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Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) -- Wales

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Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) -- Wales

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Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) -- Wales

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Carmarthen sessions roll,

  • NLW MS 11723E.
  • File
  • [1938].

A photographic reproduction of the roll of proceedings in great sessions held at Carmarthen before Richard, duke of Gloucester [aft. King Richard III], on Monday next before the feast of the Holy Trinity, 10 Edward IV [1470].

Customary taxes, &c.,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing 'Consuedines Civitatis Hereford'; 'Consuetudines Arcenfield Ex Libro cui tit: Domesdei:' and extracts from the record of Caernarfon.

Moses Williams.

Dares Phrygius

A transcript, by Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd), of Dares Phrygius.

De Excidio Brittanie,

A manuscript in the hand of the Reverend Samuel Williams, Llangynllo containing Gildas's 'De Excidio Brittanie' in Latin and Welsh on opposite pages.

Samuel Williams.

Leges Howeli Da,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing apparently a transcript from Peniarth MS 28 of Leges Howeli Da.

Moses Williams.

Leges Howeli Da, &c.,

A manuscript, apparently in the hand of John David, containing a transcript of Rawlinson MS C. 821 (pp. 1-107); 'Am ossodedigethau Dyfnwal ... moel ...' (pp. 109-110); excerpts, in Welsh, from a very old manuscript of the Laws which was in the possession of John Edwardes of Chirk (pp. 111-128); 'a lettre & exposition of Welsh words in Hoel Da's lawes written to Mr. ffr. Tate [Francis Tate, who has a note dated 23 January 1613 at the end of Vesp. E. XI] ...' (pp. 129-131); and 'The exposition of words' (pp. 132-148).

John David.

Liber Landavensis.

  • File
  • [c. 1120]-[1942x1959], 2007.
  • Part of Gwysaney manuscripts

The Gospel of St Matthew and a compilation, [c. 1120]-[c. 1133], of copies of charters, saints' Lives and other records and literary material relating to the medieval diocese of Llandaf. The text of the earliest charters appears to date from c. 500, and additions have been made up to c. 1619, but the bulk of the historical, legal and hagiographical material was copied and compiled under the auspices of bishop Urban (consecrated in 1107), with the purpose of using the historical and legal record to provide his newly-styled diocese of Llandaf with antecedents that would assist his efforts to convince the papacy of the ancient primacy of the bishopric over its neighbours, Hereford and St Davids, and also to define its position in relation to the metropolitan claims of Canterbury.

Liber Thomas Pennant,

Transcripts of treatises on Latin grammar (one of which is subscribed 'explicit donatus'); notes on figures of speech; Latin poems; an englyn; proverbs; and prayers, including an invocation to St David.
The greater part of the volume is in the autograph of one Thomas Pennant.

Thomas Pennant.

Penpont Antiphonal,

  • File
  • [14 cent.].

Antiphonal, known as the 'Pen-pont MS'.

Statutes of Wales, etc.,

  • NLW MS 12297C.
  • File
  • [1901x1940].

A photostat facsimile of Hampton L. Carson MS. 19 in the Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A., being an imperfect fifteenth century manuscript containing extracts from the Record of Caernarvon (extracts from, and summaries of the provisions of, the Statute of Rhuddlan, 1284, and subsequent statutes of Wales, and an abstract of common petitions, and replies thereto, exhibited at the council of the Prince [of Wales, at Kennington, 1305]), pleas before Hugh de Audely, Justice of North Wales, at Caernarvon, 1307/8, etc.

The Diocese of St Davids

A manuscript in the autograph of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing a copy of a charter relating to the diocese of St Davids; followed by lists of the archdeacons, abbots, priors, canons and deacons of St Davids.

The Laws of Hywel Dda,

A manuscript containing 'Leges Hoelianæ ex vetustissimo Exemplario Membranaceo Per Guilielmum Mauricium Lansilinniensem', noted as being 'fideleter Transcriptæ Annno Domini MDCLXII'. The words 'Per Guilielmum Mauricium Lansilinniensem' and 'Anno Domini MDCLXII' have been blottesquely deleted by a hand which has substituted in the margin 'in Bibliothecâ Roberti Vaughan de Hengwrt Armigeri': in other words, it is a transcript of pp. 1-47 of Peniarth MS 28. The text is beautifully written but left unfinished.
In c. 1685 the transcript was noted as being 'curâ Doct: Humphrys Decani Banchorensis'.

William Maurice.

The Life of Griffith ap Kynan,

A manuscript containing the Life of Griffith ap Kynan in Welsh and Latin (original foliation 1-40); and the Burial of Arthur (original foliation 45-52). Ff. 1-52 (original foliation) are written on one side only. The text of the Life of Griffith ap Kynan is complete, and agrees practically with that printed in the Myvyrian Archaiology. It is followed (original foliation 1-43) by a Latinised version entitled 'Vita Griffini Regis Venedotiæ a Thelwello juris perito in Latinum conversa' - against which is written in the margin: 'dele in Codice Sebright' - with, below, the title 'Vita Griffini Filij Conani Regis Venedotiæ' - against which is written 'In Latinum tradita per Nicholas Robinson episcopum Bangoriensem [1566-1584] - Cod[ice] Seb[right]' (cf. John Davies, Display of Heraldry (Salop, 1716), p. 11). Cf. Peniarth MSS 17, 267, 276 and Panton MS 26.

Welsh Laws,

A manuscript containing a copy of the Welsh Laws in Latin taken from Brit. Mus. MS Bibl. Cotton. Vespasian E. XI. 1. A note states 'Collat: cum Orig: mense Majo A.D. 1721 per me M. Williams'.

Moses Williams.

Welsh laws,

A manuscript in the hand of Moses Williams containing 'A transcript of an ancient MS. of Cyfraith Howel Da communicated to me by Mr. Wm Baxter, A. D. 1714 ...sold afterwards to the Earl of Oxford' (pp. 1-60); ' A transcript of Cyfraith Hywel [from Bibl. Harleian MS 63 B.]' (pp. 69-199); 'A transcript of an old Latin Copy of Cyfraith Hywel' (pp. 205-231); a transcript 'Ex Llyvyr Koch Hergest col. 1032' (p. 233); 'Statuta Walliæ (Eleod: MS. cui Tit. Liber Memorandorum Ecclesiæ Conventualis de Bernewelle) Anno 1284' (pp. 235-262); 'Howel da mab kadell &c. from 'Cleopatra A. XIV. Membr. Cott. 6' (pp. 269-349); 'A Transcript of c. Hywel taken out of ... Caligula A. III. 3 . / 1713. Cott. 2' (pp. 356-392; and fragments of texts (pp. 396-429).

Moses Williams.