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The file comprises correspondence, 1926, mainly relating to radio programmes in Welsh and the need for a Welsh national broadcasting station.

British Broadcasting Company


Correspondence related to the work of Fforwm Iaith Genedlaethol, mainly related to the administration of the Forum, Strategaeth Iaith Genedlaethol 1991-2001 (National Language Strategy), Cynllun Iaith Ardal (Area Language Plans), the Welsh Language Act 1993, Welsh as a subject in schools, language rights and the provision of Welsh language services by public and private sector bodies.

Dadleufa Gymraeg Coleg Dewi Sant

  • NLW MS 22684B
  • File
  • 1870-1902

Minute-book, 1870-1902, of the Welsh Language Debating Society at St David's College, Lampeter.

Daniel Jones

Miscellaneous papers of Daniel Jones (1788-1862), Baptist Minister at Liverpool, Cowbridge, Felinfoel, Tongwynlais, etc., father-in law of 'Nefydd'. They include 'Trwydded Farddonawl Daniel Jones Cwmsarnddu gerllaw Llanymddyfri; o Eisteddfod Mon, Awst 15, 1815 ...', 'Hanes C[hristmas] Evans yn Merthyr', 'Cadwraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg, trwy ddylanwad yr Ysgol Sabothol', 'Ffiniau neu Derfynau Plwyf y Blaenau neu Aberystrwyth', obituary notices of Robert Edwards (Dinas), Dafydd Bowen, etc., a note headed 'Cydunwyd fel y canlyn gan ychidig frodyr a gyfarfu yn Addoldy Heol Emwnt ar nos wener y 300 o fawrth 1821', sermon notes, etc.

Jones, Daniel, 1788-1862

David Jones letters to Saunders Lewis

Fifty-three letters and cards, 1948-1974, from the artist and writer David Jones to Saunders Lewis, discussing his creative work, the Welsh language, aspects of Welsh and Classical antiquity and literature, the Roman Catholic faith and culture in general. Drawing on f. 51 and inscriptions on ff. 10-13, 29 verso, 36 verso, 44 verso. Also included are three letters, 1937, from David Jones to Margaret Lewis, written during her husband's imprisonment (ff. 91-3 verso) and a copy of a speech by David Jones, delivered in absentia when he was awarded the honorary degree of DLitt by the University of Wales in 1960 (ff. 21-7).

Jones, David, 1895-1974

David Jones letters to Valerie Wynne-Williams

  • NLW MS 24167i-iiiE.
  • File
  • 1958-1974

One hundred and twenty-four autograph letters, 1959-1974, from painter-poet David ('Dafydd') Jones, all addressed to Valerie ('Elri') Wynne-Williams (née Price), with the exception of two to her husband Michael ('Mihangel') (ff. 54, 112-113) and one to them both (ff. 55-56), discussing a variety of topics including his, and her, health and living conditions, his work, his friends, the Welsh language and Welsh history and politics. Some letters are illustrated with coloured pencil, pen and ink drawings, mainly of animals and flowers (ff. 8, 32, 33, 45 verso, 46 verso-47, 48 verso, 76, 103, 104 verso, 152), inscriptions (ff. 9, 34, 124 verso, 128, 136 verso) and sketch maps of Harrow (ff. 143, 144).
There are references throughout to friends and correspondents including Saunders Lewis (ff. 2-11 passim, 42-188 passim), Harman Grisewood (ff. 4-192 verso passim), René Hague (ff. 42 verso-187 passim), David Blamires (ff. 160, 186, 190 verso, 192), Louis Bonnerot (ff. 123, 186 verso), Tom Burns (ff. 13, 14 verso, 48, 64 verso, 68 verso, 77, 85 verso, 86 verso, 89 verso, 110, 116, 140 recto-verso, 188 verso), Douglas Cleverdon (ff. 68 verso, 160 verso, 162, 163 verso, 187), Aneirin Talfan Davies (ff. 9 verso, 11, 14 verso, 16, 33 verso, 63 verso, 71 verso, 123, 124, 128, 129 verso, 154 verso, 162), Clarissa Eden (f. 107 verso), T. S. Eliot (ff. 51 recto-verso, 62 verso, 67 verso, 69 verso, 71, 73, 74, 85), Gwynfor Evans (ff. 29 verso, 31, 131-192 verso passim), Illtud Evans (f. 6, 11 recto-verso, 37, 46 verso, 57, 61), Arthur Giardelli (ff. 150, 151 verso, 171 verso, 186), Eric Gill (ff. 45 verso, 66, 67 verso, 68 verso, 121), Stanley Honeyman (ff. 84, 140, 154 verso, 159 verso), Morag Owen (ff. 59, 98, 140), Catherine Rousseau (née Ivainer) (ff. 36 verso-127 passim), Stephen Spender (ff. 81 verso-82, 83 verso, 91), Bill Stevenson (f. 158 verso) and Helen Sutherland (ff. 68, 97 verso, 157). There are also occasional references to Desmond Chute (f. 120 verso), Idris Foster (ff. 60 verso, 63 verso), Philip Jones Griffiths (ff. 1, 131), David Lloyd George (ff. 108 verso-109, 127 verso), Megan Lloyd George (ff. 18 verso, 20, 21-22), J. D. Innes (f. 49 verso), Augustus John (f. 85 verso), Alun Oldfield-Davies (ff. 37, 77), Tristram Powell (ff. 142 recto-verso, 144), Caradog Prichard (ff. 19 verso, 77, 108), Kathleen Raine (f. 59 verso), Keidrych Rhys (ff. 6 verso, 8, 9, 16, 30 verso, 36 verso), Meic Stephens (ff. 171, 175), Vernon Watkins (ff. 47, 128 verso), D. J. Williams (f. 106 recto-verso), Kyffin Williams (ff. 49, 63, 77) and R. O. F. Wynne and his family (ff. 61, 62, 63, 64 verso, 67 verso, 81, 94 verso, 96 verso¸ 98, 130 verso), and brief reminiscences of his experiences during the First World War (ff. 70 recto-verso, 76, 79 recto-verso, 108 verso-109, 130 recto-verso, 151 verso, 164). Also included is a copy of his letter, dated 10 August 1959, to Megan Lloyd George (f. 21; for her reply see NLW, David Jones (Artist and Writer) Papers CT3/3, f. 247); cuttings of letters to the Times by David Jones, Valerie Price and others, 1958 (ff. 193-196); and a copy of a 1959 photograph of the two by Philip Jones Griffiths (f. 197). The letter of 23 September 1973 (ff. 178-179 verso) was published under the title 'Yr Iaith' in Planet, 21 (January 1974), 3-5.

Jones, David, 1895-1974


Wyn Roberts' diary from April 1992 to August 1993.


Wyn Roberts' diary from January 1991 to April 1992.


Wyn Roberts' diary from May 1985 to November 1988.

Fform Iaith Genedlaethol

Sub fonds contain papers related to the work of Fforwm Iaith Genedlaethol (National Language Forum), an umbrella group of 26 organisations which was formed to campaign for a Welsh Language Act and which developed Strategaeth Iaith 1991-2001, a strategy to secure a safe and prosperous future for the Welsh language.
Member organisations of Fforwm Iaith Genedlaethol includes; Adfer, Canolfan Iaith Clwyd, Canolfan Iaith Genedalethol Nant Gwrtheyrn, Cefn, Cyd, Cymdeithas y Cyfamodwyr, Cymdeithas Tau Gwledig Cymru, Cymdeithas yr Iaith, Cyngor Llyfrau Cymraeg, Merched y Wawr, Mudiad Ysgol Meithryn, Pont, Pwyllgor Gyd-enwadol yr Iaith Gymraeg Arfon, Rhieni dros Addysg Gymraeg, Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru, Undeb Cenedlaethol Myfyrwyr Cymru, Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Aberystwyth, Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Bangor, Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Y Colegiwm Cymraeg, Y Gymdeithas Feddygol, and Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru.

Fforwm Iaith Genedlaethol

Gwilym Prys-Davies Papers

  • GB 0210 GPDAVS
  • Fonds
  • 1901-2017

Comprises Gwilym Prys-Davies' political papers, 1954-2008, including letters, articles, minutes and reports, as well as subject files, 1912-2012, and letters between Harri Webb and John Legona and some papers relating to William Abraham (Mabon). The papers relate mainly to devolution, Welsh language legislation, language rights and contain files relating to the Welsh Republican Movement and civil rights group Cefn.
Papers relating to the funeral of Gwilym Prys Davies, 8 April 2017, comprising the order of service, tributes and a booklet containing family photographs; April 2017.
Five letters, 2005-2006, from Gwilym Prys Davies to Prys Davies and Meri Huws of the Welsh Language Board, together with three attached documents; September 2018.

Prys-Davies, Gwilym Prys Davies, Baron, 1923-2017

Letters to John Cowper Powys

Over seventy letters, 1940-1955, to John Cowper Powys from various correspondents, including W[illiam] J[ohn] Gruffydd (1) 1942; Timothy Lewis (13) 1943-1954; Iorwerth C[yfeiliog] Peate (19) 1942-1951; Keidrych Rhys (9) 1943-1946; and Sir Ifor Williams (1) 1941. The letters relate mainly to John Cowper Powys's work, the Welsh language and culture, and personal matters.

Gruffydd, W. J. (William John), 1881-1954

Llyfr torion,

A scrap-book compiled by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') containing miscellaneous press cuttings entitled 'Ffurfiad y Genedl Gymreig' by J. E. Lloyd, 'o Goleg Aberystwyth' (?from Y Drych), 'Y Gymraeg a'r Llydaweg' by Aneurin Jones ('Aneurin Fardd'), 'Celtiaid Cymru, a'u Llenyddiaeth', 'Hanes yr Hen Eglwys Brydeinig' (trans. Herbert Jones), 'Penod yn Hanes Cymru' by O. M. Williams, Wymore, Nebraska, 'Y Llan a'r Llyfr' by B. D. Johns, Llwynypia, 'Olion y Goresgyniad Gwyddelig yng Ngwynedd' by the late Owen Williamson, 'Llew Llwyfo yn y De', 'Y diweddar Ebenezer Lloyd [Edwardsville, Pa.]' by 'Melindwr', 'Porthmona yn yr hen amser' by Ellis Pierce ('Elis o'r Nant'), 'Yn Hen Gapel y Pandy' by [Howell Roberts] 'Hywel Tudur', etc.


Contains papers relating to meetings of Y Cabinet Iaith (The Language Cabinet) and Fforwm Iaith Genedlaethol (National Language Forum) including agendas, minutes, reports.

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