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Holroyd, Michael
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Augustus John letter,

A typescript copy, [20 cent., third ¼], of a letter, [Summer 1930], from Augustus John, Renvyle, County Galway, to Will [?Rothenstein], in which John explains his presence in Ireland to paint W. B. Yeats' portrait.
The typescript has the date supplied in the hand of [?Michael Holroyd] and resembles typescripts of other letters to Rothenstein to be found in NLW, Michael Holroyd (Augustus John) Research Papers 4/6.

John, Augustus, 1878-1961

Correspondence: 1989-1991,

Includes letters from Betty Mulcahy (2); Mavis Carter (6); Robert Minhinnick; Gwyn Parry (11, including a poem); Shelagh Hourahane (2); Berlie Doherty (3); Christine Evans (2); Mary Oldham; Lesley Grant-Adamson (4); Candyce Clayton (2); Berenice Moore (3); Cary Archard; Irene E. Thomas; Angela Morton (6, including a poem); Howard Bowcott; Anna Jauncey (3); Julia Bell; Moelwyn Merchant (2); Cora Greenhill; Alison Leonard (including a poem); Michael Horovitz; Maggie Hannan (including poems); Myra Schneider (including a poem); Gerard Casey; Gwyn O. Jones (2); Bill Headdon; Tony Curtis (copy); T. A. Owen (2); Roland Mathias (2); Glyn Jones (2); Eric Alexander (enclosing poems); Maurice Rutherford (3); Michael Holroyd (2); Roger Garfitt; Enid Luff; Meic Stephens; Carys Bell; Kate Foley; and Jeremy Hooker.

Letter to Michael Holroyd,

A note, 26 July 1969, from Mary Lago to Michael Holroyd (ff. 111-112) enclosing typescript extracts, [July 1969], of a letter from Mrs George Prothero [i.e. Mary Frances Prothero] to Alice Rothenstein, Rye, 11 September [1907x1909] (f. 111).
Prothero's letter contains gossip and news concerning Roger and Helen Fry, Augustus John, Dorelia McNeill, Henry and Euphemia Lamb and Charles Conder.

Lago, Mary.

Miscellaneous letters

Miscellaneous letters, [?1912]-2017 (mostly [?1912]-1969), collected by Tristan de Vere Cole and relating mostly to the John family.
They include letters from Augustus John to Horace de Vere Cole, November 1927 (ff. 1-3), and Poppet John, [29 November 1928] (f. 4, beginning lost, sent from Boston, Massachusetts); letters to Augustus John from Arthur Symons, [?1912] (ff. 6-7), Francis Macnamara, [?1915] (ff. 8-23, incomplete), the Duke of Alba, 3 January 1945 (f. 30, partly in Caló), Jan [Sliwinski], 12 June 1945 (f. 31), and Genevieve [Banchet], [1940s] (f. 33, French); letters to Dorelia McNeill from Lytton Strachey, 12 March [1912x1916], 10 May 1918 (ff. 41-42), Michael Holroyd, 1966-1969 (ff. 43, 45-63), and Juliette [de Bairacli Levy], 19 December 1967 (f.44); letters from Henry John to Poppet John, [1927] (ff. 64-71), Romilly John to Dr [Aubrey Thomas] Westlake, 31 January 1964 (f. 73), Michael Holroyd to Tristan de Vere Cole (ff. 74-75, 77), Mavis de Vere Cole (f. 76), and Romilly John (f. 78), 1968-1969, and Meg O'Malley to [Oskar] Kokoschka, 2 February 1939 (f. 72). Also included are miscellaneous items, 1928-[?1961], in the hand of Augustus John (ff. 34-40), including poetry in English, 1928, and French, [1940s] (ff. 34-35); a photocopy of the Nettleship family tree (ff. 79-80); a photocopy, [?2000s], of a photograph published in Nova, February 1970, pp. 36-37, showing members of the John family and others (c. 1928) (ff. 81-84); cuttings, [1992], 2008, relating to Oskar Kokoschka (ff. 85-87, see also f. 72; and an anecdote regarding Augustus John, written by Lucilla van den Bogaerde, dated 12 December 2017 (f. 88).