Proverbs, Latin.



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Proverbs, Latin.

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Proverbs, Latin.

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Proverbs, Latin.

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Celtic Remains, Annals of Wales, &c.

A composite volume mostly in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing transcripts of correspondence between Lewis Morris, Edward Richard, James Phillips and Samuel Pegge (see Cambrian Register, Vol. i, p. 357) (ff. 1-36); a copy of Morgan Jones's letter from New York, 10 March 1685/6, relating to Welsh Indians (ff. 41-43) (see the Gentleman's Magazine, 1740, and NLW MS 2577B); extracts from a letter of Griffith Roberts (ff. 54-57) and from a commonplace book of Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt (ff. 193-208); proverbs in Welsh and Latin (ff. 58-63); autograph proposals for printing a book of poetry (later 'Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru') to be edited by Ieuan Fardd and Rhys (Rice) Jones and published by David Jones, Trefriw (ff. 89-92); a note on manuscripts in the Mostyn library (ff. 98-99); a copy of Henry VII's charter of North Wales (f. 100); poetry (ff. 112-113, 116-124, 209-212); the Introduction to Lewis Morris et al's Celtic Remains, and copies of letters from Lewis Morris to Robert Vaughan and others (ff. 125-164); a copy of Annals of Wales by Robert Vaughan (ff. 165-192) (see Mostyn MS 136); chronicles, etc. with notes by Lewis Morris (ff. 213-239); further extracts from various sources; etc.

Diarhebion, etc.,

A composite volume containing lists of Welsh proverbs, popular or traditional sayings, etc., in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). A square piece of paper pasted on to p. 21 is inscribed 'Diarhebion Morganwg Cynnulliad Iolo Morganwg Drwy Gorph mwy na Hanner Canmlynedd, o Lafar Penn Gwlad a Llyfrau Argraff ac Ysgrif . . . Mai'r 9fed 1801'. Pp. 33-180 contain a collection, arranged in alphabetical order, of Welsh proverbs and popular sayings which, according to the 'title-page' (p. 23) and 'preface' (pp. 25- 32) to this section, Edward Williams had heard in Glamorganshire during a period of thirty years and had arranged and listed in the alphabetical order in which they appear in the present volume in 1800. P. 197 is inscribed 'Diarhebion Cymreig a gasglwyd o Amrafaelion Leoedd sef o hen ysgrifeniadau, Llyfrau mwy diweddar, ag o Ben Gwlad, Gan Iolo Morganwg, 1796', and is followed by the following items - pp. 199-246, a collection, arranged in alphabetical order, of Welsh proverbs and popular or traditional sayings which, according to the superscription and a note at the end, had been extracted from a volume in the possession of [Owen Jones ] 'Owain Myfyr o Lundain' in May 1797; p. 247, a version of the Lord's Prayer in Welsh rhyming verse attributed to Cattwg Ddoeth (see The Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales . . ., vol. III, 1807, p. 5); pp. 247-58, series of Welsh precepts, advisory sayings, proverbs, etc., some in rhyming verse, attributed to Cattwg Ddoeth (see ibid., pp. 5-9, 27, 47-9, 56), and a list of 'Dewis bethau Talhaearn Fardd'; pp. 259-71, a series of Welsh triads with the superscription 'Trioedd Cattwg Ddoeth' (see ibid., pp. 69-75); and pp. 271-4, further series of Welsh 'sayings', etc. (see ibid., pp. 25-7, 47-9, 75-6). Occasionally the proverbs, etc., in the two main lists noted above are accompanied by notes in English or Latin 'equivalents'.

'Iolo Morganwg'.

Flintshire notes,

  • NLW MS 23891A.
  • File
  • 1642.

Notebook containing financial accounts (ff. 1, 104 verso), a list of personal names (f. 2 recto-verso), and notes of legal cases in 1642 (ff. 3-4, 12-17 verso), all relating to Flintshire.
Also included are notes of a 'voluntary Contribution towards the maintaynance of his majesties person' from [the parishes of] Whitford and Holywell (f. 75 verso), a note on shipping troops from Chester to Ireland in the time of Queen Elizabeth I (ff. 100 verso-101 verso) and proverbs in Latin (f. 102 recto-verso). The volume is perhaps partly in the hand of David Pennant of Bychton, parish of Whitford, Flintshire, who was Sheriff of Flintshire in 1641-2, the legal notes possibly referring to cases heard at the Flintshire Quarter Sessions during that year.