Fonds GB 0210 ABEUGH - Aberystwyth Borough Records,

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Aberystwyth Borough Records,


  • 1693-1929 (accumulated 1834-1929) / (Creation)

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Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire, became a town and a borough in the 13th century (there is a charter of 1277). Until 1834, when the borough was reconstituted, the town was governed by a court leet, which met twice a year. Its main functions were the admittance of new burgesses, the appointment of bailiffs, bellmen, coroners, the chamberlains, town clerks, scavengers, and the hearing of presentments. The leet was also responsible for the management of paving, cleansing and lighting within Aberystwyth. In 1780, an Act was obtained to repair, enlarge and to preserve Aberystwyth Harbour. The Harbour Committee became responsible for the harbour in 1873. In the 1850s, the borough established its own Burial Board to administer the local cemeteries. The public library was established around 1874. From 1835, Improvement Commissioners oversaw lighting, sanitation and water supply.

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Deposited by the Corporation of Aberystwyth between 1936 and 1970.

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Records of Aberystwyth borough, including court leet records, 1693-1882; burgess rolls, 1782-1882, including records of the Improvement Commissioners, 1835-1873; entry books of notices, 1835-1882, draft minute books, 1873-1890, treasurer's books, 1874-1897, minute books, 1883-1917; harbour records, 1780-1906; Aberystwyth Burial Board records, 1857-1927; Aberystwyth public library account books, 1874-1913; statutory registers of licences for hackney carriages, 1887-1909, 1906-1926; licences of slaughterhouses, 1873-1879.

The catalogue has not yet been transferred to the online catalogue. Please see the hard copy of the catalogue, available on the open shelves at the National Library of Wales.

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Arranged into the following: Court leet; Improvement Commissioners; Town Borough Council; Corporation property; Court of summary jurisdiction; Harbour; Burial Board; public library; statutory registers; and miscellanea.

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A hard copy of the catalogue is available on the open shelves at the National Library of Wales. The catalogue has not yet been transferred to the online catalogue.

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Further records, 1779-2001 (mainly 1920-1960), are Ceredigion Archives, ABM.

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Title supplied from contents of fonds. Some of the records pre-date the creation of Aberystwyth Borough in 1834.

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October 2004


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Compiled by Annette Strauch for the ANW project. The following sources were used in the compilation of this description: Evans, George Eyre, Aberystwyth: Its Court Leet 1690-1900 (Aberystwyth, 1902); Lewis, William John, Born on a perilous rock: Aberystwyth past and present (Aberystwyth, 1980); Ceredigion Record Office website (, viewed 26 August 2003.

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