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Barddoniaeth, &c.,

  • File
  • [17-18 cents].

A composite volume containing verse and prose written in various hands, mainly of the 17th and 18th centuries, with additions of the 18th century.

Catwg Ddoeth and Classical Literature

The file comprises extracts from various Welsh manuscripts containing transcripts of 'Cynghoreu Catwn', a Welsh translation of Dionysii Catonis Disticha de Moribus ad Filium. This manuscript was used by Iolo Morganwg as the basis of the wisdom literaure which he attributed to Catwg Ddoeth. Also included are notes on Classical literature, Roman satire and Lucretius.

Esgair and Pantperthog Estate Records,

  • GB 0210 ESGAIR
  • Fonds
  • 1509-1939 /

Records of the Esgair and Pantperthog estates, Merionethshire, and of the Ruck family, comprising deeds and documents relating to lands in Merioneth, Cardiganshire, and Kent, 1509-1939, letters and papers relating to the Plas Gwyn estate, Anglesey, 1659-1822, and Welsh manuscripts of more than one Oliver Morris of Esgair Lleferin, Merioneth, 17 cent.-18 cent.

Ruck family, of Pennal

J. Gwenogvryn Evans,

The letters, 1894-1913, refer to the writer's academic work, researches and publications on the Welsh manuscripts. He refers to his research trips to a number of libraries and archival repositories. There are also a few passing references to contemporary events in Wales and to developments at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Evans, J. Gwenogvryn (John Gwenogvryn), 1852-1930

'Llyfr Coch Asaph'

A miscellaneous collection of records mainly relating to Wales compiled towards the middle of the seventeenth century. -- The manuscript begins on page 53 with extracts from 'Llyfr Coch Asaph', with the additions from the hand of William Bullocke, as in Peniarth MS 231 - a manuscript written by Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt, and most probably the immediate source of the Nefydd version; the 'summa' of 'Llyfr Coch Asaph' compiled in 1602, which is also contained in Peniarth MS 231, as well as the list of contents of another St. Asaph record - the 'liber pergamenus' which is now deposited with the Church in Wales records at the National Library; a transcript of a record of proceedings on a writ of quare impedit brought by the Prince of Wales against Howel Gymen and a hundred and seventeen others, touching the advowson of a prebend in the collegiate church of Holyhead ('prebenda de Castro Keby') supplied by 'Mr. Ellice the Councellor'; a collection of historical records relating to Wales taken directly from the hand of Robert Vaughan in Peniarth MS 236; a transcript of the 'Historia Britonum' of Nennius, copied out of a book given to John Selden by William Camden, compared with a version in 'Oxford Library' under the name of 'Gilda Minor', and ending with an extract from a Cottonian manuscript (pp. 245-88); a copy of the statutes of Chester Cathedral, temp. Henry VIII (pp. 289-310); 'Ymrafaelion henwau Ynys Brydain', etc. - seventeen chapters of pseudo-history and description of the Isle of Britain (cf. slightly different versions in Peniarth MSS 163 and 215), with a supplement containing accounts of place-names not included in the main text, a reference to the earthquake of 1574/5, the wonders of Scotland and Ireland, the conversion of the various British nations to Christianity, and 'y naw helwriaeth', 'mesurau cerdd dant', and 'trioedd mab y krinwas' (pp. 312-49). -- At the end of the volume are a number of documents relating to Cheshire and Flintshire - a note of entail of Flintshire lordships, Flintshire rents of assize, the customs of Dee mills and other records taken from a book of Edward Whitby, recorder of Chester, and a transcript of Robert Vaughan's copy of the fealty roll of the Prince of Wales, 29 Edward I .

Bullocke, William

Llyfr Du Basing,

A volume containing texts of (a) the fuller version of 'Ystoria Dared' (pp. 1-40), translated by Peter Roberts in The chronicle of the Kings of Britain, 1811, (b) the so-called 'Brut Tysilio' or 'compiled version' of Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'Historia Regum Britanniae' (pp. 41-198), also partly translated by Peter Roberts (op. cit.), and closely allied to the text of British Museum MS Cotton Cleopatra B.v., and (c) 'Brut y Saeson' to the year 1461 (pp. 199-308). Pp. 1-88 are in a late 14th century hand; the remaining pages are in the hand of Gutun Owain, the 15th century bard and herald associated with the abbey of Basingwerk. A note, dated 1630, by Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt refers to the misplacement of many pedigrees, and another note, dated 1809, by Peter Roberts refers to the identification of the volume by William Maurice, Cefn-y-braich.

Gutun Owain, Robert Vaughan, Peter Roberts and another.

'Pum Llyfyr Kerddwriaeth',

A transcript, made by John Jones, Gellilyfdy, 1605-1606, of 'Pum Llyfr Kerddwriaeth', attributed to Dafydd Ddu Athro, and of 'Ffugrau a'u Rhannau' by Wiliam Salesbury.

John Jones, Gellilyfdy.

'Talm o hen-gerdd i Foelyrch',

A composite volume of collections of Welsh poetry and prose made about 1635. The title is derived from the third section which contains a number of poems to members of the Wynn family of Moelyrch in Llansilin. Amongst the poets represented are Hywel Cilan, Tudur Aled, Rhys Cain, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Sion Cain, Guto'r Glyn, Edmwnd Prys, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Iolo Goch, Cynddelw Brydydd Mawr, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Taliesin, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Dafydd Nanmor and Wiliam Cynwal. Miscellaneous material in the volume includes a copy of an award relating to Moelyrch, 1540; a fragment of a letter by Charles I; the pedigrees of Oliver Cromwell, Holland and Morris, and Kyffin of Bodfach; a roll of the Caerwys Eisteddfod, 1567; an extract from 'Breuddwyd Rhonabwy'; a list of the sheriffs of Denbighshire from 1541 to 1635, with additions to 1658; a copy of documents relating to the treaty of alliance concluded between Charles VI of France and Owain Glynd┼Ár; extracts from the epigrams of John Owen; and extracts from scripture.

Ystorya Dared; brutiau,

  • NLW MS 13211E.
  • File
  • [1575x1660] /

A folio manuscript volume written almost entirely in the last quarter of the sixteenth century, and containing (a) ff. 1-7 recto, 'ystori Gruffydd ap Cynan Brenin gwynedd' beginning 'Yn nyddiau Edward Brenin lloegr a Therdelach brenin y werddon . . .' and ending '. . . ynghyd ag eneidiav brenhinoedd da eraill yn oes oessoed [sic] Amen'; (b) f. 7 recto-verso, 'Interdictio papae aduersus Lewelinum Principem Northwalliae filium Ierwerthium [sic]', dated Anagnia, 5 October 1223 [see Haddan and Stubbs, Councils. . ., 1, pp. 459-61]; (c) ff. 8 recto-9 recto, 'Literae Lewelini Principis Walliae ad Clerum Angliae apud London Convocat' . . . ex ipso autographo penes Dominum Thomam Yale . . . remanente per Ed: Theloal, transcriptae penvltimo die Augusti 1574', the letter dated Tall y bont, 6 October 1275 [see Haddan and Stubbs, Councils . . ., I, p. 508]; (d) f. 15 verso, a painting of the arms of [Tudur Trevor] with the subscription 'kar bob kywirdeb medd John Trevor Trevalun'; (e) ff. 16 recto-29 recto, a text of Dares Phrygius (Ystorya Dared) beginning '[Ll]yma yn Gyntaf ddechrav y sidg o droea ar Rhyfeloedd a fv ynechrav y kronigl kanis peleas vrenin a oedd yn y kastell A Elwid Pelopens [sic] . . .' and ending 'a chidac Elennys vab Priaf ai ddwy chwiorydd ai vam i doeth davkant a thair mil o ddynnion/Ag velly y tervyna ystoria Dared am y Sidg o droyaf'; (f) ff. 29 recto-86 verso, a text of the 'Brut Tysilio' version of Brut y Brenhinedd beginning with the prologue followed by 'Gwedi kael y gaer y ffoes Enneas yssgwyddwynn ac Essganiws i vab gidac ef . . .' and ending 'Ag velly Twyssogionn a fv ar gymrv bob eilwers o hynny allann' with the colophon 'Gwallted [sic] archiagon rrydychen a droes y darn hwnn or kronigl o lading i gymraeg. /A minnav Edward kyffin ai ail Essgrivennodd fo i Sion Trevor Trevalyn yssgwier Pann oedd oed krist 1577'; and (g) ff. 92 recto-158 recto, a text of Brut y Tywysogyon beginning 'Rann [sic] oedd oed yn Arglwydd ni Iessv grist yn 681 yr aeth kydwaladrvendigaid i lydaw at Alan nai selyf. . .' and ending [1270] 'Deng mlynedd a thrvgaint a devkant a mil oedd oed krist pan fv farw mredydd ap grvffydd Arglwydd hirfryn yn i gastell ehvn yn llanymddyfri Trannoeth gwedi Gwyl Saint Lvwck Evyngylwr'. The main hand is that of Edward Kyffin; ff. 7 recto-9 recto are written in two later and contemporary hands, one being that of Hugh Robertes who wrote on f. 7 recto 'Hugh Robertes a scrifennodd hwnn yn Nantclwyd yng. chilch Kalan gaia 1651'. This is the manuscript referred to as 'Thelwall MS.' in Brut y Tywysogyon or The Chronicle of the Princes, Peniarth MS 20 Version, translated . . . by Thomas Jones, Board of Celtic Studies, University of Wales History and Law Series, No. XI (Cardiff, 1952), pp. li-liii.

Kyffin, Edward, ca. 1558-1603

Y llawysgrifau Cymraeg

Mynegeion a slipiau ymchwil G. J. Williams, y mwyafrif yn cyfeirio at enwau personol a thestunau mewn llawysgrifau Cymraeg; darlithoedd yn olrhain hanes y llawysgrifau; nodiadau ar eu perchnogaeth; a nifer o adysgrifau a llungopïau.