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Gogerddan title deeds and schedules

This section comprises one group of original schedules created by the Gogerddan estate, 1739-1868, and modern schedules which were created by NLW staff and researchers [20th cent.]; several groups of title deeds 1332-1930; and one series of detached seals, fragments, labels and wrappers, [16th cent]-1960. The title deeds, 1332-1930, concern properties mainly in Aberystwyth, Llanbadarn Fawr, Llanfihangel Genau’r-glyn and Llangynfelyn in Cardiganshire, and they also include a small number for Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire. The original estate schedules and modern finding aids have also been included with the deeds.

Mathafarn estate title deeds

Title deeds of houses and lands belonging to the Pughe family of the Mathafarn estate situated in Llanwrin and several adjacent parishes in Montgomeryshire, 1403-1736, and in several parishes in Merioneth, mainly around Mallwyd, 1544-1704; and a series of miscellanous deeds and bonds, 1562-1754.

Abernantbychan estate papers and title deeds

Records of the Abernantbychan estate in south Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire, 1416-1918, [1918x1946] which also incorporated the Llangoedmor estate., lying mainly in the parishes of Penbryn, Betws Ifan, Bron-gwyn, Blaen-porth, Troed-yr-aur, Llangrannog, Llangynllo, Llandyfriog, Llangoedmor, Cardigan, Llechryd and Tre-main in Cardiganshire, and in Amroth, Crunwear, St Issells, Begeli, Tenby and Hodgeston. The estate also included the lordships or manors of Cilgerran, East and West Pembroke, and Emlyn Iscych. The records comprise title deeds, 1416-1894, estate administration papers, 1613-1918, [1918x1946], legal papers, 1672-1891, and Pembrokeshire colliery papers, 1745-1866.

Llangathen and the Priory , Cardigan : estate papers and title deeds

Records of two other estates linked with Abernantbychan and Gogerddan, comprising lands in Llangathen, Carmarthenshire, and other nearby parishes, 1428-1660, and the Priory estate, Cardigan, [c. 1560x1774].. Llangathen appears to have had connections with the Lewes family of Abernantbychan, and the Priory was purchased directly by Gogerddan in 1705. The Llangathen group comsists mostly of early title deeds, and it also includes a conveyance of the rectory of Pencarreg, 1608. The records from Cardigan Priory include letters, deeds, rentals, a survey and accounts, [c. 1560x1774].

Gogerddan legal and arbitration papers

Papers deriving from lawsuits and other legal business involving the Pryse/Loveden family of Gogerddan and Buscot Park and others associated with them, 1574-[post-1908]; and arbitration awards, 1441-1894. Most of the disputes are concerned with the Gogerddan inheritance, titles to property or boundary disputes in Cardiganshire.

Gogerddan estate and household administration papers

Gogerddan estate and household administration papers, 1471-1950. They comprise surveys and valuations, 1766-1919; agency and tenancy papers, 1810-1925; main tenancy agreements and leases, 1739-1924; accounts, bills and receipts, 1474-1927 (mainly 1850s-1926); building specifications and estimates, 1766-1921; tithe, taxation and poor rate records, 1749-1929; employment and wages records, 1873-1950; timber and forestry records, 1816-1923; agricultural production records, 1796-1922; estate enclosure papers, 1743-1899; applications to land improvement loan companies, 1872-1921; sale catalogues and papers relating to sales, 1813-1923; fishing records, 1870-1943; hunting records, 1834-1935; shooting and game records, 1804-1924; insurance policies, 1847-1929; miscellaneous estate papers, (Watermark 1801)-1917; and household administration, 1668-1928, which include papers from the Loveden house in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth..
The papers strongly reflect the functions of Gogerddan as an agricultural and forestry estate, particularly from the mid-nineteenth century, when the recording of labour, production and accounts became more systematic. There is evidence of considerable outlay on improvements to buildings and land, particularly the enclosure and drainage of Cors Fochno (Borth Bog). The family’s interest in hunting, shooting and fishing is represented amply by the records they kept.

Breconshire estate papers and title deeds

Estate papers and title deeds of the Breconshire estates belonging successively to the Lewes (Lewis) family of Borden, Hurst and Abernantbychan, Walter Pryse of Painswick, Lewis Pryse of Woodstock and Gogerddan, and Edward Loveden Loveden of Buscot Park (on behalf of his eldest son by Margaret Pryse). The title deeds relate to properties mainly in the parishes of Llan-gors, Llanfihangel Nant Bran and Llanfihangel Tal-y-Llyn, 1488-1774. The estate administation section includes accounts, rentals and vouchers, letters, and miscellaneous other papers, 1680-1826, some of which relate to the sale of the estate between 1805 and 1807.

County administration papers

Papers deriving from official administrative procedures at a local level in Cardiganshire, 1523-1929, and in Montgomeryshire, Merioneth, Breconshire, Pembrokeshire and miscellaneous Welsh counties, 1580-1929, which reflect the prominent role of the families of Pryse, Pughe, Salesbury and Lewis in the public life of those counties. They typically include appointments of sheriffs, deputy lieutenants and other county officials, town corporation records, JPs’ papers, crown revenue records and a small number of county council papers.

Rug estate title deeds

Title deeds of properties belonging to or associated with the Rug estate in the county of Merioneth, situated in the parishes of Corwen, 1529-1717, Gwyddelwern and Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy, 1629-1702, and miscellaneous parishes in Denbighshire and Flintshire, and in Suffolk and Leicestershire, 1551-1662.

Pryse of Gogerddan probate records, family settlements and trusts

Probate records of the Pryse family of Gogerddan, Woodstock and Buscot Park and various other branches of the family at Glanfread, Ynysgreigiog, Glanmeryn and Aberllefenni, 1584-[19]16, family deeds and settlements, 1549-1932, and trust papers, 1587-1950. The trust papers include the administration and trust of Pryse Loveden, who died intestate in 1855.

Breconshire estate

Arranged into rentals, [c.1550]-1933 (BBA), rent arrears, 1732-1759 (BBC), stewards' account books, 1815-1858 (BBE), draft ledgers, 1812-1814 (BBF), land tax accounts, 1813-1831 (BBH), accounts, 1791-1808 (BBM), registers of leases, 1683-1847 (BBP), indexes of leases, [?mid 1740s]-1760 (BBQ), abstracts and copies of leases, conveyances etc., 1662-1893 (BBR), and registers of tenancy agreements, 1876-1911 (BBS).

Wales (misc. counties) : deeds and documents

A small number of title deeds and other documents found with the Gogerddan estate records, originating from various estates in Caernarfonshire, Flintshire, Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire and miscellaneous counties in Wales, 1562-(Watermark 1887) and two other series relating to estates in Carmarthenshire, 1619-1841, and Merioneth, 1568-1676. With the exception of the Carmarthenshire deeds, it has proved difficult to establish any connections with the Gogerddan estate

Salesbury of Rug family and estate papers

Family and estate papers, mainly of the Salesbury family of Rug, comprising settlements and wills, 1602-1741; rentals and an inquisition into rents, 1566, 1713-1744, accounts, 1687-1709, mortgages, 1688-1696, [1738x1745], legal papers, 1698-1715,
and letters, 1695-1739. Most of the material relates to the Salesbury family of Rug prior to its association with the Pughe family of Mathafarn and Thomas Pryse of Gogerddan.

Gogerddan financial papers

Financial papers of the Pryse family of Gogerddan, comprising mortgages to private individuals and to the Crown Life Assurance Company, of parts of the Gogerddan estate and of various financial assets, 1617-1910; bonds and other documents relating to financial loans and the repayment of debts, 1577-1912; bank books, 1786-1926; and company prospectuses and a shares book, 1865-1909.

Deeds and documents

The deeds and related documents appear to fall naturally into three main groups. Firstly there are the deeds and financial papers for land purchases in Montgomeryshire by Charles Watkin Williams Wynn, which were found as a physically discrete group in the archive, 1582-1853; secondly there are deeds relating to various property purchases and exchanges made by the Wynnstay estate in Caernarfonshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Merioneth, Montgomeryshire and Salop, [1782]-1945; and thirdly, conveyances, particulars, conditions of sale, abstracts of title, etc. recording extensive land sales by the Wynnstay estate, [1771]x1938.

Gogerddan estate and general correspondence

A large quantity of correspondence between the successive owners of the Gogerddan estate, their agents, solicitors and other parties. The main group comprises incoming letters from miscellaneous correspondents, 1586-1949. The next group contains letters of specific correspondents, 1753-1924, namely the London solicitors, Charles Deare, and Boys and Tweedie, and the stamp distributor, James Morse. The third group consists of numerous letter books containing copies of outgoing correspondence, 1851-1925. The final group comprises the letters and papers of Thomas Pryse and his trustee, mainly 1660-1790. The main subject throughout the correspondence is the routine management of Gogerddan esate business. Other prominent themes include lead mining, quarrying and timber production; commercial ventures such as shipping (mid-18th cent.); the railways (1860s); the development of housing in Aberystwyth and the surrounding villages (mainly 19th cent), manorial rights in the manors of Genau’r-glyn, Perfedd and Cyfoethybrenin, agricultural improvements; the establishment of local shows (late 19th –early 20th cent.), patronage of local schools and charities, and the financial decline of the Gogerddan estate (early 20th cent.) Many of the letters from other landowners reveal the social scene and political interests of the Cardiganshire gentry in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They demonstrate clearly the exercise of personal influence to obtain positions for their own families and acquaintances. The solicitors’ letters concentrate on the family settlements, trusts and financial issues affecting the Gogerddan estate. Some letters and documents relate to other estates as well as Gogerddan.. For example, the papers of Thomas Pryse (d. 1745) cover the administration of the Mathafarn and Rug estates; and the letters to Pryse Pryse (d. 1849) refer to the Buscot Park and Woodstock estates.

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