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Ormond, John, 1923-1990
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Articles by Glyn Jones

The file comprises manuscript and typescript drafts together with printed copies of articles by Glyn Jones, 1953-1993 (with gaps), a number of which were published in Poetry Wales and Bulletin of the Welsh Academy. Included is a review of poetry readings at the Casson Theatre, Cardiff, 1973; articles on John Elwyn, 1976, 'The Beach of Falesá', 1977, John Petts, 1977, and 'Some letters of Idris Davies', 1980; the foreword to Elwyn Davies, Mild majesty (Llandysul, 1987); tributes to Gwyn Thomas, 1981, Keidrych Rhys, 1987, George Ewart Evans, 1988, and John Ormond, 1990; and a draft, notes and correspondence, 1980-1982, relating to an article on Gwyn Jones which appeared in the Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Novelists, 1930-1959 (some papers also pertain to the entry for Glyn Jones in this reference work). -- In addition, the file contains newspaper cuttings, 1960-1961 and 1963, of articles, reviews and poetry by Glyn Jones (arranged and numbered by him); they include a review of the poetry festival, Poetry at the Mermaid, 1961, and cuttings of poems and articles by various writers from the Saturday Magazine section of the Western Mail, 1960. Also included are typescript copies and cuttings of articles by six Anglo-Welsh writers, including Glyn Jones, each of whom wrote a chapter as part of a thriller serial which was published under the title 'Sextet' in the Western Mail, 1961, with related letters.

Correspondence : 1973

Includes letters from Robert Morgan (9); Sam Adams (8); Richard Poole (5); John Tripp (7); Sally Roberts Jones (11); Cyril Hodges (7); Raymond Garlick (7); Tony Curtis (4); Philip Pacey (3); Richard Vaughan (2); Alan Perry (3, including a typescript copy of poem 'House-Wiring'); Belinda Humfrey (5); Robin Gregory (3); Jeremy Hooker (13, including typescript copies of poems by him); Gillian Clarke (8); John Ormond (2, including typescript copies of two poems by him, signed by the author); John Stuart Williams; Ruth Bidgood (7); Ray Howard-Jones (11); Dannie Abse; Judith Maro (2); Neville Masterman (4, one addressed to Gillian Clarke); Roy Thomas (5); Sheenagh M. Pugh (3); Alison Bielski (3); Raph Maud; Dora Polk (4); Glyn Jones (4); Lawrence Hockey; Peter Finch (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (2); A. F. Leighton Thomas (3); John Pook; Bedwyr Lewis Jones (2); J. P. Ward (3); and E. G. Bowen.

Morgan, Robert, 1921-1994

Correspondence : 1974

Includes letters from Gillian Clarke (19); Tony Curtis (5); Sally Roberts Jones (5); John Tripp (7); Raymond Garlick (8); Peter Elfed Lewis (9); A. G. Prys-Jones (3); John Ormond; Belinda Humfrey; Judith Maro; J. P. Ward (2); Nigel Jenkins; Ray Howard-Jones (11); Ruth Pryor (9); Dora Polk; Robert Morgan (3); John Stuart Williams; John Rowlands (6); Alison Bielski (4); Ruth Bidgood (4); Alun Llewellyn; Graham Allen; Ieuan Gwynedd Jones; David [Dai] Smith (5); Sam Adams (2); Neville Masterman (2); Leslie Norris (3); L. Alun Page; Glyn Jones (4); John Ackerman; and Patrick Thomas.

Clarke, Gillian, 1937-

Correspondence : 1975

Includes letters from Ruth Pryor (10); Glyn Jones (3); Alan Rudrum (7); Chris Torrance (2); Brian Keeble (11); Désirée Hirst (7); David [Dai] Smith (5); David Blamires (3); A. G. Prys-Jones (5); Gwyn Williams (3); Bernard Lloyd; Sally Roberts Jones (14); John Stuart Williams (3); Arthur Giardelli (2); Raymond Garlick (9); Gillian Clarke (8); Leslie Norris (5); Richard Poole (6); Nancy K. Sandars; Dora Polk (2); Ray Howard-Jones (9); Francis Jones (3); Ruth Bidgood (2); Jeremy Hooker (6); John Ormond (4); Austen Wilks (8, including a typescript draft of the article 'Derry Ormond tower: a Welsh landscape artefact'); Dannie Abse (2); J. P. Ward (4); John Pikoulis (8); Roy Thomas (3); Tony Curtis (4); Don Dale-Jones; Sam Adams (3); John Idris Jones (2); Aneirin Talfan Davies (2); John Ackerman; Harri Webb (3); Paul Ferris; John Petts; Alun Richards (2); Glyn Tegai Hughes; Belinda Humfrey; Patrick Thomas; Philip Pacey; and Prys Morgan.

Pryor, Ruth

Correspondence : 1977

Includes letters from Glyn Jones (6); Alan Rudrum; Gillian Clarke (9); Raymond Garlick (5); John Davies (11); Meic Stephens (17); Emyr Humphreys (4); Belinda Humfrey; David Blamires; John Tripp (3, including a typescript copy of the poem 'View from the Gap'); Dora Polk (5); Gerard Casey (6); John Ormond (3); Bedwyr Lewis Jones (2); Dannie Abse (2); J. P. Ward; Ruth Bidgood (9); Jon Dressel (2); Leslie Norris; Harri Webb (2); Rhys Davies; Sally Roberts Jones; John Stuart Williams; Sam Adams; Ray Howard-Jones (2); and Jeremy Hooker.

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995

Correspondence : 1978

Includes letters from Gillian Clarke (9); Emyr Humphreys; Jeremy Hooker (5); Leslie Norris (5, including a typescript draft of the poem 'Hyperion'); Meic Stephens (26); John Davies (6); Bedwyr Lewis Jones (3); Prys Morgan (2); A. G. Prys-Jones (3); John Ormond (2); Cary Archard; David Harries (6); Glyn Jones (5); Sam Adams (2); Robin Gwyndaf; Sorley MacLean; Belinda Humfrey (6); Ruth Bidgood (3); Sally Roberts Jones; Rhys Davies; Kay Harris; Dora Polk (2); Ken Edward Smith; Maxwell Fraser; Brian Howells (3); and Robert Morgan.

Clarke, Gillian, 1937-

Correspondence: general

The file comprises correspondence, including draft letters by Glyn Jones, 1923-1994 (with gaps), mostly personal letters which appear to be from friends and relatives. Some items also relate to literary works, broadcasts etc. by him, and to his position as member of the Drama Sub-committee of the Arts Council of Great Britain Welsh Committee, 1961-1962, and as a member of Yr Academi Gymreig (English Language Section), 1978-1979, 1981. Among the correspondents are Roland Mathias, Aneirin Talfan Davies, Elwyn Evans, John Elwyn (2), John Greve (3, including a copy of a talk by him on the work of Glyn Jones, broadcast 1958), John Ackerman Jones, Leslie Norris (3), and John Ormond. Some letters are addressed to newspaper editors and a few were sent by various correspondents to Doreen Jones. In addition, the file includes lists of letters sent and received by Glyn Jones, 1960x1985.

Mathias, Roland

Event papers 1982: American tour

The file contains correspondence and papers relating to the organising of the tour, 1908-1982, and includes letters and reports from Gillian Clarke, Robert Minhinnick and Alun Richards. There is also correspondence with American and Canadian writers including Joseph Clancy; correspondence with the British Council and with the British American Arts Association.

Clarke, Gillian, 1937-

General correspondence: Meic Stephens

The file comprises mainly of correspondence, 1968-1969, relating to the preliminary meeting and other early meetings of the English Language Section of the Academi. The preliminary meeting was arranged by Meic Stephens and the file includes invitations sent out by him, letters of reply, and letters commenting on this first meeting. The file also includes letters inviting writers to become members of the Academi, their replies and lists of those writers who have accepted or declined membership. There are a few references to discussions about the establishment of a new English language literary magazine, an idea which was rejected for the time being. There are letters from and references to, many prominent Anglo-Welsh and Welsh language writers including Dannie Abse, Alison Bielski, W. H. Boore, Alexander Cordell, Brenda Chamberlain, Tony Conran, Rhys Davies, Tudor David, Menna Gallie, Bryn Griffiths, Peter Gruffydd, Raymond Garlick, Ll. Wyn Griffith, Gwenallt, Cledwyn Hughes, Richard Hughes, Emyr Humphreys, A. G. Prys Jones, David Jones, Dedwydd Jones, Glyn Jones, Gwyn Jones, Jack Jones, John Idris Jones, Sally Roberts Jones, Bill Meilen, Gerald Morgan, Robert Morgan, Roland Mathias, Leslie Norris, John Ormond, Alun Owen, D. Parry-Jones, Cecil Price, Alun Richards, Gwyn Thomas, R. S. Thomas, John Tripp, Aled Vaughan, Richard Vaughan, Harri Webb, Gwyn Williams, Herbert Williams, John Stuart Williams and Raymond Williams.

Stephens, Meic

Jack Raymond Jones Papers,

  • GB 0210 JACKNES
  • Fonds
  • [c. 1930]-1982 /

Papers, [c. 1930]-1982, of Jack Raymond Jones, comprising correspondence, 1956-1982, including letters from Richard Burton, Ray Howard-Jones, Robert Morgan, John Ormond, and Kyffin Williams; drafts of literary works, 1958-[1970s]; articles, 1956-1969; radio and television scripts, 1957-1971; papers relating to exhibitions of his paintings, 1970-1975; financial papers relating to paintings, 1970-1976; material relating to other artists, 1957-1978; papers relating to Jack Raymond Jones's teaching career, 1957-1976; financial records, 1965-1981; personal papers, 1948-1980; miscellaneous papers, 1948-1980; and photographs, [c. 1930]-[1970s].

Jones, Jack Raymond, 1922-1993

Letters to Ceri and Frances Richards,

Some hundred letters, 1929-80 (correspondents N-W), to Ceri and Frances Richards, many of them concerned with their work as artists. The correspondents include John Ormond (11) [?1940s]-1976 (with typescript and autograph drafts and fair copies of poems, and typescript text of a radio broadcast by him, 1954, entitled 'Rest and Unrest: the Art of Ceri Richards'), Victor Pasmore (1) 1969, Peter Pears (8) [1960s-70s], Sir John Rothenstein (2) 1958-68, Roberto Sanesi (12) 1961-76, Stephen Spender (2) 1962, Graham Sutherland (3) [?1941]-56, Vernon Watkins (10) 1960-7 (see note 544, below), with one autograph and one typescript poem.

Letters to Sam Adams,

The file comprises 322 letters to Sam Adams, from Graham Allen (11), Ruth Bidgood (9), Alison Bielski (5), Duncan Bush (4), Joseph Clancy (6), Gillian Clarke (7), Tony Curtis (8), John Davies (13), Jon Dressel (7), Raymond Garlick (11), Jeremy Hooker (36), B. S. Johnson (4), Glyn Jones (15), Roland Mathias (60), Robert Morgan (21), Leslie Norris (44), John Ormond (5), Philip Pacey (15), Alun Rees (11), John Tripp (13), and Harri Webb (16). -- The correspondence mainly relates to poetry, especially Poetry Wales, The Triskel poets series, Ten Anglo-Welsh poets (1974), and to the anthology of short stories, The Shining Pyramid (1970). There are also copies of poems by B. S. Johnson, Leslie Norris, and John Tripp; English translations by Joseph Clancy of poems by Bobi Jones; and biographical information provided by Graham Allen, Alison Bielski, Gillian Clarke, John Davies, Robert Morgan and Alun Rees.

Allen, Graham, 1938-

Poems '76

The file comprises papers, [1975]-1976, relating to Poems '76, ed. Glyn Jones (Llandysul, 1976). The poems included in the anthology appeared between 1974 and 1976, though it seems they were composed, and some published, before this period. Some of the notes are written on typescript drafts of works which appear to have been composed by Glyn Jones. -- In addition the file contains correspondence, 1975-1976, including draft letters by Glyn Jones and copies of a letter by him requesting the authors' permission to use their poems in the anthology, and letters from the following, mostly contributors: John Ackerman (2), Sam Adams (3), Graham Allen (2), Ruth Bidgood, Alison Bielski (2), Joseph Clancy, Bobi Jones, Anthony Conran (2), Tony Curtis (2), Elwyn Davies (3), Jon Dressel, Dannie Abse, Tom Earley, Raymond Garlick, Jeremy Hooker (3), Emyr Humphreys (2), Nigel Jenkins, Sally Roberts Jones (3), Edward Lloyd (4), Roland Mathias (3), Robert Minhinnick (2), John Ormond (2), Richard Poole, A. G. Prys-Jones, Harri Gwynn, Sheenagh Pugh (3), Meic Stephens, R. S. Thomas (1), J. P. Ward (2), Harri Webb, Gwyn Williams and John Stuart Williams (2). Copies of poems are enclosed with some letters.

Ackerman, John, 1934-