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Manuscripts, Medieval -- Great Britain

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Manuscripts, Medieval -- Great Britain

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Manuscripts, Medieval -- Great Britain

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Ancient laws,

A handbook of English law containing the following books: 'premier livre des personels plees'; 'Ie secunde des condiciouns de vileins'; 'Ie livre des disseisines'; 'Ie livre de mort dauncestre & primes de intrusiouns'.
The text is incomplete.

Biblia Abbatie de Tinternie,

  • File
  • [mid 13 cent.].

A Bible, from Tintern Abbey, the Books in the usual order of 13 cent. French Bibles (see N. R. Ker and A. J. Piper, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries (Oxford, 1969- ), I, 96-7) except that it lacks the Prayer of Manasses and includes after Ecclesiasticus the Prayer of Solomon. Compared with the usual set of prologues there are many omissions and divergencies. Written by two scribes. Good decorated initials. Substantial glossing by hands of 13 cent.

Charms and palmistry,

The manuscript is in two parts. The first part comprises charms, directions on how to make circles, a copy of John Leland's Epigrams, problems, memoranda, Welsh verses, and a list of owners of Welsh manuscripts, apparently compiled by John Jones, Gellilvydy about 1611. The second part is a fifteenth-century treatise on palmistry, with diagrams.

De consolatione philosophie,

A copy of the translation by Chaucer of the 'De Consolatione Philosophie of Boethius'; two letters from F. J. Furnivall; and a printed copy of Chaucer's 'Boethius'.

De contemptu mundi, etc.,

Petrarch's De Contemptu Mundi, with ff. 1 and 5 missing; Cincius Romanus's Latin translation of the Axiochus, with a preface addressed to Reginald, 'episcopus Harfordensis'.

Disticha Catonis,

The 'Disticha Catonis', with an English paraphrase in verse; the wars of Alexander - 'historia Alexandri magni regis Macedonie'; and an incomplete text of 'Historia sanctorum trium regum'. Illuminated.

Fragment of missal,

  • NLW MS 22081D.
  • File
  • [mid 12 cent.], [15 cent.], 1572.

A bifolium of a noted missal, [mid twelfth century], used as wrappers of printed Acts of the Parliament held 8 May to 30 June 1572. The two leaves contain parts of the proper for Septuagesima and Sexagesima Sundays and for the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Lent. Written in two columns on 34 lines. Initials in red and green. Reading marks added. Prayers added in hands of fifteenth century.

Historia Anglorum,

A version of Henry of Huntingdon's Historia Anglorum to 1129, with a copy of the epistle of Prester John to Manuel, emperor of Constantinople.

Historia Brittonum ...,

A manuscript written in two hands containing Historia Brittonum, et Cronice de Gestis ac Nominibus Regum Anglie. Beginning at p. 132 is a brief continuation of the Chronicles down to Henry VI in a later hand.

Historia Regum Britanniae, &c.,

A manuscript containing Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae (pp. 1-148); and the Prophecy of John of Bridlington (pp. 149-176).

Historia Regum Britannorum, &c.,

A manuscript containing a book of briefs (in Norman French) (p. 126); Glanville's Treatise on the Laws and Customs of England (pp. 179-217); and a copy of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britannorum (pp. 1-178).

Husbandry and recipes,

A fragment of a tract on the war between England and France; a portion of 'the tretice off housbondry that Master Grosthed [Grosseteste] mad the which was Bischope of Lyncolne ...'; a metrical story of Saint Gregory and his mother; miscellaneous cookery recipes; 'a good book off keruynge and servis vnto a prince ...'; and medical recipes.

Medical miscellanea,

Medical recipes; a religious text entitled 'cursus de eterna sapienta'; a herbal; charms; 'the boke of vertuse and of wateres' by Dr. Gylys; and transcripts of deeds.

Medical texts,

The manuscript is in two parts: The first part comprises medical recipes, mainly in English; and a rubric entitled 'Incipit compendium salernie que membris valent aut nocent'. The second part comprises a fragment of a medical treatise.

Miscellaneous texts,

A collection of Latin texts: 'Secretum Secretorum', 'De Willielmo Conquestore', 'Generatio Regum Scocie', 'De miseria humane condicionis', 'De Adam & Eva vxore eius', 'De ligno vite post eiectionem Ade de Paradiso', 'De tribus Marijs', 'De infantia Christi', 'De Asseneth filia Potipharis ...', 'Versus', 'De spe ... Desperacio & presumpcio'.

Psalterium glossatum,

  • File
  • [12 cent., first ½].

The psalter accompanied by a commentary based on that of Gilbert de la Porrée (see C. F. R. de Hamel, 'Glossed Books of the Bible and the Origins of the Paris Booktrade' (Woodbridge, 1984), p. 20). Gathered in eights, single leaves wanting after ff. 46, 88 and 89 (cut out for their initials) and a quire at the end. Good multi-coloured initials in red, blue and green, large ones for psalms 26, 38, 68, 80 and 109 (those for psalms 1, 51, 52, 101 and 109 cut out).

Secretum secretorum, etc.,

Miscellaneous astronomical treatises, psalms, prayers, and litanies - 'sortes apostolorum que numquam fallunt'; and the 'secretum secretorum' attributed to Aristotle.

The abbey of the Holy Ghost, etc.,

Two series of extracts from Scripture in Latin entitled 'Mandata' and 'Consilia Christi'; an English text entitled 'Yis is ye abbey of ye holy gost. Yt is fou[n]ded in a place yt is cleped ye conciens'; a table to find the altitude of the sun; and a diagram of concentric circles showing the positions of hell, the earth, the planets and the heavens.

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