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Switzerland -- Description and travel.

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Switzerland -- Description and travel.

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W.H. Smith diary of Raymond Garlick for the year 1992, with one week to view, giving an account of his daily life, interests, work and comments on the news (ff. 4 verso-42 verso, 44-57).
There are no entries for 23 July-23 August (ff. 33 verso-38). The volume includes references to Jacques Wirz (ff. 4 verso-5 verso, 15, 27, 32), Jon Dressel (ff. 7 verso-30 passim, 42-51 passim), Tony Conran (f. 12 verso), Roland Mathias (f. 13 verso, 20-21, 31 verso, 38 verso, 42 verso), Gwyn Jones (f. 23) and R. S. Thomas (ff. 55 verso-56). He also describes visits to Switzerland, 2-7 January (ff. 4 verso-5 verso), and the Netherlands, 6-12 April (ff. 18 verso-19).


Diary of Raymond Garlick for the year 1987, with one day to a page, giving an account of his daily life and interests, reminiscences and comments on the news (ff. 3-186).
The volume includes references to Andrew Sachs (ff. 4 recto-verso, 55, 56 verso-57, 71 verso, 152 verso, 162 verso, 167-168), Gwynfor Evans (ff. 4 verso, 103), R. S. Thomas (ff. 7 verso, 46, 181), Tony Bianchi (f. 46 verso), Tom Paulin (ff. 45 verso, 46 verso), John Petts (f. 55 verso), Glyn Jones (f. 106), Brenda Chamberlain (ff. 106, 116, 117 verso), Jon Dressel (ff. 22-157 passim), Elwyn Davies (f. 124), Belinda Humfrey (ff. 144, 179 verso-180), Tony Conran (f. 165 verso), Jacques Wirz (ff. 13, 146 verso-149) and Roland Mathias (ff. 7 verso, 22, 34, 91, 104, 144). He also describes visits to the Netherlands (ff. 123-125) and Switzerland (ff. 146 verso-149). Also included are a few notes and cash accounts (ff. 188-189 verso, 195) while a few cuttings have been pasted into the volume.


  • NLW MS 21688A.
  • File
  • 1839-1841, [1858]

The diary, 1839-1841, of Sarah Pahud (née Walker), daughter of a Dolgellau family and wife of Henri Pahud, a Swiss born Paris businessman. The diary is written in English and French.
Pahud describes her honeymoon tour with her husband through France (English, pp. 1-8), Italy (French, pp. 8-30), Switzerland (French, pp. 31-46) and Germany (French, pp. 46-51), April-June 1839; a journey from Paris to Manchester via Dover and London, October 1839 (French, pp. 52-56); and a visit to her family in Dolgellau, travelling via Paris, London and Chester and returning via Birmingham and London, June-September 1841 (English, pp. 56-96). She also visits friends in Barmouth (pp. 75-79) and Ruthin (pp. 80-87) and describes the consecration service of St David's Chapel, Denbigh, 27 August 1841 (pp. 84-85). There are references to Frédéric Chopin and George Sand, with an eyewitness account of Chopin's perceived state of health, 3 May 1839 (pp. 7-8). There are also a few further miscellaneous memoranda, [1858] (ff. 114, 184).

Pahud, Sarah, 1815-

Journal of a tour,

A journal of Henry Richard's tour, with his wife and Mr and Mrs Bishop, in Switzerland and Italy, September 1880, and of a journey in Italy, August-September 1883.

Henry Richard.

Journal of a tour,

  • NLW MS 11123C
  • File
  • 1860-1861.

A volume of mounted cuttings from The Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian, 31 August - 28 December, 1861, together with copious manuscript additions and corrections, containing a 'Diary of my second Continental Tour', undertaken by D. J. E. from B[ristol] between 9 June and 4 August, 1860. The tour comprised parts of France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Journal of tours,

A journal of Henry Richard's stay at Varese, Italy, September 1883, and of a visit to Switzerland, September-October 1886.

Henry Richard.


Journal, 1915-16, of the Reverend John Islan Jones, Cribyn, containing an account of a tour of Switzerland and France, 1914, and visits to the Lake District and North Wales, 1908-15.

J. Islan Jones.

Journals of continental tours,

Journals kept by Frances (Fanny) Williams Wynn during tours in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy, 1833-1840. Some of the journals contain engravings and original sketches.

Williams-Wynn, Frances, 1773-1857

Journals of tours

Journals of Joan Denny describing a tour in Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy, August-October 1878 (MS 23404A, pp. 1-80; MS 23405A, pp. 1-130), and a visit to Vienna, Munich and Nuremberg, May 1880 (MS 23405A, pp. 131-154).

Joan Denny (later Thomas).

Journals of tours,

Journals by D. Morgan Lewis of visits to Switzerland, 1893, Scotland, 1896, Florence, Venice, and the Italian Lakes, 1904, and Switzerland, 1906.

David Morgan Lewis.

Journals of tours,

Journals of Henry Richard's visit to Berlin, June-July 1878, and a tour of France and Switzerland, August-September 1882.

Henry Richard.

Journals of tours,

Journals by D. Morgan Lewis of visits to Germany and Switzerland [1895] (with memoranda of disbursements), Scotland, 1899, and Neuchatel, Christmas, 1905 - January, 1906.

David Morgan Lewis.

Letters, &c.,

Two groups of holograph letters addressed to [Mary] Louisa Williams (aft. Lady Ramsay), together with some miscellaneous material:- (a) Sixty letters, etc., written by Charlotte A. M. Cookman, D[olau] C[othi], etc., 1862 and undated (the writer's Italian holiday, the writer's ascent of Snowdon, personal), Cornelia A. H. Crosse, Heidelberg, 1860 (personal), [General Sir] Ja[me]s Fergusson [from London] [18]65? (the battles of Vimeiro and Corunna, personal), Tho. Graham [Master of the Mint], 1866 (thanks for vignette of recipient's husband), [Mrs.] S. M. Hall, Albany [New York], 1861 (relations between America and Great Britain, comments on 'our doomed country'), Mary Hunt, Glangwna [Llanrug], etc. [1852] and undated (the recipient's marriage, the engagement of a gardener), T[homas] H[enry] Huxley, Geological Survey of England and Wales, 1871 (the occupation of a house), J. R. Milbanke Huskisson, The Hague, 1866 (news of Jules Huguenin on the island of Java, news of the campaign against Italy), [Sir] Henry James, from Southampton, 1873 (thanks for ordering Welsh flannel, the recipient's dinner with the bishop of Winchester, personal), Charlotte A. M. Johnes, Dolau Cothy, etc., 1880-1903 and undated (the recipient's visit to the Italian lakes in search of health, reference to the British Association meeting at Swansea, comments on the writer's holiday in the Isle of Wight, a fire at Abergwili Palace, Carmarthenshire County Council election, Welsh industrial exhibition at the Albert Hall, news of friends, etc.), C. E. Lloyd, Plas Cadnant, etc., [18]52-1880? (the recipient's marriage, personal), Ellen Morris, Ballarat [Australia], 1864 (the writer's voyage of sixty-one days to Australia, impressions of Ballarat, personal), Alfred J. S. Quekett, Lincolns Inn Fields, 1881 (opinion on claims by recipient's tenant), E. Ramsay, the recipient's mother-in-law, Edin[burgh], Glasgow, and Bridge of Allan, 1856-1857 (personal, news of friends), E. E. Ramsay, the recipient's daughter [from London], undated ( thanksgiving service for the recovery of the Prince of Wales, personal), J[ohn] C. Ramsay, the recipient's brother-in-law, London, 1857 (personal, news of friends), W. Allan Delg B. Ramsay, the recipient's son, from Clogau Mine, Bont Ddu, Dolgelley, 1881 (the writer's Christmas holiday), F. S. Roberts, Glan y Menai, undated [1857] (the recipient's marriage, personal), Emily S. Thompson, undated (enclosing 'Little Sweetness' by Mrs. Hemans), T. Venedey, Heidelberg, undated (Mr. Ramsay's missing geological compass), E[dmund] Ll[oyd] Vincent, Gorddinog [Aber], 1851 (the recipient' s marriage), James Crawley Vincent, Gorddinog, 1851 (the recipient's marriage, family news), James V[incent] Vincent, Gorddinog and the Deanery, Bangor, 1851-1874 (the recipient's marriage, thanks for a photograph of the recipient's mother), Louisa Mary Walker, Hendregadredd [near Portmadoc], 1852 (the recipient's marriage, news of friends), Sophia Wallace, Belfield, undated (the recipient's marriage, personal), . . . H. Weigall, painter, 1852 (casts for the recipient, the recipient's marriage), Ja[me]s Williams, rector of Llanfairynghornwy, the recipient's father, 1856-1871 (personal, news of friends, the county nomination (1868), church meetings at Bangor and Valley, 'Dissenting attack on Llanddeusant School'), J[ohn] Williams, Treffos, the recipient's uncle, 1874-1876 (the recipient's account of the upper Rhine, personal, the production of granite in Anglesey), T[homas] N[ orris] Williams, Llanddeiniolen, Aber, and Treffos, 1851-1878 (the recipient's marriage, family news, the keeping of Dr. [Heinrich] Schliemann's Trojan remains, the visit of 'the late Holyhead character' Owen Hughes to London, a shield left to W. E. Gladstone), 'Bethan'?, Llanfair, undated [1858] (references to the Llangollen Eisteddfod), etc. (b) Thirty-one letters, etc., written by W. S. Brown, London, 1895 (biography of Sir Andrew Ramsay), Philip H[ermogenes] Calderon, Hastings, 1893 (an exhibition at the Royal Academy?), W[illiam] Edwards, The Vicarage, Bangor, 1896 (Welsh-speaking bishops of Bangor, the progress of the Hostel, the writer's visit to Switzerland), [Professor] A[lexander] H[enry] Green, Oxford, 1891 (the revision of Sir Andrew Ramsay's book i.e. The Physical Geology and Geography of Great Britain), T. M. How, Barmouth, 1898 (epitaphs in St. Giles of the family of John Rowland, rector of Llangeitho), William M. How, Shrewsbury, 1900 (the appointment of a trustee), Wm. Walsham [How], bishop of Wakefield, 1895 (the writer's engagements), W[illiam] Hughes, Llanuwchllyn Vicarage, Bala, 1902 (Bishop William Morgan's Welsh translation of the Bible), [General Sir] J[ames] Hills Johnes, Dolaucothy, [19]07 (the writer's election to the County Council), [Colonel] T[homas] L[ewis] Hampton Lewis, Henllys, Beaumaris, 1900 (the Army career of the writer's son Jack), David[aniel] L[ewis Lloyd ], bishop of Bangor, undated (copies of a translation of a Jubilee hymn), J. B. Lloyd, Shrewsbury, 1899 (the writer's willingness to act as recipient's trustee, personal), C. Lloyd Morgan, Clifton, Bristol, 1893 ( the revision of Sir Andrew Ramsay's book), Elizabeth Owen, Waterloo, Liverpool, [18]98 (an account of a rescue at Crosby by Eyton Pritchard Owen), Harriett Owen, Rhyllon, St. Asaph, undated [1851] (the recipient's marriage), Wm. Preston [of Lleiniog] from Mount Desert [near Cork], 1897 (the writer's crossing from Anglesey, personal), Hugh Prichard, Gaerwen, Anglesey, [18]93 (the history of the Tan-yr-afon harp), W[illiam] Ramsay, London, the recipient's nephew, 1902 (personal), M[aria] E[mma] E[lizabeth] C[onway] Reade, Carreglwyd, The Valley, [18]98 (the arms of the Holland family), [General Sir] Hugh Rowlands, Plastirion, Llanrug, (19]03 (the death of the writer's son [Captain Hugh Barrow Rowlands, in Somaliland]), J[ames] Edmund Vincent, from London, [18]95 and undated (a review of the biography of Sir Andrew Ramsay, comments on an article on the recruitment of Welsh clergy, Penrhyn Quarry strike, personal), G. Williams, Treffos, 1895 (the engagement of a cook, disestablishment), Jno. Evan Williams, Llanwenllwyfo Rectory, 1897 (assistance to needy clergymen, the writer's Welsh translation of Sintram, Lady [Gwyn Gertrude] Neave's non-attendance at church), [ ], Headquarter House, Mafeking, 1905 (no vacant billet for Hampton [Lewis's] boy, the writer's meeting with Lord Selborne, personal), etc.


Notebook, July 1924-July 1926, of Berta Ruck containing diary entries and impressions of her visits to Switzerland, Paris, Germany and Austria; theatre programmes, letters to her and press cuttings relating to her work and to contemporary events have been pasted in.

Teithiau i Norwy a Sweden,

  • NLW MS 13266C.
  • File
  • 1888-1903 /

A journal, 1888-1903, of continental tours undertaken by Jonathan Davies, slate merchant, of Bryneirian, Porthmadog. The description of the first journey, to Norway (pp. 1-55), in August 1888, is preceded by a map of Scandinavia and is illustrated with sepia-coloured photographic prints. The account is dated 12 February 1889, and is followed by an index of place-names (pp. 56-58) mentioned in the preceding description. On p. 59, there are brief accounts of two journeys to Switzerland, one dated 1901. The writer's visit to Sweden in August 1903 is recorded on pp. 61-81.

Davies, Jonathan, 1857-1933

Tour in France and Switzerland,

  • NLW MS 23248A
  • File
  • 1833-ca. 1858 /

Journal of a tour in France and Switzerland, June-[September] 1833, made by Mrs C. Jones, lady's maid, apparently from north-east Wales, accompanying her employers, William Henry Fox Talbot of Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, and his wife, Charlotte [Constance in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography WWW site] (née Munby), and Mademoiselle Amélina Petit de Billier (c. 1798-1876), family friend and former governess to William Talbot's half-sisters. Entries from 8 September, when she joined her new employer (see note under 544, below), a Miss York, in Geneva, until her return to England on 22 September, are in pencil, overwritten with transcripts of poetry; miscellaneous commonplace entries, 1833-c. 1858, were added by Mrs Jones both during and after the tour and later by other hands.

Jones, C., lady's maid

Tour in Switzerland and Italy,

Journal of a tour in Switzerland and Italy, 1863, by the Reverend Alleyne Higgs Barker (ca. 1805-1884), grandson of the Reverend William Higgs Barker, and vicar of Rickmansworth, co. Hertford; the journal, to which further comments have been added, 1865-1902, by A. H. Barker and others, includes maps showing routes taken; sketches, engravings and photographs; and related and other press cuttings, 1867-1940.

Alleyne Higgs Barker and others.

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