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Proverbs, English

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Proverbs, English

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Proverbs, English

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Diarhebion, etc.,

A composite volume containing lists of Welsh proverbs, popular or traditional sayings, etc., in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). A square piece of paper pasted on to p. 21 is inscribed 'Diarhebion Morganwg Cynnulliad Iolo Morganwg Drwy Gorph mwy na Hanner Canmlynedd, o Lafar Penn Gwlad a Llyfrau Argraff ac Ysgrif . . . Mai'r 9fed 1801'. Pp. 33-180 contain a collection, arranged in alphabetical order, of Welsh proverbs and popular sayings which, according to the 'title-page' (p. 23) and 'preface' (pp. 25- 32) to this section, Edward Williams had heard in Glamorganshire during a period of thirty years and had arranged and listed in the alphabetical order in which they appear in the present volume in 1800. P. 197 is inscribed 'Diarhebion Cymreig a gasglwyd o Amrafaelion Leoedd sef o hen ysgrifeniadau, Llyfrau mwy diweddar, ag o Ben Gwlad, Gan Iolo Morganwg, 1796', and is followed by the following items - pp. 199-246, a collection, arranged in alphabetical order, of Welsh proverbs and popular or traditional sayings which, according to the superscription and a note at the end, had been extracted from a volume in the possession of [Owen Jones ] 'Owain Myfyr o Lundain' in May 1797; p. 247, a version of the Lord's Prayer in Welsh rhyming verse attributed to Cattwg Ddoeth (see The Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales . . ., vol. III, 1807, p. 5); pp. 247-58, series of Welsh precepts, advisory sayings, proverbs, etc., some in rhyming verse, attributed to Cattwg Ddoeth (see ibid., pp. 5-9, 27, 47-9, 56), and a list of 'Dewis bethau Talhaearn Fardd'; pp. 259-71, a series of Welsh triads with the superscription 'Trioedd Cattwg Ddoeth' (see ibid., pp. 69-75); and pp. 271-4, further series of Welsh 'sayings', etc. (see ibid., pp. 25-7, 47-9, 75-6). Occasionally the proverbs, etc., in the two main lists noted above are accompanied by notes in English or Latin 'equivalents'.

'Iolo Morganwg'.