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Tour of North Wales,

  • Ffeil
  • 1772 /

Journal of a tour in North Wales during the summer of 1772 by Miss Jinny Jenks of Enfield (who died aged 41 in 1778). This is one of the earliest examples of this type of literature.

Jenks, Jinny, 1736 or 1737-1778

Papyri from Oxyrhynchus,

  • Ffeil
  • 2-4 cents.

Greek papyri from Oxyrhynchus in Egypt, presented by the Egypt Exploration Society in 1922, being numbers 1521, 1572 and 1591 - dated respectively A.D. 113, A.D. 299, and 4th century - in Vol. XII of B. P. Grenfell and A. S. Hunt: Oxyrhynchus Papyri (1916).

Diary, etc., of John Davies, Ystrad

  • NLW MS 12350A.
  • Ffeil
  • 1796-1799

A diary and commonplace book of John Davies (David) ('Siôn Dafydd y Crydd'), bookbinder and cobbler, of Llanfihangel Ystrad, co. Cardigan. The diary covers the period from 1 January 1796 to 19 December 1799 (new style) and refers mainly to 'booking ', e.g., the binding of local Church Bibles, the making of a letter case for William Lewes, Llysnewydd, the purchase of pasteboard and glue, etc. Other entries consist of copious observations on the weather and on the health of the writer and of members of his family; records of other activities of the scribe and of his wife, such as the making up of club accounts and attendance at club feasts, the making up of churchwardens' and vestry accounts, the writing of documents (leases, wills, marriage settlements, letters, bidding letters, and club articles), estreating, attendance at religious services, the death and burial of local residents, visits to fairs, gardening, the raising of turf, the making of candles, watch repairing, the spinning of flax and hemp, grinding at the mill, etc.); and references to unusual or interesting contemporary incidents, e.g., the beginning of Bedlwyn bridge, 9 August 1796, 'great noise about the French landing in Pembrokshire', 1 March 1797, 'great alarm about mad dogs ', 17 March 1797, the eclipse of the sun, 24 June 1797, '2000 Irish emigrants in Pembrokshire', 15 June 1798, 'Terrible Rebellion in Ireland', 18 June 1798, '. . . the Buck wheat plowed with a new plow English fashion with foure Horses', 31 August 1798, etc. In the left hand margin of each page are two columns indicating each date in both the new and the old styles. The remainder of the volume contains miscellaneous poetry, including stanzas and 'englynion' by D. Davies, lines 'On Czar Peter of Russia', 1797, stanzas beginning 'God save the Rights of Man', 1795, 'Englynion I Lys Ifor Hael . . .' by Evan Evans ('Bardd ac Offeiriad'), 1779, with an English translation, 'Can, yr hon a genir gan filwyr Ffraingc wrth fyned it frwydr', 1797, stanzas entitled 'God Save the King' (beginning 'Fame let thy Trumpet sound') (extracted 5 January 1763 from The Gentleman's Magazine, December 1745), stanzas extracted in 1772 from William Lithgow's 'Book of . . . Travels', 'cywydd' couplets by Edmund Prys and Hug[h] Arwystl, stanzas entitled 'The Brittish Muse, The Banks of the Wye' (from the Hereford Journal, 18 June 1778), stanzas entitled 'Tweed's Side' (from The Gentleman's Magazine, May 1767), 'Chwanegiad at gân Rhydddid' (in a later hand), 'Can o Sen I Ficcar Coch Cayo' by Dafydd Manuel, 'General Thanksgiving. The following lines were found in St. Peters Church Yard in Colchester on Tuesday the 19 of Decr. 1797 being the Day appointed for a general thanksgiving . . .', 'On the Day of general thanksgiving on the 29th Day of November 1798 were the following lines stuck up on . . . the Church Door of Ystrad Church', 'An Epitaph on a Blacksmith', 'Lines written out of Temper, on a Pannel in one of the Pews of C . . .m Church' (from the Hereford Journal, 26 October 1791), 'Littani' by 'J[ohn] J[ones] Glangors', 1797, etc.; the score of a song entitled 'The Recess', 1794, and of 'A Gavot' by Correlli; a list of floruits of 'Brittish Poets' (from Myrddyn Emrys to Dafydd William o'r Nant); 'Coppi o Lythur Gruffudd ap Ieuan at Saer Pren o Lan Sain Sion Allan o Almanac am y Flwyddyn 1720'; notes on Nonconformist Sects, extracted from W[illiam] Mather: The Young Man's Companion (London, 1737); a pedigree of King George III; the Greek alphabet; recipes for sealing wafers and sealing wax; a table of cities, towns, and villages from Lampeter to London; memoranda of local births and deaths, e.g., the death of the Reverend David Lloyd, Castle Howel, 1779, and of the Reverend Richard Lloyd, Llwynrhydowen, 1797; the allocation of seats and pews newly erected in the body of the church of Ystrad, 1716; etc.

Davies, John, 1722-1799

Llawysgrif Hendregadredd

  • Ffeil
  • [14-15 cents]

The Hendregadredd manuscript, containing poems by the Gogynfeirdd bards, etc.
The contents of the manuscript were published by the University of Wales Press Board in 1933 under the title of Llawysgrif Hendregadredd.

A smuggler's autobiography,

  • Ffeil
  • 1811 /

Autobiography, apparently unpublished, of William Owen of Cardigan, 'The Birth, Life, Education and Transactions of Captn. William Owen the noted Smuggler ...', the original having been either written at Carmarthen gaol in 1747 by Owen himself whilst awaiting his execution for murder or dictated by him to the Reverend John Davies, prison chaplain, who has attested that he attended Owen during his confinement (f. 161). It contains an account of his personal life and of his smuggling exploits in the West Indies, in Ireland, and on the western coasts of Britain, with a transcript of his trial (pp. 119-60). The manuscript [watermark 1808] is apparently a copy in the hand of Daniel G. Matthias, whose name is inscribed inside the front cover with the date 12 January 1811. An account detailing expenditure on food and lodging, in a different hand, is found inside the back cover.

Matthias, Daniel G.

An Anglesey Diary

  • NLW MS 3150B
  • Ffeil
  • 17 cent.

The diary, 1630-1636, of [?Robert] Bulkeley, Dronwy, Llanfachreth, Anglesey.

Bulkeley, Robert, fl. 1630-1636 Diary of, NLW MS 3150B

Day book of Thomas Jones, Pencerrig

  • Ffeil
  • 1758-1797

Day book, 1788-1797, of the artist Thomas Jones, Pencerrig, relating to the Pencerrig estate in the parish of Llanelwedd, Radnorshire, recording details of payments received for rents, tithes and farm produce, and of payments made to servants and craftsmen, together with particulars of land tax payments and poor rates (ff. 17 verso-94).
Also included, in a different hand, are a barrister's accounts, 1758-1761, detailing the charges made for services rendered to individuals in London and Wales (ff. 1-17). Memoranda relating to tree planting are on ff. 63 verso, 65 verso and 84 verso; details of payments made to the artist Guiseppe Marchi are on f. 24. Extracts from the volume were published in R. C. B. Oliver, The Family History of Thomas Jones the Artist, of Pencerrig, Radnorshire (2nd ed., Llandrindod Wells, 1987).

Jones, Thomas, 1742-1803.

Letters to Abraham Ortelius,

  • NLW MS 13187E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1568-1571 /

Three letters, 1568-1571, written in Latin to Abraham Ortelius, the Flemish cartographer, the first, 3 August 1568, from Humphrey Llwyd (Lhuyd), physician and antiquary, at Denbigh when he was mortally ill (a contemporary note, possibly by Ortelius, at the foot of the letter states that he died 31 August ('prid. Cal. Sept.') [1568]), the second, 2 November 1570, from Robert Owen in haste at Douai, and the third, 2 January 1570[/1], from Hu: Owen, brother of Robert Owen, at the earl of Arundel's house in London, all three letters connected with each other and with the work of Humphrey Llwyd. In the top left hand corner they are numbered in pencil 27, 31 and 34: these are the numbers which were given to them when they were published in chronological order by J. H. Hessels in Ecclesiae Londino- Batavae Archivum, Tom. 1, Abrahami Ortelii . . . epistulae (Cantabrigiae, 1887). The pagination in ink (421-4, 829-30, and 425-6) and other numbers in pencil (? 131, 211 and 210) appear to belong to earlier arrangements of the letters, one in order of Christian names, the other in order of surnames (Hessels, op. cit., pp. x-xi). The Humphrey Llwyd letter has been reproduced as a frontispiece to the Annual Report of the National Library of Wales, 1967-1968. In his letter Llwyd acknowledges receipt of Ortelius's description of Asia, refers to his own serious illness, and sends Ortelius his (Llwyd's) map of Wales, two maps of England, and what he describes as some fragments of a description of Britain written in his own hand. Only the conclusion of the letter (after 'vale'), one or two insertions and corrections, the address and an endorsement are in the handwriting of Humphrey Llwyd. The endorsement reads 'Mr Owen [i.e. Hugh Owen] fold vp these saff & delyuer theym at on EMANVEL house at Somers kay beneth bylyngesgate to be sent to Antwerp: vale' (see also Trans. Cymmr., 1937, plate facing p. 136). Hugh Owen and Robert Owen were Roman Catholics and of the Owen family of Plas-du, Llanarmon, co. Caernarvon (see D.W.B. under Owen family of Plas-du, Caerns., and the references given there). Robert Owen in his letter enquires on behalf of his brother whether the description of England and the chorography of Wales by the late Humphrey Llwyd, together with a letter written in Latin, have reached Ortelius. He asks him not to write to Douai as he will be going to England for the sake of his health following a serious illness, but rather to direct his letter to his brother or him at the earl of Arundel's house in London. Hugh Owen acknowledges receipt of a letter from Ortelius from which he learned that Humphrey Llwyd's brief commentary of Britain with the map of Wales has reached him safely and thanks him for so readily embracing the last, but immature and imperfect, works of their common friend. He is sorry knowledge of Ortelius's doubts about certain words did not reach him before his brother left the Netherlands but he will do his utmost to fill the gap if Ortelius will send him notes and lists both of the words in the commentary and of the matters and places in the map. He has kept a copy of the book lest any harm should befall it in transit and so that it need not be sent back if Ortelius is in doubt on any point [It was published under the title Commentarioli Britannicae descriptionis fragmentum. Auctore Hum/redo Lhuyd, Denbyghiense, Cambro Britanno (Coloniae Agrippinae: Apud Ioannem Birckmannum, 1572)].

Humphrey Llwyd, Robert Owen and Hugh Owen.

Morriston War Fund account book,

  • NLW MS 12266D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1917.

Subscription account book of the Morriston War Fund, January-December 1917.

Morriston War Fund.

Morriston War Fund account book (A-S),

  • NLW MS 12269D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1919.

Subscription account book (surnames A-S) of the Morriston War Fund, January-July 1919.

Morriston War Fund.

Morriston War Fund account book,

  • NLW MS 12271D.
  • Ffeil
  • [1915].

Subscription account book of the Morriston War Fund, January-December [1915].

Morriston War Fund.

Soldier's autobiography

  • NLW MS 22102A.
  • Ffeil
  • [c. 1837]

A brief autobiography of Private Thomas Jeremiah of the 23rd Regiment of Royal Welch Fusiliers, possibly written soon after his discharge from the army in 1837 (see f. 74). The volume contains an account of his youth in the parish of Goetre, Monmouthshire, 1797-1812 (ff. 1 verso-8), of his life in the army in England and Belgium, 1812-1815 (ff. 8 verso-27 verso), of marching and foraging for victuals previous to the battle of Waterloo (ff. 27 verso-56) and a detailed account of the battle itself (ff. 56-73 verso).

Jeremiah, Thomas, Private.

Llythyrau o'r Rhyfel Mawr,

  • NLW MS 23433C.
  • Ffeil
  • 1918-1919.

Ten letters, 1918-19, from men serving with the armed forces in the First World War, expressing their gratitude for parcels sent by members of Bwlch Calvinistic Methodist church, Rhoslefain, co. Merioneth.

Prisoner of war camp magazines,

  • NLW MS 22424F.
  • Ffeil
  • 1944-1945.

Seven issues, May-December 1944, of a magazine entitled Cymro (issues 2, 3 (unfinished), a special Christmas edition and four Supplement editions), produced by members of the Cymric Club in Stalag IVB prisoner of war camp near Muhlberg, Germany, featuring articles on Welsh sport, Welsh legends and Welsh regiments, and reports on sporting events held in the camp; together with the only two issues, January 1945, of 20 Bees Buzz, a weekly newspaper produced by the inmates of Hut 20B, containing mainly camp news, especially sport and social events.

Care of Welsh soldiers in London hospitals,

  • NLW MS 6660C.
  • Ffeil
  • [?1915]-[?1918].

Notebook of the Committee for the Care of Wounded Welsh Soldiers in London Hospitals, containing lists, [?1915]-[?1918], of patients visited by representatives of various participating churches.

Committee for the Care of Wounded Welsh Soldiers in London Hospitals.

War reminiscences,

  • NLW MS 22151iB.
  • Ffeil
  • 1917-1919 /

Reminiscences of the First World War by H. Iorwerth Hughes, Liverpool, written shortly after the events described, commencing with an account of his journey from Southampton to Macedonia, followed by a brief account of army life on the Macedonian front, 1917-1918, including details of the battle of Mount Dobropolje against the Bulgarians, September 1918, together with notes on his journey home, 1919. The volume also contains an incomplete draft, written c. 1919, of an address in Welsh entitled 'Experiences with the Serbs' (ff. 24-8). A letter, 1917, in Welsh written by H. Iorwerth Hughes to his parents from Salonika has been filed separately (MS 22151iiE).

Hughes, H. Iorwerth, Liverpool.

Diary of a nurse

  • NLW MS 22152A.
  • Ffeil
  • 1915-1916

Diary, 1915-1916, of Ethel Dora Heins (1886-1933) of Brecon, recording her service as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse in Alexandria.
A photograph of Heins is on f. 26.

Heins, Ethel Dora, 1886-1933

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