Saints -- Biography -- Early works to 1800.



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Saints -- Biography -- Early works to 1800.

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Saints -- Biography -- Early works to 1800.

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Saints -- Biography -- Early works to 1800.

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Calendar, a treatise on urine, etc.

A calendar, a treatise on urine, a Life of St Martin, and a brief history from Adam to "Asclopitotus", in the autograph of Gutyn Owain, written in 1488 (p. 62) and 1489 (p. 10).

Gutun Owain, fl. 1450-1498

Lives of saints,

A manuscript containing for the most part the lives of saints.
Pp. 1-389 were written by Roger Morys of Coed y Talwrn, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (see p. 93) towards the close of the sixteenth century, while pp. 390-403 were written by Thomas Evans (Thomas ab Ifan), Hendreforfydd (see pp. 93, 389, 390-403 (pp. 390-403 dated 5 March 1628)). P. 404 contains an index in the hand of Moses Williams.

Roger Morys and Thomas ab Ifan.

Y Casgliad Brith,

A collection of prose texts including 'Imago Mundi' (beginning wanting); weather lore; 'Ystorya Adaf ar wir groc'; proverbs (A-O); the life of St Catherine; 'Llythyr brenhin yr India'; the duration of the world; times of moonrise; geometry; interpretation of dreams; 'Y gorcheston'; triads; 'cynneddfeu meddawt'; 'cynghoreu Kadw'; woes; 'rhinwedau efferen Sul'; 'py delw y dyly [dyn] gredu y duw'; chronology to 1321; 'Breudwyt Pawl'; 'rhinwedeu lloer'; a note on early British history; 'y tri broder da'; 'Diwed Meir Vorwyn'; 'Adrian ac Ipotis'; 'Ystorya Titus'; 'Enryveddodeu Ynys Brydein'; 'Pwyll y Pader'; and the life of St David (end wanting).