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A catalogue of all the Earls of Pembroke

  • NLW MS 24076B
  • File
  • [?1624]

'A catalogue of all the Earles of Penbroke that have been sythence the Conquest in order as they succeeded…', a volume of genealogy compiled, [?1624], in the hand of the herald George Owen the younger (1595-1665), based on the work of his father George Owen of Henllys (1552-1613), and presented to their kinsman William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke.
George Owen the elder's original intention was to catalogue the earls 'with their proper coat armour' and his son's stated aim (f. 9 recto-verso) was to complete his father's work. The main text (ff. 11-15 and 16-44 rectos only) is mostly that of George Owen of Henllys's 'Catalogue of all the Earles of Penbroke' (1601x1603) (later incorporated by him into chapter 2 of the Description of Pembrokeshire: see George Owen of Henllys, The Description of Penbrokshire, ed. by Henry Owen, 4 vols (London, 1892-1936), I (1892), 14-33; and B. G. Charles, George Owen of Henllys: A Welsh Elizabethan (Aberystwyth, 1973), pp. 160-1). The final two paragraphs (ff. 42, 43, 44), relating to the second and third earls, continue the narrative to about 1624 and were presumably written by George Owen the younger. Each section begins with a decorated initial of varying height. The pedigree, by George Owen the younger (ff. 15 verso-43 verso, versos only), runs in parallel with the main text and traces the descent of William Herbert, in relation to the Earls of Pembroke of the various previous creations only. It is arranged in two columns, with the earls represented in the left hand column and other family shown on the right, and includes fifty-eight coats of arms, fully emblazoned and painted. Also included is the full armorial achievement of William Herbert (f. 8 verso) and the scribe's dedicatory address to Herbert (ff. 9-10). There are marginal notes in pencil, [?19 cent.], on ff. 8 verso and 9 verso (erased). For George Owen the younger see H. Stanford Owen, 'George Owen, York Herald 1633-1663', Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1943 and 1944 [1946], 78-107.

Owen, George, 1595-1665

Achau, barddoniaeth, etc.

An early seventeenth century manuscript, fragile, written c. 1611-1621 and possibly earlier by Roger Williams, clerk, rector of the parish of St. Nicholas, co. Glamorgan [the scribe of parts of Llanstephan MS 41] and containing pedigrees, Welsh poetry, medical and veterinary recipes, etc. Roger Williams [TLLM, 41n, 213-4] was the son of Roger William of Prisk [in the parish of Llanddunwyd (Welsh St. Donats)] and he married Elinor Rees [daughter of Rhys Amheurug (Rees Merrick)]: his pedigree is on p. 27 of this manuscript (cf. Llanstephan MS 41, p. 173). A folio or folios are wanting at the beginning and someone has written the words 'The Isue [sic] of Gruffydd fawr [De Radyr]' opposite the first page (p. 4). The contents, except where otherwise stated, consist of genealogical data relating to the persons or places specified as follows: p. 8, part of an account mentioning Pwllymyn, etc.; 9, the issue of Lle'n ap Kynwrige; 10, a 'cywydd' by Rys Brychan; 12, a 'cywydd' by Howel ap Davyd ap Ievan ap Rees; 14, mention of William Thomas, son of Thomas Gwilim Jenkin of Gwern ddy in the parish of St. Brids near Abergenvenye [sic]; 16, a copy of a general release, 1613, from Elizabeth Howell of Welshe St. Donettes, co. Glamorgan, spinster, to William Rosser of the same, yeoman, executor of the will of Thomas Rosser late of Welshe St. Donettes aforesaid, deceased; 17, recipes; 18, a 'cywydd' by Llewelyn ap Howell ap Ievan Gronow; 21, recipes, extracts, etc.; 24, pedigree of the Mansells; 26, a copy of a note from John Robertes, rector of Langan; 27, descendants of Howell Vawr apris ap Cradocke . . .; 28, Mansells, etc.; 29, descendants of Roger de Londres of Ogmor and Kydwelye; 29-30, 'englynion' by Thomas Lle'n and Sion Tomos Hwel, in another hand, followed by a note concerning the jointure of Agnes Rosser, wife of Thomas Edwardes late deceased of St. Hilarye, co. Glamorgan, gent.; 31, Rychard Thomas of Tree r groes within the parish of Coychurch (cf. 45), copy of a writ, 1598, medical recipes; 34, Bassetts [cf. Llanstephan MS 41, p. 62]; 35, lines of Welsh poetry and a note of a bond [1614], with an 'englyn' by Watkin apowell in the margin; 36, a copy of the will of John Bassett of Bewper in the parish of St. Hilary, 1512[/13] (Latin); 38, weather lore, husbandry, etc.; 45, an 'englyn' by Thomas William Howell, instructions for conducting prayers ('Chwi estyngwch y lawr ar dal ych glynie . . .'); 46, Thomas ap Rychard, register of the consistory court of Landaph, Rys Brydyth o Lanharan and his descendants including Lewis Morganwg (cf. p. 144); 47, Tho: ap Morgan, clerk, vicar of Pentrych [sic], Tho: ap ho'll ap ph'e; 48, veterinary recipes; 49, Sr Mathew Cradock, kt.; 116, Justyn, lo: of Glamorgan, Sr John Carn ('owt of Thomas Johns Collections'); 117, 'ach Godwyn Iarll Kernyw y dynnwyd o lyvyr Iollo goch'; 50, a 'cywydd' by Griffith llwyd davyd ap Inon Liglyw; 52, Collene [sic]; 53, descendants of Davyd Mathew including John Mathew Myles 'late gayler [sic] indicted for willfull escape of John Jenkin one of the murderers' [?1592-1593], Mayndy, Sr. Jo: Gams; 54, Bolston, George Gibon of Trecastell, Howell Johns 'yt dwellyth now in London', etc.; 55, Trym Bennoc ap Maynyrch; 56, 'englynion' by Thomas Lewis 'o Lleche'; 57, Lansannor gwin (Gwyn); 58, Coedbychan. . ., Miskin wrth gornel y park, Lanharan; (continued)

59, Talygarn; 60, Castell Scurla . . ., Hendre vorgan; 61, Byrthyn, parish of Llanblethian; 62, Llanwensan, parish of Peterston super Eley [sic], Abergorky ('Morgan davyd Cadwgans petygree accordinge to Tho: Johns Collections'); 64, John ap Davyd ap Hopkyn ['Ynys Dawe']; 65, Bettus (Llwarch ap Aren); 66, Lantryssent, Kelly gronn nere Collenne . . ., Lanwinno; 67, Colleney (cf. p. 52), Turbills [sic]; 68, Morgan Cradock ap Ph'e . . ., Carries (Wenny); 69, Nash [Carne]; 71, Turbervills; 72, 'drawen owt of Rychard tho: ap gr' gochs Card of William llyn his drawing', Chadles; 74, Davyd ap hopkin ap tho: ap hopkin, Harrye John ap Richard; 75, Goed tree (cf. p. 144), Brigan; 76, Glynogwr; Ryw gwrach y blawd, Rywperrey; 77, Lanbradach and also a reference (twice) to the marriage of 'younge Mr Kemis of monmouth shire dwellynge verye nere to Catch asse', 1613[/14]; 78, Blaen Baglan, Aberavan, and Tir Iarll; 79, Langowyd [?Llangonydd], Neth (Mr Lyson Ievans); 80, Mr (Wm) Price, Cradock ap Iestyn - Blaen Baglan, Gwyrvill verch Hopkin ap d'd ap Hopkin; 81, Wm ap John ap Res ap Jenkin and Lantwyt vaer dree in miskin; 82, Bettus, Bridgend, William ffilib william; 83, Marlas (Rychard ap thomas ap gr' goch) 'drawen owt of Rychard tho: his Card'; 84, Caerwige (parish of Pendoylown), Jenkin ap wm ap gebb'n; 85, Rydlavar, Ystradvellte, Lantrissent; 86, Bach ap Gwayt, Lanylyd; 87, Landow; 88, Marcrosse [Vann], Splott. Bawdripps; 89, (?) Monnton ['Fflemings'], Lantrythed; 90, Groeswen, Sweldon, Margam; 91, Braych y kymor, Langynwyr; 92, Kelligaer i n Seynhenydd, Lewis ap Res, Pendoylon; 93, Broviskin; 94, St Nycholas, Lanharan, Saint fagans. Gibons; 95, Michelston, Bedwes, Broviskin; 96, Pendoylon; 97, 'from Ievan Jenkins of Langowyd' and [from] Thomas Jones; 98, Justyn lo: of Glamorgan; 99, Bleddyn ap Convyn, prince of powis, Griffith ap. Conan k of Gwynedd; 100, Rys ap Tewdwr k of Deheybarth, Elystan Glodrydd, prince betwyn wye and Severn; 101, Bleddyn ap Meynyrch lo: of Brecon, Trym bennog lo: of Cantre selyff, Guillyn lo: of ydstradyw, Einon ap gollwyn, and Argwydd [sic] lle'n; 102, Griffith ap yr argwydd [sic] Rys; 103, descendants of Ph'e fleming; 104, Baydan, parish of Langowyd - Gwayr ap Aren, Ystradyvodwg; 105, Cayre, Sergeant (d'd) Williams; 106, Brigan; 107, Ystrad ffin, Rys Gryg; 111, Aleth k of dyved; 112, Mathravan, followed by miscellaneous pedigrees; 118, (?) Abercrag; 119, Llanvrynach, Maesmawr; 120, Llandy bie, Kydweli, Aber Afan; 121, Brecon [Awbrey]; 122, Llandybie, Tir Rawlff, Arth brengi, Arwystly, Kaer Sws yn Arwystly; 123, Shere drevaldwyn. Kyviliog, Yskethrog Brecon, Sheree [sic] Gaervyrthin [Sr Rys ap tho:]; 126, Gada, Gwinionydd ywch kerdyn, Gwinionydd iskerdyn, Caer wedros; 127, Gwinionydd ywch aeron, Mab ffynion [sic] yn isaeron, Hirvryn, Eifel yn Swydd gaer, Penryn dyfed yn Swydd gaer, Mallaen yn Swydd gaer, Cayo yn Swydd gaer; 128, Carnwllon, Kydweli, Gener glyn yng Credigion, Cwmwd perfedd, Cryddyn ywch arfon ['aeron']; 128(a), Glyn aeron, Llangibi, with a note of the names of the sons of Rice Kemis of Llanvayr, co. Monmouth, 1617 and 1621; 128(b), descendants of Lle'n lia; 129, Ystradyvodwg, Brigan; 130, Langonoyd, Veddifnych yn Sheere gaer; 131, Y Slough, Aber yskyr; 132, Tyr Raulff (cf. p. 122), Pymtheg llwyth Gwynedd; 133, Mibon [sic] kynvarch oer, Shir Gaer [Griffith dwn]; 135, Owein glyndyfrdwy; 136, Langattwg dyffryn vsk; 137, Plant Ievan ap Jenkyn Kemys or began, Plant Sr Tho: Morgan hen o pencoyd, Mibon kenedda wledig ay tiveddiaeth; 139, Meibion kynwyd kynhwydion, Plant llwarch hen, Yal; 140, Pyctown in Pembroke Shire, Whit Church in monmoth Shire; 141, Penros, Troe, Tremsaran in Caerm'then Shire; 142, Aber Gwili Elystan glodrydd; 143, Wm Bleddyn Bishop of landaph, etc., and [(?) an extract from] Davydd Benwyn ' in an ould Rowl of Marlas'; 144, Goed tree (cf. p. 75), and Rys brydydd and his descendants (cf. p. 46); 145, a religious poem in Welsh consisting of thirty-three stanzas in free metre ('tribanau'); 150, recipes; 151, Caerwige, parish of Pendoylown, co. Glamorgan; 152 (insert, in another hand) 'of Troy'; and 155, 'Pymb Brenhinllwyth kymru'. The manuscript contains annotations by both Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', and Taliesin Williams, 'Taliesin ab Iolo'.

Roger Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg' and Taliesin Williams.

Penty Park pedigree book

  • NLW MS 22386B
  • File
  • [c. 1663]

A volume of pedigrees in Welsh and English, evidently compiled in Carmarthenshire about 1663 (see f. 193). The collection is poorly organised. Carmarthenshire families predominate; Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire are well represented; some pedigrees for other parts of Wales. Mostly based on earlier sources, many on the pattern of achau'r mamau and in Welsh, many coming down to the years 1625-1628. Sources named are 'John Moythe's book' (ff. 117-124 passim) and 'Thomas Johnes of Fountaine Gate' (f. 120 verso). Folios 1-22 contain world chronology, biblical and royal lines, down to Charles II. Additions, mostly of Carmarthenshire interest, by several hands of XVII and XVIII cent., notably by an annotator active in 1706 and, it appears, by John Jones of Pant-glas (fl. 1706-1744) (see ff. 26 verso, 45 versoi, 184, 193).

Commonplace book

  • NLW MS 24115C.
  • File
  • 1754-1933 (mostly [1850s]-1898)

Commonplace book, [1850s]-1898, of the Rev. William Rees, curate of St John-juxta-Swansea, Glamorgan (1848-1861), and vicar of Bettws, Carmarthenshire (1861-1865), and Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire (1865-1898), containing quotations and other transcripts from printed sources and material relating to Rees, his family history and to genealogy and local history in the Swansea area more generally.
Material relating to Rees and his work includes memoranda concerning Bettws Church, 1862-1865, including registers of attendance, lists of parish poor and copy letters (ff. 295 verso, 296 verso, 297 verso-302, 303, 304 verso); registers of attendance at Llanboidy Church, 1866-1868, 1876-[1897] (ff. 257 verso-264, 266 verso-271, 289-292); copies of nine letters published in The Welshman (1867) concerning his mixed language services at Llanboidy (ff. 153 verso, 154 verso-163 verso); transcripts of deeds, 1822, 1880, relating to family property in St John-juxta-Swansea (ff. 222 verso-229 verso); and copies of eleven letters to Rees, 1895-1898, mainly concerning the death of his wife (ff. 244 verso-247). Genealogical and historical material includes pedigrees and notes relating mostly to families in the Swansea area, as well as Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire (ff. 3 verso, 15 verso, 69, 166 verso, 174, 175, 180-184 verso, 191 verso, 198, 200 verso-217 verso, 240 verso-241, 264 verso, 271 verso-278, 280 verso-281 verso, 285-286, 287 recto-verso, 297, 303 verso, 309-310, 311, 312-314, 316); transcripts from parish registers and other records, mostly eighteenth-century, relating to Llangyfelach (ff. 159, 165-166, 171 verso, 175, 176, 193, 195 verso-196 verso, 198 verso-200, 215, 216, 217-218, 221 verso- 222, 230, 231 verso-236, 237 verso-240, 288, 295) and Llansamlet (f. 197 recto-verso, 244, 315 recto-verso); transcripts from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century wills, together with lists of wills, mainly relating to Llangyfelach (ff. 167, 169-171, 173-174, 176 verso-179, 180 verso, 218, 278 verso-280, 284 verso, 286 verso, 292 verso-295); names and other genealogical information extracted from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century manorial and taxation records relating to the manors of Kilvey and Clase, and to the hamlets of Parcel Mawr and Parcel Penthery [Penderry], Llangyfelach (f. 167 verso-168 verso, 172 recto-verso, 174 verso-175 verso, 185-191, 236 verso-237, 240, 241 verso-243 verso, 310 verso); miscellaneous transcripts and notes relating to Rees's ancestors, the Popkin family (ff. 176, 191 verso-192 verso, 195, 197 verso-198, 230 verso-232, 288 verso); and a transcript of the diary of Lewis Thomas [of Swansea] for January-October 1684 (ff. 282-284, 307-308 verso). The general quotations and transcripts, [1850s]-1897, concern a wide variety of subjects, including theology, history, Biblical history, literature, philosophy and Welsh poetry (ff. 2-3, 4-68 verso, 69 verso-148, 149-154, 164 recto-verso, 167 verso, 171 verso, 243, 247 verso-248 and 301 verso-306 passim). Items found loose within the volume, including two leaves excised between ff. 281 and 282 (now ff. 307-308), miscellaneous original documents collected by Rees, 1754-[mid 19 cent.] (ff. 320-325), and newspaper cuttings, [?1825]-[1933] (ff. 331-336), have been placed in an archival envelope (ff. 307-336).

Rees, William, 1823-1898

Letters and pedigrees,

A volume containing 'Copies of Correspondence [1818-1821] which passed between the Revd. John Collier Jones of Exeter College, Oxford, afterwards Rector of that College, and the Revd. Daniel Jones, Rector of Ruckinge, near New Romney in Kent, relative to the Pedigree and Coat of Arms belonging to the family of Llanio, in Cardiganshire, of which estate the said Daniel Jones had then become the reversionary proprietor, and from which family both of them were descendants'; and pedigrees from transcripts made by J. J. Lloyd Williams, M.A., among them being 'Pedigrees of all the Gentry in the Counties of Cardigan, Carmarthen and Pembroke, faithfully transcribed from a manuscript of the late Mr. William Lewes of Llwynderw, by Sylvanus Jones, Dec. 8th 1760'. Inset is a holograph letter relating to the manuscript from J. J. Lloyd Williams, The School House, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Carmarthen, to Alcwyn C. Evans, 1888.

Alcwyn C. Evans and others.

Pembrokeshire Pedigrees

'That portion of the Llysnewydd Pedigrees which refers to Pembrokeshire Transcribed from the original MSS. of William Lewes by Edward Laws'.

Laws, Edward, 1837-1913

Poetry; pedigrees,

  • NLW MS 11093C
  • File
  • [19 cent.].

A poem (202 lines), with annotations, entitled 'The Celtae'; and a list of contents of, and some transcripts from, a manuscript in the library of Chetham College, Manchester, entitled 'Short pedigree [sic] of Divers Noblemen, Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen & Gentlewomen of Pembrokeshire, containing all or most of the Eight Ancestors from whom they are Descended together with the arms of most of them - London - Printed by John Winter for the author, a.d. 1671'.

Press cuttings,

A scrap-book of literary and historical press cuttings, c. 1896-1900, compiled by J. H. Davies. The titles include, 'London Welsh Jottings', 'Ysgrifenydd y Cyffes Ffydd', 'A Great Welsh Soldier' [i.e. Owen Lawgoch], 'Pererindod yn Nhyddewi', 'Story of the Revolt of Llewelyn Bren', 'Cyfres yr Hen Gerddi', 'Gohebiaeth Awdwr "Cathl y Gair Mwys", 'Darganfyddiad Llenyddol yn yr Amgueddfa Brydeinig. Cywydd Anghyhoeddedig o Waith Goronwy Owen', 'Dewiniaid Dyffryn Clwyd', 'Kruger a'r Cynghorwr Sirol Cymreig', 'Ymwelydd hynod o New Zealand. Maori yn Medru Cymraeg', 'Breuddwyd Nos Wyl Dewi', 'Llenyddiaeth y Flwyddyn' (by J. H. Davies), 'Peter Williams', 'Lloffion Llenyddol', 'Bedd Dafydd ap Gwilym', 'Hen Ddewiniaid Cymru', 'Straeon Hen Gymry Llundain', 'Yn Amsang ein Tadau' and 'Old Pembroke Families' (both by Henry Owen, Poyston), 'Taith i Ardal Twm Sion Catti', 'Cywydd Coffadwriaethol i'r diweddar T. E. Ellis, As' (by [William Powell] 'Gwilym Pennant', London) 'Crogi'r Lleidr Defaid a Melldith Gwrach Dyffryn Aeron', 'Hela Owen Lawgoch', 'Gwrdd y Cymru Fyddion', 'Athrofeydd y Methodistiaid', 'Cynghorau Lleol Cymru', 'Welshmen in Patagonia', etc.

Pembrokeshire pedigrees

A copy, made in 1891 by Edward Laws, of 'That portion of the Dale Castle MS. Pedigree Book which refers to the County of Pembroke. Transcribed from the edition printed [at Middle Hill] by ...Sir Thos. Phillipps in 1859'.

Laws, Edward, 1837-1913

Pembrokeshire Notes

One of two volumes of extracts by Edward Laws, mainly from Phillipps and Fenton MSS. at the Cardiff Public Library, relating to monumental inscriptions in Pembrokeshire, pedigrees of the families of Phillipps of Picton Castle and Lort of Stackpole, Pembrokeshire churches and manors, etc.

Laws, Edward, 1837-1913

Jones family of Brawdy,

  • NLW MS 12627E.
  • File
  • 1939 /

A volume compiled in 1939 by Francis Jones [of the National Library of Wales, later Herald Extraordinary for Wales], containing a pedigree, mid fifteenth - twentieth century, of the family of Jones of Brawdy, co. Pembroke, with ancillary pedigrees of the associated families of Jones of Greenston, Brawdy, Jones of Southfield, Llysyfran, Roberts of Tregidreg, parish of Mathry, Griffith of Mathry, Morgans, the Flemings, of Roose, Francis of St. Elvis, Jenkins of Mathry, Thomas of Rhydyrharding, parish of Mathry, Williams of Newport, and Harries of Binchurn, all of co. Pembroke.

Jones, Francis, 1908-1993

Rentals, pedigrees, &c.,

A rent roll of lands in Hauerfford west to be inserted in the estate 'for the erecting and may[n]teyning of the ffree schole', together with a covering letter, 18 October 1613, from Thomas Lloyd, Kilkethed, to John Skinner, esq., mayor of the town and county of Hauerfford west; draft rentals of the estates of John James, Esq. [Pantsaeson], in the parishes of Monington, St. Dogmells, Moylgrove, and Bayvill, 1809-1810; pedigrees of the families of Cornwallis of Abermarles, co. Carmarthen, 1721, of David of Blaenllechog, parish of Llangolman, co. Pembroke, 1823, and of Rice of Tyhen [parish of Llandysilio East], co. Carmarthen, the latter compiled by John William Phillips, Haverfordwest; lists of members belonging to the Loyal Welsh Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons who meet at the Victoria Hotel, Pembroke Dock, and of the Lodge of Freemasons called the Saint Davids Lodge held at the Nelson Hotel, Milford, 1839; typescript copies of letters from Tho. Picton, Carmarthen, to J[ohn] Philipps, Haverfordwest, 1815 (enclosing bills of exchange), John Martin, Withybush, to his son [John Phelps at Ely], 1815 (money, personal, news of the recipient's brother Samuel in the battle of Waterloo), and Sam[ue]l Phelps, Bois de Bologne, Comy, near Paris, to his brother John [Phelps at Ely], 1815 (an account of the battle of Waterloo); six typescript papers on 'Agricultural Law'; a typescript report of a public inquiry held at the Town Hall, Fishguard, 28 July 1905, by the Local Government Acts Committee of the Pembrokeshire County Council for the purpose of considering an application by the Fishguard Parish Council for the conversion of the parish of Fishguard into an urban district; typescript 'Addenda' to a 'Pembrokeshrie Archaeological Survey' by J. W. Phillips, [19]08; etc.


Draft notes, extracts, memoranda, etc., by C. F. Egerton Allen relating to the arms of Pembrokeshire and other families. The material is based on printed sources, memorial stones and tablets, and bookplates, and among the longer items are 'Notes for Ordinary of Arms in Enderbie' (see N.L.W. MS. 12219D) and 'An attempt to trick the coats of arms blazoned in an App[endi]x to Laws 'Little England beyond Wales' pp. 424-446'. Much of the material is written on the dorse of a variety of printed sheets relating to the disarmament conference summoned by Nicholas II of Russia [1899]. Accompanying the material are holograph letters and post cards to C. F. Egerton Allen from E. Hewlett Edwards, Tenby, 1911, J. T. Evans, Stow-on- the-Wold, [19]04, Francis Green, St. Davids, 1910, Mabel Lloyd, Cresborough, Haverfordwest, etc., [19]05-1906 (together with a letter from C. F. Egerton Allen to Mabel Lloyd, [19]05), [Sir] H[enry] O[wen] [London] 1904, and D. P. S. Reid, Boulston, near Haverfordwest, [19]03.

Abstracts of wills, etc.,

A notebook containing abstracts of wills and compiled pedigrees based thereon, largely pertaining to families in cos. Carmarthen and Pembroke. The volume is labelled 'Wills. Trelech &c.', and the greater part of the material relates to families in the parish of Trelech a'r Betws, e.g., Thomas of Rhosychen, Martin, Thomas of Nantyrafruwcha, Thomas of Parcybedw, Thomas of Treto, Twmpath, Cluntwmpath, and Llwyncrwn, John of Godredewi, Griffith of Blaengwelltog, Morgans of Rhosychen, Francis of Plasparke, Thomas of Gelly, Thomas of Pantronow, Francis of Plasparke, Morris of Pantronow, Rees of Penyceire, John of Perthygwenyn, Rees of Plasyparke, etc. Among other families recorded in the volume are Rees and Pryse of Rhydarbenne and Francis and Lloyd of Pantgilgane, parish of Llangeler, Hall of Begelly, etc., and White of St. Twinnels, etc. The pedigrees are supported in some cases by extracts from parish registers. At the end is a list of contents.

Alcwyn C. Evans.

The Harries family of Tre-gwynt,

  • NLW MS 12062E.
  • File
  • 1918-1933 /

An illustrated history of the family of Harries of Tre-gwynt, parish of Granston, co. Pembroke, compiled in 1918, with additions to 1933, by N[elson] G[eorge] Harries, Wolverhampton. Relevant press cuttings are mounted in the volume, and the illustrations are largely in the form of photographs of the interior and exterior of the house and of family coats of arms.

Harries, Nelson George

Tucker MS,

  • NLW MS 10871B.
  • File
  • [18 cent.] /

The Tucker MS, being an early eighteenth century collection (with later eighteenth century additions) of pedigrees of Pembrokeshire families attributed to Thomas Tucker of Sealyham, Pembrokeshire.

Tucker, Thomas, Sealyham, St Dogwells, Pembroke, Gent

Transcript of the Mabws manuscript

A transcript of 'the Mabus [sic] Manuscript containing Pedigrees of many of the Gentry of Carmarthenshire Cardiganshire Pembrokeshire ...', with numerous additions, etc. by Stedman Thomas.

Pembrokeshire Notes

One of two volumes of extracts by Edward Laws, mainly from Phillipps and Fenton MSS. at the Cardiff Public Library, relating to monumental inscriptions in Pembrokeshire, pedigrees of the families of Phillipps of Picton Castle and Lort of Stackpole, Pembrokeshire churches and manors, etc.

Laws, Edward, 1837-1913

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