; list of fishing flies; and two blank permits to fish in the River Leri where it passes through the Gogerddan estate [1920s]

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