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Jane Owen to Sir William Maurice,

She received a letter from William Maurice after he had conferred with her cousin Ellis Brynkir - but now she has received a process. If she had seen William Maurice's man, who served it, she would have written to know his mind therein, since he had written to say that agreement was best. So she thought and was always very willing that William Maurice should make amends between them. Postscript: If it please William Maurice to take up the matter she will pay for the process.

Jane Owen to her cousin Sir William Maurice,

Has been often beholden to William Maurice for many kind friendships. Assures herself that she will find him as loving as heretofore. Understands that her cousin, Mr Ellis Brynkir, purposes to trouble a nephew of hers (who with her consent matched with the grand-child of Richard ap Ievan ap Howel of Llanllyfni) with a suit for those lands which he enjoys by right of his wife. She was not desirious to entertain conference about the matter until his Worship was at home. Now if Mr Brynkir be pleased to come to any speech on the matter she will therein show herself more to his satisfaction, for his Worship's sake and her good cousin Mr Brynkir's mother, than she would do for any other in so unconscionable a cause. She is very confident in her nephew's title. She does not offer speech out of any distrust of the title ... but out of endeavour to continue good friends. Commendations to William Maurice and Lady Maurice, and to her good cousin, Mrs Anne Brynkir, 'who I know shall not be willing that any of her children should deal in such ungodly business'.

Miscellaneous notes,

An address on early settlements in the Llanidloes area, and miscellaneous notes (extracted largely from J. Y. W. Lloyd: The History ... of Powys Fadog, London, 1881-1887) relating to Owen Glyn Dŵr's revolt, Offa's Dyke, Nannau mansion, Cymmer Abbey, Dolgelley, Towyn, Manafon, the operation of the Poor Law Act (1834) in Caersws, etc.


Miscellanea, including 'Llinellau Priodasol Cyflwynedig i Mr. a Mrs. E. R. H. Turner, B.A., Llanidloes' by 'Rhigymwr o'r Glyn'; a mimeograph list of 'books wanted' by E. R. Horsfall Turner; 'Hiawatha (A parody)' by 'W. K.'; and facsimiles of letters of Queen Victoria, William Wordsworth, 1834 (from British Museum Add. MS. 34225, f. 193), and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1859 (from B. M. Add. Ms. 35155, f. 2), and of the agreement, 27 April, 1667, between John Milton and Samuel Symons, printer, for the publication of Paradise Lost; etc.


Four holograph letters:- to J. Horsfall Turner from Morris Charles Jones, Welshpool, 1885 (exchange of books on Nonconformist subjects from the recipient's library for the Powys-land Museum and Library), and to E. R. Horsfall Turner from Harold P. Cooke, Cambridge, 1908 (the writer's essay in competition for the Charles Oldham Prize at the University of Oxford, the vacant chair of Greek at University College, Cardiff), and W. H. Robinson, Central Welsh Board, Cardiff, 1910 (C. W. B. inspectors' reports on schools); and one holograph postcard to Mrs. [Hilda Gladys] Turner, County School, Llanidloes, from P. Davies, Llanidloes [1922] (a copy of a translation by the recipient's father).

J. N. Crowther ('Glanceri'),

Holograph and printed poetry, c. 1920-1922, by John Newton Crowther ('Glanceri'), father-in-law of E. R. Horsfall Turner, including original poems (e.g. 'Etholiad Ceredigion 1921') and translations from Welsh (e.g. 'The Church Bell' from Cerddi Crwys and 'Rhuddlan Marsh (Morfa Rhuddlan)'); extracts from the Western Mail, 1917, relating to an address by 'Glanceri' on Welsh novelists; transcripts by 'Glanceri' of poetry by 'Ceriferch' (addressed to 'Glanceri' in 1919 on his seventy-second birthday) and Anne Fielding, Hebden Bridge; and press cuttings containing autobiographical notes and poetry by 'Glanceri', and articles by him on a holiday in Torquay and in appreciation of L. J. Roberts, Aberaeron, and the Reverend David Adams, Hawen and Bryngwenith, Cardiganshire.

J. N. Crowther and others.

Extracts from Llandinam and Llanidloes parish records,

Transcripts or abbreviated abstracts of entries recording marriages, 1614/15-97, 1740-1836, and publications of banns, 1754-1783, 1791-1797, 1824-1845, from the registers of the parish of Llanidloes; a transcript of a terrier of the buildings, lands, etc., belonging to the vicarage of Llanidloes, 1762; a list of holders of pews in Llanidloes parish church (undated); a list of mills and farms near the town of Llanidloes recorded in entries in the parish registers, 1816-1830, with the names of the tenants, etc.; and miscellaneous extracts from the registers of the parish of Llandinam, 1607- 1852.


A calandar of letters and documents relating to Chartist riots in the county of Montgomery in the possession of the Rt. Hon. [George Charles Herbert] 4th earl of Powis, and extracts from an article entitled 'The Montgomeryshire Chartist Riots' by J. E. Samuel, Dowlais, published in Cymru Fu, 31 August, 1889. The calendar was prepared during the time the records were deposited at the National Library of Wales (see 561, below).


Miscellaneous poetry, circa 1895-1899, by and in the hand of E. R. Horsfall Turner, together with English translations by him of hymns by Morgan Rhys, Anne Griffiths, Edward Jones, Maes-y-plwm, and Evan Rees ('Dyfed').

Llanidloes eisteddfod,

Compositions submitted for competition at the Llanidloes Chair Eisteddfod, Whit Monday, 1912, including a 'pryddest' on 'Llais y Mynyddoedd', twelve 'englynion' on 'Y Bugail', and an essay on 'The Development of Wales during the last 50 years'.

'Local indebtedness',

A volume of economics lecture notes entitled 'Local Indebtedness' delivered to honours degree candidates, 1908-1909, by S[tanley] H[orsfall] T[urner], brother of E. R. Horsfall Turner and lecturer in Political Economy in the University of Aberdeen.

Horsfall Turner, Stanley

Llanidloes assessment,

Two typescript copies, with manuscript annotations, of an assessment made at a vestry, 25 April, 1828, on the inhabitants and landowners of the town and parish of Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, 'for and towards compleating the Payment of Bills now in arrear Defraying the expences attending the repairs of the Church, the fences of the Churchyard, etc., and other exigencies attending the Churchwardens Office'. The assessment includes the account of David Jones, Richard Woosnam, and Thomas Price, churchwardens for the first, second, and third divisions respectively.

Notes, extracts, etc.,

Notes, extracts, etc., by E. R. Horsfall Turner from various printed sources including [A. H.] Dodd: The Industrial Revolution in North Wales [( Cardiff, 1933)]; [Edward] Hamer [:A Brief Account of the] Chartist Outbreak [at Llanidloes in the year 1839 (Llanidloes, 1867)]; [J. L. and B.] Hammond: The Age of the Chartists, 1832-54 [(London, 1930)]; History of the Chartists and the Bloodless Wars of Montgomeryshire (Welshpool, N.D.); various numbers of the Shrewsbury Chronicle and Salopian journal for the year 1839, etc. The material was probably collected in the course of research work on Chartism in co. Montgomery.

Llanidloes churchwardens' accounts, etc.,

A volume of notes based on the parish records of Llanidloes, including extracts from the churchwardens' accounts, 1822-73 (with gaps); entries and indexes of occupations and names from the parish registers (arranged separately for the periods 1614-1700, 1700-1740, 1740-1760, 1761-1780, 1781-1800, 1800-1820, 1821-1840); and lists of petty constables, surveyors of highways, innkeepers, and clergy and ministers, 1764-1836 and undated (with gaps).

The Iberians,

'The Iberians' or 'The Earliest Residents in our Valley', being a paper read at a meeting of the Llanidloes Literary and Debating Society, 16 December, 1904.

Vicars of Llanidloes,

A list of vicars of Llanidloes, c. 1550-1867 (with gaps), together with manuscript and typescript notes, and eight letters to E. R. Horsfall Turner, 1935, largely relating to the Reverend Evan Pughe, who was vicar from 1837 to 1850. The correspondents include [Sir] W[illiam] Ll[ewelyn] Davies of the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

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